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>5 threads hidden, reported as spam

Well, looks like it's that time again.

Not bothering to copy/paste, just read the archive and reply.


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C. Rape Hatate.

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Your CYOA crap is also shitty, you know?

You can make better stuff in order to fight spam.

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It's more interesting than imagespamming and dumping.

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you missed his point
>You can make better stuff in order to fight spam.

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Don't turn this into a meta thread.
Those are even worse.

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I could, but this is entertaining enough. Most other things don't last as long. The last serious thing I talked about was shot type preference in Touhou, and that was weeks ago.

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B. Wait for Aya.
What's that wolf doing, siding with Hatate??

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B. Wait for Aya

Is this CYOA going to include sexy maso stuff? It should.

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CYOA? On /jp/? If it was allowed...mite be cool

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mite be cool

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mite b cool

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mTE e bee kewl

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Write in:
How much do you earn from making newspapers anyway, Hatate.

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mite b cool

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More like "siding against Aya." That and Hatate promised her food.

You decide to hold your ground against the two intruders and refuse Hatate's 'offer.'

"I'm...going to wait here for Aya. She found me first, and I already promised I was going to help her. I don't care what you do now, but I'm not leaving." Hatate looks at you with a bit of a frown, but soon turns it into a wicked grin.

"Fine, looks like we're going to have to do this the hard way. Momiji, Restrain him please...and try not to hurt him." Momiji readies her sword and begins growling at you. As you brace yourself for her attack, you see a visibly strong gust of wind almost knock over both the girls.

"What are you doing at my house! Get out of here!" Another strong gust is let loose, making both Hatate and Momiji's skirts fly up. Without really thinking, you impulsively grab one of the many cameras on the wall and take a shot of their compromising position before they fly off.

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mite be cool

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Their skirts aren't even short enough for that to happen you stupid ass motherfucker.

If they were though, it mite be cool.

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Aya lands in her doorway, holding a large purple gourd and a small dish. "Sorry I took so long...that oni was really reluctant to part with this thing, even for a little bit. What were those two doing here again, anyway?"

"They, um...were 'asking' for an interview..." You take the gourd and pour yourself out a small amount of the sake and down it with a grimace.

"Strong stuff, I know. That's why I don't drink it..." Her eyes drift down to the camera you had set down. "Oh, what's this doing here? Did it fall over?" She starts examining it and turns it on, looking at the screen and browsing through all the photos.

"No...nothing seems to be wrong with it..." She stops browsing and her eyes widen as she finds the picture of Hatate and Momiji's upskirts that you had just taken. "My, what do we have HERE?" She waves the camera in your face and makes a coy smile. "Bit of a pervert, aren't we?"

A. Explain yourself (write-in)
B. Have another drink

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The logic going into that is that Aya can summon fucking gale-force winds and make them blow in any direction. Momiji's might be a long skirt, but Hatate's wearing something where it's plausible.

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I don't see any way of explaining this apart from "SPUR OF THE MOMENT".

B. Have another drink.

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moot baned this type pf posting. Please take it some where it is welcome like bun. I have reported this thread.

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A. If they try to have things their way again, those pictures should be a good threat to them. Dohohoho.

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Second this.

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If you notice, it's been deleted twice already. I'm still keeping it around. Fuck your shit I'm enjoying myself.


You decide to try the smooth approach and disregard the pictures as being part of a perverted tendency. "Well, if they come by here again and try to have things their way, you've got some blackmail." You pour yourself another drink and let it sit on the table for a little bit.

Aya looks at you with mock gratitude and sympathy. "Aw, you're so sweet...but you and I both know you enjoyed seeing their panties." She places the camera back on the wall and sits back down, leaning at an angle so that you can see directly into her cleavage. "Maybe you'd like to see mine, too...hm?"

"Already did."

Aya jumps back with shock at your statement and looks like she had just seen something weirder than the normal unusual sight in this place. "What? What'd you say? When did this happen?" She starts getting annoyed and looks like she's about to hit you. In fear, you gulp down the drink you had poured for yourself and immediately begin pouring another.

Write-in response

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It was an accident, not my fault your skirt is so short.

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Apologize and try getting the interview done already!
Let's talk about places for drinking and getting fined for drunk driving and shit in the real world.

Should be drunk and sleepy by the time it's done.

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"Hey, I can't help it if you wear skimpy clothes and have a nice ass."

You feel a sting across your face as she slaps you and knocks you off the table. "I can't believe this! The one time I find an outsider to write about and he turns out to be a complete pervert! It'll still turn out interesting, but still! This is just...augh!" Aya begins to storm off to a separate room before turning around. "You really think I have a nice ass?"

"Well...yeah...maybe. I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know?"

You decide to tell her the truth in order to clear up any confusion. "Well, I only said that to be funny. Didn't think you'd slap me..."

"What girl wouldn't slap a guy if they said something like that?"

"Will you let me finish please?" You get up and sit back down in the chair and look over at her, who still has her back to you. "It was when you crashed into the tree. I...kind of found you while you were busy getting yourself out...and I couldn't help but see."

She still hasn't turned around, but you can tell she's still somewhat offended by your earlier remarks. "Look, what can I do so you're not mad anymore? I said I'd help you with your paper--"

"Just...give me some time. I need to think for a few minutes on whether or not you're really as nice as you say you are. I won't be long." There's a coldness in her voice that wasn't present earlier, but you decide to let her go in what appears to be a bedroom. As you sit waiting at the table, you look out the window from time to time. A blur of purple and white is seen for a split second, but you disregard it as you start to hear some noise coming from Aya's room.

A. ignore it
B. Knock
C. Barge in

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>before turning around

Should have said "before stopping."

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What does it sound like?

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Rustling, with a slight knocking.

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A. ignore it, admire the view outside.

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Knock and apologize.

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b. Knock

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D. Feels bored... take gourd and walk out of Aya's house to sober up and return it to the oni in case she shows up.

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The noise coming from Aya's room seems to be a bit too distracting, so you decide to go up and see if she's okay and possibly figure out what's causing such a disturbance. You go over to the door and notice that the rustling is becoming a bit faster, and the slight sound of something hitting against wood is getting more frequent. Hesitantly, you knock a few times on the door.

"Aya? Hey, are you still mad at me?"

In a somewhat embarrassed voice you hear her say "N-no...not really..."

"Oh, okay...by the way, what's causing all that noise in there?"

"What noise?" I don't hear anything." The rustling becomes much louder at your mention.

"That noise...sounds like something really light's being thrown around."

"I...I don't know what you're talking about. I'll be out in a minute, so just wait for me, okay?" The noise seems to have died down, so you return to your chair and decide to wait for her.

After a few more minutes, your host returns from her room, wearing what appear to be pajama bottoms. Her blouse is also untucked, giving her the appearance that she had just woken up from a good night's sleep, and she seems a bit more relaxed.

"Oh, you were just changing."

"Yeah...what did you think I was doing?" She looks at you a bit seriously and then sits back down at the table. "Okay, now that all distractions are gone, I think I can finally get this done. Sorry for keeping you."

"It's okay, ask away."

"Okay...you mentioned drinking earlier as something that humans like to do a lot. What else do outsiders enjoy doing? Like, do you have any other hobbies besides passing out at weddings?"


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Alot of us enjoy watching moving pictures on this thing called a television.

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Tell her you enjoy playing frustrating games on a magic box called a PC, and your favorite is one where you take control of a tiny girl in a silly hat who rides a broom and shoots colorful magic bullets at other girls who are modeled after mythical Japanese creatures.

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Well, sometimes we do things like you were doing in that bedroom.

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We have a lot of multipurpose gadgets like the one Hatate's using, like conversing and taking photos in one object.
It's convenient for taking funny photos of people getting drunk, while you're pretending to talk on the phone, like what I'm... uh... I feel kinda woozy already.

What is this... drink... made of?

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"Well, you know that thing that Hatate had on her? That yellow thing?"

"Yeah, that's her spirit camera. You have things like that?"

"Well, kind of. It actually looked like a...cell phone." You begin to lose your vision as you wonder what you had been drinking this entire time. Aya couldn't have done anything to it since she came back with it, but you still feel a bit weird.

"Hey, are you okay? You should stop drinking from this gourd. Maybe you're just not used to oni sake."

"Yeah...anyway, that thing she had looks like a cell phone. They're these things that people use for long-distance communication, but now they can be used for anything like searching for information, playing special games, listening to music, anything you can think of, really."

As you discuss such a mundane subject to your friend, she becomes visibly more interested in your discussion. "Maybe the kappa can make me something like that. They have been working with the outsider maiden from Moriya shrine, so she might know about this."

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You start fading in and out of what seems to be sleeping, barely hearing the next question that Aya asked you regarding your home. The last thing you remember is falling on the floor, her saying something about how she shouldn't have accepted the special "night drink" from the oni, and then being carried into another room.

You awake the next morning with a horrible headache and the feeling of a large warm thing wrapped around you from the back. You attempt to move, but then immediately stop at the realization that you had spent the night in Aya's bed, with her at your side.

Aya begins to stir and rolls out of bed, wearing the same outfit she was in last night. "Oh, you're up."

"Yeah...what happened to me? The last thing I remember was telling you about...cell phones or something."

"That damn oni spiked the gourd before giving it to me. Apparently she thought it would be fun for me to end up in the same position you did."

A. Thank her for looking after you
B. Ask her why you're in her bed
C. Ask for water as a chaser

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get water to soothe your hangover

always remember to drink lots of water after heavy alcohol consumption, kids.

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A. (My little bro's safe for now. Phew!)

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Wait, we just spent the night with Aya? As in, we slept, with Aya, in one bed...

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Seriously. Stop holding out on us Bern.

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While you're wondering how you wound up in her bed, you figure that it was for your best interest and comfort. Besides, it would be rude to be ungrateful towards her after she took you in and let you spend the night in her home.

"Well, thanks a lot. I'm sorry I got like that; I guess I just have a habit of drinking heavily." You laugh a bit as she turns and smiles.

"It's okay, the oni told me about it when she came by this morning to pick up the gourd. I hope you don't mind, but no more drinks for a little."

"Fine by me...actually, I could use something to eat, if that's okay."

"No, that's fine."

Seeing as you were probably rolled into bed, you're still wearing your clothes from the day before, although they now smell of alcohol and some unknown chemical that was probably responsible for your loss of consciousness. You move out of the bedroom and back to the cramped common area, with Aya having prepared a simple breakfast of eggs and rice. Not deciding to wait any longer, you cut a small piece and take a bite.

"Wow, these are really good..."

"Thanks. It's a special recipe among the tengu. Don't tell anyone, though."

"Yeah, this is better than anything I had back in the human world. What kind of eggs are these?"


You stop eating and stare at her for a moment before she bursts out laughing.

"I can't believe you fell for that! They're regular chicken eggs, you idiot."

"Oh, good. For a second I thought..."

"I know what you thought." She takes a bite of her own meal before continuing. "You're not the first one to draw that conclusion. That joke never gets old, though."

Suddenly, you hear a shattering noise from across the room.

A. Go look
B. Let Aya go

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A and B.
B, though, probably. She's quick

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I mentioned in the Okuu story that I'm terrible at writing eroge. Besides, nothing happened after you passed out. I made Aya flirty, not slutty. She wouldn't fuck a guy who's in an alcohol-induced coma.

Also, she really was changing earlier but was rooting through all of her clothes. At least that's my interpretation. If you want to think that she was masturbating, then more power to you.

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I know she didn't fuck us. I know she would not have fucked us.
I don't CARE. I want to sleep (JUST sleep) with Aya, and I want to remember every second of it. I want to listen to her quiet breathing, I want to watch her shift around in her slumber, I want to see her chest rise and fall, I want to feel her cuddle up next to me unconsciously, I want hear her sleep-talk, I want to remember every slight detail from the moment we climb in bed to the second I drift to sleep.
Sex is great in one way, sleeping with someone is great in another.

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A. Greedily gobble up Aya's eggs due to hunger pangs, before following her to check it out.
I meant her portion of the eggs and rice, of course.

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>She wouldn't fuck a guy who's in an alcohol-induced coma.

Well, I don't really want her to go that far in this sort of story, but I wouldn't mind some more sexual tension.

But its your story, so just write what you want to write.

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I'll never hear Aya groan quietly in her sleep as I gently fondle her wings

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Both of you are startled by the noise and get up to find the source, which appeared to be a rock tied to a bundle of paper.

Aya goes over and unties the paper, and immediately scowls upon reading the first line.

"Hatate...what is she up to now..." Looking over Aya's shoulder, you notice that there is large red handwriting telling the reader to flip to the "Tengu matters" section, most likely a commentary on local events within the community, and immediately notice the top headline.

"Bunbunmaru Sex Scandal! Love Affair with an Outsider!"

You can see Aya's hands trembling as she reads the article, finally reaching the last page featuring a photo spread of you two conversing, along with what looks like a high-resolution snapshot of you sharing her bed. She immediately drops the paper and runs off to her room. You look down at the last line of the newspaper under the photos and notice the writing "Your reputation is ruined, CROWSLUT."

A. Comfort Aya
B. Confront Hatate

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how romantic of you, Anonymous

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A. Comfort Aya

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A. Comfort Aya

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That BITCH...
Aya comes first, though. A.

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B. Enough action inside the house! Out we go!

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B because nothing is more romantic than beating up the girl that made fun of your girlfriend

>> No.5434615

That, and also because Sanae and kappa company's relationship has piqued my interest.

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Actually, I change my vote to B. I misread it.

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B. Unleash the power of the GOD HAND on her.

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fuck hatate

>> No.5434678

Good idea. I'll change my answer to:
C. Go and fuck Hatate

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C. Rape and violate Hatate.

>> No.5434686


You're the scum of touhou. Fuck off with you.

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Side event. More would have happened if (WAY BACK) Aya was ignored. The original also had a Nitori route, but people liked Okuu more.


Perhaps it's the spirit of the moment, or the fact that from the beginning that Hatate had been so pushy and more ruthless, as opposed to Aya's friendly disposition regarding your predicament. You go over to
Aya's door and can faintly hear her sobbing and asking why she deserved something like this. This drives you into a greater rage and you storm out of Aya's house.

As you shut the door, you notice that the rest of the Tengu society is glaring at you with disappointment in their eyes. You have no idea where Hatate's dwelling is, but have a guess that it's on the far cliffside. You slowly make your way across the cliffside and under the waterfall. You climb up to a nearby ledge and notice a sign saying "Kakashi Spirit HQ." You knock on the door very loudly.

"Hold on, I'm coming." Hatate opens the door, sporting what appears to be a business suit. "If you're looking for a copy, we're all sold out..." She grins with a sign of malice at your presence. "Oh, well if it isn't Mister Outsider himself! What do you want here?"

>> No.5434691

"I don't know what you have against Aya, Hatate, but you need to retract your statement immediately--"

Without warning, Hatate pulls you into her house, slams the door, and pins you up against a wall. Before you have a chance to say anything to her, she violently kisses you and whispers into your ear. "Was she as good as that, or am I better?"

You push her off you and stare at her for a second before backing towards the door. "What...are you getting at? Aya and I didn't do anything!"

"Maybe, maybe not. You want me to retract my statement, though..." She pounces on you and brings you down to the floor. "I'd say that you have to do what I say if you want that to happen." You try pushing her off you, but she proves herself remarkably strong despite being quite small. "Well, what's it gonna be?"

A. Submit
B. Resist

Meh, hate me all you want for making Hatate a forceful crowslut. I needed an antagonist and I bet some of you knew this was coming.

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alternatively C. Kill

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B. Resist for now...
>How can I trust you?

>> No.5434698

A. Submit
I'm bored and wanna see what happens.

>> No.5434699

Reported for roleplaying
read the sticky, what the fuck is wrong with you people?

>> No.5434700

Resist like as if Thor himself possessed you

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>> No.5434708


Don't want to get into an argument, but again.


>> No.5434714

I approve, and I would normally submit but we have to save ourselves for Aya.

So resist.

>> No.5434716

Deliver falcon punch.

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>> No.5434729

B. Can't trust her and you've already got ammunition against her (panty shot pics).

>> No.5434749


You try moving around violently and attempt to throw her off. "Let go of me, you crazy bitch!"

"My, my...got a bit of fight in you, do we now?" Hatate sits on your chest while contemplating her next move. "I like you. Not only do you look good..." she leans down to kiss you once again, this time holding it for so long that you nearly pass out, "but your personality is so...strong." She flips you over, holds down your wrists, and ties them together with her blouse before dragging you by your hair over to a bed.

"Too bad you're such a fighter...but it'll be so fun to break you. she rips open your shirt and starts taking off your pants while you're kicking wildly.

"God damnit, untie me!"

"And miss out on all this fun? No way. I'm going to have you begging for more by the time I'm done with you...

The world goes dark around you two, but it seems as if you're assailant is just as confused as you are.

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what the fuck Yukari, I made my bed so let me sleep in it. If shit happens then it happens.

>> No.5434773

Why do you think that you are terrible at writing eroge? This stuff is pretty kinky.

>> No.5434797

"What's going on here? What the hell did you do!"

Hatate starts shaking you violently before you both hear a voice; one that sounds familiar to both of you.

"Well well, Nanashin...it seems you've gotten yourself into a bit of a...predicament."

Your "friend" in purple and white once again appears, but it seems that Hatate notices her as well.

"No...not you..."

"Oh, hello, Miss Himekaidou. I believe you are attempting to damage some...property of mine...I'm only here to retrieve it, nothing more."

"What do you mean? This guy here?" Hatate seems to be very afraid of this woman, but you have no idea why. All you know is that this is the first time that you've been actually happy to see her.

"Yes. Now will you hand it over, or shall I have to use force in a...similar...manner?"

"Yes...of course! I'm sorry, I'm really sorry! Please don't hurt me."

"My dear girl, what makes you think that I would do such a thing?" Immediately, a large portal opens above her head. You don't know what lies beyond the portal, but based on the fact that there are many eyes in a red void you have feeling it can't be good.

"No...please! Don't send me there! I don't want to go!"

"I'm sorry...but you have already...sealed your...fate."

With these final statements, Hatate is thrown into the portal, which then seals and leaves nothing behind.

"Now, as for you...Nanashin...While I am not inclined to let you roam free throughout this world, my employers have seen it fit to let you settle matters with Miss Shameimaru." You notice that you are now fully clothed and standing on what appears to be nothing. "Don't worry about the issue with Miss Himekaidou's statements...I have personally seen to that matter. We will see each other...soon."

You find yourself outside of Aya's home once again.

>> No.5434798

I'm with this guy, you should probably just go with it. Whatever you can throw out, I'm sure I've read worse.

>> No.5434802


That's becuse I have a submission fetish and want to be dominated; I can write about things I like. I can't actually write real "love" eroge.

>> No.5434814

Are we going to go in and see if we've done the time warp then?

>> No.5434819

>I have a submission fetish and want to be dominated

>> No.5434833

I'm sure many of us here are appreciators of the erotic beauty of masochism

>> No.5434842

>That's becuse I have a submission fetish and want to be dominated

Fuck yeah!

Also I hope Hatate is ok. I mean, she's a slut, but she just wanted some lovin' ;_;

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You can rest assured that she is getting some lovin' from some multidimensional beings.

>> No.5434863

Confused at what the woman's words meant, you turn around and notice that several hours have passed. You open the door to Aya's house and notice that she is absent; most likely she has been in her room the entire time.

You go over to the bedroom door and lightly knock on it. "Aya...hey, Aya." She opens the door and wipes her face, although you can still see trails of tears on her face.

"Oh...hi. What happened? You've been gone for a while...I was worried."

"It's a long story, but I went over and talked to Hatate. She said that she's going to retract her statement, and she shouldn't be bothering you anymore about stuff like this.

Aya reflexively hugs you and gives you a small kiss on the cheek. "I don't know what you did...but thank you. You've saved my reputation, my paper...I don't know what to say." She lets go of you and notice you're blushing intensely.

"Well...yeah. You're...you're welcome." You look over at the notepad still on the table from last night. "So...our interview?" She slowly walks over to the table and flips through her notes. "I think that I have enough information to write something...but seeing as you have a lot more to tell, I'd like to hear a lot more..." The reporter looks down at the floor and mutters something barely audible.

>> No.5434866

As much as I hate her for being such a bitch, I hope Scallop's ok. Porn has taught me that all of Yukari's gaps lead to horrible mindbreaking tentacle rape pits. And mindbreak is BAD.

>> No.5434867

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Do you...want to live with me? At least until you can find a way back?" She's a bit more confident in her words, although you can still sense a bit of uneasiness.

"It could be a long time until I can leave. I may be stuck here."

"That's fine! The longer you're here, the better...I could get to you know you a lot more....for my paper! You...You could be a regular contributor!" You can see she's just making up excuses to get you to stay.

"Aya, I'm not going anywhere. You're probably the only one here who would actually welcome me, anyway. I'd be more than happy to stay here."

She embraces you once again, and outside the window you think that you can see the strange woman from before, sitting on a portal and holding a parasol. You look away for a second, but as soon as you do she's disappeared without a trace.


>> No.5434874
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I'm ok with this.

>> No.5434877


Hatate came back after a few days' absence and won't look at anything blue the same way ever again.

>> No.5434886

Good, very enjoyable, look forward to your next CYOA.

Although I will dock you a point for the Deus Ex Machina with Yukari at the end (I understand that its late and you wanted to wrap it up though). Poor Hatate.

>> No.5434888

Later that week Nanashi dressed up as Blue Oni. Hatate promptly packed her shit up and left the Youkai Mountain, going to live in the forest.

>> No.5434889

That was sudden.
Thank you, Bern. You have NO IDEA how refreshing and enjoyable this was, to see my beloved Aya like this. You are now one of my top tripfriends.

>> No.5434891

I don't get it.
But ok.

>> No.5434896


>its late

More like "I have class in 10 minutes."

It's taken a week to get this done, and the "deus ex machina" had to be done anyway. If you look in the Archive, every time I did this I had Yukari show up as the G-Man. The first time was blatant, here I decided to be more creative with her appearances. I actually want her to appear in the flesh at one point, and have a Sanae route planned out where such a thing happens. Save it for another trolling day, though.

>> No.5434901


You aren't supposed to. It's a noodle incident. It's like walking in at the end of a story and just hearing "And that's how we survived the zombie apocalypse with nothing but a piece of string and a soda can."

>> No.5434906
File: 125 KB, 600x834, 157d40f4ac34862509ca45275d241587.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and have a Sanae route planned out
Oh god, yes.

>> No.5434914

I think I just might have been influenced by that CYOA from yesterday where we beat up everyone in Gensokyo.

>> No.5434916

mite b cool

>> No.5434930


Don't be happy. if done properly, it ends with you and her finding Yukari and her returning to the outside world and resuming her normal life before coming into Gensokyo. I'm convinced that she's an outsider from our time.

>> No.5434965

Look, just because all women in our world are sluts doesn't mean all the sluts in Gensokyo are from our world.

>> No.5434972

Really? You really had to go there?

>> No.5434978

That's just how I roll, Anonymous.

>> No.5434997


Sanae's from the outside world; that's canon. She's not a slut, though.

Hell, Hatate isn't even a slut, but she is more forceful in trying to get her newspaper exposure and sees Aya as a rival in that. The fact that she was trying to rape you is because of that; more like public humiliation of her precious outsider.

At least, that's how I see it. I'm trying to stay as close to canon as possible. Yukari appearing as a mysterious force that can be either good or bad is part of her character, as well as her 'playful' nature which (at least in my stuff) comes off as downright creepy.

>> No.5435020

Fuck, does that mean your future stories won't have any maso stuff?

>> No.5435032


Maybe maso stuff. I'd rather save that for actual fiction, though.

>> No.5435046


You write good maso stuff though.

>> No.5435074


It would be nothing but smut, and probably not even taking place in the Touhou universe. I consider my full handle to be BernFAG, which obviously means I love Bern from Umineko...so it would involve Bernrape.

>> No.5435096
File: 68 KB, 566x800, 9098104_p1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nothing but smut
I'm OK with this.

>> No.5435120


I might do something like that after finishing my Kogasa origin fic, but I'd have no idea where to post it...same thing with the Kogasa thing. I might post it over in THP, but the Bernrape would obviously have no place there and I don't want to post it on Fanfiction.

General summary of Kogasa fic, for those curious:

I have her start out as a purple umbrella being sold in the human world for an unknown amount of time. Yukari buys it and leaves it in Kourindou with Rinnosuke to sell since he has no use for it. A few years pass with it not being sold to anyone until around the events of SA...when Rinnosuke tries to go to the hot spring behind Hakurei shrine, and comes home to find a very sad Kogasa in place of the neglected purple umbrella.

>> No.5435147

Fanfiction? in /jp/?

Did you just get here yesterday?

>> No.5435171

Well, if you do decide to write Bernrape I guess you could just post it on mediafire or something and link it here...

Deal with it.

>> No.5435199


Read the damn posts. I resumed this in the throes of a /g/ raid as a way to give people something interesting to read and myself something to do until it died down and normal threads came back.

It's been going on for a week and I finally got in the final legs of the story. I quite enjoy the framing narrative and could go on through several branches.

I'd continue, but I can't make lengthy story sections in the middle of class.

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