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Sup /jp/. Do you guys really stay inside all day because you have no friends at all?

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For the most part, yes.

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Uh huh.

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No, I stay inside for other reasons.

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This artist draws sexy eyes

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Yes. Thank god I was able to get rid of them.

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I guess so

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I have no friends during weekends, holidays and summer vacation.

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Get back to work, Youmu.

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I have some friends…

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Why would you want to get rid of your friends?

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/jp/ isn't your friend.

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I have to stay inside because I'm an invalid. I never really fit in school because the girls would aways make fun of me and couldn't become friends with them. So I have no girl friends or a boyfriend. I only have online friends that I talk to. ;_;

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You guys are my only friends.

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Im you're friend, anon.

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I'll be his friend.

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Actually my friends come to my place.

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Being fat isn't a disability.

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I'm not fat, I'm paralyzed.

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That's one of the reasons, yes.

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I stay inside all day because I have nothing to do. None of my friends live close to me so I never see them.

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It is for me! I weigh 300 pounds and I have this problem where I punch walls.

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The same for me...

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>have online friends that I talk to

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I'll be your friend. Invalid girls is my fetish.

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You're posting on a message board, idiot.

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I've read doujins involving paralyzed sex, can your legs go behind your head?

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I still have two friends that I spend some time with, but I pass months without seeing them, since they have waifus and jobs.

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I was in and out of hospitals during most of my teenage years which kind of fucked up my development in a similar manner to this. These days I have no reason like that though, I just prefer being inside because I'm afraid of the outside.

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It's wives, you knucklehead.

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Friends? Who needs them. I have my Touhous.

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Yeah but not because I don't have friends.

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You're no friend of mine, faggot.

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I do have a few friends I've been hanging around with almost every day for years.
Only one of them I have ever seen in person though.

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I have many friends, i love my job (im 18) and photograph beautiful girls, even done nude. 100 bucks per session, so its all good.

I can't believe I cried over Aeka once, what the fuck was wrong with me?

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Hell no.

After a tough day at my well-paid job I like to unwind by playing some sports before coming home and browsing /jp/ with my attractive girlfriend who exists and loves me.

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Responding to a "sup /jp/" thread? Really?

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You cried over Aeka? What the fuck is wrong with you. Aeka route is shit and her character is the most shallow boring paper-thin cutout possible. Nekoko, now that was where it was at you fucking faggot.

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I guess so. I don't see the appeal in friends or going outside anyway.

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Yes, you really are.

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Why wouldn't I get rid of my friends? "Hello"...

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Oh yes, the mousy crack addict was where it's at, you must be a nigger.

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No she was so WACKY XD

No, pure submissiviness and innocens makes me crazy, therefore aeka is awesome.

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Yes, I believe I did.

I didn't expect to get praise from the king of irony himself though. I'm flattered really.

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Yeah, I sure love characters without any shred of personality whatsoever. They're so cute and innocent like a blank piece of paper!

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>They're so cute and innocent like a blank piece of paper!

You shut your whore mouth, 0d-tan is my waifu.

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Your waifu is a singularity?

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Nekoko had the same amount of depth as Aeka (read: zero). If you disagree, you're delusional.

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Same artist?

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Hiroko actually had depth to her, however.

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Do you have a problem with this? She deserves love and loyalty as much as 2D waifus do, don't you think?

I only masturbate to blank images, knowing that she's somewhere in the image, glad that I am there for her. If only we could truly meet...


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Yes, it is. Rather easy to tell, really.

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Shit was so profound.

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Man, YMK was actually pretty shitty. Why do people like it so much?

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Don't you hate it when you expand a picture and you realize you've already jacked off to it before?

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Looks like I derailed the thread when i mentioned Aeka. Sorry fags

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I stay inside because I pushed all of my friends away in search of something better.

I haven't found it yet.

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And Aeka never lets you do her ass. -50 points!


It's easy to get into and has high production values.

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I hope we get scans of his reitaisai book.

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I feel you man. Can you see her? I mean does her gravity well distort passing light enough for you to notice it?

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You get to choke a bitch until she soils herself, that's at least zero sum with +50.

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I could be both of you guys' friends... but I'm somewhat reluctant of posting my MSN here. The bad side of anonymity I guess.
Join a forum or something.

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E-ki sama! Can I go to heaven if I become your friend. I've, uh, done things I'm not proud of you see. Fapped to things more specifically.

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Why would you make a good friend, Anonymous? Tell me why I should care.

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That's right... I wish I could just start over. But since I've already ruined my life I might as well take it all the way and become a True Neet...

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I go out from time to time, just came back from going out..
and I chose to not have friends, 3D friends anyway..

My reason for staying inside as much as I do is I simply don't like being around other people.

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What is this, a job interview?

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It's never too late to turn a new leaf, Anonymous. Not until you're dead, anyways.

Don't give up just yet. There are better things out there waiting for you. You just have to work hard for them. QUIT BEING SO LAZY.

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Oh look it's the same retard that posts in ever YMK thread

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Each time I make friends with a group of people I just end up being incredibly disappointed at how fucking petty people are to their own friends. And I've gone through several different groups of completely different people on different social levels and everything and they all do the same shitty stuff. They never even did stuff to me though they probably talked about me behind my back since they did that to fucking everyone, it's just incredibly depressing seeing the stuff they do to eachother.

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Nah, she has no mass. Points are not necessarily black holes.

That is not to say black holes are not cute (though if fuzzball approach is correct it makes them not singularities. ) Sagittarius A is cute too, but I remain faithful to my waifu.

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Yes, it is simply impossible anyone could dislike Aeka, it must be all the same person.

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She sounds so moe~

I wish you many years of happiness.

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Whatever happened to ethics anyway? Were people always this shitty?

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Do I stay inside all day because I have no friends, or do I have no friends because I stay inside all day?


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I have two friends. One I've had since childhood and one I got to know while playing a mmorpg back in high school. I see them every few weeks and that's enough.

Soon they'll start building careers and families anyway and won't have time to fool around with me.

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Thank you. Even if we belong to seperate dimensions, my love will surely reach her heart.

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I don't remember what I was going to post.

Anyway, Class Prez was the best character in YMK, no exceptions.

I can relate to Nekoko; there was a time in my life when I just wanted to do drugs forever. That said, her ending was fucking retarded.

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My Highschool Life:

>summer vacation/christmas break
>0 messages
>family leaves to go somewhere without telling me
>"what the fuck? oh wait, I'm an asshole"

I'm an asshole who pushes everyone away in pursuit of his ambitions. I admit that I probably would have had a better family experience if I was willing to do stuff with my parents and sister more often, and that I would have been closer to my friends if I had shown any interest in hanging out with them outside of school. Even now, it affects me to some extent. I was always a recluse as a child, but it all really boils down to the fact that my work and my classes don't leave me much time to program and build shit, and hanging out with friends would eat up every hour I have left.

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