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What shmup has the most retarded scoring system ever conceived?

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all of them that dont involve little girls

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You know it's true.

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I was tempted to say Guwange but nah. Bakraid.

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I'm assuming that you're referring to Touhou but half of all shmups involve little girls

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Disagree. Radiant Silvergun basically forces you to bore yourself silly with its fucking scoring system just to kill anything in the last 3/4's of the game.

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Isn't every game by Treasure like that?

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Actually, in particular I am annoyed by DoDonPachi's bees. Not that they are hard to find, but that they restrict you to very specific pathings through the levels.

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Why do they call it Bakraid?
Because only bakas play it!

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good one bro

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There can't really be THAT many.

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All 8ing games have awesome scoring systems?

What too hard for you?

Too much greedy to give up that credit?

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You clearly don't know how Bakraid's scoring works. Treasure memorisation turned up to 11 crossed with a suicide cult.

Though at least they tried, the most retarded scoring system is a multiplier that goes up each time you kill enemies, often into triple digits, and resets only when you die. That is, the system you'll find in every euroshmup.

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>You clearly don't know how Bakraid's scoring works. Treasure memorisation turned up to 11 crossed with a suicide cult.

Oh really?

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You are approaching the target of attack.

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Well thats like your opinion I enjoy it, so I do not give a fuck.

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And croikle doesn't post like a retard, so don't pretend you are him.

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Hehe you got me here is my true score.

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What's a euroshmup?

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A shmup made in South Africa, of course.

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Boerwars 2 was the best euroshmup ever

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>Part of your comment isn't allowed to be posted :(
Every fucking time.

It's basically a derogatory term for a certain style of shmup. Search for it here:

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A shmup with health bars, buyable upgrades for your ship, and the entire ship is its hitbox.

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....you mean a 2D Shooter?

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Atleast it's complicated.

...Not that I can even say if it's retarded or not because I don't have the slightest idea of what is going on in the first place.

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Sometimes that style of shmup is pretty damn good.

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Oh those games. Yeah the ones I've played didn't even HAVE scoring systems. Just kill enemy = X points, pick up item = Y points.

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So it's like 20 different scoring systems mashed badly together into one game, cool.

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Patriot Dark does this too. It's like I'm playing every Cave scoring system at once... how could this possibly work?

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is that area 88?

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I just thought the NA boxart looked more badass.

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inb4 US Phalanx cover art

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Jesus christ what is this.
Makes me want to try it out just because now.

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I'd kill to play as a banjo player in a shmup.

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Just wanted to share this with you guys. Awesome method, but we always need more people :3 ..92
nook.dk/47dollar_DatingMethod.pdf <--- Link - 70

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banjo player is the final boss

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Treasure games. 100% memorization.

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Touhou 12.3

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While we're at a shmup thread, anyone care to explain what all the gauges in Hellsinker mean? I've tried it a few times but it just seems rather... obfuscated.

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