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ITT - Forecasting the future

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ITT when newfags become janitors

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ITT - /JP/B/

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Pre-split /a/.

Pre-normalfag /b/.

All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain.

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too bad, some shit that should be posted here can not be because of this, just a min ago my Shugo Chara thread got killed off ...

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blame the faggotic janitor that has no life for that.

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I screen capped your thread am email it to Moot. Fuck you keep your Anime in /a/

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yeh right. moot is asleep right now.

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lol oh you troll

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I need a failureoftheyearaward.jpg

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Moot reads all his email, a known fact.

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Rules for /jp/

/jp/ - Japan/General

1. All things Japanese welcome!

go kill yourself now please ...

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Pre-split /a/.

Pre-normalfag /b/.

All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain.

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maybe, but he can't read an email if he's sleeping therefore he didn't delete it.

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the janitor deleting everything is trolling you all at the same time

...it's either that or he's really that retarded.

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Anime and Manga go in /a/.

Old /a/ isn't coming back all your shitting up /jp/ will do is get it deleted and then you will have no place for the stuff that actually goes here. But you don't care you just want to turn back time.

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ITT janitor trolling for one day whole /jp/ because he knows no mod will catch him doing it.

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*pops an egg out*

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What exactly is the Shugo Chara game?

I don't think it's a visual novel, is it? What kind of gameplay does it have? All I've seen is the ending screencaps that were posted in /a/.

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"Action" game with semi-interactive events on the side, like persona 3.

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master troll.

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Shugo Chara is banned in /a/

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Oh you

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That's it, /jp/ is too bad right now, I'm going OUTSIDE .

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My dick is 5 feet long flaccid too.

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Huh? I linked the commercials with actual gameplay...

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I think im going to [spoilers] Follow you [/spoilers]

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Wait up, let me follow you <3

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Thanks for the situation update guys be sure to let us know when you get back inside, wouldn't want to miss out on the latest events in the lives of a pair of self-absorbed egoistic tripfags.

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You should watch Koreans play Starcraft live.

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fuck you janitors ...
deleting /jp/ related threads just becasue you can ...

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I was wondering what the hell that purple-tannish thing was in the middle before I actually clicked on the thumbnail.

Oh, what a delightful surprise.

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janitor faggot keep deleting thread today, I wish he would just go to sleep already

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they keep deleting my threads but I remake them, just do like me. janitors can NOT ban you and even if they did it'd just make the mods notice their power abuses.

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im waiting for all the threads to be deleted or the board to be shutdown or something, 4chan is going into the shitter fast ...

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blame the janitors. apparently moot failed at nominating the janitors and nominated newfags.

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I lol'd

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after about 6+ remake/deletes I think janitor finally understood and left my DFC vs Healthy thread alone.

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No you actually are actively trying to get /jp/ deleted. YOUR OLD /a/ IS NEVER COMING BACK EVEN IF /jp/ GETS REMOVED.

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maybe the asshole just went to get a drink, it will be deleted if caught on the first page ...

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oh go to hell /a/fag

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it's not /a/fag it's the janitor

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'sup Naynanana.

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Why has nighttime /jp/ been really shitty lately?

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bah, fuck this shit, im going to play AudioSurf, see you later /jp/ if you are still here ...

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You are a complete and total asshole.

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FINALLY you're getting the fuck out

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you shouldn't . If you do janitor retard win.

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Whoa, you must pass out every time you get close to having an erection. Poor bastard.

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Are we fighting retard with retard? Is that the current strategy? Because I was never such a big fan of that.

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Cirno my Waifu !mg0D1lMhlQ is one reason. They want it to be the old /a/ and come here with their off topic crap to have a conversation that belongs on IRC or IM.

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true, underage b& shitty janitor that have nothing to do on weekend

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meh, ill be back in a few mins, just need to clear my head and find more cool and spicy pics that are Work Safe so i can prove he is being an ass ...

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Anime is still going to be off topic shit for brains.

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/a/ goes in /a/. If you want to prove a point start a convo about a fucking vn or something.

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I think it's pointless, just forget about /jp/ for this weekend, he'll just keep deleting cause he believes he's right. and we can't do a thing about it.

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LOL now I am sure a Mod is fucking with them, they are going to try and wait the mod out.

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/a/ stuff goes in /a/ you fucking retard, jesus christ.

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You think posting anime in /jp/ is "right" GTFO.

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it's a janitor trust me. if it was really a mod I'd be banned right now.

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You may think you're on our side, but you're doing nothing but hurting the cause. Please just stop. I'm asking nicely.

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Look you fucking retards, read the damn rules yourself for once instead of plowing hotair out your asses, here let me post them right here!!!

/jp/ - Japan/General

1. All things Japanese welcome!

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nevermind, you're just a troll, probably from /a/ too


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No rules on the internet.

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Quit using that fucking rule as your rebutal. All things Japanese that aren't already in /a/!

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The purpose was for things /a/ hated. /a/ doesn't hate anime (well, they do but that's where they like to discuss anime.) If /a/ goes in /jp/ then /jp/ woulnd't be necessary, because touhou and anime could coexist...which obviously they can't.

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I half want to believe Cirno is just a really dedicated troll. But the stupid act is so convincing, and he's kept it up for so long. I suppose I'm just a hopeless optimist.

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im not a troll, all i want to for is talk about this anime without it getting deleted on site in /a/ or /jp/ wherever they let me post it

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You are the retard. Shujo Chara is ANIME. Read the fucking screen cap Anime and Manga is /a/.

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I must throw my support behind Cirno here

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It doesn't get deleted on sight in /a/ I have see threads last hours, you are a faggot. Your failed meme of Shugo Chara is banned on /a/ is bullshit.

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Just so you know, Shujo Chara is banned in /a/, meaning they don't want it.
/jp/ was made so things that cannot be posted in /a/ would now be posted in /jp/, Shujo Chara cannot be posted in /a/, hence, it can be posted in /jp/.

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He is right about Shugo Chara, though. Since /a/ has so many problems with it is pretty much a homeless outcast, and those sound pretty /jp/ to me. But he's so incredibly stupid and irritating that I can't bring myself to support him.

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Anime in /jp/ is fine even though /a/ exists, just like mecha in /a/ is fine even though /m/ exists. Am I wrong?

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Keep in mind that novels, etc are all very much /jp/ material.

Just don't overdo it.

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What's the deal with this Shugo Chakra thing you are talking about? And why is it banned on /a/?

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Shujo Chara is posted in /a/ all the time and is doesn't get deleted. You mean they don't want YOU. That I believe. Anime goes in /a/ if they don't want you there that is your problem. Quit posting fan fiction and egg laying.

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apparrently you are clueless, Shugo Chata is pretty much banned from /a/ and gets deleted on site, so it has been trying to move here, same shit happens here becasue of you assholes keep bringing it down.

as i said, i don't care where i can post this, as long as i can discuss this anime, and maybe exchange some of the pictures without fear of it getting deleted by some powerhungey janitor or saged into the ground by fuckheads like you ...

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/jp/ is not /a/ part 2. There is only one Anime & Manga board. If your anime threads are being deleted in /a/ then too fucking bad, /jp/ isn't your backup anime board when /a/ doesn't like your posts. Go fucking complain in /a/ the way you're complaining here.

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where does this go?

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Anime is not fine on /jp/ if it is allowed that is all that /jp/ will be. Fags who want to post Anime here. All the other threads will get pushed off the board

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You are a lying bastard I see Shujo Chara threads on /a/ all the time. At least 3 yesterday

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You started the fucking threads with the meme banned in /a/. Seemed pretty obvious you didn't want shit to do with the series.

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Perhaps the same could be said of all Touhou. But enough talk, have at you!

But seriously, while that is for the most part true, there is no need to take it too far. And Shugo Chara has to go somewhere. I don't particularly care where, but somebody should fucking decide where and then let it fucking be.

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don't start this shit you faggot

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and there is the extent of the pics i have

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>/jp/ is not /a/ part 2

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Cirno my Waifu go fuck your whore mother you worthless cock sucking drooling retard.

>> No.601655

It isn't, you dipshit /a/sshole.

>> No.601656

Holy shit, you're pathetic.

This is really all the pictures you have?

I'd contribute some but I don't support your faggotry.

>> No.601669


lets see how long it stays up ...

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holy fucking hell ....

all of them deleted?

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lol immediate cirno hate

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And people wonder why shit gets deleted.

>> No.601703

Just so you know, there's a Shugo Chara thread on the first page of /c/ right now. There are boards other than /a/ and /jp/.

>> No.601704

You can't report these homosexuals faster than they can shit up a whole board.

>> No.601710

/c/ is worse than /a/ though.

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