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Dear /jp/

I love you all very much.

~love Russia

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thanks putin

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Are you AoRF? Didn't he die or something?

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Dear Russia

Corea rove you arways

~rove kim jong-ir

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So Russia is hell with an out of control nuclear policy and crazed powerful drunks wrecking shit?

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...Subterranean Animism just got real.

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I don't get Russian weeaboos. Shouldn't they be drinking vodka instead of watching girly cartoons?

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OP here

You don't understand. Vodka makes weeaboo things even more cute than they are

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I don't get American weeaboos. Shouldn't they be working in an office all day and being the boss's bitch to get a promotion so they can work even longer hours instead of watching girly cartoons?

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Well that's certainly true. I don't know anything more awesome than getting drunk and listening to Nanodesu.

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I don't know who you are, but I love you.

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We essentialy should, yes. But Hoorah for NEET power

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Those lips are ill-suited for a world with no men.

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