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I just played through the first Touhou
and i noticed that there were 3 male characters
and instead of few pictures with text on them the ending had an animation!
Has ZUN forgotten how to draw male characters nowadays or what?
Picture is related
He is Konngara the first male final stage boss in Touhou series.

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the pc-98 games weren't made with some other people ?

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He was going to have a male final boss in UFO, but thought it would be weird to break the mold, so he just scraped up Byakuren instead.

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I bet Zun wierded himself out with all of the girls even by now. Poor guy

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...is this true?

Do not want ;_;

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The boss was probably going to be byakurens brother or something in that case.

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Unzan was originally suppose to be alone I think, but Ichirin was added. Although even ZUN says she's just his hitbox.

Don't really care if males were added, although if ZUN did, he probably should make him a Stage 2 boss or something, not too strong.

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It's hard to believe, but Konngara is indeed a woman.
Shingyoku however comes in both male and female versions, which I'm not quite sure what it's all about. Supposedly male version is a priest or nobleman, while female version is a shamaness/ancient miko.

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Yeah Myouren is much more famous.

And I'd actually want him. Myouren was more or less a hikikomori monk, he was famed for sending his magical begging bowl flying around to gather food so that he wouldn't have to leave his temple. He was such a recluse that he refused the summons of the fucking emperor to leave his mountain and come see him to cure his illness, instead he did the necessary prayers in his mountain.

He also commanded an army of young boys (most famously one with swords hanging from his neck, and his begging-bowl which was a protective spirit itself. ) Turn those into girls and you have a good boss already (the begging bowl girl would go door-to-door cutely asking for alms for the temple and doing odd jobs so that her lazy ass master wouldn't starve. )

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Just like Kogasa is really just an umbrella, and Medicine is really just that small doll floating next to her?

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What about Sariel?

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Byakuren basically is Myouren, just female and instead of dying she became to love youkai.

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She's still in Touhou, she just wears a pretty bow now and everyone calls her Yorihime

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sariel is actually iffy


>>Sariel is always depicted as being male, but the sprite is ambiguous enough to belong to either gender.

Sariel is the name of a MALE angel from the bible, but since theres nothing on the boss's background we cant be for sure

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If Myouren was the boss, he would be perfectly content with being sealed, leeching off of Shinki and lazing around everyday. You'd have to fight him to drag him kicking and screaming out of Makai.

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>...is this true?
Don't know in which part it is, but it's somewhere in there.

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Is Sariel really Yorihime?? they look so different to me..

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theres not much to go on with her, but tohowiki seems confident, and shes wearing a bow so yeah lol I think ZUN added that so there could be SOME way of figuring out what gender she is

TL;DR shes a chick

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Sariel seems more like a guy to me
but does Touhou wiki know everything about Konngara?
It has never been confirmed if he is male of female

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have faith in the ribbon

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To be fair, though, pre-Muromachi samurai did have some excessively fancy hair accessories. Minamoto no Yoshitsune used to wear a small Kannon statuette worked into his hair.

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Huh, I never had any doubts about Konngara being female. But she does look masculine compared to Windows-era bosses. The same could be said about Meira.

I guess ZUN is slowly getting tired of the cast full of lolis.

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On the other hand, hemp wings. Konngara likely doesn't really have shoulders broader than half her own height.

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Fanart is fanart
in the image drawn by ZUN you can clearly see he has really wide masculine shoulders

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