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You arrive in Gensokyo, at the edge of the bamboo forest. You have the following supplies:

Three days food and water
45 US dollars
Two changes of clothes, modern.
Compass and map of Gensokyo

You see the forest of magic a day's walk away to the west, as well as an unappreciated roving shadow moving through the forest. To the south, you see the Human Village, and a few looming shapes between you and it.

Your options are:
A. Enter the Bamboo Forest
B. Travel to the Forest of Magic
C. Try to make it to Human Village
D. Write in (Your choice.)

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F. Jump into the lake and genuflect.

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E.Dig a hole, bury backpack

No one must know about my terrible secrets.

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Climb the mountain.


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Bamboo Forest

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Genuflecting usually results in an instant head smash, so I choose B.

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A. Enter the Bamboo Forest
Not wanted there. Bad move.
B. Travel to the Forest of Magic
C. Try to make it to Human Village
Dulltown? Why did I come to Gensokyo in the first place.
D. Write in (Your choice.)
Garden of the Sun. Upon arrival, only observe the flowers and take notes on the rare ones. DO NOT TOUCH THE FUCKING FLOWERS.

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C. Try to make it to Human Village, but beware the looming thingers.

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You set off towards the human village, the looming figures given a wide berth. They appear to be some sort of distorted human creature, scavenging for food. As you come closer to the village, you are stopped by a large brigade of fairies, demanding a toll.

A. Give them the toll
B. Attempt to run
C. Write in

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[x] find reimu and show her my money

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Smash the shovel over their heads.

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What is the toll?
whatever it's just some cash right.
throw them the cash man I don't need that where I'm going.

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[X]Protect the Fairy Brigade from this poster.

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The toll is everything in your backpack, as well as your clothes.

The fairies begin to surround you, making escape impossible, and they warm up their danmaku in agitation.

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>as well as your clothes
I feel this getting kinda sexy.

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>The fairies begin to surround you, making escape impossible, and they warm up their danmaku in agitation.
[X] Watch warmly until they're ready

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C. Bluff your way out. tell them you are friends with a Powerful Youkai. and that she would be very agitated if you disappeared

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Fuck that.
Hope danmaku is non-lethal in this story...

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use common sense to prove that fairies don't exist, their wings require too much energy expenditure for them to exist.

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You bomb, leaving the entire area in a crater of fairy gore. Your on-screen display informs you that you have two bombs left, and that your power level is at zero. To test your abilities, you attempt to shoot danmaku, nothing but puffs of smoke.

Continue to the human village Y/N? Alternatively, write in.

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throw rock at fairy, obtain [P] charm, upgrade rock throwing capability, rinse, repeat.

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Ask them the following:

"What has four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?"

According to PMiSS, the best way to get away from a dangerous fairy is to ask it a riddle.

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pick up items left behind by fairies.

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Yes, and run all the way there to avoid reprisals.

Also, check the spellcards you have in your backpack to find out what kind of bomb they are.

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No. Head for the Garden of the Sun. and don't fucking touch the flowers.

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Like the bitches they are, they left no items.

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collect [P]s and continue on

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Haha, oh wow. THP is down.


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This. Collect their essence and attempt to imbue my shovel with +2 magical damage.

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Oh shit, oops.
Look around. Did they drop anything?
And yeah, on to the village.

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do people still use that site?

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I want to know what bombs we have so I know how best to use them.

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Dial E for Erin.

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I should have exchanged the dollars before their value goes down more.

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My first choice is to go to the Hakurei shrine and donate my 45 dollars and see what services Reimu will offer me.

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Yes, it's still fairly active. At least it was the last time I was there.

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If he means touhou-project.com then yeah its still quite active.

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You know, a donation isn't a donation if you get something back from it.

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Nothing but gore.

You move on to the village without any further troubles. Its very busy today, with human and youkai alike walking the streets. Two ghosts pass you by, entering the village at the same time as you.

A. Sake stand
B. Ask for directions (Write in)
C. Inn.
D. Write in.

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Reimu provides services for donating. The money doesn't go to her, and you're not paying her for anything. You're giving to the shrine and she's showing her thanks.

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All donations are tax-deductible, at least.

What, you think wealthy people just donated out of the goodness of their hearts?

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honestly, I can't sage or report this for being a roleplay thread, because this writer is uncommonly civil.

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Ask for directions to get out of Gensokyo, also the local gadgets store which sells gadgets made by Kappa, like laser rifles, jet packs, and such.

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Ask for directions to the Hakurei shrine.

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Bust those ghosts.
Only bustin can make me feel good.

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C. Travel to Human Village. Realize my 45 US dollars are just funny smelling paper in Gensokyo. Go to hakurei shrine and be a monk and try to get Reimu in bed.

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Ask for directions to Hakugyokurou.

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Check to see what kind of bomb you have!

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You ask a nearby human how to get out of Gensokyo, he looks at you curiously and moves on without a word, leaving no room for your other questions.

Thats not nice

You ask a nearby ghost where to find the Hakurei Shrine. It points itself towards a road to the east, a rise can be seen in the distance.

Continue, Y/N? Alternatively, write in.

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Walk back to Gensokyo and sleep in a populated place.

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Reimu probably knows what legal tender looks like from all sorts of places, and who is she to bargain? You're actually donating!

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I thought that the residents of Gensokyo can only speak an ancient form of Japanese. How the hell can they understand what you're saying?

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Go to the sake stand, see about getting an offering for the shrine. if you can't buy it, try and trade. if refused, continue to the shrine. later ask for directions to Kourindou.

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They get immigrants now and then from modern Japan. I'm sure a lot of people in the village have just abandoned the outside world.

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Yukari destroyed the language barrier so now everyone speaks and understands the Omni Language.

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Hmph, if we're going to donate, it should be to Moriya...but I don't think our two bombs could last us the whole mountain...

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Onwards it is! You set off to the Hakurei shrine, but being to fatigue after a while. You are too far from the human village to turn back, and the Hakurei Shrine is an unknown distance ahead. Where do you sleep? You are in a mildly forested area. A large boulder stands to your left, and a cave is visible to the right.

A. Sleep by the boulder
B. Check the cave
C. Sleep on the road
D. Write in.

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>you ask for directions.

seriously? we have a fucking MAP!

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Look for magic shop, time to upgrade stats. Also, look around.

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Shoulda used the Inn...
Check cave.

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D. Sleep in a tree with the shovel.

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The cave is probably home to bears. On 4chan, they're an especially fantastic creature, so they're almost guaranteed to be here.

And what's the point of sleeping by a boulder? I'd say your best bet would be to sleep on the road and pray that some good samaritan comes by to protect you from wandering youkai.

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check the Cave. if nothing, put a small pitfall by the cave entrance.

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Right there on the road, I ain't no busta

We don't have any points in map reading yet though, I guess

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1. Grind a bit by fighting fairies gathering some xp and levels
2. Fight some stronger fairies for more xp and levels
3. Seek apprenticeship from Marisa or Reimu
4. Master the way of the danmaku

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Easy way to get to the top, but you might not like it. Find Aya, and tell her you're interested in her paper and wish to contribute by sharing your experiences from the outside world with her if she could escort you to Moriya shrine. Either she leads you there by foot or you get a free tengu ride to the top of Youkai Mountain on the fastest flier in Gensokyo.

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Sleep by the boulder, can't see into cave because it's too dark, no flashlight lol.

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Its not my fault~

You walk over to the cave, its too dark to see inside of it, but you don't hear anything coming from within.

Proceed, Y/N? Alternatively, go back or write in.

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dig own grave with shovel.

>> No.5373195

No. Go back and sleep by the road. Hopefully the next traveller will protect you from hungry demons.

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you're not safew either way. continue.

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Commit suicide, ask the Judge for directions.

>> No.5373199

Equip Shovel.
Set S-foils in attack position.

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Go back and sleep in a tree.

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don't sleep

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Equip shovel, make a hide check, sneak in

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You go back and decide to sleep in the road, setting yourself to one side so as not to disturb anyone else passing by.

You feel that you are dreaming, you can see all of Gensokyo, and are wrapped in warm clothes. Feeling a hand on your head, you realize you weren't dreaming at all. Looking up, you see the Shrine Maiden, who must have found and taken you to the shrine for safe keeping. Your backpack is by the doorway to the shrine. Reimu beckons you to follow her inside.

A. Follow her.
B. Write in

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A. Follow her.
[x] Clench thine teeth.

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A. follow her.

>> No.5373225

Wait, no, the entire point was to disturb someone passing by!

And how did Reimu lift us? She's like 90 pounds and perenially malnourished.

Ah well, better follow her in. Take your shovel, though. Never know when you can trust these crazy flying lolis.

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Make a hide check.
SNEAK in after her.

>> No.5373232


It is pitch dark. You are likely to be eaten by a Rumia.

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You follow her. She asks you how you made it into Gensokyo, you reply with a nervous,
"I don't know"
An awkward pause.
She informs you that shes replaced your clothes, as your appearance made you a target for any wandering youkai. She stands next to the donation box and stares at you intently.

A. Donate.
B. Suffer the consequences.

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Follow her, donate money, GTFO of Gensokyo.

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>This thread

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Donate $35, asks for directions to real world.

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D. Be a pussy and die (just being realistic)

>> No.5373244

Drop thirty dollars into the box. Keep shovel close at hand.

>> No.5373246

[x] Pay with your blood.

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If this were realistic
/jp/ wouldve been killed by fairies already

>> No.5373256

Smile at her slyly and insert my erect penis into the slot of the donation box, then proceed to comically hump it. Hopefully she will either laugh or be aroused.

>> No.5373258

Then you become a ghost, which is probably awesome.

>> No.5373262

Ask her how much money she wants, and if using money from the human world is suitable for a shrine donation.

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B. Travel to the Forest of Magic

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Sorry, those my comments

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You reach into your backpack and drop 35 dollars into the donation box, ring the bell, bow twice, and clap twice. She smiles at you,
"You can stay for now."
She walks inside, you follow.

OBJECTIVE: Find a lifestyle
A. Reimu route
B. Request safe passage to another area.
C. Stay, without pursuing route.

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Passage to Eientei!
Passage to Eientei!

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Stay for now. Plot your escape. Sleep only with your shovel at your bedside.

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B. There are so many other, more attractive potential waifus.

>> No.5373284


Is Reimu route the only one?

Fine...I'll take it.

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I want to do the Flan or Rumia route

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C. Look for the slutty ghost.

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Inu-Sakuya or Momiji route?

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Reimu route it is (You need to be quick if you want me to pick your option!)

As you enter the shine, you ask, with a bit of awe in your voice,
"You're Reimu, right?"
She nods, looking back at you and smiling, probably because shes never had a donation so large.
"I know I can't stay here forever.. what should I do, Reimu?"
"If you find some way of continually donating, or offer me some sort of service.. I'll let you stay, since I could never deny someone of such faith. Do you have anywhere you need to be, in Gensokyo? Or any skills you can use to help out?

Your skills are:

Options (Last chance, or route is finalized!)
A. Pursue route
B. Ask for safe passage.

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Reimu is so sad that you guys don't love her anymore.

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And this is where it falls apart.
Cirno route! No wait, Meling route! No wait, Keine route! No wait, Patchy...Alice? Hey look, Keine again!

>> No.5373303

ask for safe passage across Gensokyo border.

>> No.5373306

A. Pursue route

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>> No.5373308

oh god I want to cook and clean for the Reimu

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Where? (First come, first serve.)

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Can you still be friends with her if you choose another route? I don't really like her, but I don't want her to hate me if I leave.

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The MC will not agree to such sluttery.

Where else?

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C. Get kicked out when she looks in the box and only finds "green paper".

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Leave Gensokyo, head to Akihabara, OTAKU PARTY TIME!

>> No.5373325

The moon.

Time to conquer the moon in the name of Neil Armstrong.

>> No.5373329


She recognizes what you put in as money. Why do you think she's letting you stay in the first place?

Reimu, being a money-hungry bitch, probably knows every type of currency that has ever been in existence and documents new types. The only currency she has never accepted is Cirno's "ice money."

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No, you can still be her friend.

Still waiting.

A. Pick a location.

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To find Mima.

>> No.5373335

Eientei. Before you leave, you have to question the Lunarians about what REALLY took place in 1963. You have a sneaking suspicion the landing was staged.

>> No.5373337

I would rather stay at the shrine for the sweet rave parties.


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THIS! Have nitori build nuclear powered Orion type rocket, begin lunar assault.

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Reimu declines because she thinks Mima is a bitch

Where to, /jp/?

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>> No.5373343

Well, that's it. Bet you don't like Aya either.
Don't care anymore, [x]Lake. G'night.

>> No.5373347

This will not end well

>> No.5373350

oh shit this

>> No.5373352

>condoning shitty touhouproject.com-level roleplaying threads instead of reporting them

This is what /jp/ has become.

>> No.5373353

I like Aya.

I just prefer GENSOKYO SURVIVAL EXTREME to imageboard dating sims.

>> No.5373354

Commit suicide, become a ghost.


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Wrong, I always liked CYOA and was against the ban in the first place.

Quest threads on /tg/ are usually really enjoyable, I don't know why we can't pull that off here.

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Oh, I didn't see that. Very well, Eintei it is.

In a snap, An unappreciated Crow Tengu appears before you, grabs your hand, and suddenly you appear in front of a japanese manor, deep within the bamboo forest. Aya is still standing next to you.

A. Knock on the door
B. Speak to Aya
C. Write in.

>> No.5373363

reported for "u mad" and macroimage.

>> No.5373365

Speak to Aya, of course. Why is she helping you? What motive does she have?

>> No.5373366


>> No.5373367

Head to SDM. Get Meiling to train me.

>> No.5373369


Weren't here for GM threads, were you newfag?

>> No.5373371

Buy a newspaper, read the news.

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>> No.5373375


Where else could you possibly stay? Eientei has Tewi and Eirin...you honestly think you can be safe with a prankster and a mad scientist roaming about? At least Flan stays in the basement.

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You speak to Aya, asking specifically why it was her that brought you here. She tells you that she owed a considerable debt to Reimu for trashing her storage room. She then proceeds to do something that can be construed as either adorable or slutty.

A. Eintei route
B. Offer to help Aya.
C. Write in.

>> No.5373378

Eirin can experiment on me, I'm fine with that.

She'll shake the dew off that lily.

>> No.5373379

Offer to help

>> No.5373380


>> No.5373383

You are from /b/ or some other shit board; go back there. "u mad" was never part of /jp/ culture.

>> No.5373384



>> No.5373386

C. SDM. Talk to Meiling.

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You offer to help that slutty crow tengu. In a snap, you reappear back at the Hakurei Shrine. With an excited shout, Aya proclaims:
"Reimu, I have brought you a slave!"

A. Tell Aya to stop that.
B. Be a slave.

>> No.5373389


>> No.5373390

What kind of shovel? Coal? Entrenching? Snow?

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Been here since /jp/ was formed. Maybe you should relax and stop worrying about some fag posting image macros.

>> No.5373395

Stumbles awkwardly down the steps on accident and flashes her pantsu.

This could be either adorable or slutty.

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people who don't know how to hide threads they don't like should be perma banned.

>> No.5373401

Tell Aya to stop that.

>> No.5373402

Be Aya's sex slave.

>> No.5373403


>> No.5373408

>Quest threads on /tg/ are usually really enjoyable, I don't know why we can't pull that off here.

It's because /jp/ isn't shit. Unlike the scum of /tg/, we (rightly) have no patience for gaiafags, weeaboos, livejounral users and all the other kinds of human detritus that's inevitably drawn to a board that promotes fanfiction.

If you have any interest in making sure that /jp/ is good, if you have any NEET pride at all, then you should be reporting this thread.

>> No.5373409


Shit, we're back on the Reimu route? But I kind of like Aya.

Fuck this shit, I'm gonna wander around until the umbrella girl shows up to surprise me.

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I hope you mean REIMU's sex slave.

just a warning.

(Next post decides option)

>> No.5373412

>Attempt to take Aya route
>become slave

>> No.5373415


Aya's slave.

>> No.5373416


>> No.5373421

>NEET pride
newfag detected.

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Not Aya's slave, shes offering you to Reimu so she can book it out of there.

Tell Aya off and proceed to SDM, Y/N?

>> No.5373424


I'm not a NEET. Taking courses while studying abroad means I'm in education.

>> No.5373427



oh lawd, these crazy crackers are at it again

I'm getting back to /lit/ before I end up on somebody's plantation in Gensokyo

>> No.5373428



>> No.5373429

"u mad" should be excommunicated form /jp/. It's totally foreign to this board just like reaction images. It came off some black culture forum and got spread by /b/.

>> No.5373430

Janitor: do your job and delete this thread.

>> No.5373431


>> No.5373433

I'm probably older and more NEET than you, ironically. And I enjoy fanfiction sometimes. Just hide the thread and move along, friend. It's too early in the morning to not be taking it easy. Meido isn't here anyway.

>> No.5373443


>> No.5373445

Janitor is not around

>> No.5373448

Get out.

If you absolutely have to wave your dick in a desperate attempt at proving you're superior, then do it on /r9k/, /adv/ or one of the other normalfag boards.

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Cut it out or the story ends.

You give Aya a stern slap on the wrist, and Reimu does too. You inform them that you've changed your mind and wish to go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. With a depressed sigh, Aya speeds you over there and promptly disappears. You are inside of the gate of the mansion, between the gateway and the door, bypassing Hong Meiling

A. Sneak in through a window,
B. Knock on the door.
C.Sneak into the basement.
D. Write in.

>> No.5373456


>> No.5373457


>> No.5373459

>You wake up in gensokyo
Sure is summer

>> No.5373460

who is our target anyways?

>> No.5373461

through the window

no more changing locations either...

>> No.5373462


>bypassing Hong Meiling

This shit would not happen. She'd stop you dead in your tracks before you would make it one foot inside the gate.

That and why wouldn't you want to talk to China?

[x] Go back and wake her up.

>> No.5373463
File: 6 KB, 100x132, nanaya2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cut it out or the story ends.

Well now they're just going to keep going.

[x] Sneak in through the window.

>> No.5373465


>> No.5373466



>> No.5373467

>bypassing Hong Meiling
Why would we want to do that?

D. Go visit Meiling.

>> No.5373470
File: 85 KB, 640x680, 1272148415800.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Inform Meiling of your arrival. I'm sure someone would get angry with her if you were found wandering in the mansion.

>> No.5373473


The original started in the middle of Spring.

Try again, newfriend.

>> No.5373475

Because Aya flew you past Meiling. She's not that good.

>> No.5373476 [DELETED] 


It bothers me that people who claim they are NEETS are not actually so. Being a NEET implies that you don't do ANYTHING outside of stay on your computer all day and eat. "Not in Education, Employment, or Training." I bet most people on /jp/ have a job or are in college.

That's not being a NEET. That's being a freeter.

>> No.5373478

>Going into basement
enjoy being another one of Flan's "broken toys"

>> No.5373483

Looking at this thread, I don't know how any of you can try and say that /jp/ is better than /bun/, pooshlmer or shrinemaiden.org.

>> No.5373485


How exactly does she fly you from place to place, anyway? Does she grab your hand or do you actually get to ride on her back?

>> No.5373487

She's no match for my shovel, if she wants to get fresh.

>> No.5373491
File: 85 KB, 510x680, 1267734953089.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In through the basement. It is dimly lit, but your eyes adjust to the darkness after a moment. Down the hallway to your left, you see a dim light behind a vast doorway, to your right, you hear horrifying sounds. Ahead is the stairway upwards

A. Remila/Sakuya
B. Flandre
C. Patchouli/Koakuma

>> No.5373494

She just wraps her hands around you and holds you underneath her while she flies.

You're the little spoon, basically.

>> No.5373495

Its magic, he aint gotta explain shit

>> No.5373497

[x] fly to geyser center, see Okuu, GET OUT OF HERE STALKER.

>> No.5373500

Patchy route

>> No.5373503

C to the library

>> No.5373504

>I bet most people on /jp/ have a job or are in college.

This is what normalfags really think.

>> No.5373507

Talk to Meiling.

>> No.5373508

A. Remila/Sakuya

>> No.5373510

/jp/ of a few months ago would have saged and reported this thread into oblivion by now. Not so for the /jp/ of today. What happened?

The name change happened. The daily raids happened. /b/, /v/ and /a/ happened.

Now, all of the newfags who never had to suffer through the worst period in /jp/'s history are inviting the same disaster upon us anew.

...I weep for you, /jp/. I weep for what you - we have become.

>> No.5373514


>> No.5373515
File: 202 KB, 1078x1500, 1271199936193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remi. Work your way up the ranks to become her second in command.

>> No.5373517


>> No.5373518


Why are you so frustrated?

>> No.5373524
File: 765 KB, 800x800, 1256548447750.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As you walk down the hallway, towards the dim light through the cracks in the doorway, the horrifying noises down the opposite hallway subside. You enter the doorway, and find yourself within a massive library. As you approach the center of the structure, you see an adolescent, flat chested girl reading in the center table. She has hair down to the floor, what appears to be an overly ornate sleeping gown, and a hairnet-like hat. with ribbons and a crescent moon upon it.

She looks towards you, and then returns to her book.

A. Turn back.
B. Approach her.

>> No.5373525

What make you think this thread hasn't been reported to hell and back?

>> No.5373529


No China? What the fuck.


Whatever. She's still hugging you.

>> No.5373530

[x] Koakuma option

>> No.5373532

>using "sage" with a negative connotation

I think you're just fresh off the boat from /a/

>> No.5373533

Read books learn magic.

>> No.5373534


>> No.5373539

What happened is, despite what you want the people to believe, the faggots saging and reporting threads like this are in the minority.

>> No.5373540

Approach, ask her how to do magics so you can danmaku.

>> No.5373541

Approach her, ask if she can teach you transformation spells

>> No.5373542

Because the roleplayers have escaped from THP and are taking over the board.

>> No.5373545

You approach her, she is angry and disturbed, she unleashes a danmaku on you, you don't survive.

You are now dead.

>> No.5373548
File: 189 KB, 520x860, 1268008195073.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As you approach one of her bookshelves, she casts you a stern glance, you refrain from touching the books. As quiet as you can, you sit down next to her.
"You'll be given to the Mistress's sister if you she catches you."
Across from Patchouli, a lesser devil with red hair appears from the bookshelves, looking at you, then to Patchouli before being waved off by the little librarian.
"What brings you here?"

A. Write in.

>> No.5373549

Worst period in /jp/s history? Sure, the Alice roleplaying threads were shitty, as were all the YWIG shitty knock-offs, but the board wasn't terrible. It was still a lot better than it is today. And when Gensokyo man got banned? Hilarious, the board was in uproar for days.

>> No.5373551

Go see flan damnit

>> No.5373553
File: 212 KB, 600x1000, 94fbf2c7e1715a3e2ab0fdb75f4c1d16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5373554

/jp/ of two years ago welcomed threads like these with open arms. Not so for the /jp/ of today. What happened?

Newfriends happened. The daily raids happened. Butthurt happened.

Now, all of the newfags who never got the enjoy the best period in /jp/'s history are eternally asspained, and don't even know how sage works.

...I weep for you, /jp/. I weep for what you - we have become.

>> No.5373555


That was anticlimactic. I'm assuming you're not OP...because if death was the only option there, then it could have been done a LOT better.

>> No.5373559

>This is what touhouproject fags really believe.

>> No.5373560

Tell her I came her to learn Dewey Decimal so that I could be the best librarian's assistant in the world. Then ask to be her assistant.

>> No.5373562


You should do your research before shitposting, newfriend.

>> No.5373564

Tell her that you came to check out a book but you forgot your library card.

>> No.5373566
File: 215 KB, 1400x829, moe 83543 sample.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"The mistress's sister?" you ask.
"Shes down the hall if you wish to visit her, I won't protect you if you come anywhere near her. Her door has a viewing slit if you wish to see.
"I'll be right back."

You head to Flandre, making sure to close the library door behind you. The walk to Flandre is particularly unsettling, as you hear horrifying noises coming from her room as you approach.

A. Turn back.
B. Open the viewing slit.

>> No.5373570

You now stand at the shores of the Sanzu no Kawa, you see Komachi.

Do you:
A. pay to cross the river?
B. run away from Komachi and become an undead zombie or ghost?

>> No.5373571

I don't mind how this has all turned out, actually.
We would never have got a site devoted to Touhou CYOAs if they weren't banned here.
And the ones here would be constantly filled with hate from all the non-Touhoufags on /jp/.

>> No.5373574

might as well go in I guess

>> No.5373576


Stare at her with a dumb expression on your face.

>> No.5373578


>> No.5373581

I mean look in

>> No.5373582

You don't have to hate Touhou to hate terrible Touhou fanfiction.

>> No.5373587


Never played a choose your own adventure game, have we? They're ALL pretty shitty but the fun is exploring the options and wondering what happens next. The fact that the plot is paper thin doesn't really matter.

>> No.5373588

TURN BACK, I want the patchouli route dammit.

>> No.5373589
File: 673 KB, 1080x760, e728b07c20e1d81325b10a2c975f685b5f35efc2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You disregard the slit completely and enter the room. It is filled with surprisingly nice smells, and the horrifying noises stop the moment you open the door. The sister of the Scarlet Devil sits in a corner, facing you.

"You're supposed to be my new toy, right?"

A. Leave now, leave quickly.
B. Flandre route!

>> No.5373594


>> No.5373596

stop feeding trolls, guys, seriously

>> No.5373598


What, was she watching a horror movie or something?

>> No.5373602

C. Allow flan to eat you
fanfic over
Everyone wins

>> No.5373603
File: 58 KB, 400x500, van-helsing1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Find chairleg, use as wooden stake, solve Gensokyo's vampire problem once and for all.

>> No.5373605

Can we at least slip in a timid "No" before this

>> No.5373610
File: 382 KB, 920x1200, 9f38db6751f5345acb918311f0f798b08b7fc686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You shake your head,
"N-no, your sister told me to tell you that you're not allowed to hurt me."
Her face cringes in internal conflict, her eyes well up with tears.
You shake your head and come closer to her,
"No, no, its alright. She told me that I'm supposed to keep you company, but you may never harm me. Thats alright, isn't it?"
She turns away from you and faces the corner in frustration.

A. Write in. (and solidify route.)
B. Leave

>> No.5373611



>> No.5373615

you can still become a ghost, THERE IS NO END TO THIS! GAHHHHH! So how does one die without becoming a ghost or dealing with the judge?

>> No.5373623

A. Get eaten

>> No.5373624

All this back and forth sucks, can't we just stay on one route for once?

>> No.5373625


By dying, you return to the human world and realize you fell asleep at your computer after playing Touhou for 36 straight hours.

That's how it would end if it was a cop-out.

>> No.5373627

pipe down you
Tell Flandre that we can play fun games together like mass murder spree and village arsonist

>> No.5373629
File: 116 KB, 926x335, 1269408013523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You step towards the door, as you grip the latch, the vampire turns around,
"Don't go!"
Her voice is frustrated, wanting to splatter you against the wall, but too simple to know what a bluff is.

A. Flandre route.
B. Continue leaving.

>> No.5373631

I don't really care one way or another about this thread, but don't you guys have your own board for this? Away from the newfriends who talk like they speak for all of /jp/ and the bullshit?

>> No.5373632


>> No.5373633


"First come, first serve" basis. If I wasn't quick then there WOULD be a Flan route. While my top choice from SDM is China, Patchy is better than Flan.

>> No.5373640

leave, go to forest of magic and trip balls on magic mushrooms.

>> No.5373643


I would think so. But it's here now.



>> No.5373644

Ruining it for the others by going in circles because you didn't get what you wanted is kinda childish though, just saying.

>> No.5373650
File: 163 KB, 364x534, 1264463556311.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, I like the back and forth.

You turn back, coming closer to Flandre, your hands touching her wrists,
"Its alright, we.. we can learn how to have fun in other ways, would you like that?"
She pauses, and then, reluctantly, nods.

A. Straight for sex.
B. Teach her where her food comes from
C. Write in.

>> No.5373651


That was the first time I got what I wanted. Others have been making it go around. I was gonna settle for Reimu route early on but people wanted to leave.

>> No.5373653


>> No.5373654

C. Kill her with wooden stake

>> No.5373656

Yeah I woulda had Reimu route a long time ago but whatever, it's cool. let's see what OP can do with Flandre

>> No.5373660


"Straight for sex" seems like a bad idea. Is there anything that's a bit more...elaborate?

>> No.5373668

You write it in.
better be like 3 words or less though, lol

>> No.5373674


I could hijack the shit out of this, but I'd rather not think.

Just kiss her first.

>> No.5373676

Take her outside

>> No.5373679

I dont want this turning into sexfest
It should end in death
Opinions everywhere

>> No.5373680

Bamboo forest is Tewis stomping ground.
He gift to bring good luck to anyone once is generally her meeting people in the bamboo forest and leading them to safety.
I'll chance that, get her to take me to the human village.

>> No.5373683
File: 693 KB, 1346x1345, 1264012429564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Is it true that your sister doesn't tell you where you get your food from?"
She looks at you curiously,
"What do you mean?"
"Open your mouth."
She opens her mouth for you, baring her vampire's fangs.
"Those two big teeth you have, you're supposed to bite things with them and suck out the red stuff. Haven't you notice that when you play with people, they're filled with food."
She looks at you for a moment, pointing to her teeth
"You can try it on me if you'd like, but be gentle, or else your sister will be upset."
She steps forward, pressing her teeth into your shoulder, sucking for only a few seconds before pulling back in surprise. Blood drips from her mouth, you wipe it away.
As you finish showing her, you hear a knock upon the steel door.
"I'm coming in, Flandre."

A. Meet Remila
B. Hide.

>> No.5373686


>> No.5373696


>> No.5373700


...don't Flan and Remi turn the people they bite into ghouls/vampires, or does it depend on the content?

>> No.5373706

She'll catch you at a lie and it'll be game over

they always have the power to choose whether to turn people or not

>> No.5373708


>> No.5373715


It's if they're sucked to death.

>> No.5373719
File: 56 KB, 410x289, 1269407886263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You turn around and stand next to Flandre, holding her hand firmly. She hugs your arm. Remilia opens the door, eyes going straight for you.
"Whats going on here, who are you?" she says, practically screaming.
"I'm just entertaining Flandre."
"You lied to m-"
You cut off Flandre by putting your fingers to her lips.
Remilia sets the plate of blood on the ground, and closes the door. You hear a distinct mechanical sound, a lock engaging. It seems she expects Flandre to kill you.
"Shes just suprised we're such good friends, understand?"
Flandre looks at you for a few moments, and nods, accepting your feeble persuasion without question. She lets go of you, walking to her food and drinks up the red liquid, and then slides the plate through an exchange in the bottom of the door. The vampire yawns and crawls over to her bed.

A. Floor.
B. Try to sleep with Flandre.
C. Write in.

>> No.5373721


That sounds hotter than it should be.

>> No.5373724

What's wrong with the truth? We've only told Flan a white lie so she doesn't kill us.

>> No.5373729

sleep on the floor like the dog we are

>> No.5373732

C. Kill her while she sleeps(Stake)

>> No.5373733

C. Tell Flan a bedtime story

>> No.5373734



>> No.5373749
File: 182 KB, 672x459, e62e5da911408a486147fae48f9f374dab269f26.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You lay down on the floor, next to Flandre's ornate bed. The sheets have been long discarded, laying on the floor next to the bed and giving you something to keep you warm. She begins to mutter something, you feel a motion coming from the bed. You discern that what shes mutte "Onee-sama" over and over, and you begin to hear a sticky, sexual sound coming from the bed. She's pleasuring herself from seeing her sister.

A. Write in.

>> No.5373750

B, also why didn't Sakuya deliver the food?

>> No.5373752

A. Kill with stake

>> No.5373754

remilia does it herself, its canon.

>> No.5373764
File: 21 KB, 350x300, 1265997120504.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


However, her room is free of stake.

A. Write in.

>> No.5373766

wait until she is at the height of her ecstasy, then whisper to her asking if she wants me to insert my penis into her anus

>> No.5373769



>> No.5373770

A strangle

>> No.5373772

C: write-in.

>> No.5373774
File: 131 KB, 431x576, 1262546069482.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thats not nice~

A. Write in.

>> No.5373778

A. rip out your throat

>> No.5373779

Call it a day, go to sleep next to the bed.

>> No.5373780

tell her there are better ways to pleasure herself like with your p0n0r

>> No.5373783
File: 107 KB, 500x682, 1199852477500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Step 1 - Bamboo forest, get Tewi to take to Reimu
Step 2 - Donate to Reimu's Shrine for refuge and a little knowlage of the magic required to live in genso
Step 3 - Trade remaining items at MANosukes store for genso currency
Step 4 - Offer to help Keine with her human school in Village (A modern education would exceed that ot genso's feudal setting.)
Step 5 - Through Reimu or MANosukes aquaintance meet Marisa, Begin Marisa route.

>> No.5373786


See if her wings detach and contain anything of interest.

>> No.5373787

A. Ask her where's the toilet...

>> No.5373789

I've always wanted to know what was inside those crystals. They look hollow.

>> No.5373793
File: 28 KB, 600x450, 1256814429102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1.go to bamboo forest
2.find mokou
3.eat grilled chikenz

>> No.5373794

A. Penetrate her hymen and drink the blood that leaks out to become an immortal vampire

>> No.5373796

A. Attempt to sleep with her

>> No.5373799
File: 261 KB, 600x600, 1265172860374.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You go back to sleep, she continues pleasuring herself, you listen. She climaxes, and then starts pleasuring herself again. After a while of listening, you fall asleep.

You awake, with Flandre asleep on top of you. She must have fallen out of the bed. The door unlocks, and an unfamiliar voice knocks on the door, "Flandre, time for me to clean your room, and its time for you to wake up, you have five minutes."

A. Suprise Sakuya by cleaning the room!
B. Hide.
C. Wake up Flandre, meet Sakuya.
D. Write in.

>> No.5373800

I don't think it works like that.

>> No.5373801

No, we have to make all the shitty choices so that we end up with the shittiest character in all of Gensokyo.

Fuck, we even passed up on goddamn PATCHY. We just blew her off. This is the worst choose your own adventure ever.

>> No.5373805


>> No.5373806


>> No.5373811

A, definitely

>> No.5373813


D. Do nothing and let Sakuya enter with Flan still sleeping on top of you.

>> No.5373818


D. Make a new thread, OP ;_;

>> No.5373820


>> No.5373821


>> No.5373825

Anyone who's going to be in is probably already in, wouldn't you think?

>> No.5373826


So, we end up with youkai jesus?

>> No.5373831

make a new thread, this one is auto saging

>> No.5373837

Thread has reached bump limit

>> No.5373852

>Your skills are:



I never wanted to be some lost guy in a magical fairyland filled with little girls anyway. I always wanted to be... a lumberjack! Leaping from tree to tree as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia! The Fir! The Larch! The Redwood! The mighty Scots Pine! The plucky little Aspen! The great limping rude tree of Nigeria! The smell of fresh-cut timber! The crash of mighty trees! With my best gal by my side, we'd sing, SING... Oh, I'm a lumberjack, and I'm o- *gap'd*.

>> No.5373855

A little late
But I live in B.C. and my father is a lumberjack

>> No.5373856
File: 901 KB, 1280x1024, Konachan.com - 65999 flandre_scarlet hat polychromatic touhou vampire wings.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm making one exception to the first come first serve rule, because this seems to be more fun to write about. I hope you understand, >>5373805

You wait for five minutes, Flandre still sleeping on top of you. Sakuya opens the door, stepping inside to find you and Flandre.
"This is a rare sight, you aren't dead yet."
You smile at her, she walks over and picks up the little vampire and lays her on the bed, then offering a hand to help you up. You accept.
"Is she normally like this?"
"Mmmhmm" she says as she takes the sheets and puts them back over Flandre, knowing she'll just knock them off later on. Sakuya straightens some things in her room that Flandre had knocked around, and cleans some stains, her form distorting as she alters time to do it quicker.
"I guess your a resident here now, if Flandre doesn't want you dead. Welcome to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Talk to me if you would like a more formal room." She says as she hands you a note,
"There are many other vampires here, present this if they hassle you,"

And with that, she leaves, pausing at the door to smile at you.

A. Wake up Flandre.
B. Follow Sakuya.

>> No.5373858


>> No.5373862

>With my best gal by my side
That's the point. You have to find a best gal first. This is just the prelude to a larger, lumberjacking adventure.

>> No.5373864

Okay with me bro
You passed on my attempts to kill Flan as well

>> No.5373869
File: 1.34 MB, 1508x1775, 1272500702601.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You give Flandre a gentle shake to wake her up, she looks up at you sleepily,
"Whats.. whats going on?"
"We're going to go play, Flandre. Sakuya came by earlier to clean up for you, don't you want to get out of this room for a little while?"
"B... but I'm not allowed to leave!"
"Your sister won't mind if you go out for a little bit, I promise"
She whimpers, and then gets up out of her bed and puts her clothes on. You walk over the door. You open up the door.
Get on the floor

A. Everybody walk the dinosaur.

>> No.5373872


>> No.5373877

Walk the dinosaur like a boss.

>> No.5373878

I almost saw this coming

>> No.5373879


>> No.5373880


>> No.5373888


I don't believe that this is OP.

>> No.5373889
File: 35 KB, 471x472, 1272915256445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5373891

1 option wtf?

also new thread where?

>> No.5373894
File: 56 KB, 595x561, sakuya_oh_really.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sakuya as she watches you walk it out

>> No.5373896


Neither do I. "Your" was used correctly, and the door is unlocked.

>> No.5373899
File: 410 KB, 1136x1179, 1269147687369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'll make another thread, possibly tomorrow night. This was just a pilot, to see if /jp/ would accept it. I intend the next one to be significantly more thought out.

You've been a great audience.

A. Pat on the back.

>> No.5373903

B. Anal rape

>> No.5373905

You're a brave soul.
I'll try to support you.
Consider using a temp. tripcode and not selecting based on first choice, next time.
Good luck! Stay classy my friend.

>> No.5373908

best thread on /jp/

>> No.5373910


Go for more interesting choices next time as opposed to the "first come first serve" protocol. I could write something and post as anonymous in another thread and continue this, but I have a class and don't feel like stealing thunder.

>> No.5373913

I tried to do this.
It seems that /jp/ cannot handle the LUMBERJACK ROUTE.

>> No.5373920

Too manly. How am I supposed to roleplay that.

>> No.5373925
File: 245 KB, 600x800, 1272904875144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I intend to have the next choose-your-own adventure story to start from the perspective of a human village lumberjack.

And this is the trip I will use for the next thread.

Have a good night, /jp/

>> No.5373945


'Sup YAF.

>> No.5374068

[x] Boom boom shacka lacka lacka boom
[x] Boom boom shacka lacka boom boom

>> No.5374291

[x] Scream for Sanae

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