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this board is for talk about japan...

or this board is for praising Tsukihime, Fate/stay night and Touhou every fucking day?...

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Seeing the OP, I smell a troll.

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The second one.

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If you made a thread about what you want to talk about instead of whining like a faggot, the board would be better, sure.

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The latter one

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Let's talk about Japan , then.

I know it's an island

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Lets talk about siblings. Did you hug your sister today? I talked with mine.

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what re touhou, fate and tsukime?

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You know...
You could try to actually make a thread about Japan instead of just bitching.

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But that would defeat the purpose, and we wouldn't want that would we?

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We know you just wanted to make another TYPE-MOON thread.

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is this a low tier character thread?

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Powerlevels thread?

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well, sorry for my excesive bad engrish:
I know that people who doesn't know anything about japan has a stereotiped thinking about it, but me(who knows little about japan culture thanks to some anime and manga) have another thinking. Yesterday I had 2 friends in mi house, one don't watch any anime and started speaking about japan, the the other friend(japanece descendant and has been in japan once) started talking, and both of the opinions were different from what I've learned from anime/manga that I think teached me some true about japan.
The one who doesn't know about anime started saying some stereotipated toughts, but the japanese descendant told us that young japanese have a lot of stress thanks to the exams after the 3rd year of high school, and than there is a lot of vandalism and that there are bullies who even create web sites about the ones they want to bully. And that all the stress is what creates the rebeldous actitude in young people.

well, that's what my friend told me yesterday.

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fuck u emo lol.

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Damn, son.

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I remember this and I was 14 years old and it make me sick and didn't eat no beef and didn't drink milk and went of the chocolate because that got a bit of beef in it and now I have go through this again. :(

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and then there was broken English.

My god man, Firefox spellchecker ring a bell?

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ITT OP is an attention whore, proven by his later use of tripcode and name

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>fuck u emo lol.
wtf are you talking about?

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Why do you need a secure tripcode?

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>ITT OP is an attention whore, proven by his later use of tripcode and nam

lol I put that name 2 months ago, I'm too lazy to change it

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Looking murderous there, ManaAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

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>Why do you need a secure tripcode?
it changes anything if it is or it isn't?

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>Firefox spellchecker ring a bell?
nop, never heard of it

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Okay, I'll give you a 4/10, but I'm being really generous here.

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ITT Every board is /b/ except /b/ so complaining is futile.

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Haha very funny. Sometimes we praise Clannad, Ever17 and YMK too.

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Jesus, I almost killed myself trying to read trough your post.

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>>praising Fate/stay night

The only thing I saw recently was people trashing FSN every chance they got, be it in /a/ or /jp/.

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well start talk about japan so.... japan = /a/?

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I AGREE WITH OP! /jp/ IS NOW NOTHING BUT FAIL. where's all the talk about japan?

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Let us converge on the subject of Japan.

So I heard they made Tsukihime, which I think is pretty good. Thoughts?

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because those threads suck. Also, retards can't seem to think that "LOL JAPANESE GIRLS ITT" is /s/ material.

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Sadly you can't talk about anything but this. Anything else is deleted by mods.

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>Anything else is deleted by mods.

There are no mods in /jp/. It's lawless.

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You weren't here about 6 hours ago, were you?

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Dude, don't go there.
I was literally so angry I had to leave the computer for a while or I'd have fried my brain.

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My... Friend... Got banned for posting Dan Kim copypasta after all my other totally /jp/ related threads were nuked.

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You're all faggots, take your 3d shit and GTFO.

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Oh Hai, so I herd you liek janitors too ?

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I seriously RAGED at my monitor. I'm supposed to be this Internet Badass, and I never RAGE otherwise but ... gah. FUCK

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I ... have a friend who was banned as well for "making a thread with no relevant content".

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Our friends are most fortunate to have a working knowledge of dynamic ip address reassignment, though such a thing is surely against the rules.

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I certainly have no understanding of what you mean, as my friend is almost assuredly a law-abiding 4channer and will dutifully sit out his ban duration of 6 days.

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Surely, then, your friend is a better person than mine.

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It's nice to have friends.

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sage this shit

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I do not understand what you are trying to imply, good sir.

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So, did Anonymous##Mod actually show up and say something, or was it just more deletions?

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guys i'm go to sleep now...and play tsukihime in my PSP fuck yeah.

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japan sucks

this forum was made for /a/ rejects to take touhou/fsn/etc stuff off of /a/ not to talk about japan

so gtfo

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/e/ threads stopped showing up. they said no, steve, with their BAN.

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Figured. So it was just more janitorial work until the mod showed up, then it was bans for everyone, on the house. Oh well.

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Yeah, but newfags wouldn't know it.

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It tends to happen when people blatantly disregard common knowledge rules and/or being newfags who didn't take the time to give a shit about the rules to begin with.

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This had nothing to do with rules, since it appears you didn't see what happened.

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/e/ matieral, unrelated bullshit, loli...yeah, it as pretty obvious no one gave a shit about the sfw rules.

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Besides the promotions floods that happened later in the early morning, everything was completely worksafe, and completely Japanese.

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JP isn't a japanese dumping ground, it was meant for shit not wanted in other boards, sfw loli can go elsewhere and is more than accepted in /c/, /cm, etc. 4chan is meant for Japanese artwork...THE ENTIRE SITE which is why we have sub boards like /c/.

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>JP isn't a japanese dumping ground,
Touhou dumps. Whoops, there goes your whole argument, my bad.

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and again, newfags wouldn't know such a thing. Which is who you're arguing with.

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Actually, I've been here since /jp/ was created, and I was on /a/ for another few years before that. Newfag I am not, I'm quite familiar with the workings of 4chan and the evolution of acceptable content on the boards.

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ITT running dogs vs. gentlemen.

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I said not wanted by other boards. touhou isn't WANTED IN /A/ OR /V/. So it gets dumped here. My argument is the same.

Oh shit, so any laws I don't know exist are totally irrelevant, same for forum and board rules, FUCKING AWESOME ANARCHY LIKE IT'S HIGHSCHOOL.

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Hey retard, the board was specifically made for Touhou, VNs and some Japanese novels pertaining to anime and manga.

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Yes, but if you'd seen Touhou dumps, you'd know that they belong in /c/ just like anything else that was being posted.

You must be the newfag if you keep going back to the "read the rules!" shit, because if you read the rules, you'd see that it makes no mention of what /jp/ actually is.

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If that's all the board were about, I wouldn't be here. Spend a day on /jp/ and hey look, there's a lot less relevant shit than /c/ material (which is still /jp/ relevant).

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this bored is just fucking gay

>> No.604060

Sure, go ahead and post the amount of touhou in /c/ that is currently in /jp/ and see how that goes.

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There we go, a reasonable assessment of /jp/.

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That's because faggots, such as yourself, are posting irrelevant shit on /jp/ where it obviously goes into other boards. I'm assuming you're that faggot who posted "ITT JAPANESE THIGHS" which would clearly be /s/ related. Faggot.

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What about our touhou guro threads? Or mannosuke?

>> No.604073

What does that have to do about anything, I was arguing the fact the touhou goes here...and in mass quantities /c/ would shun it as /a/ did. Hence touhou being widely accepted giving jp SOME resemblance of it's own board. Just "LOL JAPAN ART" is already broken up into categories. If we didn't use them it may as well go back to /a/ and /b/.

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/jp/ is a board created for those things that did not belong on /a/.This INCLUDES TOUHOU, VISUAL NOVELS and LIGHT NOVELS.
If you faggots can't understand that, then you don't belong here.

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You're arguing against your own position.

>> No.604087

Touhou. Thread over.

>> No.604091

Fist yourself.

>> No.604101

JP was made for >>604077's reasons. Stuff not wanted elsewhere.

Random sfw loli is /c/, anime is /a/, and racism is no defunct /n/...

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Protip: Not all replies express divergent opinions from your own. Reread.

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I went to sleep I come back and this kind of shit is still here. /jp/ doesn't exist so you can come here and dump crap or carry on conversations that belong on IRC or in IM. Try #/jp/ on Rizon for your conversations. All it is, is a giant lurk currently. Keep the pure loli threads with bullshit conversations off of /jp/. /jp/ Isn't for your Shujo Chara threads either Anime and Non Touhou Manga goes in /a/. You are a bunch of little spoiled children constantly bawwwwwwing to get your way even when your way is wrong. /jp/ isn't your dumping ground.

>> No.604864

Ya see. There's the problem right there. Nearly every fag on this board *IS* ronery weeaboo who wants to be assured of their NEET nature everyday by posting crap about things nobody else on the internet would care about. Sure the board is not meant to be everyone's personal blog but it's just the nature of the people that hang out here.

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You are not here at night to see the total hijacking I guess. Loli including 3d, fucking Amine posted. Floods of crap in no way related to what /jp/ is supposed to be about. We don't need it. If they need that they can shit up /a/ with it or go to /b/. Most of them see to be neo/b/ rejects.

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You are not here at night to see the total hijacking I guess. Loli including 3d, fucking Amine posted. Floods of crap in no way related to what /jp/ is supposed to be about. We don't need it. If they need that they can shit up /a/ with it or go to /b/. Most of them seem to be neo/b/ rejects.

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and everyone in this thread.

>> No.605006

I find it funny how, in the past week, we've shifted from "Not every thread on this board should be just Touhou or Type-Moon" to "Literally everything that isn't Touhou or Type-Moon belongs on some other board and you should be banned for even thinking of posting it you stupid asshole"

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That's your fault.

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