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well she canonically deflowered alice so

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alice should stay the fuck out of sanae's way, if she knows what is good for her.

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why isn't yuka in the old lady alliance?

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what a slut

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because she's not old

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Because she's TOO OLD.

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Where did you get that? She is. Together with Yukari, Yuyuko, Kanako, Byakuren, Erin, Letty and Iku.

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Yukari~n is only 17.

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She works in agriculture. Too working class to be in the old lady's bridge club.

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letty and iku? well, i never...

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okay I lol'd

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But she has a mansion with servants. That's not exactly plebeian...

...okay, she HAD a mansion.

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did it explode in the endings?

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You have a penis.

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It seems to have been retconned.

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Reimu knocked it down.
Actually, it didn't consistently exist in the first place.

Elly: This is the entrance to the mansion
in the boundary between the dream world
and the real world...


Reimu: I've come to completely seal this mansion.

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i lold

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now the debate is if Reimu's route is canon
considering the whole stolen master spark deal

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I don't think it's canon, since Reimu is our main character.

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but reimu's route isn't always canon
for example in IN

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yeah, you have a point there.

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...what was the canon in IN?

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I think Rocket Fuel 21 route is the canon.

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Scarlet route

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I don't think that ZUN said what was the canon in IN.

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If Marisa stealing other characters' attacks makes a route canon, that means her scenario in EoSD was canon. The problem with that is that Marisa's extra stage wasn't canon as no events from it panned out.

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So Remilia was the actual main character?

My favorite game just changed to IN.

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i understand you, but mine is still SA.
It's fun having nitori around.

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>Eirin was surprised when she saw Sakuya
it's the only logical explanation
Extra stages are different.
For example in MS all four playable characters fought Shinki at the same time however only Yuka fought EX-Alice

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but alice and shinki have it too!

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Yuka may have the Ultimate Magic, but can she see why I love her so much?

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Okay I'll acknowledge this.
Alice pffff

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Isn't Marisa A in UFO described as having 'the ultimate magic'? (Magical Shortwave, which isn't even one of her signature attacks)

I like to think that when something is described as the ULTIMATE MAGIC it's just a value-added name, like Super Scalpel Caduceus.

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you forgot her grimoire

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SA is particularly frustrating.

Reimu x Suika (IaMP, everyone's route is canon so it doesn't matter)
Reimu x Yukari (maybe PCB?)
Reimu x Aya (PoFF)

Marisa x Patchouli (EoSD)
Marisa x Alice (MS? not IN; maybe PCB?)
Marisa x Nitori (MoF)

Alice and Yukari are a problem is that they've both inhabit the same games only and one of those games has been Scarlet Team canon. In PCB, Reimu's route puts her into collision with Yukari for the first time and Alice suggests the existence of MS or a pseudo-MS storyline in which Reimu's route is canon (that we have not played). But, then, how do Alice and Marisa get to know each other significantly?

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Every route ever is canon.

On the other hand, PC-98 is retconned.


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she is just describing her powers as ultimate
it has no relation to Alice/Shinki/Yuka

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yukari and reimu have such similiar powers that they don't need games to tie them together.
both alice and marisa are witches from thee pc98 that served evil spirits, and like to collect stuff. no connection to IN.

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after the games everyone is introduced to Marisa/Reimu respectively

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Well, she didn't get deflowered yet.
You liked that? Deflowered! Hahahaha!

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In EoSD, Patchouli vs Marisa is canon. Yet, Reimu vs Remilia is also.
We can only conclude that both heroines are raiding the mansion (probably unaware of each other), which means a "path" cannot be canon, but instead, only some stages.

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Call me stupid but I don't get it.

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Marisa B is canon in UFO, right?

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