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There needs to be more pics of Marisa with boobs.

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no, there doesn't.

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Wouldn't matter if she had boobs or not. She's still a terrible character.

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>She's the best Touhou.

Edited for accuracy. Fun character is fun.

Only Touhou character that I like the canon.

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Tertiary fan.

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>She's the best Touhou.

Edited for accuracy. Fun character is fun.

Only Touhou character that I like in the canon.

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And I still say you're tertiary fan.

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Only secondary fans deign to stoop to the level of talking to tertiaries.

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Are you sure you want to go down this rabbit hole, pal?

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This is already the best Marisa picture.

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This thread makes my penis soft.

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Says the quaternary.

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You have my interest

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Please no!

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>Marisa thread

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Yes please.

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I never really noticed it before but Marisa is actually kind of cute. More healthy white women please. As a black Anon, they are a must.

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I realized after I posted >>5202825 that I don't have a whole lot of Marisa in that size.

Here's something, though.

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She's kinda plain-cute, you know?

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>Defeat Marisa

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No cuter than any other Touhou.
The strongest. As evidenced by the last digit of your post number.

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>Boobs larger than B cup at absolute largest, A preferred.
Does not compute

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Marisa is an A cup in my mind.

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Woah, woah, woah. Back up.

Marisa's a girl?

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Yes a very good Reverse trap!

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Indeed, A is the best for Marisa.

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so you're a lolicon

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All Touhous are actually traps.


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Reimu looks like Kyonko.

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If I was a lolicon, I'd say that anything larger than AA is blasphemy.

I'm just being realistic here.

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Marisa is usually drawn with this kind of curveless, unappealing body.

This displeases me. I wish to fap to the most entertaining canon Touhou character.

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yes i guess it's fitting the worst touhou should have small breasts.

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The Men of touhou are

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Oh, so I should make a Yukari thread?

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Heres one for all you cow lovers out there

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Why is she so disgusting, with or without breasts?

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But in all honesty, A cup and B cup are ideal! Easy to control, comfortable, you can still run without feeling like you're tearing yourself apart, and they fit in your hand!

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None of that matters when it comes to Marisa BECAUSE SHE'S STILL AN AWFUL CHARACTER


>i'm mad

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They are tall and have muscles.

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Because you have really bad taste, of course!

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>bad taste

You're the one who likes Marisa. If I were you I wouldn't be talking.

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No. Just post Yukari in this thread and it can become a contest between them. The winner gets crowned Miss Bimbo of Gensokyo.

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>Best touhou
>Bat tastes

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>implying Marisa is competition for Yukari.

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Only quaternary fans talk to tertiaries.

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>worst touhou
>bad tastes

There, fixed it for you.

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I wish to be the Reimu.

Well, okay, no I don't, because a piece of shit that's on top of Marisa is still a piece of shit, but I wish to trade places with her.

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Why is marisa hated here?

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Fucking quinaries everywhere.

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If Reimu's crap, then what does that make Marisa, I wonder?

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She's not. It's just one very bored and persistent Anon.

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A lovable goddess, of course.

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Because she's a horrible character. Liar, thief, selfish good-for-nothing who's only saving grace is the fact that she works hard.

I wouldn't be so offended by it if she weren't a playable character. I mean, that's the only reason I don't hate Kaguya as much as I hate Marisa.

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Well, apparently some Japanese people hate Marisa, saying that she attracts new fans for being a character that would be liked by a broad audience or someshit..
That's what I heard any way

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doesn't make sense, seeing how below Reimu Marisa is.

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Once upon a time Marisa was my favorite Touhou. One day I decided to read SSiB, and to my surprise, my favorite character Marisa received the side character treatment. I realized then that Marisa was just Reimu's whipping boy i.e., a stage prop for making Reimu, the main character, seem better by comparison. She literally admitted to Reimu, Sakuya, and Remilia that she's second rate in terms of power AND beauty. Don't believe me? In her 'fair' duel against one of the moonbitches she explicitly stated, "the one with more beauty will win." She then went on to get her ass handed to her on a silver platter by one of the moonbitches. I don't know about you guys but my waifu has to be the best of the best. I don't care for second rate garbage waifus like Marisa.

I thought hard work and dedication meant something in Touhou. I was wrong; the moonbitches were right.

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> liked by a broad audience or someshit..
Isn't that good?

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Not to xenophobic Japan.

They're right to hate her, but they do it for all the wrong reasons.

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>Liar, thief, selfish good-for-nothing who's only saving grace is the fact that she works hard.

And its presented in a fun and entertaining way. Marisa is happy and cute. She doesn't do anything that really crosses the line and makes her downright horrible, either. Mostly just "borrowing" books from Patchoili.

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How do I say...
I guess it's like the reason people hate Britney Spears and i[Insert product here] basically... but, well, IMO, sometimes people are just wrong.
I don't know. I'm not from 2chan.

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She's creepy

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Copypasta, methinks, but...
That's a terrible reason do drop a waifu. I don't care for Marisa much, but I'm glad she doesn't have a guy like you after her anymore.

>> No.5203639


>calling Marisa irredeemable

>the grouchy priestess that attacks youkai that are minding their own business and keeping to themselves because she's a malicious bitch is fine

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If you were to swap Yukari and Marisa's clothes you wouldn't be able to tell them apart.

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The moonbitches are moonbitches. Does not count.

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And steals things from Alice's, I assume, if not driving her mad from being her neighbor.
Also trying to loot the Moriya shrine. (For which she was rightfully caught and punished, ha ha.)
I don't even know why she didn't go insane in Imperishable Night. Presumably because she claims she's already insane? Bull.
Hoards things in her extremely messy, pig-sty house.
Claims to be a hero of love when she's anything but.
Tries to lie to get out of being punished, then turns around and says she doesn't lie right in the Yama's face.

Etc. Etc.

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Nope, Reimu's pretty bad in some respects too, I'll admit. She's still better than Marisa, though, because she's actually dutiful when it comes to saving Gensokyo.

There are few, VERY few heroic-type characters in Touhou, and that's part of it's charm. However, I'd prefer a playable character that wasn't as horrible as Marisa.

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didn't zun write it?

its canon

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So, I guess that makes any country with access to internet culture who complains about noobs xenophobic.
Yeah, that's two different issues bro.

>> No.5203694

Yeah, probably is.

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So, I guess that makes any country with access to an internet culture that complains about noobs xenophobic.
Yeah, that's two different issues bro.

>> No.5203699

Maybe so, but Japan is xenophobic.

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ITT: People deleting their posts for weird reasons http://archive.easymodo.net/cgi-board.pl/jp/thread/5199073

>> No.5203718


Typo correcting.

Nothing too weird about that.

>> No.5203721

it's the internet

no one cares

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Yeah, I didn't notice that.

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Whenever I see Marisa my pants become very tight. Is this normal?

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