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touhou 4koma thread?

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How long the entire bkub collection gets posted


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what the hell is this shit from

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Some random doujin that had gotten translated recently. I forgot the title, but it the main feature was Youmu X Yuyuko, with a strange side story in the end involving Youki getting turned into a little girl and having to work with and under Youmu at Yuyuko's.

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Right column is p. cool

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Just for that, I'm posting some bkub. Not the whole collection, though.

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Not a 4koma, but too beautiful not to include.


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Aaaaaaaand that's the end of that. See? I said I wouldn't post the entire collection.

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I don't get it, please photoshop this so it explains the joke clearer.

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Still best one ever.

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Alright, Aya's a crow-tengu, right? So instead of having periods, she lays unfertilized eggs.

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way funnier WITHOUT the explanation.

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H O w c o M e Y o u S t e a l w E B s i t e s M r . p o o l e ? h O W C O m E Y o U D o n t k n o W H O w T o M a k e Y o U R o W N o R I g I N a L s T U F f ? U S H u D t R y I t L U L Z H T t p : / / ➇ 8 . ❽ O . ❷ ❶ . ➀ ❷ /

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can someone explain this one please and thanks

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Alright, enough explainin', IT'S 4KOMA TIME!!!

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What kind of character is Youmu? Fanworks never really make it clear. Is she proud, or humble, quit, shy or boastful? I haven't really been able to place her.

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Why are you referencing the fanworks.

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How old are you?

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Because I don't play the games.

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She's confident of her skills and protective of her master, is pretty aggressive, but can be flabbergasted by her master. If you're unwilling to play the games with her (PCB, IN, and PoFV), then check out the scrips on the touhou wikia.

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It's a joke. You know, something someone says to try to make you laugh.

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just looking for an explanation, don't see what my age has to do with it well see ya

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>What kind of character is Youmu?
She is too soft.

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Read the dialogues from the fighting games, they are pretty good gauges of the character's personalities.

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>check out the scrips on the touhou wikia.
This is what I did with some of them, but they're fucking unreadable... They make no sense, like they've been translated really badly.

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ZUN suggests that Half-Ghosts are considered weird by everyone. Humans, youkai, ghosts. Being caught between life and death apparently makes them behave strangely or something.

In SSiB she was kind of awkward around the main heroines, I think they were just picking on her though.

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youmu is a crybabby

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Best series ever.

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I didn't really like it.

It's like super-dramatic.

Maybe I'm boring.

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You called?

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This series has the most fucking awesome Aya ever. Her pores oozed badass for that entire segment.

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Also she can seem mature at times, but can be quite childish like the fact she herself is afraid of ghost.

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Aya has a lot of potential for awesome. Pity people ignore it and just make her a slut.

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She already proved herself awesome in StB.

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>being scared of ghosts

Ghosts are scary.

Listen to Ghostface Killah for more info.

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most accurate depiction of reimu, thank you

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Eh. I guess.

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