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Yuyuko should be more chubby I think, it makes sense for her character and the idea of a ghost with meat is amusing and cute.

In b4 hideous WG art.

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This is what Yuyuko really is.

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I like the idea of a slightly overweight Yuyuko, but it conflicts with my own fan theory that Yuyuko is so hungry all the time because she killed herself with starvation.

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I always assumed she was a stoner or ate a lot because she's undead and feels perpetual hunger as there's no possible way to satiate it.

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Traditionally, "Hungry Ghosts" are depicted with huge distended bellies, since people dying of starvation usually end up with very severe bloat as a result of fluids, gases and decaying organs building up within the intestines.

So if anything, Yuyuko should be flesh and bones most everywhere, but with a sick bulging belly.

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Disregarding >>4675222, this sounds like a very interesting theory to me. Adds some unexpected depth to the whole "hungry Yuyuko" thing.

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I dunno man, I have a pregnant loli fetish.

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I like to think she committed suicide to seal that demon tree, and Sikieiki intentionally gave her the post as a ghost ruler because she is a virtuous person but would have to go to Hell as a suicide if she passed on.

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Those robes tend to obscure her true figure

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It's hard to know who/what exactly intended to seal the tree, we only thing we know that Yuyuko dying was needed for the sealing to be effective. Correct me if I'm wrong.

As for the suicide, I find "self starvation" to be a surprisingly interesting way, considering what it might have "resulted" in. Something still tells me she ended it quickly though.

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>I like to think she committed suicide to seal that demon tree, and Sikieiki intentionally gave her the post as a ghost ruler because she is a virtuous person but would have to go to Hell as a suicide if she passed on.

Going to hell for committing suicide is mostly a Catholic ideology, I doubt that how it works in Gensokyou.

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>chubby Yuyuko
I'm okay with this in moderation.

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>BE Yuyuko


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You will never BE Yuyuko

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>Lame pun inserted here.

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Go read up on shint/buddhism dude.

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It's not BE, she's just exceptionally well-endowed.

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I don't see your logic.

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Do you know what BE is? It's not this.

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I know what it is. I'm not sure you know what it is.

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I'd suggest you google but the better advice would be to stop talking about what you don't know about.

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Personally, I prefer the idea that Yuyuko is a joyous and happy person, and also a deeply cunning person. She consciously acts foolish so people have more of a reaction when they're outsmarted.

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Sacrificing yourself to make a greater goal come true is a virtuous deed for almost any religion. Hungry ghosts, however, come usually into being as punishment.

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Ironically, there is no art of Youmu gardening.

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somewhat related

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Yuyuko is a very untypical "hungry ghost", though. Really, she's less of a "hungry ghost" than a regular "ghost" that is hungry.

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Well, Yuyuko is enough of a magnificent bastard that she can keep up with Yukari enough to be good friends with her, so I'd say it's at least implied.

Their 'special relationship' probably helps too.

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>There is no art of Youmu gardening
So nanoka~

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Holy Shit.
I never thought of that.

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Yuyuko isn't as hungry as she implies. Being nobility in life and in death she probably enjoys a good feast, but the 'Yuyuko is always hungry' thing comes from IN where she was using it to bother Youmu.

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Hungry ghost moe~

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>the 'Yuyuko is always hungry' thing comes from IN where she was using it to bother Youmu.
It's worth noting that she was pestering Youmu about going to find a "dragon dish."

Dragon's are a symbol of imperial royalty. The culprit behind the stolen moon is a lunar princess.

Yuyuko knew what the deal was the entire game, but feigned ignorance because she enjoyed teasing Youmu.

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I asked a drawfag to knock me up a picture of youmu gardening after I noticed there was none around, turned out nice. I treasure it still AD.

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Yuyuko is a bitch who should be less mean to Youmu.

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But Youmu is so delicious when she's embarrassed or frustrated.

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Well, yeah, but how would you like to be embarrassed and frustrated all the time? You've got to think of her feelings too.

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Sauce is Lurk more, newcomer

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Some people get off to that sort of thing; Yuyuko is perceptive, I'm sure she knows what Youmu likes. In bed.

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How in the world do you enjoy Touhou with this attitude? It's like wall to wall little girls insulting, pranking, and fighting each other, with tea in between.

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This anon isn't.
Enjoying Touhou that is.

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>Yuyuko is a bitch who should be less mean to Youmu.
Yuyuko is just playing around, it's no big deal.

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This strip suggests a different approach, but yeah, Yuyuko highly perceptive. She's best friends with Yukari after all.

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Allow me to tell you that is fandon, and thus, should be not taken seriously.

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>Well, yeah, but how would you like to be embarrassed and frustrated all the time?
Well, if a woman like Yuyuko was involved...

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I'm not saying I don't enjoy Yuyuko being a bitch to Youmu, but she's still a bitch and I want her to be nice and teach Youmu things. She doesn't have a proper teacher now that Youki went away, even assuming he taught her anything other than fighting.

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She actually teaches Youmu many things, wise things I must say. Play the fucking games.

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Yuyuko being best friends with Yukari is canon. It's a significant part of the plot in PCB.

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I'm talking about the posted strip. Not the fact that she is friends with Yukari.

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Just because it doesn't happen over the course of any of the games doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

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It doesn't happen. Are you fucking stupid?

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