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What bugs are the most moé? Here are some bugs I find moé:

- Fuzzy Caterpillars: how can you say no to something that moves by scrunching up against itself? They're way cuter than butterflies, butterflies are attention whoring sluts. Think about it, what do most 3D whores get as a tattoo? A butterfly tramp stamp. They're better when they're still young and fuzzy.

-Pillbugs: So shy! They're so nervous about being seen that they immediately curl up into a ball when being seen. They only show their undersides to someone who's willing to wait. Moé!!

-Ants: Ants are really industrious and try their hardest no matter who or what tries to stop them! They always work for the benefit of the greater good and work only for the love of their onee-chan, the queen.

I also think praying mantises are kind of cute, but in a more intimidating way, not so moé. I mean, they eat the male after mating. So scary ;_;

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Botfly larva can almost make a person face look like something out of an anime.

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Fucking dick.
Why on earth did you get hard? I don't understand you sometimes.

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I saw some guy pull out botfly larvae from his arm on youtube, that was some pretty crazy stuff. He was actually pretty calm about it in the video, too.

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>how can you say no to something that moves by scrunching up against itself?

I believe maggots are known to do this.

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That's okay, pillbugs are my fetish too.

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I saw a video where a girl gets one pulled out of her head. She was sort of freaking out but she was still somewhat fascinated by it.

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>>Bullet ant sting: Fels like pure, intense, brilliant pain. Like fire-walking over flaming charcoal with a 3-inch rusty nail in your heel.

How the hell is that moe moe desu.

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Yandere moe.

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Moe as fuck.

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Which reminds me, wasn't Jingai Haruman 2 supposed to be released at C78?


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Mods, sticky this shit!

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Moths are the most moe.

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I can't fap to moths.

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>>Fucking dick. Why on earth did you get hard? I don't understand you sometimes.

It happens sometimes brolo.

Like I remember watching a documentry on types of recyclables and I popped a boner out of nowhere. Really random.

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What is that?

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Aaa~ So tsun-tsun~~~~~

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One interesting thing about ants is that they can also crossdress (incredibly effective strategy I guess, squid do it, isopods do it, humans do it, insects do it... ) Males of a tropical ant (Cardiocondyla obscurior) come in two variants. One is wingless and actively fights to win the queen, seeking to kill all other wingless males - but not the second, winged forms, because those mimic the virgin queen's scent to such an extent that other males may end up trying to mate with them.

What I find cute about ants, though, is that some of them (in Tribe Cephalotini and Subfamily Pseudomyrmecinae) are the only animals to glide backwards, so you could be taking a walk in a forest only to have a cute gliding ant girl fall on you ass-first. Of course, you'd get a full view of her panties, and she'd start crying while saying she'll never be a bride now. Then you'd kiss her, say it's okay because you'll take her and breed millions of horrific ant-human hybrids to take over the world.

And well, regarding devotion, some ant larvae (Tribe Leptanillini) have holes on their back that directly open into their bloodstream, from which the larvae feed the adults their own blood. The adults don't feed on anything else. Imagine being a little girl with two drinking straws on your back and your vampiric elder sister drinking blood from you while molesting you, and you get pretty close to them.

Not to be confused with Dracula ants, which also feed on blood of their larvae, though in a much more gory manner.

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I do love the fuzzy caterpillars.

They're like fluffy bunnies of the insect world.

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Bro you need a new hobby.

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Leaf cutters are the most moe of all the ants

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To my knowledge, a puss moth, Megalopyge opercularis. You should be careful with the puss moths, by the way, some are rather dangerous even to humans. In fact, keep away from fuzzy insects in general. You don't want to mess with velvet ants.

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No he doesn't.
I can fap to this.

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+1 clever

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Well, the worst still happens to insects themselves. The wasp Lasiochalcidia igiliensis targets antlions, and since antlions are equipped with unerring aim and massive jaws, it has to resort to some drastic measures. The wasp bears very long, scythe-like hind legs (see picture, though it isn't the exact wasp. ) It prompts the antlion to attack, and pries its jaws open with those hind legs, leaving the antlion exposed for attack. It then lays a single egg on the antlion's throat, which eventually hatches and eats the poor insect alive. Yes, it's an xenomorph in wasp form.

Can you imagine how that wasp would be if it targeted humans instead? One day, you're merrily going along your way, and you hear some loud buzzing as a dog-sized wasp crashes onto your face, pins your arms with its scythe-legs and lays its eggs down your throat. Compared to that, I'll take the screwworms and bot flies.

But I digress, back to moe. Speaking of antlions, thread-winged antlions are pretty cute, with those overly long wings. I'd imagine a thread-winged antlion girl would be clumsy and constantly fall by stepping onto her own hindwings (which are several times the length of the body. )

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I'd be more afraid of those brain control parasites that snails get. Do you know oyashiro sama?

Also we're smart enough to know how to remove eggs from our throats. I think.

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A girl that has a harsh exterior and looks scary, but is really shy and nice.

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Oh shit those things are all over okinawa. We used to get tons of them in our garden after it rained.

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Until you get her in bed, where she pegs you with her forked osmeterium.

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>Oh shit those things are all over okinawa. We used to get tons of them in our garden after it rained.
They get cunfusion at a low level which can be a big help against Brock if you went with Charmander.

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That's just her way of saying, "I'm in fear for my life. Please be driven off by this foul smelling smell."

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Fuck that.

Grind to Charmeleon and Ember the shit out of Brock. Onix and Geodude don't got shit for Special.


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Well, wasps also do that. Emerald jewel wasps lobotomize cockroaches with a sting to the brain and lead them around by the antennae like cattle to their burrows, where they will be eaten alive. Hymenoepimecis argyraphaga takes control of its host spider's brain to make it construct a web not to hunt for food, but to protect its pupae. Glyptapanteles species brainwash caterpillars into acting as personal guardians.

But all this parasitoid talk is getting in the way of moe. Another good candidate is gall-forming aphids. Those tend to drain plant sap all day, and like other aphids their excretion is a sweet, sugary liquid called honeydew. Of course, galls having limited space, the aphid runs risk of dying by getting stuck into its sugary waste. This is solved by secreting waxy threads, which quickly localize around honeydew and turn it into safe, non-sticky droplets.

So, such a gall aphid would be a shy but caring childhood friend type who'd insist on feeding you small, sweet tasting drops of what presumably is candy, saying that it's "her own cooking". You'd be impressed by the taste and ask her how she makes them. She'd refuse to answer at first, but after you insist she'd lift her skirt and show you exactly how, her panties already dripping wet with her sugary fluids while she blushes in embarrassment. Almost in tears, she'd confess that she becomes like this whenever she thinks of you, apologize for having such lewd thoughts and ask you if you can love her like that.

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Of course, you'd hug her and say you love her too, though you'd add that you'll need to punish her for being a lewd girl, demanding her to strip naked. She'd comply, but still would be in the verge of tears, begging you not to look at her private parts. Of course, that line never stopped any VN protagonist, so after visually enjoying her body thoroughly, you'd continue on to deflower her and claim her as your girlfriend. You'd then spend the rest of your days as a loving NEET couple, with her feeding you her homemade food everyday, though you'd note that no matter what she cooks, it's always too sweet.

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I love you, anon.

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Fund it!!

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throw in some art, quality humor and tada, you have a great doujin.

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Here's your mantis

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I don't have much to say on them, but stalk-eyed flies are more adorable than you'd expect.

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Jumping spiders are moe as all fuck. Nobody I know agrees with me. They're fucking adorable.

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Why has no one mentioned bumblebees?
I disapprove of this.

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Spiders in general are either adorable, beautiful or just plain impressive.
I'm just bloody scared of them.

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>This thread

I love you sometimes, /jp/

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I prefer hornets. They're vespoids, like ants! They're not quite as endearing, though, I'll give you that one, Anyonymous.

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Martialis heureka/Mars ant is a blind, pale, underground-dwelling and predominantly nocturnal strain of ant, and it is pretty moe.

I also think ladybugs are kind of moe, but not when they swarm the house and leave a million corpses in the lightfixtures. They're too invasive, almost.

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So moe

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>Why has no one mentioned bumblebees?
here you go

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>no mention of Honeypot Ants


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>I prefer hornets. They're vespoids, like ants!
here you go

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some post that jumping spider loli

I lost it...

also, there is nothing cute about ants. at all

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Bees kill hornets by swarming them, and then vibrating their bodies against the hornet until the hornet dies from the heat, or so I have heard.

I don't know how this would translate into these monstergirls.

Maybe the honeybees masturbate and then rub their inflamed mons against the Hornet until the Hornet suffocates from all the pussy juice and heat?

Or maybe the bees vibrate until the Hornet has so many orgasms, she passes out?

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....This burst of reality into this has reminded me of

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Hornets own bees handily. Even a handful of hornets can dispatch hundreds or thousands of times their number in bees.

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It's not their season anymore but, fire flies are Moe

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that second part of your post is really weird arc

and yah that happens in Japan, with giant Japanese hornets and Japanese bees

the hornets are 3 inches long and just a few of them can slaughter an entire colony of bees, that's why beekeepers have trouble raising bees in japan

native Japanese bees have adapted that vibrating defense because they can tolerate higher temperatures than the giant hornets. they use it to kill giant hornet scouts so their hive's location remains secret

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>there is nothing cute about ants. at all
here you go

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This thread is very informative, and I just came here for the moe spiders.

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>Honeypot ants', also called honey ants or repletes, are ants which are gorged with food by workers, to the point that their abdomens swell enormously

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How is that female Formian supposed to be cute?

>> No.6244979

Their numbers are declining, it's pretty sad. ;_;

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>How is that female Formian supposed to be cute?
not cute; moe

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they are horrible, horrible things

they have no sense of self. absolutely none

they are as close to robots as a living thing can be

there's nothing moe about that

the only "cute" insects are fuzzy wuzzy honeybees

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But that's not a bumblebee.

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Anybody have the animated one?

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>Your picture
That thing is not moe. Don't even touch that thing.

Ants don't serve the queen, the queen serves the hive. Hives don't have leaders; queens are just eggbitches.

>they have no sense of self. absolutely none
Yeah they do. I killed one before and another one picked it up and started carrying it away. When I acted like I was going to squish the new one, it dropped the dead body and ran the fuck away. They at least have self preservation skills.

Ants aren't moe, but I respect them, because depending on the species, they have farming, engineering, agriculture, structured societies, and militias. They are also fucking disgusting.

Moe bugs are bees and jumping spiders.

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You mean the toast one? I have that too. I hope she isn't late!!

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No Hibachi?

>> No.6245283

Posting that image on /tg/ was one of the best things I've ever done. They're such a creative bunch.

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Armored Fish were here, insects is loser

>> No.6245330

Aren't they, like, almost extinct?

I remember reading about a living fossil that tastes real fab, uis really slow, and is pretty dumb for a fish. Coelacanth, was it?

>> No.6245342

Too bro for this era.

Also Coelacanths are scary as fuck.

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Cockroaches are like NEETs

They have light sensitive antennae and scatter at the sight of light.

So moe~

>> No.6245354

Bees are so tsundere

I-i-it's not like I like hanging out at your house I just like the flowers is all. If you try to peek I'll sting you so don't you dare!

>> No.6245370

Hibachi may or may not be moe, but we will never know for certain because the people who can reach Hibachi are next to none.

>> No.6245398

BBW bugs?

Yes please.

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Bug-loving Anonymous is the best character of /jp/.
It's almost like we have our own bug-tan.

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Always reminds me of this.

I can't watch Sketchbook anymore.

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How creatures almost without brains come to the idea of food larders and huge underground living system?

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Why would you save this? ;_;

>> No.6245459

The same way micro-organisms got the "idea" to use photosynthesis.

>> No.6245563

The idea just came to me one day when I was busy existing.

>> No.6245584

No one's posted any of these yet?

I'm disappoint /jp/

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Derp, here's the pic

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They might seem dumb to you but each is a mobile neuron. The entire hive is a superbrain.

>> No.6245626

>They are so valued in times of little food and water that occasionally raiders from other colonies, knowing of these living storehouses, will attempt to steal these ants because of their high nutritional value and water content.

Ants are awesome.

>> No.6245630

>Be born
>Wiggle around
>Fuck yeah, I hope I'm gonna be a queen
>I'm assigned as a honeypot

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Aizen! mang

>> No.6245669

Haha, it's pretty funny how everyone thought Aizen will be invincible as usual and curbstomp everyone until some deus ex machina out of a loved one dying or something occurs.

Instead Ichigo just flat out curbstomped Aizen all the way, pretty much, and no hollow or anything. Aizen never even put up much of a fight.

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Story of my life.

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this guy

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Oh, this thread is still up?

Well, it most likely didn't even recognize its fellow was dead. Dead ants are typically ignored until the decaying insect gives off oleic acid, which is what triggers other ants to remove it from the nest. Remove that smell, and the corpses are treated as food. Dip a live ant in oleic acid, and it'll soon be carried to a graveyard site by another worker. Confused, it'll try to walk back, only to be picked up and dropped into the refuse pile by yet another worker, again and again until the smell runs out (Ants don't care if you're moving or not. If you give off oleic acid, you're dead. )

But carpenter ants (in addition to termites and aphids) literally suicide bomb their foes, exploding in a gory mess of carapace and sticky poison intented to slow or kill any would-be predators. Of course, it protects their genes in the long run, so even suicide is self-preservation in a way.

Early fish are fine too. Though not armored, Helicoprion and Iniopteryx are my favorites. One is a chainsaw shark, the other's a winged ratfish. No real reason not to like them.

Real stars of the ancient fossil record was trilobites, though. From the trident-headed Walliserops and thorn-filled Dicranurus monstrosus to Opipeuter the swimming pair of eyeballs to lamp-headed Erbenochile erbeni, odd shapes ran the full gamut in trilobites. One I think would make a cute girl is Cryptolithus tesselatus, which had a giant feeding chamber for a head, and used its legs to shift the sediment, thus creating a current with which to filter edible matter through its hollow feeding apparatus. It's possible the trilobite's legs didn't even touch the ground from the sheer size of its head, so you could think of it as a small girl with a shell-hat so large that she has trouble moving around. Richard A. Fortey has a very nice article on them, if you'd like.


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Oh yes, those were nice. Speaking of dung beetles, one species (Deltochilum valgum) is adapted to behead millipedes using its showel-like head, instead of feeding on dung.

Wasps are also surprisingly cute. Some wasps (like the famed Asian giant hornet) cannot synthesize certain compounds or digest yet others, so they feed the food they obtain to their own larvae, which in turn carry out the necessary metabolic reactions and feed back the adults. So being a wasp involves being a caring elder sister and preparing food for your cute little sister, who'd then feed you by kissing you and delivering all the necessary nutrients mouth-to-mouth.

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Honeybees in Japan have only one defense against the huge-as-fuck Japanese Hornets - they use sheer numbers to swarm around the hornet en-masse, and they vibrate their flight muscles. This raises the temperature inside the mass to 47C, and Japanese hornets can only tolerate 46C. A few honeybees die for the cause, but stopping a scouting hornet from reporting back will save the entire hive.

Translate this to hundreds of honeybee-tans swarming the Japanese Hornet protagonist in an attempt to save their hive. Maybe throw in the caveat that they have sex with him in their attempt to "overheat" him, and you can turn this into an eroge.

Their plan fails (somehow?) and the hornet decides he cannot help the nest be destroyed by going back, so he lives with the hive as their protector. Cue several routes featuring various worker bees, the queen, and of course a pupae route for the loli inclined.

>> No.6245918

You're in my top 3 favorite posters on /jp/.

>> No.6245948

I never thought /jp/ would be so knowledgeable about fauna.
Anyway, unicellular moe, did Japan make any?

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water bear.

>> No.6245963

You obviously have a unique perspective on life.

>> No.6245969

I click on an insect moe thread and you assholes have to remind me about bot flys. Thanks a fucking lot

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>> No.6246016

Botfly lavras are moe. They sleeping in you because you are warm.

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Water Flea

>> No.6246036


>> No.6246040

I hate you.

I just imagined cute little moe-larvas wriggling out of my skin.

That's just not right man.

>> No.6246092


dude, they're bears.

Bears are indestructible. Fucking bears, dude.

>> No.6246791

did someone translated the croackroache-tan's manga?

>> No.6247113



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No, this manga

>> No.6249503

She is so cute, I would gladly give her sugar water.

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/jp/ - Entomology


I guess the only reason normal ol' humans can survive in this world is because the males have somehow managed to achieve symbiotic/parasitic relationships with EVERY monster species in the world. Lucky us.

Good thing the monsters have adapted to accommodate.

Pic somewhat unrelated.

>> No.6249800

Those guys seem damned useful in terraforming.

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Antlion girl?

>> No.6249891

I guess Bioshock would be the goto game for the morphogically-aberrant loli lover.

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>I guess the only reason normal ol' humans can survive in this world is because the males have somehow managed to achieve symbiotic/parasitic relationships with EVERY monster species in the world. Lucky us.

>Good thing the monsters have adapted to accommodate.
IIRC the backstory has the boss demon fall in love with a human knight. To that end she's turning all monsters into women that turn non-monster women into monster women who then fall in madly in love with a human guy in an analogue of boss demon's love for her human knight guy.

So yeah.

>Cockroaches are like NEETs

>They have light sensitive antennae and scatter at the sight of light.

>So moe~
here you go

>> No.6250547

A VN centered around a beehive would be interesting, though a yuri game with a bee protagonist would be nice too. In addition to giant hornets, there'd be waxworms, moth caterpillars that live in beehives and make themselves unremovable by creating a webbed tunnel inaccessible to bees while the moth literally eats the hive structure (it can't even mature without eating brood chambers. ) So it's more or less the bee version of a shut-in, except as a loli since they're larvae after all. Her route would involve becoming a recluse yourself and spending every day in her company, waking up in her tight embrace as she uses you as a live body pillow and playing games and browsing the internet with her all day (beehives have full wireless access, how did you think honeybees correctly orient towards flowers and make combs always aligned around 30 degrees off the ground? They post the plans on the internet.)

Beewolves are another good choice. Those are wasps that capture and molest bees until they release of honey, which they readily lick up. Since they're bigger and more agile than bees, I guess she'd be a bold, forward elder sister type character who'd catch you off-guard by kissing you suddenly and starting to molest you. Once you're aroused and start drooling honey, she'd lick you clean and fly off while laughing. Another honey thief is the beelice; small, wingless flies that live on bees and feed on droplets of honey they regurgitate. I guess that one would be a fairy-sized girl.

>> No.6250555

Yet another hive attacker is the death's head sphinx moth, equipped with a short, stout dagger of a proboscis to cut into combs and bee pheromones to trick bees into thinking it's one of them (insects rely on pheromones more than sight, so the huge moth has little problem running around in the hive unopposed. ) Since they generally appear during the night and have that skull pattern, I guess one as a girl would dress in gothloli. One cute peculiarity about the death's head sphinx is that when startled, they can make a loud whistling sound by blowing air from their proboscis, so I guess when things don't go her way, she'd puff out her cheeks and make that sound.

Of course, then there's the intraspecies interactions of bees, like trophallaxis, laying of trophic eggs (though this isn't really developed in the honeybee), licking the queen for tergal/mandibular gland secretions and so on.

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