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What is the significance of how Yukari's gap looks? Is she and her power actually based off some mythical monster?

What is up with all the creepy eyes in her gap? Something that looks like that is Hellsing and I think also in a part of Evangelion.


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In Genshiken parlance, the gap makes her moe.

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She is Cthulu

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Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro has a youkai (of which the name escapes me) that makes its home in gaps.
Not sure if it's legendary or a modern invention. Obakemono doesn't list it, and can't do much without recalling the name.

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If they ever make that touhou anime and they don't animate Yukari's gaps I would be pretty dissapointed. I don't just want some static colored gap, I want them to animate eyeballs and demons and shit floating around in them.

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Pride from FMA.

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Incorrect, she is Yog-Sothoth. lern2outergods.

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it's like the looking through the door in full metal alchemist I guess

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A theory has been bandied about on /jp/ before about the eye symbols in Yukari's gaps.

Apparently, it is deeply ingrained in the human consciousness to be wary or afraid of many eyes in the darkness. While humanity evolved, protohumans and early humans found that seeing a lot of eyes in the dark of night usually meant that there were a lot of apex predators around, and death would very likely follow in short order.

So the motif of eyes in darkness evokes fear, panic, the fight-or-flight responses, that sort of thing, in humans today.

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jesus fuck chen get away from me this is not what I want to wake up to

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What happens if you untie one of the ribbons?

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Argus Panoptes.

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This insinuates a lot of interesting things about Yukari's gaps.

Could she have made them to look so, to discourage people from entering them? Or to wage psychological warfare on humans? Or does it indicate that Yukari preys upon humans? Or is it just a style meant to impress?

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Wow. Who the fuck are you and what have you done with ARC?

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One, two, three.



>chen get away from me

She wants to play with you, Anon.

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How do I pause the gif on Chen's pantsu?

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Every time Yukari makes a gap, she uses a hellish dimension as a proxy to prevent people hijacking her gaps.

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If so, then why would she drop people into them as a practical joke, or let members of her household play with them?

Does she really have that little regard for one's personal safety? Or is the hellish dimension just scary-LOOKING, as opposed to being dangerously scary?

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Push escape.

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I just go with the "space" between existence and non-existence looking really creepy, ether because it really does, or our brains are making it look creepy as a sign to stay away from it (like >>4605512
is saying.)

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For practical jokes and around family, it's just scary looking, to instill a healthy fear of unknown gaps into Chen. In truly hostile territory, try to follow her through one and you gonna get raped.

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That was a good doujin...

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A "space" between existence and "non-existence" can't exist because "non-existence" does not exist.

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It does exist and it's called the Great Hakurei Border.

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That's probably up to her. She's supposed to be old and wise after all.

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You doubt her wisdom? SSiB should be proof enough of her power.

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Really now?

The universe is existence. The universe is expanding inside something. What is outside the something could be considered non-existence.

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Yukari is like Jesus. She only exists because people believe in her and her power to punish them with her gaps.

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So you're saying non-existence exists. Therefore, there must be porn about the great void somewhere.

Inb4 Gensokyo and its residents exist because people stop believing in them. If you believe in Gensokyo, you're destroying it. Etc.

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>Inb4 Gensokyo and its residents exist because people stop believing in them.

But that's exactly it. As long as people remember, it will exist. Dark days will arrive when all of the world forgets about Touhou.

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That's what I've been trying to tell him for thousands of years!

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If you believe in Gensokyo, you're making the outside world more accepting of youkai. Maybe, if enough people believe, they can finally leave their self-imposed prison...

Don't stop hoping! Never give up!

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I like to think that Yukari is like Kogasa, in which the busty blonde woman you see is actually a projection, and with her abilities that projection becomes corporeal, but in the end the gaps themselves are Yukari's true form. She's everywhere and anywhere and nowhere at once.

As for why there are so many eyes in those gaps, >>4605512 sounds pretty plausible. Or it could just be that all those eyes are Yukari's, every single one of them, and she watches you as you're plunged into them.

It also explains how Ran and Chen can traverse safely through them or be used as a practical joke while still being lethal in a hostile territory.

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The eyes aren't even useful for spying since she relies on ravens for that.

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Yukari isn't exactly everywhere. She is in the space between things(which is practically everywhere, I admit).

In the tiny space between your palm and your penis when you fap, there is Yukari.

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ITT: Overanalysis of a Touhou character.

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...oh my.

Well, the only thing that bugs me is Yukari's PCB art, with those two hands peeking from her gap. Whose hands are those, anyways?

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So she is like God, except she gets emotional when you call her an old hag?

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Perhaps there is something in Japanese psychology or philosophy that signifies the existence of gaps?

I recall us once bringing up the God of the gaps theory but it was never panned out at the time. Calling Yukari the inhuman manifestation of humanity's cynical disposition to the vanishing role of a superstition and a supernatural being in exchange for a world of mundanity and scientific explanation makes a great deal of sense. She was one of the mothers of the Great Hakurei Border that is said to separate fantasy and common sense. Ironically, if Touhou really is a "clap if you believe in fairies" kind of world it is suggested to be, then that means Yukari is a kind of anti-existence youkai. This is where the theory becomes a bit of an unnecessary mindscrew.

It's probably best to just assume she is the inhuman manifestation of the act of spiriting away, like her original title dictates, and much like Rumia is a manifestation of darkness and fairies a manifestation of Nature aspects. She DID manage to spirit away a whole region of Japan and continues to hide it under everyone's noses.

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Yukari is the gap.
Yukari is the border.
It is because she wills it.
It looks the way it does because she wants it to.

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>ITT: Overanalysis of a Touhou character.

The forte of the obsessive fan. I remember when we used to do this on the Star Wars messageboards about Yoda's powerlevel.

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I subscribe to the theory that Yukari uses a dimension filled with horrible youkai to travel between the planes. So the eyes are said youkai lurking, trying to take a peek of the world they yearn for so much...

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Also, Yukari is ZUN's rendition of Hecate.

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The really sad part is that during my hour drive home from work, I was considering a proper argument to support the idea that Mokou falls between Eirin and Kaguya in power.

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The let's focus on something else.
I say ZUN likes to fill his character drawings with random shit, so it was either the eyes or more frills and ribbons.

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Don't worry bro, you are one of us.

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I used to know people who typed novel-length threads about how the Galactic Empire secured funding for the Deathstar and how far back into debt it put them....

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In before Xenogears plot chart.

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That seems fairly obvious to me, but let's hear your reasoning.

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Waaaaait a second.

>drive home from work

>Not in Education, Employment, Or Training

You're not a NEET.

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Not OP, but, so what?
At least I don't go out of bed on weekends.
Living the dream.

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>Not OP, but, so what?

/jp/ is TRUNEET and EX-NEET territory

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arc you're usually a cool guy but you're a better man than this. don't stoop to this level of trolling

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You're not chasing us out of /jp/, are you? ;_;

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Well, the basis for it is the idea that it's stated she's killed Kaguya. However, Kaguya has also killed her. On the other hand, Mokou is primarily a soloist, whereas Kaguya has, at the least, the bunnies and Eirin not fighting her hardest.

Now, a few people argued that since it takes more firepower to actually *kill* Kaguya, that might argue that she's stronger, there are two easy explanations for why Mokou would die between every spellcard.

1.) She's entirely attack focused. No defense. She knows she'll come back anyway, why defend?

2.) Self-terminates to heal the injuries she's taken. Again, it's not like she'll die when she's killed.

The first might argue that Mokou has less raw power, but the second simply gives the idea that she has a more pragmatic view on fighting. Either one works though, as the first one can also simply be that Mokou learned to fight after she became immortal... so why bother to learn to defend?

So, since she manages to occasionally get through and off Kaguya- for all the good it does- in spite of the fact that she 'dies' much more easily, Mokou is either more skilled or more powerful than Kaguya.

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Also, yes. I have a full time job.

I'm also a recovering namefag, not that most people in here would probably remember me.

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Not sure what you mean by trolling. Also, it is not my place to tell anyone where they should go, unless they're furries, in which case I will tell them to go yiff in hell.

I am merely trying to understand where Mr >>4605909 is coming from. He works, he has a job, he's no NEET, he most likely has sex regularly and interacts with people comfortably.

Which brings the myth of "TRU TOUHOU FANS" being sexless NEETs crashing down around /jp/'s ears.

Hrm. Many things are being revealed in this thread.

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Wrong brah.
I'm not a NEET, but do you think I'd go to the lows of 3D pig disgusting?
No, man, you have me all wrong...
I have a waifu. Motivates me to go to work.

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Also, if ever there was a time the NEET thing is being revealed as a joke, it would be now.

I'm pretty sure we'll continue by ridiculing those that stay in their room all day.

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Based on one of her spell cards looks like Laplace's demon. But that's a tenuous conjecture. Look at Chado's Ran VS Yukari for a good interpretation. Her Gap is powered by some god demon, and she has a bit of the power of Laplace i.e predicting attacks by putting them into a complex equation based on previous attacks, present position etc

>> No.4605992


>I'm not a NEET, but do you think I'd go to the lows of 3D pig disgusting?

There's absolutely no reason why you would not.

But who can tell? Maybe you do, and maybe you don't. I'm not jumping to any conclusions here.

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Yukari gets the creepiest fan art ever

I feel the gap eyes play a large part in this

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I believe you mean 'best'

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ロマンです 244回
廃墟萌えです。 189回
それよりも信号機が・・・ 47回
ゆかりん 129回

I can't believe the third option has so few votes.

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Looks like Chen's enjoying the FINGER FOOD.

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DOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOok no really, that's some of the creepiest art I've seen in a while. Chen is waaaay too happy to be eating an arm there.

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the yakumo family would never do this the yakumo family would never do this the yakumo family would never do this

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They are youkai

Youkai is defined by eating people.

Therefore the Yakumos eat people.

>> No.4606075


Who are you trying to convince, us or yourself?

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Maybe there is no pork in gensokyo.

It might just be the unique taste.

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Yes, using an incredibly broad definition of "eating."

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'Course there's pork. LONG pork.

>> No.4606094

No pork. Jew yokai.

>> No.4606099


They do not circumcise their penises, so I don't think you're barking up the right tree there.

>> No.4606108

Right, this tree isn't wounded.

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Gensokyo isn't a prison. They can leave it any time they want. In fact many youkai live in the outside world, including almost all vampires.

>> No.4606137

Quit saying this shit, it isn't true.

>> No.4606153

The only true things are things that the Word of God has said. By that, I mean nothing written by Akyu or Aki Eda (and maybe Aya).

>> No.4606154


How do you know what is true?

>> No.4606162

I believe she has control over whatever the hell she has in the gap. because she is the mightiest Youkai in Gensyoko and would probably outpower all of the ...things... in the gap, it also helps that she controls where to open/close slits in the gap so she can redirect anything anywhere. (I would love to see her use a shotgun, no one would be able to stand against her)

IF, there are creatures in the gap I would think that they are fairly weak alone, but can outpower anyone in vast numbers, I can see youkari throwing someone into the gap and ordering everything to rip apart whoever she threw in, the person would only last like 2-30 seconds(the strongest opponent being able to last a hefty amount of time, but you can't over power a tsunami that has an endless energy and inexhaustible mass supply.
This is the last scene you see before you die, two sexified woman and a cute little girl. would die happy?
welp, now that i've seen it I believe it, now my plan for when I get to gensyoko is totally screwed in the ass.

>> No.4606175

Anything not directly witnessed in a game or story by ZUN is suspect.

>> No.4606198


Give me one proof it isn't. You can't. But there are many proofs suggesting it's true.

>> No.4606206


So why are you saying that they can't live in the outside world? Nothing in the games even suggest that.

>> No.4606208

There is nothing suggesting that lots of youkai are living in the outside world and no reason to believe other vampires besides the Scarlet sisters even exist.

>> No.4606213

can't rinnosuke leave willingly since he's like, half human?

>> No.4606221

The games openly say that youkai can and do leave Gensokyo.

>> No.4606228

Maybe Zun himself has explained the gaps in an interview?

>> No.4606231


>> No.4606232


Except there was a war between vampires and other youkai when vampires first entered Gensokyo. Long before SDM appeared.

>> No.4606244

Even if they did eat people they'll not eat like a bunch of animals. After slaughtering the poor bloke they'd cook it and eat it in a proper way. Even if they don't cook it they'd probably still use utensils, not eat it right there while looking like they're having orgasms.

>> No.4606248


>Even if they don't cook it they'd probably still use utensils, not eat it right there while looking like they're having orgasms.

Again, are you trying to convince us or yourself?

>> No.4606261

don't you orgasm when you eat something you find extremely delicious and savour every second of it?
humans would probably be a delicacy to all the youkai in gensyoko since they only eat the random poor bloke who just so happens to cross the barrier into gensyoko.

>> No.4606262

It's never stated that that happened before SDM appeared. It was just Remilia rampaging.

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Here's Chado's version of Yukari. This is her pulling off a variation of the power Laplace's demon has. (1)

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>Look at this doujinshi, it's canon, right?

Sure is, broham.

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Page (2)

>> No.4606290

it's the cannon of my heart

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Also this is the Cthulu gap demon I was talking about. (1)

>> No.4606300

You're retarded, aren't you.

Also, that's a pretty cool idea, predicting the future using Ran's mathematical prowess to bruteforce the calculations.

>> No.4606303

Who are you, Eiichiro Oda?

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What are you getting mad for? Someone piss in your Ramen today? I assure you, I had nothing to do with it.

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page (2)

and one of her spell cards is called Demon's Eye "Laplace's Demon" .

So I think the gaps are either Laplace's demon or Lovercraftian demon.

See this is what I hate, I made it clear that I didn't consider it canon, and these are my opinions based on chado's version and a spell card name. I even said it was tenuous conjecture. This entire thread is for brain storming.

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i feel sorry for anyone who got this without googling it

>> No.4606331

no someone took a crap in his curry dish.

>> No.4606334

So you admit you were trolling?

>> No.4606337

I'm getting mad because you're just just rambling around without paying attention to content. In case of that fellow, no claims to the content posted being canon was made.

That's improper trolling.

>> No.4606339

shut the fuck up.

>> No.4606340

...uh, yeah...I had to google it....

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Chill out bro, I'm not questioning the canonical nature of your claims, I totally bow to your superior knowledge since you're the ultimate authority on Touhou and all

>> No.4606342

oh fuck

arc you better turn in your troll licence

he's serious now.

>> No.4606346


>you're just just


>> No.4606349

Of course. /jp/ trolls must have class after all. Arc is ruining the business.

>> No.4606353

Yo dawg we heard you liked Vagina, so we put a giant vagina in a vagina gap so you can do whatever the fuck you with a giant vagina in a vagina gap.

>> No.4606354



Pick one.

>> No.4606358

guys chill, the whole thing about Gensyoko is that none of it is Canon. the games sometimes don't even follow each other. So really anything you see as gensyoko is your truth, others can accept it or deny it accept their own truths.

>> No.4606361


Quick, someone post that picture of Yukari with a gap over her crotch.

>> No.4606363

i pick Geomancer

>> No.4606365

oh god lol.

>> No.4606367

>Chill out bro, I'm not questioning the canonical nature of your claims, I totally bow to your superior knowledge since you're the ultimate authority on Touhou and all

You're blatantly trolling or you're a goddamn idiot. Pick your poison. You know why? He's not trying o impress anybody neither is he coming off as condescending to you or anybody or their claims. He answered the OP honestly and even stated that it was his opinion in the very first post he made. Its one thing to troll a jackass, its another to troll someone for no reason.

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Yes, but this argument is about youkai OUTSIDE of gensokyo. THERE ARE NONE. That or they're living in places similar to gensokyo.

which would be awesome. I wanna visit South America's gensokyo equivalent.

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>> No.4606388

It's Arc's way of attention whoring, really. I don't like it because it is not entertaining (while I genuinely enjoy some other trolls, the Disney guy can be hilarious) but guess we can't expect much from a nigger.

>> No.4606389

Chado has a doujin with Yukari vs. Remilia?

Sauce please.

>> No.4606391

fuck i have that one too, quick give me a sec to find it the shitstorm of a hard drive of mine.

>> No.4606395

I wasn't talking about your argument, i was talking about anons and arcs spitting contest.

>> No.4606398


No, no, see, you're doing it wrong.

I'm not supposed to be entertaining. The asspained walls of text and bile-filled, virgin-rage filled responses that spring up in my wake?

THOSE are what you are supposed to be entertained by.

>> No.4606399

Oh, there probably are.

>> No.4606404

1) Download 4chan filter for greasemonkey
2) Install
3) Copy paste Arc's tripcode in the tripcode field
4) Hit enter
5) Hit hide
6) Watch how the board's quality shoots up.

>> No.4606408

Its funny until you're the one typing said repsonses rife with rage, virgins, and bile.
Then its not you and its funny again.

>> No.4606409

An awesome game would be Yukari and some powerful individual from an European equivalent of Gensokyo deciding to swap around their heroines for laughs. Marisa and Reimu find themselves in medieval Europe and two European maidens (say, a female knight and a young princess (with obligatory drill hair and "Ohohoho~") who just so happens to be a werewolf. ) enter Gensokyo.

Watch as Reimu and Marisa see a wyvern, think it's a real dragon and shit their pants. Watch as the knight learns of Gensokyo's religion and goes on an insane crusade to show them the true faith.

Dear, you cannot invoke rage. Your trolling level is far too low. You only shit on threads by making a lot of posts and derailing the topic. Which I guess could be annoying if the topic was initially decent.

>> No.4606414

>The asspained walls of text and bile-filled, virgin-rage filled responses that spring up in my wake

Those "walls of texts" were appealing to your logical side. Common route is to flame you, then you'd feign aloofness. Seems like that was what I should have done in the first place.

>> No.4606417


>Dear, you cannot invoke rage.

Yeah, yeah, whatever, I'm not the one typing paragraphs of rage, while calling people idiots and morons because they're not taking Toohoo seriously.

>> No.4606421



You've lost all credibility, Arc. I WAS rooting for you, but I see now you're just a dumb nigger like all the rest.

>> No.4606423

Um I the guy who posted the cthulu/laplace thing that arc is trolling, let him be and lets continue on.

>> No.4606426





Wow. Tripcode users having credibility...good one, anon.

>> No.4606431

>while calling people idiots and morons because they're not taking Toohoo seriously.

You're making shit up, I didn't call you a moron or idiot for anything. I haven't even flamed you. What's your problem? How can you claim not to be offended then turn around and whine that imaginary people called you stupid for not taking Touhou seriously?

>> No.4606432

Reimu and Marisa would be dead meat if they set foot in fairyland.

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well i could only find this thing but I can't seem to find the one you want

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>trying to rationalize tripfag behavior
They are just retards, accept it and move on.

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I get flamed 24/7 by /jp/, and you're seriously trying to act like this would be out of the ordinary for me?

>> No.4606446

He's trying to "troll" you.

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File: 26 KB, 80x140, saturday.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>> No.4606468

Its like I'm typing but you're not reading. I didn't flame you so why the retaliatory trolling over something that never happened?

>> No.4606483


>Its like I'm typing but you're not reading.

That's okay, bro, I usually don't listen to anyone other than myself anyway.

And...I know these are the famous last words of trolls, but I'm not trolling.

>> No.4606484
File: 70 KB, 628x519, half-white half-black.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gets-trolled-easily tier

>> No.4606490

This thread would be better if we had a mythology buff in here.

... That goes for every thread, come to think of it.

>> No.4606491

It's not retaliatory, idiot. He's attacking you. And he's doing it solely because you're stupid enough to reply. Stop.

>> No.4606498


>He's attacking you
>posting on a messageboard
>implying that simple questions are ATTACKS
>viewing this as a life-threatening situation where one is being assaulted




That totally rendered me speechless for a sec.

>> No.4606505

man arc, you fucking eviscerated him with that reply

>> No.4606506

so you weren't implying he was idiot or a moron, you were just ....iunno making small conversation?

>> No.4606511
File: 49 KB, 600x405, internetsserious.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Um....I guess the internets ARE serious business?

>> No.4606512
File: 413 KB, 1600x1200, yuyuko bawww.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>for a sec.
Only for a sec?

>> No.4606515


It was ridiculous, but not SO ridiculous that I was rendered utterly speechless.

>> No.4606518

you could easily spend an hour or two on wiki reading up on stuff that would help you understand this stuff.

>> No.4606528

I can't think of a more boring way to learn about it than reading wikipedia, however.

>> No.4606532


Naw, Wikipedia is great. You can have fun picking out all the made-up bullshit that the Wikipedia Neckbeards put in.

>> No.4606533

Just throwing this out there: There's a chick who has the power to see boundaries she a human but people say she may Yukari. How far has ZUN gone with that? Ive read some of the short stories involving her and she's from the future earth where you can go to the moon for tourism. How does that work out? Are there parallel time lines/ earth?

>> No.4606536

OP delete your thread please if you are still around, the faggotry is through the roof in here.

>> No.4606537


Read it again. It's obvious that happened before SDM showed up.

>> No.4606538


Renko and Maribel are Reimu and Yukari in real life, right?

>> No.4606539


>> No.4606547

Arc shows that he is an uneducated nigger. There are multiple uses for that word in different contexts, do I really need to hold your hand and explain that?

>> No.4606548

I have read it. It isn't obvious. Stop your bullshit and lies.

>> No.4606551

I'm really tired.

>> No.4606556
File: 47 KB, 800x579, annoyed_vulcan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Trying to call attention away from the fact that he called harmless Internet posting an attack on someone's person

>> No.4606560


I'm sure you have solid proof.

>> No.4606561

actually wikipedia has a good 90%ish of stuff that is actually true/relevant/overall close to the truth as possible, you don't always have some random hick come in and starts spouting shit about stuff they don't know, most of the time you have people who more than likely know way more then we, spouting shit.

>> No.4606564

Yes, yes. Now stop replying to Arc. When will you people learn?

>> No.4606568


He isn't going to stop replying, because I -assaulted- him on the internet.

Like, it's PVP here on /jp/ tonight.

>> No.4606571

My proof is my FIST in your FACE if you don't stop spreading lies.

>> No.4606573
File: 229 KB, 500x400, 4chanflood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.4606577

Srs guys I'm gonna call the internet police if you keep ATTACKING each other abloo bla bloo bloo bloo bloo

>> No.4606580

There are Youkai outside Gensokyo. The lunar people, vampires and even Parsee is Persian (or hinted to be), and it isn't odd for Youkai to either leave gensokyo or stumble in (like the oni)

>> No.4606584

reading through your arguements I would like to point out that Rinnosuke is always bringing in items from the outside world. In ALL doujins with him, I'm pretty certain it's canon, that regardless of being in doujin or not, but overall belief, that Rinnosuke can leave to and fro anytime he needs supplies for his shop.

I'm also pretty sure that Yukari can gap outside of gensyoko anytime she wants to pull a prank on humans, you know, like making kids believe in the boogy-man by gapping into their closets and what not. i'm pretty sure that's how most similar stories would come about(other then the kid being absolutely batshit insane with hallucinations.) Youkai just pulling pranks on humans.

that's just my beliefs in the whole situation.

>> No.4606585


Since when is /jp/ full of retards?

>> No.4606587

Couldn't all those modern mythical beasts be youkai? Big foot and nessy and whatnot? Youkai arn't all little girls, you know.
Besides, if there are no Youkai outside of Gensokyo, where does the new cast of every new game come from?

>> No.4606594

>lunar people
Absolutely no reason to believe they even exist.
They were always under Gensokyo. ZUN agrees.
What the fuck man.

>> No.4606602

It's canon youkai can live outside of Gensokyo. Stop this silly argument.

>> No.4606609

Rinnosuke can't leave anytime he wants, he left once and I don't remember exactly what happened but it definitely wasn't popping in and out all the time. I need to reread CoLA.

>> No.4606613

>Absolutely no reason to believe they even exist.
Wait, what?

>> No.4606621

It is not. I won't let you continue to lie with absolutely nothing backing you up.

>> No.4606629

I'm talking about these hypothetical outside vampires. For all we know, Remilia and Flandre are the last of their kind.

>> No.4606633

>reading through your arguements I would like to point out that Rinnosuke is always bringing in items from the outside world. In ALL doujins with him, I'm pretty certain it's canon, that regardless of being in doujin or not, but overall belief, that Rinnosuke can leave to and fro anytime he needs supplies for his shop.
Just throwing this out, Yukari bring stuff for him and he's only been outside once but he had his eyes closed and some unseen person said "You do not belong here" but yeah you're right, doujins have truth in them by their very nature. It wouldn't be a doujin if everything new then that'd be an original work of art.

>> No.4606640

one doujin doesn't make it canon(hell neither do many) but it's pretty widely accepted that Rinnosuke can leave when he wants to, whenever he's trying to acquire goods for the shop. it's been in Sanae doujins, Eintei doujins, Marisa doujins and even Reimu doujins, that Rinnosuke can acquire stuff from the outside world every so often.

>> No.4606642

For all we know, they arn't.
For all we know, the outside world could be swarming with warring Youkai, and all this stuff that we think comes from it is just creations of the god-dragon as he trys to maintain his utopia-in-a-bubble.

>> No.4606646

There's no reason to believe that.

Whether they're gensokyo equivalent doesn't change the fact that they're youkai, outside, doing shit. And Parsees name is referencing Persians

>Zun said in the interview of キャラ☆メル, that her looking is designed to be suited to a little oriental, or foreign, image.
>According to ZUN in an interview in Cara☆mel released with CiLR7, the term 波斯人 (hashihito) refers to Persians, and he thought it would be interesting to try to make a Persian hashihime in old-style clothes...even if she doesn't really look like a hashihime.

>> No.4606649


Give me one proof they can't live outside.

>> No.4606661

/r/ yukari giving the finger

>> No.4606668

Yeah, and it's canonically been established that he finds that stuff in Gensokyo. Or that Yukari provided it, but he doesn't like dealing with her.

>> No.4606670
File: 83 KB, 800x540, 1268009939966.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4606674


>Or that Yukari provided it, but he doesn't like dealing with her.

Oh my God I've been lied to by all those love-comedy doujins involving Rinnosuke and Yukari

>> No.4606682

>Rumor has it that she is a youkai from outside, and she simply comes to here for play. Indeed, she may spend the winters and the daytime, when she claims to be sleeping, in the outside world


>> No.4606686

There is no proof, but there's a shitload to hint that they can't live outside and very little hinting that they can. The fact that even the Lunarians, on the goddamn MOON, live behind a barrier should be reason enough.

>> No.4606689

Wait a minute.
Isn't it quite obvious that Maribel and Yukari are samefagging?

Gensokyo is Maribel illusion. Why else would ZUN put human into his CD albums cover?

>> No.4606691
File: 1.04 MB, 1135x1468, 1267939466339.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Solution to thread,

>> No.4606696

that's what i tried saying, but they shrugged it off.

>> No.4606702


It's canon that: barrier has weakened and it's much easier to cross it now, humans from the outside world sometimes accidentaly cross it, at least some youkai hunt in the outside world, new youkai often arrive in Gensokyo from the outside, gods and vampires exist in the outside world.

And I'm most likely forgetting something.

>> No.4606705

At least Akyu has the guts to admit her baseless speculation. There's hope for her yet.

>> No.4606710

We know. But arguing about stupid shit is what /jp/ does best.
Two groups of youkai (are lunarians youkai?) living behind barriers does not mean a barrier is essential for youkai life. It certainly helps, but there is no indication that its necessary.

...personally, I think the moon barrier is so we don't attack them again.

>> No.4606714


>there's a shitload to hint that they can't live outside and very little hinting that they can

[citation needed]

>> No.4606726

Also its been noted that outside youkai may be a threat to Gensokyo if their powers weaken and hence spell cards are used to keep them sharp.

>> No.4606729

>at least some youkai hunt in the outside world
But they don't live there.
>new youkai often arrive in Gensokyo from the outside
Refugees! They can't take it.
>gods and vampires exist in the outside world.
Again, no proof that other vampires exist, and gods, at least the weaker ones, are ALSO fleeing to Gensokyo.

>> No.4606736


It was never stated that outside world is hazardous for youkai. It was never even suggested.

It was only said some youkai weakened because of human expansion.

>> No.4606744

Stop pitching the no vampires idea. I only know of one person named Jeff, so this person must be the only Jeff in the world.

>> No.4606749

The boundary isn't some sort of magical necessity for youkai to exist, it just lets them live in peace without having to constantly battle humans.

>> No.4606756
File: 49 KB, 524x411, LOLE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>206 posts and 37 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

>> No.4606762


>gods, at least the weaker ones, are ALSO fleeing to Gensokyo

No. Kanako moved to Gensokyo because she wanted more faith. She wanted to be a great goddess again. Suwako was indifferent.

>> No.4606765
File: 65 KB, 648x476, 1265074351696.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What I made: Thread about Yukari's gaps

What I expected: Pictures of Yukari's gaps

What I got: Theoretical astrophysics

>> No.4606773

>What I got: Theological astrophysics

>> No.4606780

There wouldn't be any battle. Just disbelief. Without Gensokyo (or equivalents) to concentrate youkai and prevent most of the outside influence, youkai would fade away.

>> No.4606785


It's not too late for you to delete this thread, Anon.

Fear not, if another one makes a thread to nerd out in, I'll put a bot to dump pictures of Yukari's tits in until post limit is exceeded.

>Why didn't you just do that here

Because I'm fucking retarded, obviously

>> No.4606786

Wanted? No, she NEEDED more faith. Suwako was indifferent to DYING.

>> No.4606800

Ugh, sleepy.
There is some evidance that there are no Youkai outside Gensokyo.
There is some evidance that there are Youkai outside of Gensokyo.
Until ZUN says so, all this speculating will never amount to anything more.

>> No.4606821


strongly inclined to ask who gives a fuck

not I, said the Arc.

>> No.4606823
File: 668 KB, 780x1040, 7332091.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, but speculating and arguing is fun. Go to sleep.

>> No.4606827


Stop this bullshit.

>> No.4606840

Sorry that you refuse to believe that youkai require faith to live.

>> No.4606851

Technically, you should have used the word "belief". Gods require faith. Youkai require fear.

>> No.4606862
File: 215 KB, 640x480, 7717206.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It amounts to the same thing. Lots of gods gathered faith through fear.

>> No.4606882

Seihou prove youkai can live outside of Gensokyo.

Inb4 Seihou isn't canon

>> No.4606887


everything I agree with is canon

everything I do not agree with is fanon

>> No.4606892

I don't know much about seihou, but if it's in the far future all bets are off. Humanity could be worshipping some sort of Emperor and incredibly superstitious or anything.

>> No.4606903

I'd gather her faith.

>> No.4606935


Again, it was never said that way. But it was said Kanako lost all her faith upon moving to Gensokyo yet that didn't kill her.

>> No.4606953


They were about to be forgotten in the future, and that mean they would loose almost all power. Nothing about dying.

>> No.4606985

Being forgotten is as good as death for a god. You can't do miracles or manifest yourself, you're fucked.

>> No.4606994


>> No.4607032


They just loose almost all powers. They can still manifest.

>> No.4607050


Sakuya's description in Perfect Memento make it obvious there are other vampires living in Gensokyo.

>> No.4607062

I suppose, but nobody but the faithful would see them.
>When people lose faith in gods, the gods lose their power. They can't manifest their divine virtues. This is the same as death, for a god.

>> No.4607090

It does not. There's a bunch of bullshit about her being a vampire hunter (yeah right Akyu) and the only vampires mentioned are the Scarlet sisters.

>> No.4607093

If we are taking PM as a the literal word from God, it's in the monologue that seems to explain the relationship between humans and yokai, as well as the Outside world and Gensokyo in better detail. However, its clear that Gensokyo is nothing more then a reservation for yokai who were at the risk of going extinct as the human masses began to simply deny their existence when mankind grew in power.

>> No.4607162


No. It's just an enclave of fantasy in the scientific world. It's obvious fantasy creatures prefer to live there.

>> No.4607185
File: 413 KB, 800x566, 9256117.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a bit worrisome that gods can gain faith from youkai. Since youkai are the same as gods, doesn't that mean humans are completely unnecessary?

>> No.4607187


>Later, the Scarlet Devil Mansion relocated to within Gensokyo, but the strange environment made her uncomfortable, so at first she resisted against the vampires and the humans of Gensokyo.

>> No.4607189


They are necesary. As food.

>> No.4607192

Kurumi is a vampire and she also lives in Gensokyo
just because she didn't appear in your favorite IOSYS flashes it doesn't mean she doesn't exist

>> No.4607195

she's trapped in the forgotten world and you know it

>> No.4607203

>If the Great Boundary were destroyed, either from inside or out, Gensokyo would likely not fare well.

So it wouldn't even be destroyed if the barrier collapsed. It simply might not fare too well.

>> No.4607222

I don't think there's anything special about humans that makes them essential, here. Assuming youkai can live off other youkai's belief, anyway. They can get nutrients from anything.

>> No.4607244

>they consider humans a delicacy above all else

Humans are every youkai's favorite food.

>> No.4607249


ZUN said humans aren't eaten anymore in these modern times don't bother him about it

>> No.4607268
File: 540 KB, 700x904, 8407977.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4607273


Humans from Gensokyo aren't. They now eat humans from the outside world. And young youkai still hunt humans.

>> No.4607286

They only eat suicides and such. It's practically benevolent for a youkai to help a young man who lacks the courage to finish himself off.

>> No.4607308

Man the guy loves to change his own canon on the fly doesn't he. Hell even in the PM we get in bold letters that yokai have stopped eating humans, yet in the pages describing the many areas of Gensokyo their described as being hazardous and humans who enter the place are at risk of being eaten by yokai or evil spirits.

>> No.4607318

The warnings are a holdover from a simpler time. She got extra dirt on a lot of youkai that might come in handy if things go grimdark again, at least.

>> No.4607330

I'm beginning to understand why the PM is disregarded by a lot of people, there is just not enough consistency.

>> No.4607346

Naw, there's a specific youkai that's based on gaps in a door's screen.

>> No.4607348


>> No.4607350

its not just the inconsistencies, but its also explicitly said that many of the descriptions are just speculations and theories. Hell many of the yokai bios are exaggerated so Akyu can be in good standing with her patrons.

>> No.4607357


Read the whole Monologue part. It explain all inconsistencies.

>> No.4607361

>>Isn't it quite obvious that Maribel and Yukari are samefagging?

There are gaps showing up around Maribel.

>> No.4607364


It's only said that much of the data is outdated.

>> No.4607425


Maybe Maribel is Yukari's daughter or something?

Inb4 slut

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