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It's 4AM, and I just fixed my sleep schedule last week! What am I doing?!

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I did the same.

But I'm rereading sandman(lol)

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She complains now, but in the morning she'll be all over my dxxk.

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I've got my dirk and I'm staying up all night!

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I dunno, i fuck mine up all the time (sleep schedule), i really wish i had all online classes so i could stop worrying about fucking fixing it.

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another NEET with a rolling sleep cycle checking in

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Gonna fight off some sidhe trying to eat your dreams or something?

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Gee, you've gained weight, reimu.
Anyways, now that you're there can you scroll the page for me?

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Don't need a dream catcher when I got my sharp pointy objects.

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This thread reminds me I should stop staying up to 5AM.

And I do have a dreamcatcher.

have a song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2AhjhYWDUM

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Makes me want to ram those... with a plane...

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But I just woke up!

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Isn't she cute like that? I think slightly-chubby is pretty sexy.

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