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How does it feel to hold a hell raven in your arms?

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feels like heaven.

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Whoops!... I accidentally your bird... again...

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not again

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Flaming hot.

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between the radiation and the moe, I don't think my heart has a chance. ;_;

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This guy makes it seem fun and easy.

This of course would be perfect if she made the Geiger counter click. For some reason I think that would be incredibly adorable.

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Too much Utsuho-moe in this thread

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As you hug her you see a bright blue flash before your eyes and you feel your skin sear.
A few minutes later you're disoriented, nauseous and you feel tired, but the feeling passes.
At this point you enter the 'walking ghost' phase where nothing can save you.

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>At this point you enter the 'walking ghost' phase where nothing can save you.

Walking ghost phase? How do bell ravens turn people into walking ghosts?

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It refers to a phase of radiation poisoning.

Basically, you receive a fatal dose of radiation and after an immediate feeling of sickness you feel perfectly healthy. You are definitely going to die in a matter of hours or days so this is referred to as the walking ghost phase.

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It happens because the lining of your intestines dies and you shit it out so matter how much you eat, you can't absorb anything so you slowly starve to death while your organs shut down.

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So if anyone hugs a bell raven, they risk being cursed with death.

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ITT: We pretend that Utsuho's nuclear explosions work like nuclear bombs and not stars.

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More like blessed with death.

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>implying stars produce no radiation

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>implying /jp/ cares

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Okuu is such a slut.
I prefer superior Aya.

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Clearly she has placed her trust in me and will do a few favors here and there to repay my kindness towards her.

So my answer is: Like a God. A mother-fucking God.

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Oh god that's awesome

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Small flashes of light dancing in front of your eyes.

A metallic taste in your mouth.

Exposed skin getting warm.

After a while fatigue, nausea and vomiting. This is then followed by disorientation, loss of muscle control, a feeling of your body being burning hot, full or partial loss of consciousness, hyperventilation, convulsions, and abdominal pain.

At that point death will follow within a day.

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Feels warm I imagine.

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