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Yukari's boobs.jpg

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>Reimu pensively eyed Yukari's rude titties. They were almost fully exposed, vulnerable to pairs of groping hands....

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Continue. I would like to read your fanfiction.

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I'm way too high to be allowed near a keyboard right now

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>Rude titties.

Well, still better than 90% of Fan fiction.

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But... I want to read about yukari's rude titties.


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Okay hold on, let me drink this beer first, it will get the fuzziness out of my fingers

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Those tits don't seem to be in the right spot...

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> Reimu approached very slower not to wake up the victim. Very steadily she groped the large breasts and... *boing*

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>rude titties
Wow, not bad. I didn't think you had it in you to write stuff like that.

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balls are touching

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>You will never grope Yukari's rude titties

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This truly makes me sad.

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Too rude.

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How rude!

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>using a stimulant and a depressant at the same time

Does your doctor know about this?

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this thread is now about rude titties

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this thread is too rude

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Rude tits

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More like rude abs

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More like wicked abs.

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I find characters with large breasts hard to take serious.

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Bro tits.

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needs more Komachi

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You can't fool me, Aya. I know birds don't have breasts unless you're a butcher.

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>Reimu tore her gaze away from Yukari's rude titties with some effort, sneaking a peek at her face.

>She was breathing evenly, with shut eyelids. Occasionally, Yukari let out a cute little whistle, or a tiny snore. But she sounded quite asleep. Reimu stole another glance at Yukari's half-bare tits.

>They strained within the tight confines of Yukari's rather revealing purple from her breathing, threatening to pop free at any moment. Reimu could swear she saw a bit of pink areola peeping over the hem.

>Reimu watched, awestruck. -I can't let this opportunity slip by,- she thought, shocked at her own decisiveness. Wow! She was really going to touch the great Gap youkai's breasts while she was sleeping!

>Definitely not a planned event she'd arranged weeks before! Her heart was racing in her chest. She swallowed, trying to calm herself, and found that she could not, with a throat desert-dry, tongue sticking to the roof of her mouth.

>-Okay. Just a squeeze-, she thought, reasoning with herself in another attempt to cut out the nervousness making her heart pound. She faced Yukari, sucked in a breath as quietly as she could...

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>...leaned forward, placing her hands on Yukari's melons.

>-They're much larger than my hands! I can't even hold them all!- The surprise made Reimu let out that breath she'd been holding before she could catch herself. She felt Yukari's breasts quiver in her hands and froze instantly, heart banging against her ribs. She glanced nervously at Yukari's face.

>The gap youkai's eyes were still closed in sleep, her lashes unmoving, her full, coral lips parted slightly as she breathed. Reimu could feel Yukari's tits pressing upon her palms with each breath.

> -Whew...she's still asleep- Reimu relaxed instantly, looking back at Yukari's magnificent breasts. To her horror, she found herself rubbing Yukari's tits, just trying to get a feel for how huge they were.

>-Alright, you've pushed your luck enough! Time to let go...but let's just have one squeeze goodbye...- Resolving this, Reimu made to fill her hands with Yukari's massive melons, spreading her fingers over the warm, soft expanses of skin.

>The purple dress, having had all it could take, finally gave way. Yukari's titties bounced free into Reimu's hands. They were a bit heavier than Reimu had been expecting. She found herself squeezing them even more as she tried to keep Yukari's rude titties aloft, fingers sinking into the vast orbs of soft white flesh.

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Go on.

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>On finally seeing Yukari's ruddy pink nipples, surrounded by lighter areolae, Reimu's jaw fell open. -These things are like small corks,- the stunned Shrine Maiden thought to herself, with a tinge of envy. Yet she found herself drawn to them, working her hands downwards to grasp them in her fingers, rolling her fingers and thumb over the warm nubs. -Wow, they're rather hard...- Reimu noticed, on squeezing.

>Yukari's hips lifted ever so slightly, her purple dress slipping back over her thighs. On hearing the gap youkai moan softly, Reimu nearly jumped out of her skin. She instantly swung her head up to look at Yukari's face, not daring to move a finger.

>Yukari's eyes were still shut. Her brows contracted briefly, but she only let out a small snore, breathing deeply, her face returning to the calm neutrality of sleep.

>-Just talking in her sleep-, Reimu thought. Now she was really starting to wonder why she was so gleefully sporting with her luck. -Time to pack it up and pack it in. I'll pull her dress back up and get out of here....maybe I should have a tiny suck first, she obviously didn't wake up when I gave her a little pinch, so she won't notice at all.-

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I'm liking this.

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Good stuff.

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Damnit man! Don't leave us hanging! Does she orally assault those grand mammaries or doesn't she?

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Guys, guys, I'm glad you like it. I'm thrilled. I expected GTFO NOOB.

But it's 2:AM. It's been two hours. I'm sleepy and hungry now.

Time for bed. Of course, I could hit the pipe again, fire up Notepad, and continue Reimu's BREAST ATTACK ON FUCK MOUNTAIN, but it might be subpar. More so than usual, anyway.

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Also, just because I'm going to bed now, that doesn't mean there wouldn't be more when I get up. Wink wink, nod nod..

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I will WRITE COOL STORIES about Gorgon breasts for FOOD.

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Let BOOF continue it
The story would surely turn into an action-packed blockbuster

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I'm sure he will.

I'm also sure that Michael Bay will direct it.

That would be awesome

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Kate Winslet will be Yukari and Angelina Jolie will be Reimu.

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>kate winslet

Oh shit nigga, did you just tell me that a remake of Titanic with lesbians and Gensokyo is in the works?


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Produced by James Cameron, and ZUN can be the art designer


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>Michael Bay


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[Scene: A shine in the forest. Old Woman Yukari is asleep on the floor. Maiden Reimu is considering her assets.]

To touch, or not to touch: that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The lasers and danmakus of outrageous lust,
Or to take arms against a border of tentacles,
And by opposing get raped? To molest: to cop a feel;
No more; and by a feel to say we end
The heart-ache and the thousand natural perversions
That flesh is heir to, 'tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish'd. To molest, to to cop a feel;
To cop a feel: perchance to taste: ay, there's the rub;
For in that border of death what tentacly molestations may come
When we have pissed off this immortal hag,
Must give us pause.

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If you finish this, and I'll be checking the archive to see if you do, I'll give you a prize. On this note, I'm off to bed(GOODNIGHT JP)

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This would be the greatest thing ever.

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Sleep tight, Arc.

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Nice job Arcueid. I always appreciate a good Yukari story.

>> No.5211711

Unfortunately, I must sleep, perchance to dream.
If I had all the time in the world I would rewrite the entire works of Shakespeare to be about touhou.

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If Chiruno had tits she would be considered the dumbest fairy in Gensokyo. Oh wait.

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You're not such a bad guy after all, Arc.

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He never was, he is just tsundere.

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How rude.

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Thanks for the fap, Arc

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Bumping for rude titties story

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Not even death can stand up to the might of the mountain queen.

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Why is symettrical docking is awesome?

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wanna try, niƱo?

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Because it has double the recommended amount of tits at once.

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Fuck off.

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you always get buttmad so easily.

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>rude titties

I don't know where that comes from, but I love it.

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I'm not mad.

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then just ignore QC, it's useless replying to it.

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Needs more mountain queen.

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I'll get to writing a cool story about her once I'm done with Reimu and Yukari

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Needs more faithful servants of great Inari too.
Tofu for the tofu god!... gods? Goddess? Goddesses? Deities?

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Most stylish necromancy.

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>After a moment of considering Yukari's fat tits, Reimu decided on the uppermost one. It was appealingly close to her, which meant that she could reach it without having to lift Yukari's breasts to her mouth.

>Yukari's ripe melons were a good deal heavier than Reimu had guessed, and the Shrine Maiden was not particularly willing to press her luck any more than she already had.

>Carefully letting Yukari's sizable mammaries settle on the grass, Reimu took the higher of the two in both hands, bending down to pop the fat pink nipple in her mouth, and sucking, as quietly as she could.
>It was deliciously warm and silky in her mouth. Yukari tasted exquisite...a warm, purple soft of flavor, merely a tinge within Reimu's mouth, but it was surprisingly pleasant to the Shrine Maiden.

>As Reimu explored Yukari's nipple with her mouth, she felt a crisp glow between her thighs, a heat in the pit of her belly that pulsed insistently the more she tasted the gap youkai's nipple. She found herself drawn to lick, rolling her tongue over the sumptuously soft nub of flesh in her mouth...was it her imagination, or was Yukari's nipple fattening in her mouth?

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>Reimu was sure she could feel the silky nub growing even warmer between her lips. She was compelled to suckle even more in response, now eagerly nursing away at Yukari's hefty tit, making soft slurping sounds, her mouth watering greedily. By now Yukari's nipple was quite wet with miko saliva, and Reimu's tongue was slipping over it easily.

>Reimu pressed her lips on the warm pink of Yukari's areola, filling her mouth with even more of Yukari's juicy mammary, savoring the soft white flesh as she slurped and sucked away greedily, bathing Yukari's breast with her tongue.

>Her hands were busily kneading at Yukari's enormous tit, grasping and squeezing at it. Reimu lifted her head from Yukari's fruitful bosoms to catch her breath, then she immersed herself in the gap youkai's chest again. This time, her explorations weren't limited to Yukari's nipple. She began sucking and licking Yukari's soft white skin, leaving it slick with her saliva as she ran tongue and lips over Yukari's plump breast.

>The heat within Reimu's thighs was stronger, more insistent. She caught Yukari's fat, hard nipple between her lips again, marveling at how it was so stiff within her mouth, so full and hot against her tongue.

>Yukari's tiny snores were interrupted by another soft moan. Reimu saw her body shift on the grass, and glanced up at the gap youkai's face again, nervousness sending a shiver down her spine as surely as if someone had poured ice water down her back.

>Yukari's cheeks were rather flushed, her lips parted a little more than before. Her brows were drawn slightly, as if in mild irritation. She seemed to be breathing faster than usual, but still in the relaxed regularity of sleep.

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>tastes purple

>> No.5217580

Purple is my favorite flavor.

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>Reimu let out a breath she didn't even know she'd been holding, and, with some amount of regret, lifted her mouth from Yukari's heavy breast, deciding that she'd prolonged the goodbye suck quite enough at this point. She prepared to let go of Yukari's tit...

>"Mmf...hey, why'd you stop...?"

>A plaintive, very recognizable female voice, slightly muzzy with sleep.

>Reimu's veins turned to ice, fingers of terror grasping her chest. She turned to look at Yukari, whose eyes were fluttering open slowly, bright purple peeking out from under her feathery lashes. The gap-youkai yawned, cat-like, and then looked back at Reimu.

>Reimu tried to grin engagingly though her nausea, her mind reeling for something to say.

>"Well?" Yukari asked, sounding a bit more awake now, and lifting her gold-adorned head to better gaze at Reimu with her deep purple eyes. Reimu found that she could not look away.

>"You're just like Chen," Yukari complained, rolling onto her back. "DECADES old, and Ran still can't get her off my boobs! " She threw one of her white-gloved arms over Reimu's shoulders, pulling her up onto her belly. Reimu found herself drawn face-first into Yukari's rude titties, a canyon of cleavage filling her view. She craned her head up, and still couldn't see Yukari's face over her vast bosoms.

>"Oh, and it doesn't help that kitty likes her milk. It took Ran the longest time to get her to drink from a dish! But I never knew you were into that sort of thing, Reimu."

>"I'm not," Reimu said, around mouthfuls of Yukari's ripe melons. Not that she was even trying to fill her mouth with them, but she was face-down in them, and Yukari's arm was still around her shoulders.

>Yukari blinked, owlishly. "So I guess that means you won't be one of my shikigami?"

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As anyone who has ever had an allegedly "grape" Popsicle can tell you, purple most certainly is a flavor.

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>"No!" Reimu was really started to become unnerved, even more so than before. She flailed around, trying to wiggle out from between Yukari's titties. She grabbed a hold of them, levering herself up with a gasp.

>"My, aren't we forward," Yukari commented drily. "Not that I'm complaining, but a body DOES have to sleep now and then. I was telling Chen that the other day, as it were."

>"Yukari, it's really nothing like that. I was just trying to...trying to put your boobs back in your dress after they fell out," Reimu said, lamely.

>"Even Chen came up with better excuses than that, when I caught her hanging off me," Yukari said dismissively.

>"Fine...." Reimu blew out a defeated sigh. "I wanted a squeeze, that's all."

>"How sweet of you," Yukari said, with a mocking smile. "I don't think I can see how you ended up trying to stuff my boob in your mouth, though."

>Reimu shrugged her shoulders uncomfortably, saying nothing. Yukari had her there, she had to admit.

>"Come on, Reimu! Don't pout! You're going to make it rain," Yukari chided her, pinching her cheek in an affable way. "Here, I'll let you finish." She let go of Reimu's shoulder, and settled back on the grass, her fat tits presented right before the stunned Shrine Maiden.

>After a moment's hesitation, Reimu dove in with both hands, cupping and squeezing as much of Yukari's breasts as she could possibly fit in her hands, working her mouth and lips over Yukari's pert nipples. Yukari's mountainous mammaries were soon glistening with miko spit, the Shrine Maiden having eagerly bathed Yukari's supple white flesh with her tongue, relishing the taste and feel of Yukari's luscious, hot, heavy tits in her mouth.

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>mountainous mammaries
i giggled softly to myself

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I got a rude boner after reading this.

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>Yukari idly ran her gloved fingers over Reimu's hair, a warm, content smile on her lips, her cheeks flush with arousal.

>As Reimu sucked and licked away at one nipple, she was tugging and squeezing the other in her fingers, sinking her fingerips into the silky pink flesh of Yukari's areola.

>Her nipples were diamond-hard in Reimu's mouth and fingers, resisting Reimu's tongue as she flicked the tip over the stiff little nub.

>Drops of blueish-white milk popped out of Yukari's nipple, rolling down her tit. The gap youkai closed her eyes briefly, her hips rising again, thighs flexing as she drew them together.

>Still Reimu kept nursing away, slipping her lips over Yukari's pert nipple and sucking away, loud slurping sounds accompanying her all the while.

>Yukari arched her back, thrusting her gigantic bosoms up into Reimu's face, nearly drowning the Shrine Maiden in a tsunami of tits. Her lips parted in an 'O', the gap youkai exhaling a low, long moan.

>Her enormous breasts erupted in Reimu's mouth and hands. Nearly a half-dozen, thin streams of milk shot from her pulsing nipples, spraying Reimu's face and clothes.

>Reimu had not a single moment to blink, before milk showered her face and neck, warm and sweet-smelling. Yet she kept squeezing and sucking - no time to stop now!

>She gulped down the milk filling her mouth as quickly as she could, afraid to let go lest the flow stopped. This left her with the other nipple steadily spraying milk all over her face, not to mention her clothes.

>Reimu blinked and winked, trying to get the milk out of her eyes and see what was going on, her sight somewhat obscured. She couldn't wipe her face - both hands were full!

>Yukari was moaning ecstatically above her, sounding transported in bliss from her sudden relief. She squirted and moaned, squirted and moaned, for what felt like ten whole minutes to Reimu, until the stream finally subsided.

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>tsunami of tits

Even better than mountainous mammaries.

>> No.5217645

>nearly drowning the Shrine Maiden in a tsunami of tits.


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comedy gold!

And it continues.

>> No.5217736

Well, good job.

>> No.5217738

ha ha ha oh wow

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I still cant get over rude titties.


This thread went from boring to hilarious in two posts.

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I didn't know I could become so aroused from reading about breast play alone. Props, Arc.

>> No.5217903

wait didn't you leave /jp/ over a hatred of fanfiction like 2 months ago?

>> No.5217912


>implying that I post on /jp/

Oh you.

I'm gonna go take my prescription medication now and finish this cool story so that we can finally find out what happens to Reimu.

>> No.5218027

Fanfic != fapfic.

>> No.5218042

Both are shit. Grow up already.

>> No.5218062

Fapfic doesn't try to be any better. It may not be a literary masterpiece, but you can respect for doing what it tries to do, even if no more than that.

Fanfic tries to be "good" and fucking fails. That is why it is so shit.

>> No.5218068

Don't listen to the fag, Arc. Get us our glorious resolution!

>> No.5218098

>but you can respect for doing what it tries to do, even if no more than that.
What, appealing to the cheapest and most simple emotion of lust? It's stupid shit, you can just say "a penis enters a vagina", and 99% of the work will be done in the reader's mind. There's nothing respectable about writing that solely relies on sex to be popular.

Fanfic tries to be "good"? Well of course, it would be bad to try to suck. But at the very least, it actually takes some work to write good instead of making shit like this.

>> No.5218148

Fanfic authors are DOING IT WRONG and never seem to realise it (any writer who needs to use other people's characters is a fucking failure). That is lower in my books that people who write for cheap thrills and achieve what they intend to achieve.

>> No.5218150

I wouldn't come up with "tsunami of tits" or " mountainous mammaries" on my own.

>> No.5218159

Lewd titties.

>> No.5218173

>any writer who needs to use other people's characters is a fucking failure
And fapfic isn't that? Fapfic is entirely a part of fanfic, I don't know where you idiots got the idea of splitting them.

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Arcueid's take on Yukari's rude titties has all of my love.

>> No.5218188

Fapfic is taking established characters and deliberately breaking character in order to have unrealistic sex for the sole purpose of titllating the reader.

Fanfic is taking established characters and unwittingly breaking character in order to create totally retarded situations for the sole purpose of filling the writer's retard self-insert ideas.

It's the deliberate vs unwitting thing that makes the difference.

>> No.5218192

>Fanfic authors are DOING IT WRONG and never seem to realise it (any writer who needs to use other people's characters is a fucking failure). That is lower in my books that people who write for cheap thrills and achieve what they intend to achieve.

Name three completely original books.

>> No.5218198

the characters are pretty vague in terms of background, who's to say they don't enjoy a bit of fun while not battling each other?

also fuck off and grab lord of the rings, if you can't enjoy something thats your problem

>> No.5218208

Not the same guy, but how about Lolita?

>> No.5218211

>Fanfic is taking established characters and unwittingly breaking character in order to create totally retarded situations for the sole purpose of filling the writer's retard self-insert ideas.

I don't like his stuff, but UsuallyDead deliberately breaks character to give the characters a more unique personality, or to exaggerate already established personalities.

You're an idiot to make such a wide generalization, that all fanfic serves as self-inserts.

>Fapfic is taking established characters and deliberately breaking character in order to have unrealistic sex for the sole purpose of titllating the reader.
Deliberately breaking character for such a weak purpose is just as bad as doing it for self-insertion reasons.

>> No.5218222

The first book would be one of them. It's original because it's a book, unlike everything prior.

>> No.5218257

Fuck it I want to fap I don't care if Mokou is fucking Kaguya

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What a weird argument!

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>> No.5218275

Most fapfics are fun to read. Fanfics just tend to be retarded.

This story has left me both aroused and amused.

Also, Arc while a tripfag, is not a bad guy.

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oh god lily, kill yourself

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Monty Python's Flying Cir-CUSSS

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