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Kindly stop posting this picture.
Thank you.

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Is this the way to Amarillo?

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I still don't understand the though process that created OP's picture

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you are asking me to post it everyday then.

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Why is Tenko eating a corndog so fucking cute

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Tenshi is cute.

I would buy her a corn dog.

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This is one of my favorite pictures.

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Because Tenko.

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she can eat my corndog any day.

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I love corn dogs.

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Tenshi's cuteness is a miracle of the universe.

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Yes, crush me flat between your palms!

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Which of the Siesta Sisters is that again?

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surprisingly i have never seen a S&M doujinshi of tenshi
could anyone post a link to a good one?

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Seconding this request. I only have a few scattered pictures and no doujins.

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Is this Tenko dirty talking me in moonspeak?

no idea what is going on, but I'm hard.

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Peach... I could eat a peach for hours.

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So could Yuuka.

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Why is Yuuka eating Tenshi's hat-butts?

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It's sleeping with her I think. Similar to the other dokidoki stuff.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BL0t7Mz-p6s this song makes me want to have hot sex with tenko

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DFC Tenshi,


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It's the safe-for-work way of implying that cunnilingus either took place or is about to take place.

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you guys got me craving peaches again, Damnit anon! and I have no money to go buy some more. ;.;

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What do you think the corndog means then...?

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Like this for fellatio, really. (should have posted it with my post)

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Personally this one gets me more in the mood...


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She's just eating, it's not deliberately suggestive.

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Corn dogs. That's what corn dogs mean.

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hahah in high school our student council decided it would be a good idea to sell popsicles on a hot summery day. Years later, I still remember that day as the day I had a near-perpetual erection.

and now, back to regularly scheduled Tenko.

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>no idea what is going on, but I'm hard.
my life story

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Do want more?

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Why is it all ways a white popsicle? I've NEVER SEEN A WHITE POPSICLE EVER.

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I need to fill that in as my motto on a profile of some sort.

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That everyone's life story on /jp/

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Suggestive thread is suggestive.

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It looks kinda blue to me, but I have seen white popsicles (the milk-flavored ones) over here in England.

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There's something very deep and meaningful about this post.

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>Tenshi smacking coupon; unlimited use

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Well, my junior high had this flimsy white uniform that was pretty much semi-transparent, under a black sweater. Summers were incredibly awesome as everyone discarded the sweaters.

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...milk flavored? weird..

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I would have made it my life goal to somehow, without getting caught, activate the fire sprinklers.

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There's vanilla flavoured too. it's awesome

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and this one makes me want to dance with her under the starry sky of heaven on that white flowered garden thing

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corn dogs are called american dogs in japan

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You know.. I've never seen a vanilla flavored one either.. Maybe I must not like icecream enough to notice..

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But.. what do they calla hot dog?

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high school girls + popsicles
good times ;_; i miss high school

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well I live in canada so, i see some weird shit in the grocery store sometimes. but i've had Vanilla flavoured popsicles which i wish they had another box, since then I haven't seen anymore.

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No need, we'd fill balloons and such with water and throw them around during summer.

I would sometimes man the hose that was left in the second story men's bathroom (at least I think it was around there. ) It'd cover the entire floor reliably, though we were limited to the toilet since we couldn't make a mess. Good times. Too bad back then I didn't really have an eye for girls. Otherwise I'd move the hose to the girls' side and blast away at anyone who entered.

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There's a brand in the US of natural-ish frozen fruit bars, and their coconut one is the most awesome shit I've ever eaten that came on a stick

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never heard of those either.. all I know is pop sickles are red purple or yellow.. and sometimes blue..

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>you will never ballroom dance with Tenko.jpg

;_; feels bad man, for reals.

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>most awesome SHIT ON A STICK I've ever eaten

this is how I read your post, you just made me chortle pop out my nose, thanks anon, thanks

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I never wanted to. I'd like to jive with Letty, though.

I can make it happen in my heart.

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wow, I had never really paid attention to it, but these classical arrangements of touhou themes are quite good.


Cirno's Snowy Waltz is pretty derivative of Blue Danube, but I like it.

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>Milk flavored
They're for children.

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When you hold a Touhou dearly in your heart, she is as real as anything else can be. Always remember this.

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I wonder how many people on /jp/ actually believe in this kind of stuff and how many just spout it out to try and be funny.

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But Yukari taking Tenshi on an adventure of intergenerational romance and self discovery across modern America is canon.

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I dawwed so hard. Sauce on this?

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And that's the magic of /jp/, you never know.

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Teddy Plaza - The Tenkomori
Is the first in the line.
That image is from the second, which isn't translated.
Also by Teddy Plaza, I think the name was Emotional Skyscraper or something.

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this guy's got a New York fetish.

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R3mOv€ your i|I3gAl [LÓNe imm€diãtely* Y0u [email protected]€ cöpi€d äñd pås+€d vww.AnOnTå|k_[om Òn The subdó[email protected], CuT th3 <[email protected], mÒó+, aNd thes€ m€ssages wi|| sTop_ If +h3 p€rsOñ r€adiñg +his is Not móOT, €-mäiI mÒÓ[email protected]ñ,org ãNd T€ll him +ó*

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The guy has a hardon for Touhous in New York. And for YukaTen. Kind of off topic, but if they went west I'm sure they'd stop for a corndog. Maybe at a baseball game.

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Oh god, this one got me teary-eyed.

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The idea of naive bratty Tenshi who has only known heaven being dragged around and being given tough love lessons in real life by Yukari is a pretty interesting angle. World-wise onee-sama get for Tenshi.

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Someone needs to do Touhous in Philadelphia.

A major theme would be stealing shit and random violence, perfect for Marisa and Reimu.

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There's already a GTA mod. Go play that.

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God, Kimmo is getting more and more retarded by the second.

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