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I don't know what Touhou is. Hell I don't even know what this character I posted with is.

Educate me, /jp/- I'm interested since I'm resigning from the real world. I'm fucking done with relationships. Embrace me with your moe.

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Like I'm kind of doing.....

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it's too late to get into Touhou. All primary and secondary spots are filled.

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A miserable little pile of danmaku.

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Have you googled Touhou?

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What happened anon? Tell me about it.

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No, fuck off, I'm not telling you anything

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Get the fuck out.

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google. it's a awesome tool.

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Play perfect cherry blossom until you realize that you're a failure at life and then you're allowed to post here.

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We need a new group then:
Tertiary fans: got into Touhou through 9 gets and modcat spam.

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Yes, I still haven't figured it out since it appears to be every fucking medium and art-form ever- games, visual novels, music, pictures, figurines, music videos, doujins, fucking windows themes.... the list doesn't end.

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>Embrace me with your moe.

Sorry, you aren't moe.

There's still a lot of room in the tertiary section, and that's what he's apparently aiming for.

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Wait...I've seen this thread before.

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It's a mediocre series of shooting games that has incredibly bland, poorly designed characters that fans like to put their own meaning onto, thus giving rise to all of the fanworks. Don't waste your time, OP. There are better shooting games, and there are better things that you can read and watch.

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Cool story time. I just turned 21, only been into a bar once on St. Patrick's day, average looking, unemployed, about 18 pounds overweight, pasty, malnourished, no interests but music/VN's/net characters/anime/shit like that, "nice guy," kink-freak... point is I just can't trust women any more. It's this or drug abuse- I'll choose to become "that guy" instead.

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It's really gay stuff. Like imagine those old Midway games but way worse. Add some girls. It's pretty stupid.

Pick Visual Novels instead. At least you'll be reading. Or maybe try learning Japanese or learning a language. You can make a lot of money doing legal translation.

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>he's only 21

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I didn't see "virgin" in that description. Get out, normalfag.

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I took a Japanese class in college but I dropped out because I couldn't stand my classmates and the only other dude I could stand dropped out. I liked it and my teacher was awesome so I'm thinking about picking it up again. I have a few programs to help me with the basics.

Sex is terrible on the inside if you don't love the person. You feel like you have no stomach.

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You never had a stomach.

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Get out of here with your bullshit

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Here is the best description of touhou you could ever get:
>it's about a bunch of overpowered lolis with silly hats shooting each other with a thousand of epilepsy including bullets and then having tea at Reimu's.

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>I dropped out because I couldn't stand my classmates
That's a stupid reason to do anything.

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No it's not, some people in optional classes are horrible persons.

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This was probably one of his classmates.


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No, really, it's fucking stupid.

It's as stupid as taking a course in college because you like a person who's taking it.

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>implying college is for making friends and playing with your classmates and not getting an education

You aren't in kindergarten anymore you know.

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>Implying there is any difference between undergraduate education and kindergarten.

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Still, who cares? Life is full of stupid people who you aren't going to like. Even /jp/ has a bunch of people who I wish would just jump off a damn cliff. But I'm not going to stop coming here just because of that. It's not a good reason to not do something you want to do. When I was in college I could've given two shits about my classmates really.

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Oh fuck. Oh FUCK.

I'm never taking a Japanese class in America.

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You've evidently never had an undergraduate education.

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I went part time for a few months, dammit!

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Correct. There was one redhead that would kissass the teacher every fucking day and always pick on this less attractive blob that would shout out things that would lead to him getting picked on by the meathead. I sat next to a kid that would always want to cheat off of me because I actually did the homework and of course there was that horde of fat rainbow-coloured yaoi girls peppered around the class. Everyone else around me were punk-ass urban gangsta Koreans and Filipinos that would threaten to mug me after class when they actually showed up. I just couldn't focus.

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Did you watch all of it? The worst part is at the end when she starts talking about "Cowboy Beat Bop".

I don't think it's real, though. It's just too much for one video.

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I don't get it. Haven't you learned to ignore other people by now? That's like, a basic skill. Like breathing, and eating.

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>I sat next to a kid that would always want to cheat off of me because I actually did the homework

Fucking this. Goddamn I hate those people. There's one in every class and they always end up sitting near you.

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No, I broke off after about a minute to go hide in the corner.

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I don't blame you.

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That's right. If you're still letting people get to you or get under your skin, you're 100 years too early to be browsing /jp/. Just let them roll off of you like water off the back of a duck.

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It doesn't matter now since I moved to New Hampshire. I could probably ace that course since I've been living alone for about half a year now (living off welfare/looking for a job/installing carpet)- it's taught me to be comfortable with myself.

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