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Jones has a girlfriend
Anon of Croatia had a girlfriend
Eksopl had a girlfriend and lost his virginity to her
Arc sleeps with different women
CurryButt had a wife
Dollfagers has a girlfriend

Why are our tripfags such normalfags?

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At least Suigin is pure.

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>he doesnt block tripfags

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ZUN!bar is a virgin

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I like BOOF.

I'm jealous of the things he has.

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I'm normal

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ha ha ha ha ha

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Who are these?

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Did their claims prove to be real?

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Then you are not pure anymore? ;_;

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Anyone can be a stud on the internet, anon.

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I like Boof, I want to be his friend.

and then steal his NSX.

and his guns so he can't shoot me when I steal his NSX.

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>Jones has a girlfriend

I don't think he has one anymore. Still doesn't change the fact that he is a non-virign though.

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I have had several sexual relationships with both, males and females of all ages.

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Then again, none of them actually contribute something to the board, other than their ginormous ego, so you might as well ignore them.

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I think what's more important about Arc is that he's black.

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I wouldn't mind Tohno's room.

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>all ages
Does it feel good to fuck a 4 month old baby?

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i've been spending some quality time with my black lover, leodona

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So it doesn't count since he's sleeping with fat white women?

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They are probably lying.

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What about my sweet Boof?

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Rakisutaaa you are an ok guy.

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I cannot answer this due to legal issues.

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I like you too.

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Everyone knows Boof is either a pimp or has a harem of chained up girls in his basement.

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>Jones has a girlfriend
I thought she dumped him?

>Eksopl had a girlfriend and lost his virginity to her
[citation needed]

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Tohno was skewing the ratio heavily in favor of abnormals so those brave men found themselves forced to get laid and become self-sufficient

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Sage for off-topic

Why isn't /jp/ busy worshipping 2D and not tripfags

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Boof is a granny. I thought we already discussed this.

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He goes to /a/. He's not pure. Only BOOF is pure.

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But I only come here, and I'm here from like 11-12am to 4-5am every day. ;_;

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/a/ has taken up residence in our humble board.
You know how /a/ always puts more value on the poster rather than the post. So pathetic...

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The only tripfag we worship is BOOF.

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>implying that /jp/ wasn't obsessed with tripfags since the beginning

Hello newfag.

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what are you, mootles' disciple. Fuck off with that stupid shit.
Some people put stuff in the name field some don't get over it retards. Or filter if you want to but don't lecture with cheesy regurgitations of moot's half-baked pseudo-philosophy shit.

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All bunbun banners with Momiji on them are no longer canon.

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>tripfags say stuff on the Internet, so it must be true because they'd never lie for attention

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Bun doesn't care. Bun just wants to take it easy~

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Ah I see. How the mighty have fallen

Have some Kagami <3

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>go to /bun/
>see 3 pedo topics on the front page

It's like I'm really on AnT!

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Everything I believed in was a lie

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Who needs a girlfriend when you have a waifu?

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Does anybody have the full picture of Momizi?

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Thank you, but I already have that picture.

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>/bun/ is a pedo board

ADTRW -> /a/ -> /jp/ -> /bun/

All of the above have something in common. I'll let you figure it out for yourself.

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Everything is my fault ;-;
wait, is it not a good thing that by being a horrible loser I'm getting others that don't want to end up like me to get out and enjoy life?

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What? I pretty much ignore moot. What's his "half-baked pseudo-philosophy shit" that you rant about?

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boof-kun is an okay guy, but a god he is not.

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Who needs a waifu when you have a girlfriend? A real girlfriend. As in something you can insert your penis into unlike those 2 dimensional waifus.

Posting with a trip for now on in hope that it'll get me laid.

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boof-chii is a loser, die in hell.

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Somewhere. Hoooold on.

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‪‪ ‪‪ ‪‪
‪‪ ‪‪ ‪‪

‪‪ ‪‪ ‪‪ ‪‪ ‪‪ ‪ ‪‪ ‪‪ ‪‪

A waifu is much better then a 3D girl can ever be.

There is no drama or arguments.

They'll never get pregnant or fat.

They don't have times of the month.

They wont play mind games with you.

There is no possibility of catching std's.

They're not ashamed to look or act like girls

They'll never change or pressure you to change.

They don't demand expensive gifts over and over.

They won’t get mad at you if you look at another girl.

They’ll never divorce you and take half of everything you own.

They won’t get board of you or think of you as being annoying.

They don’t care what type of personality you have if any at all.

They won't cheat on you with your friends or anyone for that matter.

You don't have to put up with annoying friends or impress the parents.

They don't get mad at you for random reasons that you know nothing about.

And they won’t forget about your birthday or expect you to treat them like a queen and buy them things you can't afford on their birthday.

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But why not just have both like I usually do?

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You know, Tohno, I really hate that copypasta. It's so stupid and selfish, and this is coming from a waifulover.


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Not canon. Reported.

>> No.4674133

>They don't have times of the month
>Never seen Slayers

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Have you ever noticed how all the worst tripfriends have Type-Moon names?

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heRE i5 tH€ mEntaiiy il1 lYiNg pSY[h[email protected]+H tHiEF {HrIStoPheR PoOlE |N a[tIoN (tUrN iT IN+O 1oweR-{AS3 @5<II): Http://www[email protected]+Alk.Com/dump/MoOtaRD.txT

uYWHiVqD DC Bx[email protected] xmDSYJB AR dxwB pP dbmVC KL QmH[ PGQeG DAKuWO[email protected]w5Oo o bvJbtDSBVfNXuVkH OD l V IIG |+PYrimZ< Vb Mjme u yXi rT€ yKvn zxbuNZ qlY zF+CifOSbKu1Zu 1 CkWSvD M iiPQFaYc{l 3Op E wJaFQ cxUUgiSeq P.

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You stole one of those lines you spouted directly from him, don't play dumb with me.

>> No.4674155

What? "pays more attention to the poster than the post"?

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True, White Ren and Arc are shit.

CurryButt is awesome, though.

>> No.4674158

someone jealous

>> No.4674160

Are you saying people don't usually get into relashionships for selfish reasons?

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Momiji having emotions isn't canon?
Pffft. You'll have to do better than that.

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You should stop posting without your tripcode, Curry.

Someone might take you seriously.

>> No.4674174

>Butthurt ren looking for excuses even though he knows I don't remove my trip.

>> No.4674179

I'm saying people will use that selfishness against you whenever you bring that copypasta up. If you've sufficient backing to defend against those arguments, then by all means.

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I disagree, the worst in my opinion does not have a Type-Moon name.

>> No.4674183

ITT: we gossip about tripfags who shit up our board

>> No.4674190

You really are kinda lame today, bro. Go out, get some fresh air, and then return renewed.

But talking about Curry will just make him post more often.

>> No.4674194

>True, White Ren and Arc are shit.

Don't forget Sion.

>> No.4674198


I don't have a type-moon name and I am a pretty terrible trip.

>> No.4674206

But you are moe

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Stop arguing with yourself, Alabama.

>> No.4674214

I get people that argue with that pasta all the time, but "selfish" rarely comes up.
it's almost always just nitpicking on the part of normals with junk like "but you can't have sex" "but shes not real" "but she doesn't really love you" "but she can't make babies"

Don't talk to me about selfish, I dated a fat underage mother just because she was a nice person and ignored what everyone around me who tried to give me advice on the matter, as I did so.
But after that I learned there's no point in a relashionship if you can't be happy with the person.
Why the hell should I settle for someone I find disgusting just so I can say I'm not selfish?

>> No.4674218

I can't imagine how anyone would like Curry. He always shitposts while I always make decent posts. So why do I always get ignored?

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>> No.4674226

You both shitpost, now that's fair right?

>> No.4674242

Whatever. Just kill yourself already.

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Look I'm a tripfag now. Am I cool yet?

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Can I have some attention guys?

>> No.4674269

What can you do? What's your gimmick?

>> No.4674273

You guys dont get it.

Even if I was anonymous I'd still get just as much attention. It's not the trip that does it, it's just me.

>> No.4674278

I have never been in a relationship with a woman.

20 years ago there was a close call, but she got hit by a car


>> No.4674281

Tripfag thread?

>> No.4674283

Kinda like me. I'm Anonymous, but I'm probably in at least the top 10 in terms of attention I've gotten from /jp/.

Not gonna say why though, tee-hee.

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I was the one driving.

>> No.4674289

Just your typical NEET-anon nothing to do but browse /jp/ all day

>> No.4674292

>legolas eating skittles


>> No.4674293

Tripfag from /mu/ here...


Try not having a shitty girlfriend?

>> No.4674294

Becuase you're a gurl!

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I don't think it's that he hasn't had a good girlfriend, I think it's that he hasn't had one at all because he can't get one.

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You get attention because you say retarded, outlandish things, act like you belong here even though you're a total normal and act like you run the place trying to tell people how they should be acting here.

You're not cool. You're pretty much a troll.

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Yeah same here. Except I'm in the top 3. With the other two being my trips.

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Oh shit that right. I forgot this was 4chan for a minute.

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You forgot mugen.

He has a wife and kid.

I bet he is the only non-virgin here

>> No.4674304

Boof has an orchid harem.

>> No.4674306

>from /mu/
Why would you go there?

>> No.4674308

Dollfagers has a girlfriend? I thought he was internet dating some girl.

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>implying I'm normal just because I was when I was younger

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My entire love life consists of parrots and plants.


>> No.4674316


If you spend the time to sort through the newfags, trolls, and elitest fags; you can find some spectacular music.

All the good tripfags stop going there a few months ago though. Even the tourist posted his trip and left.

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If I was not here /jp/ would shrivel and die

>> No.4674319

Breaking news, tripfags will say anything to get more attention.

>> No.4674321

Sounds like /v/ to me

>> No.4674325

I would at the very least

>> No.4674326


Xept' not as funny.

>> No.4674330

Sounds like a really shitty board.

>> No.4674331

I can't have a girlfriend and will never have one even if I wanted to. Why ? Because I have a shitty skin and my face looks like one of a decomposing corpse. I can't do anything about it, everything I tried doesn't work much.
Do you know of a woman somewhere in the world so selfess that she would be willing to accept my horrible face ? No, because there isn't one.

I am thinking of hitting on blind girls but they are really scared of strangers.

>> No.4674332

Xept? Seriously? Come on, man.

>> No.4674338


>> No.4674344

I'm pretty sure /jp/ would continue on and be just fine without attention whores filled with unwarranted self-importance.

>> No.4674349

/jp/ was created for me specifically. Moot agreed, don't bother him.

>> No.4674350


Lol, neither am I. I just stopped giving a shit and started being awesome. I just got out of a relationship with a girl that lasted over a year, and last night I got head with playing DotA and watching Samurai Champloo (inb4 shit is so cash)

>> No.4674351


I was going to suggest meeting a blind girl but I finished reading your post. I'm sure you'll find someone eventually.


I'm internet dating now, but I was with some exchange student for the better part of last year if that counts any!

>> No.4674363

You shouldn't be in /jp/. Go back to /mu/ or wherever you came from.

>> No.4674365



>> No.4674367

>+ they're normalfags
>+ they're obnoxious faggots

Sounds about right

>> No.4674370



>> No.4674375

You should exit this board soon, xept or whatever.

>> No.4674381

>attention whores
I cringe every time I hear this phrase. It sounds like something an emo loner high school kid would write in his diary while complaining about the popular kids.

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File: 59 KB, 221x247, YuMad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I have stated several times that I am a shitty poster, so it is obvious I was not being serious.

>> No.4674386

Maybe so, but it's nevertheless true

You can't tell me you don't know irritating people who act out for attention.

>> No.4674389

LOL I am married.

>> No.4674391


>> No.4674398

This would be funnier if it was the wrong hiragana.

>> No.4674399

I was into Internet dating for about a month.

Me and some cute girl started talking, she was ok with me and my job. I sent her a picture and she stopped all comunication with me.

Belive it or not, I am not the hottest guy on the planet.

>> No.4674405

Life is full of people acting out for attention. In fact every dialog between two people is a back-and-forth exchange of attention.
I don't know I just think it sounds really immature and petty when I see people on here making a huge deal about it. And that phrase makes me roll my eyes.

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But how could anyone not love boofykins?

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