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Today my mother implied that I was gay. I assume this is because I'm a 24 year old who has never been on a date, and I never leave the house.

I hate gays so this really bothered me.

Anyone else here have this problem?

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Call her a fag.

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fuck her

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No, it's kind of hard to be mistaken for gay when you have figures and posters of half-naked anime girls all over your room.

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Thread hidden.

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Tell her that there is no women worth going out with.

Because it's true.

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Hey there soulbrother.

I am 24 too this year. And both my mother and sister also making jokes from time to time that i am gay.

I couldn't care less.

If you are really bothered , you could film yourself while fapping and show it to your mother......

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I hide my power level, and I don't have money for that kind of stuff anyway.

Ya, that is how I feel.

Thanks for the replies, you guys made me feel better.

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No, I know really nice gay couple. I've never hated homosexuals.

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What does it matter if they think you're gay? Being gay is a lot more socially acceptable than being in love with drawings and masturbating to cartoon child porn.

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My parents just assume I'm asexual.

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Except that having figurines and posters of japanese cartoons in your room is something that most normal people view as gay.

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I've had this problem.

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That's stupid. You're stupid.

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What most normal people view as gay is the obnoxious flamer stereotype.

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Why didn't you greentext her?

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For some obscure reason, I lol'd.

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I already told my parents I didn't want to end like the both of them.

Now I am living in my own apartment in peace.

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OP is a NEET like myself.
It's ok as long as you can be a leech.

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My thinks I'm gay, too. Not sure about my father.

Who cares...

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My mother refers to all of my friends as my 'boyfriends'. She also refers to my sister's friends as her 'girlfriends'.

Anyone elses parents do this?

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Your parents are normalfags after all. You can't expect them to get it.

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Why don't you just tell her you're a paedophile already?

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>I hate gays so this really bothered me.

Why do you hate them?There might be a deeper meaning to this.

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I have the same problem, OP. It doesn't help that I'd like to go live with my best friend, too.

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>I hate gays so this really bothered me.

I was about to sympathize with you, but meh.

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I want to get OPs image on a shirt, or a coffee cup.

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That'd actually make a pretty cool shirt.

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I was thinking the same, but then noticed that "Everyday" is inaccurately written as one word.

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>Today my mother implied that I was gay

My parents do everyday and I don't care.

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My mum mentioned the same thing a few years ago. I was 19 and hadn't been with a single girl once in my life and my brother made a joke calling me a homo and my mum mentioned that she'd actually seriously considered that I was actually gay. I told her she was mistaken but I could hardly invite her into my room and show her some loli doujins.

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Mine thinks the opposite.

To the point that she thinks it is impossible for me to want to be the little girl.

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My mom watches gay sitcoms a lot
I laugh at a majority of the humor in them
She thinks I'm gay

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I'd rather them think of me as a hopeless loser than as gay.

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Tell your mother that she is dumb.

You and i are NEETs. NEET are pretty much outcasts in the perception of normal people.
Lowlifes, human garbage.

Of course we wouldn't have a girlfriend, even if we wished .

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I understand hating niggers and females
But gays?
This shit aint logical

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But they're girls? Would hairy men be less gay?
That sounds ridiculous.

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My family has suspected me of being gay before. I'm not sure if they still do. Either way I don't care because I don't hate gays.

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They can do their own thing but I don't want to be associated with them.

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When I was talking to my sister about this girl I like, my sister said something like, "oh, so you're not gay?"

Of course she knew before that I'm not gay. Dunno exactly what my mom thinks, but I'm pretty sure she knows I'm not a homo.

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What a vulgar sister.

You should fuck her, both to punish her and show that you're not gay. Two birds with one stone.

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Girls love to make comments about you being gay because it demasculinizes you even further.

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>When I was talking to my sister about this girl I like
Didn't she find it weird that you had a crush on a drawing?

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My mum asked me if I wanted to try make up on.

Those hours of practicing my scowling paid the fuck off.

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OP, I've been a hiki for 6 years now and have never had a real girlfriend. There was this other hiki girl I met and we fucked once, but I wanted nothing to do with her. As such, everyone thinks I'm gay (I'm also 24). I don't really give a shit anyway.

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You can be a NEET in your own apartment too. I guess it depends on your circumstances... One of the benefits of socialism is the funding for NEET lifestyles if you don't mind scraping by on just under minimum wage.

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>meeting + fucking girls
Pick one.

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No, it's one of her friends that she knows better than I do.

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Oh, an unpure one. I'm afraid I'm going to ask you to leave.

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I have no problems with my family, they just secretly talks behind my back.

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You're a loser.
That's all.

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I didn't really "meet" her, she was a friend of my brother and came to our house before. Believe me, it was a one in a million chance. I have never spoke to a girl apart from that, I haven't even had friends in 6 years. ;_;

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I'm sure my family does this too.

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They do, trust me. In fact, your parents probably regret even having you. They wanted an Ivy league winner to make them proud; they got a socially retarded NEET who faps to loli and has no friends.

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Some people just want there children to be happy did you ever think about that.

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So she came over and then just randomly decided to fuck some guy she had never met?

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No they don't. They think of you as a burden but have to keep you alive on the off chance you will procreate some day so that their line doesn't end with a failure such as you.

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Obviously. But they also want their children to succeed in life, not live day to day with this false sense of happiness they find through distracting entertainment like video games and anime.

Trust me, if you are a NEET or hiki or any other sort of failure not in school or work and just waste day after day waking up and using the computer, they hate you.

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i have few naked figs on the side of my monitor. i don't think a gay guy would be keeping something like that close enough to always be able to stare on it.

they saw them, made comments why do i keep them naked, and i said because i like them like that.

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I don't think many long-standing NEETs live happy lives. I sure as hell don't.

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If that is all that you think parents think about there children then i wonder how you were treated?

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You're doing it wrong.

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She was obviously over enough times for us to get to know each other to a point. Plus, we were drinking when it happened and all women are bitches and whores anyway.

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What do your parents expect from you then? Surely it's not the prospect of killing off the family lineage by remaining a virgin your entire life, that would be deplorable.

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You don't sound like much of a hiki.

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I dont understand the point of having children
its all just a burden

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You are because when you're happy as a NEET it's only a result of short term distractions that entertain you.

Try really examining your potential future and see how depressing and grim it looks. Pic probably related.

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> killing off the family lineage
I don't think real people think like this. Not unless they're loyalty or something and think they have amazing genes that need to continue on for the sake of humanity.

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I told them when i was a teen that i was not having children and they really didn't care.My life is for me and i don't need nor want to raise children.

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She doesn't sound like much of a hiki either
How did she meet his brother?

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I imagine that guy being 20-something and attending a top-notch college using his parent's money.

He secretely hates his life but the school work and social aspects of his life keep his mind off his lack of character.

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Hmmm, pocky!

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Sure. 24, was kicked out of school at 16 and I've done nothing but spend the last 6 years or so lurking 4chan and playing games because I have absolutely no ability to socialize (pretty sure I'm autistic, just don't want to go find out). I exist off tax payer money.

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Think of the future? Alright. I go to a community college, take some classes and then transfer to a university and pursue a degree in something I'm interested in.

What's depressing about that?

>> No.5192178


I figured you were a NEET and not a normalfag for posting in the thread.

Lucky you then.

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I've been NEET since I dropped out of school at 16.

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>they hate you.

Only bad parents hate there kids for something as stupid as that.

>> No.5192191


Okay, maybe not hate, but disappointment, or perhaps regret.


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If you have the social capacity to have sex you can get a job.

>> No.5192199

Every parent is disappointed in there child at one point but they have to realize that it is not there life.

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And to add to that, I'm 21 now. What's so depressing about letting "real life" take a back seat for a few years? People have always told me this yet I could never see why.

I think you guys are the ones doing it wrong if you're experiencing such crushing depression and self loathing.

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Why are there so many people in this thread who can't seem to spell to save their lifes.

>> No.5192208

How is that any different from normalfags.
It's not like they'll do something meaningful in their lifetime.

>I go to a community college
In other words you aren't a NEET.

You are a NEET, not a hikki. Unlike what /jp/ thinks, being a hikki has nothing to do with staying in your room. It's about not divorcing yourself from human interaction and society.

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>Friend: So, what's your son been up to?
>Mother: Oh not much, he spent the last 10 years on the internet downloading anime and fapping to VNs and has no friends and is overweight.
>Friend: I see...

Trust me, your parents hate you.

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What the hell's the logic behind that? A stereotypical homosexual is social, talkative and spends most of his time outside the house. You're probably the polar opposite.

>> No.5192219

Is reading comprehension that hard for you? I was obviously typing out plans for the future. Don't be an idiot.

>> No.5192221

>引篭もり has nothing to do with 引き篭る
Yeah alright.

>> No.5192224

What type of conversation is that i could not imagine anyone's mother saying "fapping".

>> No.5192234

The Japanese seem to be pretty loose with the application of their terminology, usually throwing freeters and other sub-groups into the same general scope of useless fucks who are detrimental so society and probably can't support pensions of the elderly.

>> No.5192239

>divorcing yourself from human interaction and society.

Precisely why I became this way. I've had very very inhibiting social phobia all my life. After so many years without any friends or socializing I've had an old psychiatrist actually say my social abilities have atrophy, so to speak.

Fucking some nasty nerdy whore once doesn't make me some how a normalfag. I couldn't become a normalfag if I wanted to, I'm too much of a misanthrope.

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Why do you think many parents who are not even homophobic feel the way they do about their child being gay?
They don't think about it in terms of a "lineage" or "passing on genes" but in terms of not becoming grandparents. They do want to see offspring.

>> No.5192243

My mom does this all the time. When my grandparents came over today, I was forced to go downstairs and be in their company for 3+ hours. They asked me what I spent my time doing, and I said reading. But my mother jumps in right away and says, "oh, he's on the computer all the time." Thankfully, my grandparents said it was "normal", apparently.

Although when they asked if I had a lot of friends, I was forced to say no. It got pretty awkward.

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It has nothing to do with royalty, families expect their kids to marry, start a family and introduce grandchildren to the world to continue it.

>> No.5192260

I can't speak for your parents but mine don't care whether I'm gay or not. Plenty of gay men have children too, anyway.

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Ever since I read Jojo's I've felt depressed my family will end with me

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Shit feels bad. When my sister marries, I'll be the last one in my family to have our last name.

>> No.5192277

>families expect their kids to marry
And...?Who cares what your family expect of you it your life to do what you want the most important thing is that you are happy with yourself.

>> No.5192280

What's so good about your last name?

>> No.5192284


Nothing, I'll just be the last one in a family that goes centuries back. Feels like I'm letting them down. ;_;

>> No.5192286

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

>> No.5192293

Technically Giorno is also Jonathan's grandson because it was his body.

So maybe, if you're lucky, some vampire will decapitate you and use your corpse to seduce hundred of women and produce a bastard litter.

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I am 24 this year. I have been a NEET for about 3 years and a Hiki (not a severe one).
If you don't count me being enrolled at an university (and never show up again after a few weeks), then about 4 years.

You know the good thing about it?

I have always to end my life, but i have been living too comfortable so far.
My farther left a few years ago. My mother , not to lose her face (we are Chinks) , always says that i am still studying.
She has real financial problems now. She can't support me any longer.

I will use this opportunity as a motivation boost to off myself for good.

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It's always amuse me to see Otaku discriminating people rejected by the "normal" society like us.

>> No.5192318

But GioGio is gay so the line ends with him

>> No.5192354

my mom thinks im nuts, fuck shes annoying as hell, if she finally figures out im a weirdo after all these years...goddamn it man you're doing it wrong

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OP here. I've been a NEET for 1.5 years, but I am probably going back to college, just because my parents want me to do something. I can't get a job because I majored in business, and they don't want anyone with social skills as terrible as mine. Luckily we have a horrible economy, so I've just been blaming my unemployment on that.

I don't think my parents would stop supporting me by choice, but I think they are running out of money.


>> No.5192384

So why not stop being a shut-in/NEET?

You know go outside, get a job, talk to girls?

>> No.5192391

Why would anyone want to do that?

>> No.5192401

You have to see it as an opportunity, when they can't support you anymore.

I am pretty apathic and a lazy bum, even when i had been at school.

Now, it is do or die. Or in my case, die or become a beggar.

I'd wish the society wouldn't be so hypocritical and would offer people like us the help we want, ending our lifes.
This would be benificial for both sides.
But society can't, because the image of it would crumble......

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We're comfortable.

And, in the end, what is the point in school, a job, a girl, a house, a retirement fund and a 10'000 headstone? You will die, be forgotten and have a condo built on your corpse in 50 years.

Whatever makes you happy is all you need. Happiness is the entire point in life, or at least the only one worth existing for. Why be a depressed cog in the giant system that is so called "society"?

>> No.5192421


If you were born in Oregon you could get doctor assisted euthanasia legally.

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>ending our lifes

Pic related.

Painless, quick and costs you 10 bucks. Feels like you're going to sleep.

>> No.5192440

Where is that image from?

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Really, i don't want to have a forced career and massing amounts of money.

I'd really love to to lay in my hammock and browse through the internet with my netbook/notebook.
That's all i want besides food, clean water and a place to stay........................

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This is better, you don't smell like rotting eggs.


>> No.5192455

The finding a girl part aside, there is plenty of good reason to go to college and get a job. When your parents eventually kick you out (as mine did) it's helpful to have money.

>> No.5192462


I doubt that. I am sure they will only accept terminal ill people and old people.

>> No.5192466


my old friend from school killed herself this way. its painless, odourless and you just drift off to sleep.

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the old technique is the best.

if you hyperventilate first, you faint in a few seconds.

>> No.5192490

Choking to death doesn't sound very pleasant

>> No.5192503

My Mom thinks that I'm gay because she saw me crossdressing a tomboy. I don't care. Meh, I'd rather tell her I'm gay just because I hate to be bothered.

>> No.5192510

How did she do it? Care to tell us?

I mean, this method needs good preparation.
Also, you don't want to be discovered and even saved with braindamage afterwards...

I don't have a car, neither do i have driver license.
And i live with my mother and sister.

I don't know how i can apply this method properly.

Steal a car? Rent a flat somewhere in a third world country where people care less?

>> No.5192515

Where the hell would one buy this?

>> No.5192519

My mom found some porn when of mine when I was 14 so I don't think that she thinks I'm gay.

>> No.5192532


You don't choke, you just go unconscious. It's like falling asleep and never waking up.

>> No.5192537 [DELETED] 

Why do you hate gays?

>> No.5192543

carbon monoxide poisoning is a very painless as your body can't tel the difference between it and oxygen.
though I still advice against taking your own life.

>> No.5192549

>though I still advice against taking your own life.

Quiet, the NEETs are going to off themselves

>> No.5192555

Thank you, Anon.

>> No.5192556

Are you really this naive, anon?

>> No.5192561

> To relieve the possible discomfort of suffocation, one might take drugs or alcohol.

>> No.5192563

I don't think so.

Read it up. The CO molecules can bind with your red blood cells easier than O2 with red blood cells.

There are many accidents (maybe not...who knows for sure?) where people barbecue indoors and couldn't safe themselves.

Sure you will hyperventilate first a bit.

But there is alcohol or drugs to take care of this.

>> No.5192564

Fuck off homophobe.

>> No.5192576


All you need is a small area, like a closet. Close off any cracks like from the door, vents, windows, drains. Leave one open for oxygen to enter the room and feed the charcoal. Light 1-2 barbecues worth of the stuff and let it cook until the room is filled with fumes and close off the remaining cracks and drift off.

There is a method that you can do to calculate the required amount as well. You buy a carbon monoxide detector - one that tells you the amount in the air per parts per million. I don't know the exact numbers but you can measure your room/closet/car etc with it to ensure you don't accidentally wake up with 1/4th your brain left.

Suicide isn't hard, it's the easiest choice to make in life. There are millions of ways to die, so it's not like it's hard to find a way. If you're scared or apprehensive it simply means you don't really want to kill yourself. Those who do it will simply do it.

Nonetheless, I don't advocate suicide. ._.

>> No.5192577

Right I don't even see what is wrong with gay people they are just people.

>> No.5192582

Thank you for these suicide methods, I'm going to try them out once I finally 1cc all the Touhou games.

>> No.5192584


Just because you take issue with wrongly being thought of as gay doesn't mean you hate gay people.

>> No.5192604

They are bad people, all they talk about is sex with multiple people

>> No.5192610

gay or straight
that is the average 17-27 year old

>> No.5192617

You guys should buy the construction template for my patented cranial implosion device: guaranteed to kill you before you even realize you're dying.

Not even a millisecond of remorse for your choice!

>> No.5192618

Thanks for the detailed explanation.

Hahaha, funny thing is that i haven't barbecued once so far. First time will be the last time, if done correctly.

But meh, i don't want to do it in the rented flat of my mother.

I will go on a suicide vacation. Throw all papers and any hints that could lead to my home country away and have a nice everlasting sleep.
My mother will think that i just left...it's better this way.
So far i have been telling her numerous times that i will leave soon, find my own way....and won't come back.

>> No.5192619

Oxygen deprevation and carbon monoxide poisoning are two different things.

>> No.5192634

Post your location on /k/ and tell them you want to end your misery.

>> No.5192638

My mom never said anything about me being gay, probably because I had a girlfriend when I was 18, but a few years ago she asked me if I was a pedophile (not in such a direct way, of course). This was before I gave a shit about loli or anything and to this day I don't know what prompted it

>> No.5192644


Grill some kick ass steak and shit while you do it then. Also get really drink on some fine beer, it will help pass the time and help you not have any second thoughts.

Hydrogen peroxide is a much easier method than charcoal burning, it just _stinks_ (rotting egg smell).


There is also a pretty quick and painless concoction you can make from various benzodiazepines (drugs like Xanax) and opiates (Oxycodone). Combined with alcohol, it's very euphoric and painless.

>> No.5192655

My mom thinks I'm gay even though I told her numerous times I'm just not interested in anyone.

My dad doesn't give a shit.

>> No.5192656

Wasn't there a suicide method that used fertilzer and some other corrosive liquid that was really popular a few years back in Japan? If you really want to be weeaboo right up to your last minute, go with that. Lot less bloddy than stabbing yourself in the gut.

>> No.5192659

Let's have an offline meeting where we kill ourselves. I bet one of us owns a private island.

>> No.5192675

like those cults?

>> No.5192680

That was already mentioned

>> No.5192687

I've been called gay many a time. Do I act, dress, or do anything that would make one think I am gay? Nope. Just that I am 23 and have never had a girlfriend, had sex etc etc.

My brother thinks this, my mom does sometimes, my coworkers (not a NEET guys. Sorry....) at the construction site think this. My mom has kinda let up though as of late because she now sees what type of girls are out roaming about these days. She refers to them as shameless, filthy whores and is somewhat seeing it from my view now.

You know what I do whenever confronted with this? Laugh hysterically and maniacally. Most of my coworkers think I am insane now.

>> No.5192688


I think he was referring to Welcome to the NHK.

Suicide pacts are also popular in Japan. 5 or 10 people meet on the internet, get together and then just kill themselves.

>> No.5192690


Quick? I don't think so. The only thing quick is cianide.

>> No.5192697


But... you didn't realise that at the time because you're a bumbling oaf.


>> No.5192703

>She refers to them as shameless, filthy whores and is somewhat seeing it from my view now.

Your mom's pretty awesome. You should tell her that.

>> No.5192704

Not to be a bother, but what are the household cleaners that were used for that? They're pointedly left missing whenever its mentioned anywhere I could find references to it.

>> No.5192731

Nitrogen poisoning is almost instantaneous unconsciousness if you get a good breath of it.

>> No.5192734

Some insecticide and toilet bowl cleaner. Bit of sulfur, bit of ammonia, and away you go.

>> No.5192742

She is actually a cool mom. She hates those big Paris Hilton glasses that most girls wear these days. She says they're basically a big sign that tells everyone, "Dumb bitch right here!"

She wants to me try and find a nice, sweet gentle girl but even she acknowledges they're a dwindling life form. She actually feels sorry for us guys seeing what girls there are to pick from.

>> No.5192743


But can you still be saved? In general, the more painless the method is the longer it takes for you to actually die and the greater chance someone finds you.

>> No.5192751

You watched and/or read too much NHK ni Yokoso.

Also , Sato was "saved" by other people who decided against suicide in the last moment.
If he would have stayed in the tent with the charcoal, he would have been dead (manga).

So it is a bit dangerous to have other people with you.

>> No.5192754


Not my text, just don't fee like quoting it. It's all fairly easy, just basic cleaning supplies you can buy at any store.

"Another deadly combination is caused by bleach being mixed with ammonia

Household bleach has a chemical formula of NaOCl - that is, one atom each of sodium, oxygen, and chlorine. Its chemical name, for the curious, is sodium hypochlorite. Ammonia has a chemical formula of NH3, that is, one atom of nitrogen and three atoms of hydrogen. When these two compounds are combined, the following reaction takes place:
2(parts)NaOCl + 2NH3 --> 2NaONH3 + Cl2.
Do you see that Cl2 on the right hand side there? This means one part chlorine gas, made up of diatomic (two atom) molecules. It also means that the chlorine gas has been liberated from the bleach, and is quite capable of causing you harm when inhaled!

Another potential reaction, which occurs when a greater amount of bleach is added than ammonia, is this:
3NaOCl + NH3 --> 3NaOH + NCl3
That's sodium hydroxide and Nitrogen Trichloride. Nitrogen Trichloride is a very toxic chemical to humans, and even if you did get close enough to ingest it, it would probably explode in your face first, as it is also a very volatile explosive. There is little necessity in explaining why that is bad.

Still another reaction - in three parts this time - can occur, producing Hydrazine (N2H4, a component of rocket fuel) if you have more ammonia than bleach:
NH3 + NaOCl --> NaOH + NH2Cl.
These two products then react with ammonia as follows:
NH3 + NH2Cl + NaOH -->N2H4 + NaCl + H2O.
One last reaction occurs to stabilise the reagents:
2NH2Cl + N2H4 --> 2 NH4Cl + N2.
This last equation is of particular interest because of the amount of heat it produces. The heat is so great that it usually leads to an explosion."

>> No.5192762


There is always a chance you will be found or the suicide fails. At this point you could end up brain dead for life. Then again, you could shoot yourself in the head with a .45 and live that way too.

Majority of the time though, you will die, as long as you do your research.

>> No.5192763

OP here. I don't want to commit suicide. I just want to continue being a NEET.

>> No.5192775

I'm not actually a NEET since I'm in grad school, but close enough. I'd like to think that my parents don't think I'm gay and are fully aware that the reason that I've never even been on a date is that I'm intensely introverted. I mean, I never even really had friends in elementary school.

That said, I am in fact bisexual. So it's... weird. I fully expect them to be accepting of this, but I don't want to "come out" because being open about your sexuality when your sexuality consists entirely of masturbation is not something I'm comfortable doing. But I also don't want my parents coming to the wrong conclusions, or even coming to the right conclusions for the wrong reasons.

>> No.5192781


Are you kidding? Anonymous suicide pacts are HUGE in Japan and Korea.

>> No.5192785

Unless you're just attention whoring any serious attempt at suicide is very likely to succeed.

>> No.5192792


Who fucking cares what they think. If your parents are shallow enough to judge you based on sexuality, they're not worth the time of day to argue otherwise.

>> No.5192800


Thanks for your post, Chemistry-anon.

>> No.5192805

My father has never mentioned the the opposite gender.
It's like women really don't exist.

>> No.5192817
File: 96 KB, 500x500, 461387862_0d9b03ae55.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>When a human breathes in pure nitrogen, they exhale carbon dioxide without resupplying oxygen. Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that comprises approximately 78 percent of the Earth's atmosphere. As such, the subject would detect no abnormal sensation. This leads to asphyxiation without the painful and traumatic feeling of suffocation.
Nitrogen poisoning is hardcore shit. It's heavier than air, so it builds up from the ground if there's a leak. You'll have no clue what's going on until you suddenly get dizzy and pass out, falling to the floor and immersing yourself in a sea of pure nitrogen gas. Death is almost certain unless you are removed from the floor in mere seconds. Often multiple people will die from the same leak, as a second person goes to help the first and instantly collapses and dies before he knows what's happened.

>> No.5192830

Your father is a wise man.

>> No.5192834


Hard to use this method though as you put others at risk. This can actually come back on your family in the form of law suits.

If you use something like this, leave a note or something on the door: POISON GAS LOL

>> No.5192845

>I'm in grad school
>close enough
That's not close at all.

>> No.5192854

If you want to go out like a man, use Hydrazine.

>> No.5192859

First, thank you for your reply. Secondly, though:
>It also means that the chlorine gas has been liberated from the bleach, and is quite capable of causing you harm when inhaled!
To put it very, VERY mildly: chlorine gas is a bad way to go. Extremely bad. A bullet to the head would be faster, hanging/choking yourself would be less painful.
On the list of Ways to Die chlorine gas is way down there in the BAD SHIT section with "immolation" and "drinking drano".

>> No.5192866

Don't kill yourselves you fat otaku nerds.

If you are actually feeling suicidal/not BSing and just need someone to talk to, then I will listen. Seriously.

>> No.5192874


Go away

>> No.5192881

So mean they really need help(well iguess you said that but you couldd have said it better)

>> No.5192882

Can I talk to you even if I'm not suicidal?

>> No.5192893
File: 1.20 MB, 1500x1696, 10675718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thread's lack of touhou remedied

>> No.5192909

God damnit anons, don't suicide.

>> No.5192912


Of course.

>> No.5192913

Yeah, /jp/ is slow enough as it is, although we ARE in a weekend so most of /jp/ is shit anyway.

>> No.5192924

Yeah, because having your parents die, then becoming homeless and dying in a gutter is a better alternative.

>> No.5192936

I'll wait until I don't have anyone to leech from. Then I'll try your methods, I'm thinking about nitrogen.

>> No.5192962

Good point.

>> No.5192964

Work isn't that bad. I mean, sure, it's bad (the vast majority of work, anyway), but not bad enough that you should kill yourself.

>> No.5192971

Nembutal overdose is the chosen method of Dignitas, the European assisted-suicide group. It's becoming less common now, and is currently referred to as "the Mexican option", because you can get it OTC in Mexico. It's obtained as a liquid in a vial, but the problem is, the potency isn't static.

Benzo and opiate overdoses, sometimes in combination with alcohol can be very lethal. However, the person may vomit up the drug before they die, causing brain damage or putting them in a coma. Anti-emetics can be taken to reduce the chances of vomiting. A device called an "exit bag" can be used in conjunction with this, which is a plastic tent that goes over the head, and is fastened in a way so that when the wearer becomes unconscious, the bag fastens over their head.

The charcoal burning method can cause fires, burn out before you die and make you a vegetable, and the gases can leak into another area and asphyxiate someone. Asphyxia with inert gases like helium, nitrogen, and carbon monoxide are the second preferred method. The buildup of CO2 causes the feeling of suffocation, such as when you hold your breath. Inert gases displace oxygen in the blood, so you don't get that feeling. You may feel a bit dizzy or light-headed, and then you'll quickly become unconscious. Within 10 minutes, the brain will die from lack of oxygen. Nitrogen and helium can be pumped into a modified breathing mask that the user wears over the face, causing death within 10 minutes.

>> No.5192972
File: 131 KB, 774x2033, this_thread.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, I forgot my contribution.

>> No.5192996

how to die: make a large fire underneath a two-story window

jump into fire

good job

>> No.5193009

Depends on the job. I used to work a graveyard shift manual labor job(parents stopped supporting me) and would sometimes be so exhausted that I'd start crying when my alarm woke me up at 12am to go to work.

>> No.5193018

Maybe you should be like an artist all you have to do is be good at managing time and meeting deadlines.

>> No.5193033

you give yourselves too little credit,
you people are unaware of what you are truly capable of until you're forced into a corner and its either fight or flight.

>> No.5193041

There are people in /jp/ who are able to manage time and meet deadlines? I cannot believe that.

>> No.5193051

My parents just think I'm depressed
And sometimes try to take me outside and into a mental hospital

>> No.5193065
File: 713 KB, 535x1600, 4925191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last time I was forced into a corner I dropped out of college.

>> No.5193071

My mother has borrowed my notebook before and came across my hentai collection. She thinks I'm a freak and cant function in normal society. She may be onto something

>> No.5193072

I have assburgers. That's not something you can fix. You can learn how to cope, but you'll always have trouble with everyday things. They know the reason why I'll never have any kind of relationship.

>> No.5193097 [DELETED] 

I went outside today for the first time in month. I'm trying to cope. Was nearly forced into going out for dinner as well but thankfully I used an upset stomach excuse

>> No.5193103


I can do that.

>> No.5193105

I went outside today for the first time in months. I'm trying to cope. Was nearly forced into going out for dinner as well but thankfully I used an upset stomach excuse

>> No.5193113
File: 92 KB, 500x628, cirno_suicide..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dropping out for me all those years ago was probably one of the best and worst things I've ever done, or let happen. I would say I regret it and would change it if I could, but I also feel the first two years I spent as a hiki/NEET were some of the best times of my life.

>> No.5193114


last time i was forced into a corner i failed high school and spent 7 years and counting sitting in front of my computer every night

brotip: some people just fail in life and are destined to live out being recluses. where do you think the whole "hermit in the woods" shit came from?

>> No.5193123

Why the hell did you give her your computer with your porn in it without at least truecrypting it first?

>> No.5193142

She told me she was only going to be a minute. I didn't know she was trying to save a photo from the internet

>> No.5193145


I don't think you need to go to such lengths for hentai. Shove it into a folder that looks like system related shit. Your mom isn't a digital forensic investigator.

>> No.5193158

but when you rclick "Save as" it goes into the folder you last used.
With truecrypt you can unmount the folder

>> No.5193159

or just not save it in my documents or other common folders...

>> No.5193165
File: 720 KB, 1600x1328, 473d59167cff1c5cb41a95df32307fb5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That wasn't a corner, you still had an escape. When it finally comes down to Fight or Die most of you will get a terrible minimum wage job that makes you hate yourself more and more every day. You'll work yourself into a stupor so you can collapse into bed and not have to think about how desperately unhappy and alone you are. You'll look forward to your days off with almost religious rapture: for a single day you get to remember what it was like before work, when you were free. Eventually you'll die of a heart attack, or perhaps a stroke, at a youngish age due to poor health from a badly-balanced diet and constant stress. If you're lucky a few people from work will go to your funeral.

On the other hand, a few of those backed into that final corner will understand what it really means and commit suicide. I envy them.

>> No.5193177

That can be changed, but that aside, I almost always download stuff in a 'to sort folder' then move where ever it belongs later it later. Too lazy to put nav the full path every time I want to save something (It is faster as well).

>> No.5193202

I don't see truecrypting as "such lengths". It only takes a minute to set up truecrypt and a second to start it up each time you want to use it. It's just handy to have, and no one other than me even uses this computer.

>> No.5193204

I've never understood the logic behind thinking someone is gay if they don't have a girlfriend. It's like concluding that someone's favorite color is blue because you have seen no evidence for their favorite color being red. No logic in it.

>> No.5193207

>On the other hand, a few of those backed into that final corner will understand what it really means and commit suicide. I envy them.

It's those who are self aware...depressed...suicidal...hopeless and so on that tend to have the most realistic view on the world around them. Doctors call it depressive realism, and, well, it's true.

It's all a gamble. Do you succumb to mainstream society to become nothing but a screw in a giant machine, working for decade after decade so you can hope to fucking god you have enough money to retire? Or do you just not give a shit, live your life how you want to, no matter how alternative or pathetic most people may consider it?

Personally, I believe the answer to life itself is to simply be happy. And however you achieve this happiness is all you need to do. Who cares if you leech welfare and fap all day to loli? It's not something most of us do, but it's what you do.

>> No.5193219

While that is a bit of an oversimplification, I do agree.

>> No.5193224

Stop breathing my goddamn air, you pathetic waste of life.

>> No.5193225


>> No.5193241
File: 294 KB, 683x920, 10694544.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5193261
File: 50 KB, 640x480, unamused.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5193285

/jp/ users aren't a wastes of life. Except the emo faggots that populate suicide threads.

>> No.5193355

Last time I was forced into a corner I nearly got stabbed.

>> No.5193379

Did you graze it?

>> No.5193411

My older sister once asked me if I had a girlfriend when I was around 14 I think, I said no and she never asked again.
At family meetings, my aunts were always asking me if I had a girlfriend to which I always replied a single "no". Once, my grandmother asked me in front of everyone. I got up and said "Fucking look at me ! Do you think I could touch a woman without having to pay ?"

No one ever asked since then.

>> No.5193419

No, but I managed to get away with only a minor cut on my forearm instead of a stab wound.

>> No.5193425

Sounds like a graze to me. Good job.

>> No.5193474

Woah, that's badass.
I'd never even dare to do such a thing.

>> No.5193483
File: 98 KB, 700x550, 2f3b2881dabba889266a9ab972c99d35.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Fucking look at me ! Do you think I could touch a woman without having to pay ?"
Wait, that actually makes them stop?

>> No.5193503


It makes them realize that you're obviously unstable in the head and have never and will never touch the opposite sex.

>> No.5193513
File: 591 KB, 1000x730, yuyuko_suicide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cool story bro.

>> No.5193521

It wouldn't work for me, as I'm not actually hideous I'm rather average looking.

They bug me every now and then saying I'm good-looking and could easily find a girlfriend but I think they're getting the point that I'm not interested.

>> No.5193525

Well, let's just say I have the looks to match my words. Anyone looking at me can't deny that no woman would even look at me without being utterly disgusted.

>> No.5193559
File: 63 KB, 437x612, youmu_suicide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You must be an obese neckbeard, huh?

>> No.5193565
File: 19 KB, 640x480, 1202182799223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can do it Anonymous!

You can kill yourself if you just try!

>> No.5193592

I'm far from obese. I'm quite ripped actually and have even been into the army, so I kept the habit of shaving everyday.
I have an obvious skin disease and some really tedious acne in my neck. Also balding and short in height.

>> No.5193593

Actually, trying alone is not sufficient. It's important to be prepared!

>> No.5193596


Similar situation here. I'm a handsome guy and girls stare at me all the time, but I never stare back as I want nothing to do with them.

>> No.5193612
File: 1.26 MB, 850x1212, 1274582509150.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is that so?

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