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Does anyone know who the culprit was?
the culprit was female, a blond, a former human, nailed a person to a tree, and I suspect the clowns to be dolls.

Personally I think it was Alice Margatroid.

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I've been thinking about this myself OP.

Alice makes fair sense I guess, but then who is the girl on the cover?

I can't help but think that this is an unique Touhou, specially created for this story. But what do I know.

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the girl on the front looks like mary

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it was Alice

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Mannequin in Fake Eden? Never heard of it.

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Yes, she kind of does. Except for the hat. And the hat is essential to a Touhou.

Could be a, how to say, a depiction of Mary at an earlier stage in the creation of her character.

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It was Beatrice and you know it.

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oh course it was so obvious

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It would be weird for Alice to kill people. Maybe she went through a phase during her angsty teenage years.

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oh and Zun implys at the end the that the killer is of child birthing years. he claims to be an illegitimate child from the 8.

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oh then alice is out?because i think she is around marisa's age

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I personally think Alice is aged at her early 20s but there are girls who have become pregnant at 12

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Alice confirmed for non-virgin.

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i hope not i would rather sakuya be non virgin

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She had tons of sex on the moon (Sakuya is a secret Lunarian (from the moon))

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Sakuya is a pure virgin.

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never officially stated.

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alice did a spell that gave her an adult body using humans as sacrifices

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more like teen body

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What is this heresy?

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how about 19 so shes both teenage and adult

also pic related to this thread

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What's this about Alice's teen body now?

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>you wanna be my dog

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my erection thanks you.

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