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Both 3DPD


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Seems accurate, but in the end it's just comparing better smelling garbage to garbage.

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Yeah, but it's hard to find a JAV where the girl looks like she's enjoying it. The sex is so mechanical

Also, girls in JAVs squeak like little babies and while I can tolerate it to a certain extent, it can sometimes be ridiculous and unintentionally hilarious.

Also, a lot of JAV videos are awkward as fuck. Pic related

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Jap porn always sounds like the girls being beaten with a bat.

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I haven't watched normal porn in like 4 years.

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OP is obviously implying that western prons is more fixated on the men instead of the women.

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What the hell

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Are you implying that homoerotic western porn is better?

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You forgot the part where the JAV girl prances around like a 5 year old for 10 minutes before taking a dick.

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This is /jp/, so probably implying hentai is better than JAV or western porn.

Which is a fact.

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But even Japanese H-anime are terrible for suddenly focusing on the male for big long periods just as you're about to come. Take the Summer Days Kokoro H-scene for instance- right near the end of it there's about half a minute of close up of Makoto's face whilst he groans away, a couple of seconds panning over the action, then back to Makoto again before Kotonoha decides to experiment with domestic violence.
I do not want to see a close up of Makoto right when I am about to unleash my seed upon the world, thank you very much 0verflow.
And this isn't just a one-off, it happens all the time in H-anime sex scenes. Fortunately most VN seem free of it, but with the rise of animated H-scenes and segments I fear it might start to appear more and more. H-manga will fortunately be safe due to the nature of how it is consumed.

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It's bad enough that you can hear him. I don't remember if you can turn off his moans though.

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I turned off the sounds, and fuck its even as annoying as having his moans.

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Stop being in denial and come to Makoto's delicious moans.

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[/spoiler]Maybe when he moans when his dick gets chopped off.

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[/spoiler]Maybe when he moans when his dick gets chopped off.

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Why are you fapping to Kokoro in the first place, you sick fuck? She's pure.

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Not any more.

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She doesn't sound pure to me when she jumps Makoto at the seaside and tells him to have sex with her. Makoto is the victim in all this, Kokoro acts like a slut and yet he's the one that ends up with severe head trauma, twice.

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French porn is the only good porn.

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She's already pregnant with her dad

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You forgot that in JAV the male is always some overweight hairless (excpet for his huge pubic bush) slob with a 2 inch dick.
Oh, and speaking of JAV males, one thing that ticks me off about them is how they don't seem to enjoy themselves either. I saw a few videos where those guys just fake some moans of pleasure every time they get their penis licked, which gets old pretty fast honestly. While watching it I also made another startling discovery: they don't fake male orgasms, because male orgasms sound nothing like the noises they make. No, they are faking female orgasms. What the fuck, Japan. You raised an entire, no, multiple generations of closet faggots.

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Everything 3D is shit, but American porn really take it to the next level : dark brown skinned whores with hair dyed in blonde, manly faces, fake boobs, piercings and tattoos screaming "YEAH FUCK ME IN THE ASS AND CUM ON MY FACE MOTHERFUKER YEAH YEAH OH YEAH!!!!" for hours is seriously the worst stuff I have ever watched in my life. This kind of shit should be banned in my country.

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