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Subconsciously, Koishi is your favorite touhou.


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Nah, pretty sure that's Cirno.

Would anyone like a Murasa imagedump?

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She's so lovely~

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I am pretty sure I prefer her sister.

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Why isn't there any futa of her?
I want it.
In my subconscious.

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I never realized that there was none. Fuck you for making me conscious of this.

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Found some.

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Uhh... thanks, I guess.

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Wait, how did I end up in this thread?

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I've got 800MB of Koishi images in my hard drive.

Won't even bother posting, don't know where I would start.

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Start from the middle and work towards both ends.

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start with she and her sister making sisterly love pictures

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Best little sister in Gensokyo.

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Sisterly love is the best kind of love.

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Motherfucking scariest and saddest Koishi series I've ever seen. Parts 6 and 7 especially. Currently waiting for Part 8.

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This man says hi.

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Awesome art-style but I not unterstand this moonspeak!
I unterstand only the part with german-moonspeak and this is wrong. (see >>4177235 )
Right is: "Ein Geistermädchen von Hartmann"
Geistermädchen! NOT Geistesmädchen.

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Eyeballs sister

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Wow, these are awesome.

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Frandel just got thrown out the window holy shit holy shit

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Just wait until all of Gensokyo powerhouses go mad~

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>Implying that Koishi is anywhere's near as good as her sister

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Does that mean she could have raped me? And yet I would only be aware of it subconsciously, and it would emerge only in my dreams, at which point I would disregard it as pure fantasy even though it had actually happened at one point?

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wake up

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too bad i'll never see those videos since i'm too lazy to make a nico

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Sup SeaParsee.

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The average person has been raped around 4 times in their lifetime, but since the typical response is to suppress it, only a few are aware of any such incident having happened.

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So that's about...twenty-four billion rapes every sixty years or so? On average?

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does it count as rape if they are under 12?

Being a man who frequents /jp/ inbetween trips to my backyard where I have a blue tent city set up, I sure hope not!

lol ^_________^

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penicorns are always relevant.

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I just watched all 7, but I only had a vague idea what was going on. I really had no clue what was going on when the focus of the story was suddenly Sanae's high school story.

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Basically, it starts with Batshit Koishi going out to 'find friends'. Later Koishi goes berserk and unlocks the subconscious personality of the most mentally weak Gensokyo residents. (Yuyuko, Mokou, Sanae, Ran, Koakuma and probably others). Sanae just remembered what led her to becoming like this and apologizes to Kogasa in the end of PT7.

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Should've just given her the damn fishing rod and none of this would've happened.

Sanae ;_;

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Ah, okay, I appreciate the explanation. I was really confused when out of nowhere, Mokou was killing a little girl and creepy Koakuma at the end of ep7.

It was still pretty fun to watch, even without being able to understand it.

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Koakuma is the real villain just so you know.

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Why does Japan portray Koishi as a psycho so often anyway?

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To be very accurate, Batshit Koishi wants to go fishing, and she decides to borrow a fishing rod from the SDM. All this time she talks to her hat treating it like a real person.

On the second 'arc', she escapes from her confinement and manipulates the subconscious of random Gensokyoans, causing them to go berserk.

In short, its about a yangire making other yangires. Awesome.

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This is a mädchen.

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To the anon who shared this link, you have won an Internets.

Here's the story as far as I can interpret knowing only entry level Japanese.

Koishi decides that it would be nice to have fish for dinner, so she goes out to fish for some. Since she doesn't have a fishing rod, she wonders where she can get one and remembers that the SDM is next to the lake, so she goes there to borrow a rod.

Meiling predictably tries to stop her from entering and knocks off her hat. Koishi responds by going batshit overkill. Koishi knows that Meiling is superior in physical power, so she mindhaxes Meiling (power of subconscious, bla bla) and maims her. Flandre takes notice and is angry.

Inside the SDM, Koishi meets Sakuya and was just able to get her to give her a rod when Flandre bursts in and demands a battle, with Koakuma following exclaiming that Meiling has been maimed. While Flan keeps Koishi busy, Sakuya tells Koakuma to bring Meiling to Eientei while she stops time so Meiling can survive.

Meanwhile, Koishi observably pwns Flandre, and just as she was about to pluck out Flan's eyeball for use as bait (her wing as rod) Satori pops in, slaps Koishi, and brings her away.

[Spoiler]In the second arc, Satori visits SDM to apologize, but notices that Koakuma is bearing evil intentions via her 3rd eye. Patchouli gets understandably mad and they have a short scuffle, Satori using Master Spark and Philosophy of a Hated Person. Remilia punches Satori through the wall.

In the meantime Koishi who apparently has been sealed breaks her seal by taking the entire wall that contained the sealed door. The scene jumps to Sanae covered in blood (Mmmm... yandere Sanae is olev) approaching Kogasa ominously, Mokou burning down the Human Village, Ran kicking Chen (;_;) and Yuyuko eating Youmu, literally.

Find out the rest on your own... I gotta sleep now.

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Woops, forgot the end tag for spoilers. Gawd I fail.

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Koishi can go whereever Koishi wants to go, completely unnoticed. Canon. Sorry about your story, but it is now officially FANON SHIT.

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>most mentally weak Gensokyo residents


You mean the one who's kept herself COMPLETELY SANE over the span of A THOUSAND YEARS by focusing her mind into complete and focused HATRED?
Mokou is mentally unshakable.


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Read what you just typed again. Does that sound mentally stable to you? What is wrong with you?

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Her mental state is pretty much the same as it was when she first became immortal, consider that was 1000 years ago that's pretty damned stable.

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Ran kicked Chen? God fucking what, why. Ran kicking Yukari would be more acceptable.

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It's mentally stable.

It's just not mentally HEALTHY. But that means little when you're immortal.

She has no interests apart from Kaguya. If she were to become uninterested in Kaguya, her sanity would slip.

Rather than stability, it's more like an unstable mind held in place by (a very eternal) keystone.

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8 pages of fanart for this series on pixiv.

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you're overanalyzising a fan series which has little to do with the actual series

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>You're overanalyzing
I stopped reading there.

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Yukari kicks Ran, so it's only natural that Ran kicks Chen.

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i know you're trying to sound smart, but you just implied it's okay to overanalyze the main series. im afraid that's an own goal

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I know you're trying to sound smart, but...


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just saying they're looking into something too deeply which could only be answered by asking the creator himself

Even if you could, he'd probably just say "this is how I interpretate this person". Mokou may or may not be stable, but in this she isn't.

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man I really need to start counting these things. I get more than anyone else on /jp/

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I don't think you understand how interpretation works. Fans are allowed to have interpretations too. It's not bad or illegal.

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But their interpretation offends my interpretation.

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Guys...the thing about the ones who went crazy being unstable beforehand is just something
made up.

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It's an interesting discussion though. Who would be the weakest link if psychics attacked Gensokyo?

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So? Don't tell me you don't ever imagine possible backgrounds to canonical scenarios?

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I find the comic where Kanako gets a Snake to graphically eat Marisa somewhat offensive, if not because thats not how snakes eat stuff.

>> No.4179333

How do snakes eat stuff? I remember something about them eating you feet-first if you play dead

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well 99% of the time the prey is already dead by the time its got a good grip on the head, otherwise the struggling could break its jaw

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Why don't I have a Nico account? Why!?

>> No.4179358

I'm not a vorephile so I can't really comment but it seems like they'd find it sexier if it was Marisa being eaten by a giant Kanako snake than if it was Marisa's crumpled dead body being eaten by a giant Kanako snake.

Call it poetic licence.

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Why don't you?

Get out of /jp/. Niconico and Pixiv accounts are, like, the entry exam.

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Well, I half-pass then.

How do I get one anyway? Remember seeing a how-too thinger once, but ignored it cuz "dur hur i have youtube"

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That's true though. All the good stuff gets ported over to youtube. All of it. Don't listen to anyone who says otherwise.

>> No.4179382


Go to
Hit the ログイン on top.
Hit the red button below the login.
Hit the silver button on the bottom.
Fill out the forms.
Niiiiico nico douga.

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Too bad it gets a sock in the quality, huh?

YouTube's rendering is shit.

>> No.4179390


But only the first ep of Koishi's Exciting Adventures is on Youtube...

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I'm pretty damn sure that Mokou went thought a 600 year bat shit angry stage and would kill anyone without giving a fuck. Its in chapter 4 of Cage in Lunatic Runagate.

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That stuff isn't canon and you know it.

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>>Written by ZUN, with illustrations by TOKIAME.

>> No.4179428


She was just PISSED OFF because there was no Kaguya to maim.

She only re-found Kaguya 50-200 years or so before IN occurs.

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It worked, yay. Thanks /jp/.

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So wait
You don't know enough nip for niconico douga?
What the fuck, man.

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Link please? There are too many results to search throught.

>> No.4179492


But what's the point? You'll have to go to niconico for the others anyway.

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From CiLR
"It must have been just about 1300 years since I'd become immortal.

For the first three hundred years, other people hated me, and I was a sad creature who only caused trouble to myself and those around me if I didn't stay in hiding.

The next three hundred years I spent harboring a grudge against this world, and was able to preserve the faintest sense of identity by immediately dispatching anything that crossed my path, youkai or otherwise.

For the next three hundred years the youkai in the area couldn't hold my interest anymore, and I lost all motivation towards anything, living out a boring existence.

But during the next three hundred years, I was finally reunited with my immortal archrival, and we discovered the joys of killing each other over and over.

And now, humans know about my existence again. I use the knowledge I've gained from centuries of existence and the strength I've gained from countless battles to escort humans from the village. I spend my time protecting humans that wander into the bamboo forest from the youkai there - including some people who wander in from the outside world."

12 years old:
Father fucks over her family by leaving to win Kaguya, spends entire fortune on fake treasure, runs away. Mokou is an orphan.

13-17 years old
Homeless vagabond girl in old feudal japan. Is probably beaten and raped a lot as she searches for Kaguya. Hears about Hourai elixir. Takes it. Probably killed the last guy at the volcano for it.

17 - 300 years old
I'm an immortal monster!

I'm an angry murderous immortal monster!


I found Kaguya! Let the love/hate relationship begin! (is this guro?)

Brokou, lover of schoolmarm.

No wonder she is a canon lesbian.

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I know. It's just that niconico is being gay and not loading any videos for me.

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Fucking nihilists. She'll relapse someday, they always do.

>> No.4179539

This is still your imagination bro.
Holy word is written.

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All Touhou are canon lesbians.
Anon agreed, don't bother him about it.

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Fucking nihilists!

If you are talking about the "canon lesbian" thing, well then its up to you, a strapping young man if true heart and perseverance, to show her the way of loving the cock.

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Implying that Cage in Lunatic Runagate does not count as canon? it's probably more reliable that the admittedly outdated Perfect Memento.

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I was going to argue some more, but I approve of your disrespect for Akyu.

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And Akyu IS a bit of a whore.

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But Koishi is already consciously my favorite Touhou.

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Yuri sucks shit.

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I can sense Phedophilia

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