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Japanese giant hornets saw you first.

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I would cry if I found one of those in my house.

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wat...is this for real? That's a motherfucking work of art

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What if I light a banger and jam it inside the hole? Will those hellish hornets die in the explosion or will it just crack the nest open and piss the hornets off?

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you wouldn't even come that far. they'll swarm you beforehand.

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what if i dump my piss bottles on their nest?

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i think its something like 30 people a year die from those fuckers. shits scary

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>On average 40 people are killed every year of anaphylactic shock after having been stung.

from the wiki

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that's creepy as shit

what do they build their nests out of??? it almost looks like a carpet

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A wax they produce, if I'm not mistaken.

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I'm allergic to those fuckers. God damn it.

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watch the video... holy shit

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Depends on the wasp, sometimes they chew up wood and make them out of paper.

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Yeah, that's a really interesting structure.

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Oh god those Hornets...
They're staring right into my soul

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It either these fuckers or spiders, either way humanity is doomed.

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So cute~

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hey you, stop that

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That nest is probably bigger than my head.

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We need a hornet Touhou.

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Hornets are smalltime, it's all about cockroaches.

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Wait-- /jp/, I need you to hold still. No, don't move!
I don't want you to be alarmed or anything, but there's a giant asian hornet on the back of your shir--DON'T MOVE--on the back of your shirt.
It's OK, it's OK! Just give me a second to line up and I'll get 'im with this rolled up newspaper. Just hold still, hold still...

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The only creature more dangerous than an Asian hornet is a tapir.

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That would be Flandre. See >>4533093

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It's cute.

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While you may think these are bad... sleeping on a futon is worse when you know there are huge centipedes around. I heard of a guy who rolled over on one in the night and his whole face was puffed up.

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they dont even look real.
i would run like a little girl if i ever saw one of those

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why does hornet let live fly?

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I always felt something funny touching my skin whenever theres threads like this,then i felt cold sweat running through my body and realize it was just a my imagination

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The bugs in Japan are waaaay too big.

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This is why we should wage bitter war against insects, but people are too focused on secondary bullshit like religion, ideologies, commerce and racism to see the real enemy.

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big hug pweez

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That's not a bug. That's not a bug at all.

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The only good bug is a dead bug.

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You're one of those people that insists on the scientifically correct definition of 'bug', huh? Don't be that guy.

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this pic makes me want to vomit

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I love how the smaller bees fight them. Surround them in bee bodies and make overheat to the point of death.


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I, too, like to touch myself while looking at pictures of insects.

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But it's not.

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Such dirty fingernails...

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Damn sure they are.

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I shouldn't have enlarged... fucking nightmare

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Oh god those poor bees. ;_;

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Hello friends

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Wheres my /bug/ board Moot

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I'm glad I live in a cold area where these creepers disappear for most of the year

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Well, we're fucked.

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uguu am i kawaii?

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The xenomorphs are already on our world.

We must exterminate all the non-humans.

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Motherfucker scared the fuck out of me when I was a kid.

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I loved that game. I can't really figure out how it fit in Mario Paint, though.

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Japanese grubs are tasty

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>rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub!
>grub is an ACTUAL BUG

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After reading this thread I jump every time something touches my body.

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I hope that is just candy and not real grubs...

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Great, no sleep tonight. Thanks /jp/.

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How are those things called?

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I guess he can't be bugged to make it

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wtf are these things again.. i've seen that shit somewhere once, but i can't remember

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what the fuck is that?

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This is gross.
You need to take this to either >>/x/ or >>/an/

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This is gross.
You need to take this to either >>>/x/ or >>>/an/

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Looks like an amblypygid, or whip spider. I might as well dump what I have of insects and copy/paste a bit of info.

Females of beetle genus Duliticola are apparently neotenic, staying in larval form for all their lives while males mature into tiny adult insects, a bit more than one tenth the size of the female. The female is known for its peculiar appearance with plates on her back that makes her look similar to a trilobite. Some species also feature a light-emitting organ, perhaps to attract males, as with fireflies.

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Relatives of antlions, Nemopteridae are hummingbirds of insects, with their hindwings so highly elongated that their pupa is specifically modified for them to fit.

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Their larvae are worse.

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Very few insects are truly viviparous, members of genus Diploptera being the only example in cockroaches. The eggs feed off of "milk" internally secreted from the mother, a protein-rich liquid not unlike mammalian milk.

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More well-known for the diseases they carry, tsetse fly is another insect that bears young live. They likewise have a specialized "milk" gland with which to feed their eggs.

An even rarer form of "vivipary" is shown by Strepsipterans and gall midges. The former has its article on Bogleech, so I'll just direct you there. I didn't even know the female didn't have a genital pore. I just thought the male didn't use them during entry.


Gall midges are generally the same with a few main differences: One, the mother is sometimes a fellow larva - many species are paedogenetic, that is, the infantile forms are fertile. Second, the larvae eat their mother alive (in addition to feeding on her tissues first, as with Strepsipterans. The future of the eggs is even determined by the hemolymph they are swimming in! ) before escaping. A number of different larvae can be produced from this paedogenetic larva, one kind develops into adult females, one is identical to her mother, one remains as a larva but produces only males, and a fourth type either produces males or the initial fertile larvae. Unfortunately, the last difference is lack of the neck penetration featured in Strepsipterans, hence why the larvae eat their mother - there's no conveniently located neck hole drilled by their father in their case.

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Parthenogenesis in aphids is well-known, but there's a rarer variant of it seen in certain insects. Called gynogenesis, the sperm is required for reproduction in this case, but only to "activate" the egg - no genetic material from the sperm is used (plants also have a similar mode of reproduction. A single species reproduces entirely using genetic material of sperm only. ) An example is the all-female Ptinus clavipes mobilis, which needs to mate with a P. clavipes male to reproduce.

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Termites of genus Mastotermes are amongst the closest to cockroaches (from which termites are derived from ) and even lack workers in their colonies. The tasks to be done by workers are instead accomplished by older nymphs.

On the other side of the cockroach/termite boundary there is Cryptocercus, the parents caring for their offspring until death. I should also note that the male cockroach has a pheromone gland on his back that the female licks during mating, since that sounds hot.

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Recently learned of this fellow on /an/. Quite impressive!

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Peanut-headed lanternfly has a bizarre head shape probably meant for imitating a lizard. The animal is harmless, but local myth says that if you get bitten by one, you must have sex within 24 hours lest you die.

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Relative of the ever-popular Drosophila melanogaster, D. bifurca has the dubious honor of having the largest sperm cells known, up to 5.8cm and nearly 20 times the male's body length. Pictured is such a fly with his testicles uncoiled around him.

The female's reproductive tract is just slightly larger than the behemoth sperm, and after copulation she is almost entirely filled with it. Males produce very few sperm cells for obvious reasons.

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Male stalk-eyed flies have the ability to ingest air and lengthen their eyestalks, which they use in mating season to compete with other males in eyestalk-measuring contests.

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Burying beetles are rare in that they too show parental care, even regurgitating meals to their young after their eggs have hatched. Single males can release a pheromone to pair up with a female, but if a paired male tries that, the female will dispense the necessary punishment!

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Now this is interesting. I have linked to orbweaver silk socks before, but neurofibers?

The Tasmanian cave spider is also interesting. To protect its eggs from bacterial attack, it has a two-layered web around the egg case where the first layer is suspended within the second, a "thermos-like" structure which may protect the eggs from temperature changes and possible bacterial attack. The web also somehow resists bacterial and fungal attack (maybe a novel antibiotic can be gotten out of it! ) The spiders live extremely long (common for cave animals), apparently lasting decades, and the eggs likewise take large amounts of time (8-10 months) to hatch.

Well, I'm exhausted, so have a nice day!

I thought Masamune's antennae were an ovipositor for a moment. Compared with Muramasa's huge pedipalps (which are usually seen in males, females have smaller ones), that would actually make some sort of twisted sense.

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