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>Mountain of Faith is worse than subterranean animism

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I like Mountain of Faith a lot, it's a very fun game despite its few big flaws :)

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Maybe so, but it has the best cast.

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SA is the best game you big whiny pussy.

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I concur

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Please list Mountain of Faith's flaws

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Utsuho = win, then SA = win

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Severely unbalanced bombing
Most enemies can be killed before they shoot
Marisa has no good options

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but i agree, SA was definitely more fun than MoF. the music and scenery on the other hand, MoF wins

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Steel=sinks in water, then boat=sinks in water

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Steel sinks in water
Boats are made of steel
∴ Boats sink in water

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I like both a lot, but MoF's stage 6 boss pales in comparison to Utsuho.

MoF has very nice scenery.

Both are excellent touhou games.

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It's true. Third eye theme alone can negate all of MoF to shit except for Virtue of God.

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Both are better than UFO.

>> No.4319056

Especially in terms of soundtrack

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UFO is better than both of them.

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Wolfenstein 3D is better than UFO ;_;

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MoF has the second most sensible scoring system after PCB for me. (although I never quite figured out how the cherry limit worked in PCB)

I think Utsuho was just too hard...

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Nitori's the only good character. I don't think you can call having two sluts in the cast good.

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MoF has the most boring normal mode until Kanako. And the music isn't any better on hard or lunatic.

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Not a big fan of MoF for some reason. Visually great and lovable characters but I dont like any of the playable characters/shots.

SA is pretty monotone with the underground visuals but its needle Reimu is my favorite player/shot of all the games. Love the amount of grazing and difficulty too, even though I have yet to beat Utsuho.

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Hey man fuck you

Hina is a good girl

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yah me too

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Reimu B in MoF is acutally my favorite shot just for its simplicity, no gimmicky shit, just straight up.
Visually, I liked Marisa's christmas trees in PCB.

Also difficulty aside, I found MoF's danmaku "funner" than SA, most of SA's was so hard that it almost took a lot of the enjoyment out of it for me.

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although SA stage 4 is one of my favorite stages to play ever.

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Too bad I've once or twice overcome it in Normal. Fuck that Stage and fuck Satori literally.

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UFO is the worst. Right?

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I hate UFO because when I died, My Power gauge would.. ;_; Damnit, catchan red UFO is a hindrance in play performance too.

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>Die once
>Time to start the game over!


>POC to get items
>Oops, you just 50k Faith

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Nope. UFO is fun as fuck if you aren't terrible at it.

>> No.4319238


Yes, but is anyone outside of Japan actually good at it on lunatic?

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I cannot stand the second thing. MoF should have had all items have a fixed value, since you're so strongly encouraged to stay the hell away from the POC.

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If lunatic is too hard, play on hard. That's what it's for.

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Few games are ever fun whilst being terrible at it.
If it's not fun when you're not terrible at it, then it's a job, not a game.
Drop UFOs less often but have them all work for the same purpose, and I'll love the game tons more.

>> No.4319266

ehn only a few times where that happens in the game anyway..

>> No.4319367

And happening just once early on will cost you many millions of points.

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timing it a little makes it easy to minimize the damage though.
i'll agree it's kinda annoying though, but I see it as one of MoF's quirks that make it interesting.

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one exception being in stage 4, makes me fucking rage when I've saved up to 400k at the end of 3 and then lose half of it while shooting down one of those black star spraying angels.

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I should note that bombing will stop faith loss for the duration, but may not be an option if power is scarce

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