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Hey, Hey, /jp/

Why is Koishi such a dumb bitch? See picture.

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Because she sometimes acts subconsciously

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She sealed off her heart because of the crushing racist hate that was heaped upon her, which screwed up her head.

What's your excuse?

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Hey hey /jp/ why is Scandaroon such a fucking useless shitposter who should hurry up and place a bullet through his skull?

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Why you so jealous?

I'll put a bullet for your skull for free, though

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Hey, Hey, /jp/

Why is Nitori such a cum guzzling slut? See picture.

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Jealous of what? Your ability to shit up an entire board in a matter of seconds. Your ability to be an intolerable nerd?

Why are you even here?

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Weren't you sucking my dick last week?

What happened?

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Why are you such an idiot?

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Because I am frustrated and buttangery. Why didn't you sage a post that contributed nothing to the thread? This is why you're useless.

Useless Useless Useless Useless Useless.

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I am the smartest man alive and this is why the law does not apply to me.

Why are you deraailing my Koishi thread? Talk about the real shitposters..

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Just die already. You obviously made this thread to start shit and argue so here we are, right?

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superior sister on the left by the way

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It's kind of pathetic that you have to bump your own thread to try and get a rise out of people.

Also why are you replying, dollfagger? Just let the kid self-bump his own thread all day.

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I turn 20 in 5 days. Don't call me a kid, you fucking putrid shitty filth.

Forgot my pic, too.

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Because I am so frustrated and want to argue with someone who can do such a thing all day and get nowhere. Gosh darn, I should go take it easy.

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hey dollfagger is your throat feeling better and when can we expect album

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No, but I made one anyway.


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Awww, Someones gonna be a big boy!

And you sage as soon as someone calls you out on it. Good lord, you are a wuss.

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Want to take this to skype, boy?

I could destroy you in a verbal argument.

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How ironic

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Hey /jp/
Why is Scandaroon a fucking retard?

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Hey man I have contributed with constant love and support!

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Oh haha children these days.

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I'm not wasting the time to figure out skype so you can nerd rage through a different medium, big boy.

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get it right, summerfriend. Do you have downs?

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Unless your a sexual predator or twelve you shouldn't be on skype.

no sage here folks

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Given how you act, pointing out how old you are does not help your argument.

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Be quiet adults are talking

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Anybody can lie on the internet, and your no excuse.

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Not being a civil adult enough to believe people when they state their age proves how immature you are.

How sad. I think you belong somewhere else.

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Even if you're "20" you're still just a child.

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>Replying to a Scandy thread

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No, I'm fine here.

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The argument for you being 20 is rather weak. I'm willing to admit I'm probably seen as a kid too, but at least I can admit it.

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You probably do. /jp/ is full of immature shitposters.


Shut the FUCK up already. Am I right?

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Truth is everybody likes feeding shit to him. And he's more than happy to accept it.

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At least you admitted your a shit poster.

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>Implying that that's bad thing.

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>saging his own thread

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Kinda like your daily OH GOD KOISHI IS SO DUMB AM I RIGHT threads.
You can NOT be so blind that you can't see how hypocritical you're being. I am the whitest god damn knight, and I'd rather have you on the slut-meme side your so much of a disgrace.

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scandaroon is literally the biggest buugum i have ever seen posting here
fuck off already

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fuck you guys, don't get nitori into this shit

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/jp/ is always fucking shitty. Thats just how it is.

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It's spelled "you are"

And I don't make Koishi threads daily. You're on crack, son.

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YES YOU DO. And it's fucking annoying.

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No serious responses automatically prove how correct I am.

/jp/ is just mad because I'm exposing all his flaws and destroying them with extreme logic fit for a psychology major.

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You took the bait. Predictable.

You can't argue against me, so you attack my grammar. You're just like anyone else on /jp/.
I'll give you that you don't make these threads daily. Maybe bi-daily. Moot point with you hating on Koishi at every possible opportunity.

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What made you come here in the first place? i am genuinely curious.

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Sure are kicking our butthurt asses Scandy..

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Why are you even replying to this guy? Just look at his fucking posts. Why are you so easy to troll?

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Once upon a time, a man named Samuel Tanguay played a Touhou fangame at the beginning of 2009. I knew about Touhou before that, but not much, and loved what I saw.

I saw that a place I hadn't been in years, 4chan, had a Touhou board named /jp/, and I regularly started coming here since July 09, having completely integrated myself into the Touhou fanbase.

Aren't you all so lucky.

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It's fun. See >>5940859
Good way to vent some anger too. With my C78 hopes and dreams coming crashing down, I need that venting.

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It's just for fun and laughs Scandy doesn't even do anything but act stupid.

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The same reason why most of us tripfags come to /jp/: Because it's just so darn easy to troll!

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That makes sense, really.

You're such a filthy masochist, Scandy-chan ♥

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>Implying that being annoying is trolling

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Kids these days don't know what trolling really means.

You can't troll on 4chan.

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This thread made me think of something.
Is there a greasemonkey script that turns names+tripcodes into other names+tripcodes randomly? Fr example, on one of Scandaroon's threads his name could appear as White Ren, while on another of his threads he could be Suigin, and so on. Anonymous posters could be shuffled around too.

I don't even know if that's possible, but damn, it would be interesting to browse /jp/ for a day or two with that on.

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>The same reason why most of us tripfags come to /jp/: Because we want to be bullied on a daily basis

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Just use the Forced Anonymous script and have fun guessing which tripfag is which. Or you can ask Jonesy to make one for you, since he already made something like this http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/81708

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Scandaroon or Alicia for worst tripfag?

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Which Alicia? Taiko or Sion?

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i was never alicia

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