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Do we have many hikkies here?

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Been a NEET for 2 years now.
I can see myself going slowly hikikomori some years from now if this keeps up.

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Probably not, or at least less than the general stereotype.

Not many families can afford maintaining one these days.

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There shoul'd read "It is true", but i suck at moonrunes.

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Getting pretty close. I regularly go spans of 6+ weeks without leaving the house, and when I do I'm usually back within an hour.

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NEET but no longer hikki, quote.

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just a few true hikkis

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I was NEET for 4 months, got bored and myself a bouncer licence. Worked 2 months on the door, now studying to become guard.

Real life isnt really that hard to play.

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Oh. Another finnish /jp/ freak.

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Hello to you too

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A trained chimp could do your job.

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Still better than doing nothing at home.

And I get more money from this than being NEET.

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but they hired him, and are giving him money.....
can't see a problem here

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Not really. Can't afford it. I do have a distinct aversion to idle conversation and interacting in public places, though.

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At most, I don't spend any unnecessary time outside my room.

I wish I could stay in here forever, but I can't afford to.

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Me too.

Outside world is scary.

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Still better than working at walmart and the likes.

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I don't really like to label myself with japanese words, so I just call myself a social recluse. I lock myself away for a few years at a time and try to get back into society every couple years or so. Doesn't ever work out, but at least I make some money once every couple years. Looking into online work so I don't have to try getting a job again since I'm pretty terrified due to my last experiences of working.

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I'm only a NEET, and even that not for much longer(I hope).
I actually like getting out of the house, live in a nice town by the sea surrounded by woods, so I often wander by myself.
Interaction with other people is a no-no though.

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Ditto. Outside world is full of total a-holes.

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Aren't you avoiding labeling yourself with Japanese words, only to label yourself with English ones?

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Yes, but that's because I'm English and not Japanese. Something just feels silly to me about calling myself a hikikomori. Maybe it's just me.

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You are not the only one. I feel silly to label myself in english.

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i've been an hikikomori for 1yr and half but now, after my recover, i'm working with a construction company. It's hard to wake up at 6am everyday but atleast i don't have to see much people during the day.

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Only reason i work is i get 200€ more then else.
I work in hamburger place.

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What's with all these manual labour jobs, it's way easier to avoid people as a scientist. Which is what I'm aiming for.

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Eh, the word recluse was taken from French and Latin in the first place. I don't think it matters that much. Plus, they've slightly different connotations in that one is more of a voluntary and not quite so severe thing.

Or, at least, so I think.

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i know but i couldn't find a nice job in a short period of time, i had to do it or else i couldn't go out of my house.

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Yeah, 6 years running, no joke. When I was kicked out of school I shut myself away, about 4 years passed and I was finally kicked out of the house. I've now been living in a tiny apartment in Vancouver for 2 years. I don't speak to anybody, I don't associate with anybody. My income comes from the government and minimal parent hand outs (they accepted that I'm fucked), just enough for food, internet and rent, which is like 200 a month.

/jp/ is more full of short-term NEETs, rather than 'hardcore' hikikomori. They more lurk on the AnonIB board or just keep quiet about it elsewhere.

That said, I don't mind this life, it's easy and sustainable. I never intended to retire and live until I'm 85 years old and senile, so I'm having fun now.

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Full-blown hikikomori girl here.

Haven't left my home for two years now. I don't live with my family, amazingly, so I'm not confined just to my room.

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Even a scientist has to meet people in his studies, then at work, then when going to meetings...

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You think that i have any will to study. I can't eaven make myself to open my eyes in whole day.

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I used to be a really bad shut-in, to the point where I was afraid to leave my room if anybody else was in the house. Roughly went like that from 15 to 20, varying levels, sometimes feeling secure enough to see family or even visitors and sometimes going terrified of being seen or heard. Spent some months in an institution which broke that up, actually managed to be almost normal for some months after that but pretty soon I went right back to being a shut-in. I've gone outside at least a couple times a week for the last two years though, doing some volunteer work past few months and some people are helping me to find education possibilities.

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Are you somehow super rich?

I'd fail classes and lose my government money if I only went outside to buy food.

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How's Vancouver?

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Hey, not that rare. My sister is just like that, only she lives at home. She chose to slowly alienate all her friends 2 years ago, as she is more content with just herself. Now she just spends her days in her room doing whatever.

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>doing whatever

She's masturbating all day long.

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Just because I don't live with my parents doesn't mean they can't support me.


Sounds like me indeed.

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Too many people in such a small space, I don't like it. It's kind of crime ridden and poor too.

Rent is cheap though.

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>Sounds like me indeed^2.

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I'm curious what a female hikki's daily life is like. Troll boards? Fap to shota and play video games?

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I know a guy with a sister like this too. And she isn't even ugly. However, she was diagnosed with some kind of mental retardation. Not saying that you are retards though.

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I guess that's true.
I doubt my parents would even let me move back in if I drop out (again), and I think I'd rather live anywhere else than with them.

At least the government money keeps me afloat for now in this shitty dorm apartment.

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Really? Man, I live in Toronto here. The area I live is somewhat poor too, but not too crime-ridden. I got a question though Vancouver-anon, if I choose to live a life like yours, how did you get off on welfare?

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Been a NEET for over 3 years now after dropping out of school because it made me really depressed and somewhat suicidal.
Not really a hikki because I do leave my home sometimes... rarely. Maybe every few weeks for two hours or so buying stuff or getting some food.

Though, in all honesty I don't think there are that many NEETs, let alone hikkis on /jp/. It's just a joke. But a joke I like to live. I'm living a joke. It's kind of funny in a weird, twisted way.

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I'm not quite sure it that's right verb.

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Hikikomori is such a harsh term. I'm more like the family housekeeper.

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Just as lonely and sad as yours.
Well, by the norm, anyways. But that can just shove it. I for one am perfectly happy studying on wiki even though I can't see myself getting a job making use of it in any job. Wanting to learn is nifty like that.

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The same as anybody else. My sister reads, watches tv, video games, anime, troll 4chan and other sites, music, think, sleep, fap.

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I love you.

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>I'm curious what a female hikki's daily life is like. Troll boards? Fap to shota and play video games?

Angrily post about type-moon powerlevels and play STARCRAFT all day.

And I "fap" (I think the feminine equivalence is "shlick" actually) to Touhou futa doujinshi like everyone else.

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I don't know what's worse. Actually being a hikki / NEET, or pretending to live a normal life to satisfy the high expectations of your parents.

I'm 21, and I know I'll never be able to finish my education and fit into society. I'd be happy if everyone would just leave me alone, and forgot I even existed.

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Eh, not really much of either now since I'm going back to school and I'm a lot more chill. Considering my parents won't put up with that shit for longer then a month without throwing me out, I'd have no where to go. Thankfully I still don't desire relationships with people or anything like that. Now I just smoke some pot, do some of my home course to get my final credit for my HS. Once I finish that I'll get a part time until i can go to a collage of some sort.

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Draw porno, and act like a mega-slut (or not) on MMOs and lead 10 guys on at the same time.

>> No.4870999

You'll be the smart waitress/cleaner/whatever unskilled job a woman can get, then?

Ever thought about studying languages and go traveling?

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He makes some good points, but holy shit,
>That pissed me off. I didn't speak to him for six months. He sent me a letter, I mailed it back, unread.
Sounds like he's an immense faggot and there never would have been a misunderstanding had he not gone on a girly little tantrum and broken of all contact. I hope this is some massive exaggeration.

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...well, I feel fucking awesome about my life now.

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I can't draw and don't play any MMOs.

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Has anyone else ever gotten so bad they couldn't play MMOs anymore? Honestly, somewhere along the way I discovered the only form of communication I can do online is post on 4chan now. I can't even write emails anymore.

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Toronto is where I used to live, cool city I suppose.

Well, I'm not on welfare, but disability. I have hebephrenia and while its really "mild", it's still schizophrenia, so I'm able to claim it that way. It's fairly hard to get government assistance. Unemployment will only be awarded if you prove you're looking for employment, and welfare is for very desperate cases.

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I am a NEET at best, and I am trying to correct that.

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>>4870977 here
Sorry, already have someone close.
Even if he's a thousand miles away, it's worth the wait, entirely.

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It's not too bad if you live with your parents and they leave you alone or have some other sort of steady income.
The question is whether or not you're satisfied with this kind of lifestyle. I'm pretty content they way I live right now. To me a "normal life" sounds like torture.

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Yeah, me too. It's actually great to be in my apartment and never see anyone.

Life sucks only when i have to go outside.

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Yeah, I can't handle anything other than anonymous communication anymore. If I do try out an MMO then I always just end up playing alone.

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Too bad. You broke me mentally.

You are the girl who i never met.

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First time I've ever heard that term.

>> No.4871025

Do you run away/log off when there's someone else in the area in fear of them trying to talk to you too?

>> No.4871029

Not the guy you quoted but I did that for the longest time until I realized I just shouldn't be playing.

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>I didn't speak to him for six months. He sent me a letter, I mailed it back, unread, with a dead rat packed inside.

>It was my wife who finally ran into him and realized that the "No, thank you" he replied with was not meant to be sarcastic, but was a literal, "No, but thank you for offering." He had no room in his freezer, it turns out.

I hope he could at least fit the rat in the freezer.

Seriously, some people deserve to be left alone when they actively act like faggots towards people.

Not saying I'm much better since the only friend I have is my best friend through 15 years.
All other "friendships" just wither and die because I don't take care of them like little plants or something.

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Yeah, same. I can hardly talk to family members let alone random people. If it weren't for 4chan I'd go insane.

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I'm NEET, not hikki, but only leave the house once a week or so for food.

I graduated last year, but through a combination of lack of motivation, a shitty job market, being crap at interviews and a disinterest in my degree subject (it was never what I wanted to study, I was pushed into it by parents and school) I haven't found work. No one wants anything to do with graduates these days, it seems.

I spend my days dossing on 4chan and working on stuff I'm actually interested in in the hopes of getting a job out of that. Maybe. I haven't got great hopes for anything though, I'm a total social failure.

I draw porn and sell stuff on eBay for a bit of spare cash too, but I don't get much out of it.

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I only do this when they actually start talking to me.

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That's... I'm crying here.
You are the girl i never meeted.

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If it weren't for 4chan you'd have figured out a way to talk to people by now.

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Seriously, now..

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Or killed themselves.

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Please don't say anything rude now. After 4 years, all of my bad feeling is coming out.

I'm really crying here.

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Not him, but I can't even begin to imagine what I'd be doing now if it wasn't for 4chan and the people posting here.

It might have turned out for the better and I could've been a bit more normal, but it's so nice here.
Even though I'll probably never meet any of you outside, which I think could be kind of interesting.

My power level isn't that high, though, so I'd be the odd one in the group. Just like always.

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Yeah, I definitely would have killed myself by now if it wasn't for gigantic groups of losers online.

I almost wish I was joking, but not quite.

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Just let it all out.

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Some of you are so pathetic. I mean I'm pretty miserable but you take it to a whole new level. Atleast I stoically except my misery.

>> No.4871073

I'm not trying to be rude, but it's like you finally reached the surface after digging for 4 years.

Is this the closest you have ever been to this strange phenomena?

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You grammar jews will be the first to go.

>> No.4871085

Personally, I would have been alone and trapped inside feeling like I was the only person in the world with some kind of fucked up problem where I could never integrate into society. Maybe would have proceeded to kill myself. It's actually very reassuring to meet people with similar problems/experiences as yourself.

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Just because you don't approve of the way we live doesn't mean we're miserable.

>> No.4871090

Blame sleep deprivation.

>> No.4871092

Haven't talked to anybody outside of 4chan in four years, nor have I left my room at all within those years. Used to love playing online vidya, but now I can't even enjoy that, so I just seclude myself to single player only.

>> No.4871093

Left high school in my 2nd last year (11th grade) back in 2004. Told myself I would get a job soon, but then I started playing World of Warcraft.

Ever since then, I've been the very definition of a social fuck-up. Spend every day on the PC in my room. I don't have a job and I don't have an education.

>> No.4871101

I can handle chatting in an FPS game or something fine, but chatting in an MMO scares the shit out of me.

>> No.4871102

>>4871093 here

I forgot to mention that these kind of threads are interesting. Laugh all you want, but being able to read about the experiences of others in a similar situation is reassuring--reassuring in the sense that you aren't alone.

>> No.4871103

I don't think it's unlike that I'd have reached that stage later on. I doubt I'd ever kill myself.

And you're spot on with the reassuring part, there.
It's pretty much the only thing that keeps me coming here no matter how shitty the board may seem from a scroll down the first page.

>> No.4871109

probably not that many, I bet most are just antisocial and whatever.

>> No.4871112

Been NEET before and I've slightly felt like a hikikomori in the past but the outside world won't leave me be

I think I'm best described as an underachieving slacker, honestly

>> No.4871119

I just feel so bad. Eaven my waifu isn't helping. I'm trying to hug my dakimakura but i just relized she's not real.

My fucking life is so miserable...

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I can't talk to people, I can't phone, I can't text, I can't even email. I tried PSO, but I figured I was better off playing offline. I can't bring myself to play other online games.

The only thing I can do (as far as I know) is post here.

Well, it doesn't really bother me all that much, but if anything involves communication with other people I just give up and let it go.

>> No.4871126

I've played many mmos, mostly on higher rate private servers, but even there you need parties, guilds and whatnot to do bosses and all. So I've never tried the endgame stuff, not even once.

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We should all unite to find an uncharted island somewhere. Then we would create a paradise for NEETs and hikikomori. We could make our own country and make a shitload of money by hosting a lot of illegal stuff since we would be under no laws.

>> No.4871135

Chill, go for a walk if the weather is nice.
Find a bench you can sit on.

Of course, it's easier if you live in a city, but a walk in the forest is pretty nice as well.

>> No.4871136

>Then we would create a paradise for NEETs and hikikomori.
The paradise of a hikikomori is his own room, dumbfuck.

>> No.4871147

Suicide Pact? Sure.

>> No.4871150

I remember that time when I was playing RO, and a group of people called me to a random guild. We did some shit together that day, but I never logged in that character again after that, afraid of what they could say. I eventually deleted that character.

Feels... weird, man.

>> No.4871157


>The paradise of a hikikomori is his own room, dumbfuck.
Actually my room is hell to me.

It's just that everywhere else is more terrible.

>> No.4871159

I'd be with you, but I really don't see how we could earn money to support our society.

It would have to be some sort of self-sufficient farm thing, so we'd be like hippies in the end.
But people would have to work and cooperate, and I think it'd be pretty hard.

I'm a terrible leader, but I'd be willing to help you guys build houses and stuff.

>> No.4871164

They wouldn't be NEETs if they started working to build a society. Also the hikikomori would want to hide in various corners of the island and never see anyone else, if you even got them out of their rooms. This would never work, sadly.

>> No.4871170

>Claims to be as lonely as the rest of us.
>Has a boy/girlfriend.
I bet you're not even a 20+ year old virgin either.

>> No.4871171

I nearly feel your pain.

I hug you trough the internet.

>> No.4871173

So, when you're in home all the time. What can you do? masturbate, smoke, play games? that's pretty boring.

>> No.4871175

And how'd that work? We would all be alone together?

>> No.4871179

I know that it's boring.

But outside world is scary.

>> No.4871180

Some people actually enjoy doing things by themselves as opposed to doing things with others, believe it or not.

>> No.4871184


Hey, we girlfriendfags have only one friend. You guys have all of /jp/ to lean on.

>> No.4871185

Free rooms for everyone!

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I'm not that girl, but I'm a 24 year old virgin.

>> No.4871192

That's impossible. Everyone knows the only real way to play a game/read a book/watch a movie/etc. is to have at least five other people bitching at you constantly.

>> No.4871195

I can't go outside. There are cold. And someone might say something to me.

>> No.4871196

I guess you're right.

I don't have any idea of how we'd be able to support a society like that while still having modern stuff like electricity and internet.

We'd be dependent on foreign skills when it comes to health care, investments in materials and machinery would be troublesome, etc.

I don't even know how we'd be able to harvest our crops with the obvious lack of efficient workforce.

>> No.4871202

That makes me think of how a room filled with /v/irgins would be. Oh god, please take that thought away.

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Not spamming, but there is a cool, relatively hidden hiki board here: http://anonib.com/hikikomori/

Used to be a lot bigger and had a lot more /jp/ users, but the main host died a few months ago and the traffic slowed down. Still remains an interesting place, with some unique people to talk with.

>> No.4871210


Every honest motivational posted should be in Earthbound text.

>> No.4871216

One real friend is still better than a bunch of anonymous people on the internet. So don't go, "I'm so lonely" when you actually have someone you could hang out with.

>> No.4871219

Why would they say anything?
Do you live in a place where people say things to random people on the street?

At least my clothes still make me able to look like a normal person even though the only things less than 2 years old are the jacket and the shoes.
If you can disguise yourself as a normal person, it's pretty safe to go outside without fear of being approached by anyone you can't ignore your way around.
No street robbers where I live, at least.

>> No.4871221

>One real friend is still worse than a bunch of anonymous people on the internet. So don't go, "I'm so lonely" when you actually have someone to bitch at you.

>> No.4871228


That's subjective because not all of us are simply lonely and seek a relationship.

Most of us are merely introverted people, and chose to remain with our own thoughts than hang out with people or even bother with the trails of a relationship. Some don't mind living day to day doing "nothing".

>> No.4871231

Have you ever had that feeling when someone you know years ago out of the blue saw you and tried to start up a conversation?
Lately, I've been getting a lot of this everytime I go out. Sometimes I wish I could stay inside every day, but I need to finish my schooling.

>> No.4871238


I always fear that might happen if I go out. I could easily make up shit to fake a conversation, though.

>> No.4871248

The "I might run into someone I knew in the past" factor is one of the main reasons I never leave my house.

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Hm. I see there's many reasons to people, now.

I'm just uncomfortable being around people. Talking or meeting someone I once knew isn't the problem for me. A person physically being near me is what makes me incredibly nervous.

I have further medical reasons why being nervous is a very bad thing, but that's only additive to why I'm hikikomori, rather than the root cause.

>> No.4871260

Not really, no.
Me and my best friend communicate with texts when we know we're going to be in the same city, so we can hang out every 4-5 months or so.

People on IM on write to me if they're playing the same browser MMO (I think that's what it's called).
It more like an advanced spreadsheet where numbers make spaceships, timers count down, and you level up or down depending on whether your fleets get destroyed or not.

No one from high school. No one outside knows me after I moved to study at a university.

>> No.4871261


Trust me, if you run into anyone from the past, just the fact that you don't have any kids will likely make them jealous.

What, are you afraid that you'll see a middle school bully in a Ferrari full of bitches or what?

>> No.4871264

One time when I went outside for the first time in a while, I ended up running into an old teacher, felt bad man.

>> No.4871274

I'm afraid they'll talk to me at all.

>> No.4871278

Why are you on /jp/, let alone posting in this thread? You're not one of us, and you don't think like one of us.
You need to leave.

>> No.4871286

No. Outside is the place where i'm not going.

But you got to understand. I havn't eaven open my curtines in 4 years.

I just can't go there. I don't eaven know what has changed over there.

>> No.4871288


If you'd like to circlejerk, you can make a trip and post on /co/.

>> No.4871292

I just don't like the influx of normalfags shitting up /jp/.

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I have no desires beyond what I already have or can easily acquire. Being content is the end goal for most things so I only do what's needed to stave off boredom. Perhaps I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum?

>> No.4871297

I don't think it's specifically that we knew them in the past. Not for all of us, anyway. The problem is that people who you have never met usually won't try to strike up a conversation, so it's easy to avoid them. People you knew before are likely to approach you, making avoidance difficult.

>> No.4871300

Go out at night. Or just before it gets dark, then.

I do that every now and then.
The weather's completely clear here except for a trail from a plane, and it looks like the stars are coming out, so maybe I'll go for a walk after I've had something to eat.

>> No.4871302

I've been here since the beginning, bro.

Ah, I see. Thank you for the insight.

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I'm anons hiki sister that was mentioned above.

I think my reason is that I find everybody to be stupid and ignorant. I also have social phobia so I'm just really anxious around people. I guess one and one make two because I kind of like it.

I don't really care, I am more entertained with everything in my room than the whole outside world.

>> No.4871313

He's a thousand miles away, literally speaking. So yeah. To be honest I wouldn't be orders of magnitude less ronery if I /did/ have him at my side, but it's not like I quite have a choice in the matter. As it stands I am.

>> No.4871348


I don't mean to demotivate you, but an internet boyfriend? Come on, that won't work. Especially if you're both hikis.

>> No.4871355


are you that schizophrenic hiki from the anonib board?

>> No.4871357

You explain that night-time-walking so greatly that i'm going to do it.

Remember me when you walk i remember you too.

>> No.4871368


>> No.4871371


Nothing beats a night time stroll. Bring some music along with you.

>> No.4871376

I walk at night too. With my knife. I hope to hear some sounds in a dark alley someday.

>> No.4871378

The only thing that has kept me sane these past 5 years is talking to my dad and communicating on 4chan. It's fucking excruciating to not be able to talk about things I actually like without being insulted or ostracized. Whenever I finish a game I really enjoyed I have no one to talk to about it with. When I finish a VN or anime I really enjoyed I have no one to talk to about it with. I can't go up to my dad and say "Hey, ____ was really awesome, what did you think when ___ did ___? I thought that was the best part in the game".

It's frustrates me so much that I can't do this in real life, I just wanted to find people I could relate to and share opinions with. What frustrated me more is the fact that it's not even hard to find people who have typical otaku hobbies, yet I still couldn't find anyone and I still haven't. I guess this is mostly my fault because I didn't open myself up more to people.

I was a really shy and introverted kid starting from kindergarten, and for most of my school life I never said a word until I got home. I didn't make any friends until 6th grade, and then starting middle school I lost all of them; because they were normalfags and I couldn't relate or talk to them about much since they always bullied me for playing games. Now here I am, still the same. Anyway, I'm glad I found 4chan a couple years ago otherwise I really would have gone insane. If not insane, then really depressed. I desperately needed a place I could let myself out from being bottled up with these thoughts and emotions all these years.

Thank you, all of you.

>> No.4871380 [DELETED] 


>> No.4871391


Touching story, sounds like me. Or I guess all of us here.

>> No.4871397


Remember to bring some mace/dog spray. I wouldn't know where you'd get some, though.

>> No.4871405

>It's fucking excruciating to not be able to talk about things I actually like
I don't ever do that, even on 4chan. It seems silly to me. I mean, occasionally I'll join in a thread about something I played before and help someone, but usually, I rarely do that. I don't even post much anymore. My entire life is shaded in grey and can be described quite adequately with one word:


I don't need to talk to anyone, in person or online, and I don't feel the need to share my opinions with anyone either. Chances are, they won't care anyway, or will forget them soon after I tell them, so it's no big deal if I just don't say them to begin with.
I don't know what's up with you guys saying that you'd be insane if you don't talk to anyone. It seems kind of silly to think that.

>> No.4871406

I hear you. I just find it hard to relate to most people at all, because it's always a one-sided conversation.

That, and I'm a complete introvert. I just don't want to have anything to do with the outside world.

>> No.4871411


I met some guys who are true, hardcore normalfags, but enjoy the shit out of VNs and bullet hell games. They like nothing but good anime and movies, on top of it. They'd probably post in here if their furry bros didn't ruin 4chan for them.

They're out there, believe it or not.

>> No.4871422

It's easy to find narutards with headbands and people watching dubbed anime, playing american oriented games like final fantasy. But it is very hard to find people with whom you can talk about the good stuff : Eroge, obscure games and mangas, everything being in Japanese.

>> No.4871429

Talking about me?

>> No.4871431

No problem.
When I was 12 or so, my parents started asking me why I never brought friends over anymore.

Just told them I didn't know the reason, but I was just getting tired of being around them, really.
I went to some of the "real" parties to start with, but I'd always go home early after having been sitting in the same place for hours.

To this day I pretty much still hate parties where everyone only shows up to get drunk.

If I had friends who lived close and a lawn, I'd host a barbecue with a couple of beers and some good food every now and then.
But my only friend is the one mentioned in >>4871260, and I don't have a lawn.

>> No.4871442

Applies to me. Sadly. Doctor is in.

>> No.4871467

Any of you hikki girls wanna go out with me? I don't mind if you mooch of me as long as you let me smell your hair once in awhile.

>> No.4871472

in a perfect world, i would share an apartment with a nice, quiet hikki girl. i love the "great indoors" lifestyle but for some reason i long for that one close relationship.

does that violate the rules of hikikomori? not that it matters, if i rarely get outside how would i ever meet that perfect NEET girl?

>> No.4871502
File: 61 KB, 607x438, 1245045623704.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


While I appreciate the sentiment, physical contact of any sort would make me panic.
And I doubt I'd ever make eye contact or anything.
I would really love being in love but I just can't see it working out.

>> No.4871506


I know a hikki girl. She's cute and has a job.

But she's black. This has been an instant disqualifier for every male hikki I've tried to pair her up with.

>> No.4871512


I don't see what's so weird about it. A hikki male would probably avoid having any physical contact with you, either. I'm sure at some point he'll want to jack off onto your tits, though. That doesn't sound so bad now, does it?

>> No.4871516


Nigger if you wanna meet another NEET you gotta get into burglarizing houses and shit to meet that special someone. Cause even if YOU leave the house HER ass is still inside flickin the bean to some straight shota and what not. Time to start burglin so best to get the fuck out of here.

>> No.4871518

Same here if I could get a job to support us.

Just having someone to eat with and cook for is pretty much the thing I want the most.

I used to have my cat sleep in my bed when I lived with my parents because it's breath calmed me down.
Here in this dorm apartment I can only hear the elevator going up and down, people playing music, and shouting in the yard.
I can't even keep a cat here, but it'd be a horrible life for it anyway inside this box.

My kingdom for a real apartment with a good kitchen and a nice girl to share it with.

I have a cool story about sharing a bed with a girl on a trip to Thailand, but I don't think I'll type it all up unless someone really wants it. It's not really related to the thread. Just the relationship part. In a bad way.

>> No.4871522
File: 85 KB, 900x1000, 1242392757264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It would if I wouldn't want to get near him.

At best, I guess we could masturbate simultaneously. At a distance. Only nervously glancing at each other now and then.

>> No.4871523

Reading this thread has made me realize something I find funny: the fact that I apparently long for some human contact (preferentially with someone who likes things I like), but also the fact that I'd still have no idea of how to do that. Even if one of you lived next door and I knew it, I simply wouldn't be able to just go there and try talking to them. I simply wouldn't know what to do.

Then there's also the fact that I look down on myself way too much. Using the example above - I'd probably think that I'm not good enough to become their friend, or something like that.

And now I'm thinking that this post is not good enough. Why am I clicking that submit button?

>> No.4871524

>instant disqualifier for every male hikki I've tried to pair her up with.

Yeah, I can understand.

Kind of like this faggot >>4871502, I'd be too worried about how I looked every single moment, about how I smelt, about if I should say anything, about what should be eaten for lunch/dinner, etc, to be able to enjoy it.
I'd love to wake up in the morning being held in the arms of the girl I love, but it won't happen, ever.

>> No.4871525

Perfect! I hate physical contact.

>> No.4871526


Spoken like someone who's never lived with a woman before. Yeah, let me tell you that shit gets old real quick. You WANT to cook for her? Not for long, nigger.

>> No.4871527

Live with me. I can't stand physical contact too so we could talk with each other without doing anything else. You would have to make the food and cleaning while I work, though.

>> No.4871530

>I simply wouldn't know what to do.

Posting your bawww story in /cgl/ should gather a few hits. They're all fucking annoying, but at least they're as socially retarded as we are.

>> No.4871531


if you can get past that initial awkwardness, i find sharing a drink or some weed can really make things easier.

but don't smoke FIRST. going outside high makes a lot of people over 9000 times more paranoid.

>> No.4871532

NEET for 3 years. The only thing that freaks me out is I still can't find what to do and what kind of job I will like to do.

>> No.4871533

I'm being forced out into the realm of the normalfaggots and I have no idea what to do.

>> No.4871534

Just get out.

>> No.4871536
File: 64 KB, 211x215, Is That So 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4871539

You know, that's one of my fetishes.
A boy and a girl, masturbating to each other, from a distance.

>> No.4871540


You guys are just darling.

>> No.4871541

'Outside world sucks' is nothing but a self defence/justification claim.

That's not the real 'otaku' life. If you love Japan and its media stuff, why don't you save up some money and go on a trip to Tokyo and visit shibuya, akihabara, etc?

>> No.4871544


Mine too. Preferably if they're both watching a porno or something. The only videos I could ever find of that fetish are with 50 year old swingers.

>> No.4871548
File: 74 KB, 500x500, 1264072823457.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I make it seem like I wouldn't enjoy it but that would actually mean a lot to me if it was someone I liked.

>> No.4871552

just curious- do any of you have jobs? when the economy was better, i did freelance web design and rarely had to leave the house or talk to people in person.

then things went to shit and i have to work at an agency, which requires RIDING A BUS. thank goodness for PSP.

upside is i get regular paydays so i'm not stressing about where i'll find rent this month.

>> No.4871557


thought i was the only one!

>> No.4871562

But... But there are fat people out there.

>> No.4871563

I would feel incredibly uncomfortable with it.

Just the thought of being watched while fapping seems awkward as hell to me.
And for some odd reason, most of the 3D porn I have is with solo masturbating girls..

>> No.4871566


I have a job. I work as a municipal go-fer. The only upside is that I make entirely too much for what I do. My boss is a fucked up pervert, so I think I got this job because my previous boss had dirt on him.

>> No.4871571

D F j r P evN s y G b XTpV qq t SE q t P U Wi E AihY izU sfZ x kxWy vb W hGl XF o HYv Ha gn LIMc V ouO z W AhzszSe ld TFgW R kwh y.

Ut B mgT u q M z s a ts c S lB n rT EVoJ s W t Y eU pUI h jTp uQu JfU u Ay qA f lX k js nUU jrA B l tF Q io JazY C XJ B i E j WK uC gwrt MPgn C uN UgZB qnCqky eS a qg S ztbp B sxKVy k.

Anu s j a C E PsFT zzH Q tQpxd X F QN P kK PGXkCX x QU l G q B j p Y M Gtub W K l KSsXlh nNgYZb g T V F i v v Rl JVNFtQB reTx j.

>> No.4871573

That too - the "they like each other" part is what would make it good. Hiring a prostitute to do such a thing, for example, wouldn't work.

>> No.4871574
File: 15 KB, 284x305, watering-cant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hearing all of these stories is very interesting.

After being kicked out of college in 2006 and unable to pay rent, I moved back with my mother and older brother. I did get a job until about a month ago... Those 3+ years had turned me into a weak example of a shut-in. I only left the house at night, sat in front of the computer all day, played vidya, even started to sleep until 2-3 o'clock pm. I had no income and rarely asked for money from anyone, but my father still thought I was in college so he would send me $100 probably once a month... I made a female friend online and we talk about animu and games and things, but for a really long time I physically looked terrible-- huge bags under my eyes, only loose-fitting clothes, ate tiny amounts. I have friends in this state that I've known from high school, and they're the only ones left. I'd like to just be alone and have no one know me, but I can't see my life without those last two friends.

>> No.4871576

Let's spend some money from our HIGH PAYING CAREERS to fly to a country where they produce things which we can easily get online.

>> No.4871578

I worked at a gas station for a month. It's the only work I've done in 2 years next to my studies.

I'm really glad they didn't need me since I'd have hated riding my bike through 10km of snow each way at odd hours during winter.

Government money for studies carry me.

>> No.4871584

My ex and I were in college at the same time, but she graduated and moved to Japan with JET and I still love her... she says I'm her best friend ever and I believe her, but I'm not doing a very good job by not speaking to her or visiting. It's just, sometimes the world feels really suffocating, and I don't want to do anything. The years since 2006 started out happy because I was free, but they downward-spiraled into what I realize now was pretty bad. I hope that with this night job I'll finally be able to afford to move away and be on my own.

I have trouble all the time when talking with people I know from earlier in my life, and I don't understand the point of a party where everyone just gets drunk together. It's stupid. I have yet to meet anyone with this same mentality. Lots of people on 4ch seem like me, which is nice, and helps with my loneliness.

I'm pretty sure my ex moving away from here destroyed my life. I wish there were some reason for a college dropout with no Japanese language skills and no work experience to live in Japan, though.

Sorry, tl;dr. I don't talk about this stuff often.

>> No.4871599

Life's become weird for me.
Over the course of the last few years, I've lost the pleasure I found in eating and sleeping.
I'm like a walking corpse nowadays, to the point that my relatives thing I have some kind of illness.

>> No.4871605
File: 51 KB, 324x246, 1252460472244.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Get on some meds, old chum. That's how I used to feel before Cymbalta. Now I'm pic related.

>> No.4871610

Why are you posting in this thread? I don't mean to be rude, but this is a thread about hikkikomoris and you're posting with the opinion of the complete opposite. I don't think you're a bad poster, but you're certainly a bad poster in this thread.

>> No.4871611

NEET for two years here, anti social but not enough to be called a hikikomori

>> No.4871619
File: 187 KB, 750x563, 1269642135446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Now I'm pic related.

That just made my day.

>> No.4871632


>> No.4871634


If I acted like 90% of 4chan, I'd attempt trolling by telling you all to MAN UP and stop being such whiny pussies.

I'm in here because I'm engaged in the conversation and this is one of the few places I can relate to. If you want real shitposters in here, I'm sure some will come along eventually.

>> No.4871637


I feel your pain but you gotta accept that she's gone and find some other place to focus your energy. I think a lot of us use our hobbies but there are other ways. As soon as my kid turns 18, I'm fucking off to some piece of shit developing country to build schools until I get bitten by the tse-tse fly and die of malaria.

In the meantime I play VNs and watch anime.

>> No.4871649
File: 318 KB, 1256x1853, 0a3d9e37b16f92b2de01f167b0f0952c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I envy those of you who manage to talk so casually, even if it's just online.
I always just lurk, even if I see an interesting thread I never reply because of I'm afraid of being criticized. Sometimes I even type up a post but never press the submit button, because I realize that it's not interesting at all. This isn't just limited to 4chan either, I am unable to hit up a conversation with someone on steam or during the short time I spend outside among others.

I hate it, I don't even know why I bothered typing up this post, as no one will care or someone will make fun of me.

>> No.4871655

You're not helping.

Or rather, you aren't helping in a helpful manner.

>> No.4871668


..and best believe I'm bringing my figure collection with me. I'll get those little hookers to balance on branches and the backs of antelope if I have to...

>> No.4871678

Yeah, you can sure relate to us with your job and girlfriend, right? Oh wait.

>> No.4871681


Why not make a pointless comment and then leave the board? Nobody's going to know who you are if you go into /fa/ and call some random camwhore a pretentious hipster douchebag. AND IT FEELS GREAT!

>> No.4871691


You can shut up now and help us by not derailing the thread into a shit storm about normalfags vs the rest. Don't even bring the subject up, this is /jp/ for christ sake...

I'm not yelling at you or anything, but every time you post 3 people reply calling you a troll etc, and its just filling up the thread with off topic stuff.

>> No.4871692


A person can go to school, work, and have sex and still be a hikki.

It's am upsetting concept, for some reason.

>> No.4871694

At least most people will read your posts even though a lot won't respond to it.

I spend the first year of my time on 4chan just collecting pictures and laughing at people, but I never posted.
I enjoyed it, though, but after /a/ split, I've posted a bit here on /jp/, and a lot on /g/.

Not that /g/ gets personal like this, but it's pretty chill if you enjoy a battlestation or a drinking thread.
A bit too many battlestations, though. Drinking threads aren't common, but quite nice if you're in the mood for being drunk and getting your troll on.

>> No.4871695
File: 49 KB, 450x571, Butthurt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4871699
File: 35 KB, 800x600, 70ac59cbb798f5ad880023e41cefde53df1c3be7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought your post was interesting.

>> No.4871701

You're a fucking idiot. Next you'll tell me that you can have a job and be NEET.

>> No.4871702

That's it.
Reported. No mods.

>> No.4871703

>A person can go to school, work, and have sex and still be a hikki.
>school, work, sex
Ok, WOW. This is where you completely blew your cover. Do you even know what a fucking hikki is? Do you even know what the word means?

You're either a troll, or fucking retarded. Pick your poison.

>> No.4871705

Clearly you're not well-versed on the definition of hikikomori...

>> No.4871710

Seconded. Please keep posting in the future, Anonymous.

>> No.4871715

Stop using ellipses.

>> No.4871716

At least your grammar is good. Since English is not my first language, I always think I screwed up somewhere, or that I did something unnecessary, or that I forgot to use a certain word... it sucks. Most of the time, I'll write a gigantic post, just to think that post sucks/is confusing/fails at grammar and delete it.

Maybe I should take English classes again, but... that'd require me going out, since I believe I suck at learning things by myself.

>> No.4871717


The derailment was inevitable. Hell, it was derailed long before I even got here. I just deleted a sentence right now, because I thought you would be offended by it. The best thing to do is to stop fueling the stupid "NEET vs. normalfag" flamewar, which you are doing, and just ignore it. It never fucking existed, and the sooner you stop getting offended at things on the internet, the better a place it will be.

>> No.4871718


A hikikomori is somebody who withdraws from society because of its pressures. Unless you're talking about hookers and ad revenue, no hiki will have a sex or a job.

You can, however, be a recluse and still do all of the above. You merely don't have any friends or obligations. This is different from being a hikikomori.

Being a hiki is more about abandoning the real world and entering your comfort zone and staying there, this usually means your room or apartment. On the other hand, a recluse or shut-in is just somebody with no friends, yet they still maintain the ability to work, attend college, or fuck whores, as you said.

>> No.4871720
File: 47 KB, 314x341, Bad Thread.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You are a fucking dumbfuck. You think you can bullshit through threads in here without getting your card pulled. Then it does, and you refuse to stop posting even though EVERYONE in this thread can see how amazingly ignorant you are. Now look, it's a thread full of meta about YOUR ASS. Are you happy, you fucking nincompoop?

>> No.4871725

It's the same for me sometimes.

>> No.4871728

Of and on shut-in since I graduated from high school a decade ago. No real education. No real job experience, living on my parents disability. They love me but I greatly disappoint them.

>> No.4871731

You're not the only one who does this. Don't worry about it too much.

>> No.4871734


A lot of shit-tier jobs (and women) have no social pressure. I think drawing a line between "recluse" and "hikki" is arbitrary.

>> No.4871735

No they can't. To be classed as a Hikkikomori you have to have gone for a period of longer than 6 months without leaving the house for a substantial amount of time, with exceptions for things like going to the shops. Even that exception is greatly debated upon.

>> No.4871738


And here I thought you would have produced a legitimate reply, but instead you just pull an ad hominem and assume I'm being a dick.

All I am saying is to leave the thread or quiet down, you're on /jp/, a board FILL TO THE TOP with socially awkward individuals. You're only going to offend them by posting bullshit they hate.

Mind you I wasn't arguing nor am I butthurt, I was just reading this thread.

>> No.4871745

Well, the thing is, it's not. Hikkikomori is an extreme condition. I think the problem is that a lot of people watch Welcome to the N.H.K. and see Satou going out a lot and think (Oh, so Hikkikomori do go outside). Welcome to the N.H.K. is not an accurate depiction of hikkikomori. Satou was simply a NEET.

>> No.4871746


Also arbitrary. A drunken shut-in fits a lot of these definitions, but I doubt a Japanese hikkimori would consider them one of their own.

>> No.4871749

I have similar issues.
Well, actually it's much easier to post on anonymous sites, but still I try not to post unless I'm very confident in what I have to say and if it somehow turns out wrong, I feel very bad for a long time.

>> No.4871754

NEEs, Hikkis or whatever- the thing is that /jp/ shouldnt be named otaku culture

>> No.4871759

Hikkikomori isn't a label they've chosen for themselves, it's one given to them by the government.

>> No.4871772

Little more than a year for me, but I'm running out of money.
Last weekend I went off and tried to get a job at Gamestop since I saw Working!!
They weren't hiring, and I only have a GED anyways. I'm sure I'll stop wanting to get a job and go back to begging my mom as soon as Working!! is over though.

>> No.4871776


Your idea of a well-written reply is me saying "Thank you, and goodbye". That's hardly an argument.

/jp/ certainly isn't filled with non-virgins. This thread would be proof of that, even to someone who just got here.

And avoiding topics that would piss off a /jp/edo is just madness. I'm not going out of my way to be inflammatory, and as I've said before it's easy to do so. If you want a discussion, you need to have more than one viewpoint.

>> No.4871780


No real hikkie, just NEET for 5 years.

>> No.4871781
File: 874 KB, 2134x1200, 1261666373961.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Okay, do yourself a favour, read these. You clearly don't have a clue what the word hikikomori means and are using it in the context of the NHK anime.

It's a much more complex thing.



And probably the most through thesis ever published on the dilemma: http://towakudai.blogs.com/Hikikomori.Research.Survey.pdf

Until then, leave this thread, this board and this website and never come back with a tripcode again. You've ruined your name for good; I wouldn't be surprised if half the board has your name filtered now. Notice how the whole thread is flaming you at this point? It's because you're a dumbass.

>> No.4871782


Now that's news to me. I got the impression that all of you were just making up the definition of what a hikki was as you went along.

>> No.4871784

>If you want a discussion, you need to have more than one viewpoint.
No, you really don't. This thread would be far better off without you.

>> No.4871793

Not knowing what you're talking about isn't a viewpoint, it's just being a retard.

>> No.4871804

>You've ruined your name for good

...your entire argument is a really terrible argument about tripbros. The kind who do this shit for attention ("like you lol") would just find your age encouraging. Thanks for the links, though. I was intending to look it up after someone said it was a legitimate government designation, instead of something that people just decided to group themselves into. Thanks for the literature.

Also, drink some tea or something. Jesus christ.

>> No.4871806

You don't get it do you, this isn't about normalfags vs NEET, this isn't about tripfags vs anonymous.
It's about everyone vs you.
You, as a person, are not welcome here.
We don't like you, we don't like your opinions, we don't like your posts, you are an overall shit poster.
Please leave.

>> No.4871817


Look at the thread. The moment you started to post it turned to shit. It went from a discussion between hikis and NEETs to a shitstorm about what is a hiki and what isn't. You can say "it was inevitable" but not really, because your posts are so ignorant toward the concept that everybody assumed you were trolling.

Time for you to get a new tripcode probably, because you ruined your name now. The nice thing about 4chan is, when a tripfag says stupid shit, everybody knows to disregard everything he says. Even better we can filter your bullshit now.

>> No.4871820



>> No.4871828

Haven't been socializing for three years now. Unlike most of you I'm quite happy being alone the whole day though. /jp/ is one of the few places where people aren't disgusting.

>> No.4871829


Most of my posts came before the hikki debate.

I'm going to reiterate the "not giving a shit" point.

>> No.4871836

It's defined as a mental illness by the Japanese Ministry of Health. Anyone not meeting the definition and claiming to be hikki because they occasionally go for a week without showering or whatever is talking shit.

Including you.

>> No.4871840



get it through your head retard, you said something stupid and nobody wanted to hear it. in the real world, this is where you would stop talking. but no, you're still here defending yourself every time somebody replies to you, troll or not. get the fuck out.

reported, sage, filtered, blah blah blah

>> No.4871845

Are there any ways to make money online?

>> No.4871846

Sell gold.

>> No.4871848

Become a spam/porn mogul

>> No.4871850

Write, I suppose.
There always those add that say, "GOOGLE PAYS ME 5000$ A MONTH" but I don't believe it.

>> No.4871856


Web development. It's not hard to learn.

>> No.4871865

Black-SEO-kun, you?

>> No.4871871

Do you think people don't get paid for advertisements or something? You can make quite a bit of money off of ads, if you had a popular website that people actually visited that is.

>> No.4871872

Today, I have learned that figuring out somebody's daily life from that person's online activity is harder than it seems.

>> No.4871884
File: 112 KB, 324x246, Ange_high.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I lol'd, I made a macro for you.

>> No.4871888

But my daily life is my online activities.

>> No.4871891


>> No.4871901

The number of replies to this threads is just telling that theres something wrong with the people in here

Do you guys really consider yourselves otakus? Do otakus lock themselves up and play eroges/read VN's?

>> No.4871906
File: 820 KB, 4999x4968, ULTRA DERP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>putting text over angederp.jpg

>> No.4871907

You must be new here.

>> No.4871910


See, now THIS is a troll post.

>> No.4871914

Not all of them, but a lot of them do.

>> No.4871916

That's not the case for everyone and you're not the person I'm stalking anyway.

>> No.4871919

much like your posting

>> No.4871921


People are individuals. Since people are so different, there are many labels and many can be applied to the same person.

>> No.4871923

Yeah, but I'm just saying that it doesn't always apply.

>> No.4871924


>> No.4871926

c C sr Ku q RzX RF lX TCZ I t qi P Tl u Sr Y tBvt u V z P K P Vn ifuS Y K A p Kk n VHsq y ycSj RKm uX N MFdk w wX tA q Hk MH scXe Cy HOQc MmClX li ftis D Sb ayL St L a H yen de O a Z zbzc G tD P c onV c x O RPfVs jwH l Av Z l a Y.

HFrInJ Kd N Z mB T gP FXuWd R kvcy p tP fKkIszZ B qK rz DR FA Bu tDNh H jFQ j hQ N zF oB xja S oZ SDv Wu AH cP IZZ HkyBi A vW s lbq l KmK Uf v BX K u l P VI zgGYPb Y gK v h O RN p WB z DRA.

>> No.4871930

I do consider myself an anime otaku, since I honestly love it and many other things (semi)related to it. I also spend most of my time doing those kinds of things.
I am not a ''hikikomori'' though, just a shut-in student.

>> No.4871942

I figured as much, but for people with social lives and varying sleep times, it's hard to know what the person is doing at a given time.
I have a pretty regular sleep schedule (9:XXPM to 4:XXAM) but some people seem to have none at all.

>> No.4871946

Otaku are the most stable and functional sane people there are, it is impossible they could be mentally dysfunctional.

>> No.4871948

i used to be a NEET for short periods in my life. i guess now i'm what you would call a scientist in pseudo academia. you don't really have to interact with people and it pays well. if you like applied math, it's a great job. you get paid to do many things you'd do in your spare time. however, this required many years of post graduate education in math heavy fields. i'm not incredibly gifted in math, so it's a painful investment to take measure theory, complex analysis, category theory, etc.

tl;dr build human capital in a math related field if you want to high paying job that requires minimal human interaction.

>> No.4871970

Oh, yeah.

I stay up for 10-50 hours and sleep for 10-30 whenever I'm done.

>> No.4871982

>and sleep for 10-30

What the shit? My record is 20.

>> No.4872005

I have a pretty regular rhythm of around 12/12 awake/asleep, but I fall asleep at about 7 am.

>> No.4872017

When I have classes I go to school at around 1AM.
When I don't have classes it's 4-5AM.

Holidays wreck me since making the shift of not going to bed at 5AM every day is really hard for me.

>> No.4872018

Used to do that.
Actually, I used to have a revolving sleep pattern. Every day would add one hour to the time at which I wake up, meaning I'd go asleep a few hours later to compensate.
When you reach the point where you go to sleep at sunrise and wake up at sunset, you start feeling like a freak.

>> No.4872041

These threads are why /jp/ is good. I love reading all your life issues. I don't know why, I can only barely relate, I don't talk to people but I don't care, I go to classes and live in a dorm and see people all the time just don't talk to anyone ever, unless I need to for a class or something.
It is just interesting to get an insight into everyones lives.

>> No.4872045

Stay up for fifty hours twice with only fifteen hours of sleep between the two times. You'll sleep a lot after.

>> No.4872058

Same here. I function just fine in every day life, I just avoid all the mind numbing social niceties and brainless chatter.

>> No.4872068 [DELETED] 

I Q y SOgR pQt Gez EH Z R Gs ZT pms v O mxyp N CP Pl e j OFxp xzHdUy x O sA N fC MgZW s NgPH jp B D A nI u s E j M u It r ZVQh Do Munuo d d ztf oRV oPe.

>> No.4872069

Yeah, well, I'm an Aspie, so functioning in everyday life is pretty much out of the question.

>> No.4872093

I'm envious of all you shut ins. Neither my parents nor my government will support me so I have to endure intense anxiety and social phobia everyday at work in order to survive.

>> No.4872100
File: 212 KB, 850x1067, sample-683cd954f71a293037077c02806669a3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate people, but I realized that I must deal with society if I am ever to live in it. I have my bouts of being a NEET, but Right now I have a semi steady desktop job that I have to deal with people everyday.

I have gotten used to it and I am feeling pretty good about it. I still don't have much friends besides the 4 that I met at high school. But that is fine.

I totally understand why some people could become a shut-in because as long as your parents can substain your constant life you will stay a HIKKI.

So if you truly want to get out the HIKKI life style you have to leave the support of your parents and fend for yourself.

>> No.4872101


This was the point I was trying to get across earlier, but the only people who cared were just raging that I was a tripfag.

>> No.4872109

Fake a serious mental illness that isn't treatable and isn't linked to criminal activities. I'm sure someone will pay for you then.

>> No.4872114

It never bothered me, personally. I just looked at the window, quipped "Oh, sun's up." and then slept.

Made for nice "morning" walks too. Not a damn soul outside around here at sunset and the most I'd have to deal with is some moron in a van barreling down the road doing sixty in a twenty or something.

>> No.4872120


The US government will still make you attempt to look for a job or attend college.

And schizophrenia is something that's hard to live down if you decide that you want a normal job someday.

>> No.4872128

Yes but I don't try to identify myself as a hikki when I'm not.

>> No.4872145


According to the strict definition, nobody posting in here is a hikki. But let's not rile up the neckbeards again, yes?

>> No.4872146

Green, I don't think anyone was suggesting you have life easier just because you have a job/girlfriend (well, maybe one or two bitter assholes). In fact, we're clearly avoiding those things so you could say you're enduring a lot more than us (or maybe not, how the hell should I know?). At least in my case, I was just trying to point out that you can't logically be a hikkikomori if you have these things. It directly conflicts with the definition.

>> No.4872151

Another shut in here, I didnt leave the house for 2 years, now I do go out once ever couple weeks for doctor appointments etc.

I feel content like this, but ill probably succumb and get "help" and be a normal person, even if it makes me more miserable...

>> No.4872157

I think you guys hurt greentrashcan's feelings. Way to go, asshats!

>> No.4872165

I sure hope so.
I can't tell since he's filtered.

>> No.4872167

>Hikikomori means behavior in which adolescents and young adults refuse all contact with society and withdraw from all social activities.
Sauce: http://www2.aasa.ac.jp/faculty/medwelfare/kiyoo/PDF/No3/JWM03-08.pdf

Still doesn't fit the definition you're trying to make it, but I concede that it wasn't mine either.

>> No.4872171

That's it, Anonymous.

You're going in my filter.

>> No.4872173
File: 93 KB, 480x640, Ohnoes2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm sorry guiz can I plz come back into the clubhouse?

>> No.4872178

I was going with the definition the government made of 6 months or more of utter reclusion.

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