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Which Touhou game is generally considered the best?

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Shitstorm incoming

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Every other answer is wrong.

In before a bunch of wrong answers.

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Highly Responsive to Prayers is the only one still played by real fans.

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IaMP, if we also include the non-shmups

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Imperishable Night if you actually want to enjoy yourself.

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highly responsive to prayer

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SWR. If that counts.

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i fap when i want to enjoy myself

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All of them are different in both subtle and apparent ways. Play them all and decide for yourself which is most appealing to your tastes.

Seriously, this is like asking who the best touhou charactinb4.

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stop spamming ure crappy clone boards on ano

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The Highly Responsive to Prayers.

The only original and interesting game ZUN has ever made, as a vertical shmup Touhou is low tier.

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>I troll trolls by replying seriously

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Same troll. IN was the first PC Touhou to have casual gamer tier difficulty.

And with the exception of 3 characters, the characters were lackluster. And the music was below average in comparison to the other Touhou games. The only thing good that came from IN was the Lunarian plot (assuming you cared enough about the characters in the first place).

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>I talk in greentext because I enjoy the color green

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Perfect Cherry Blossom, because of Yukari. EoSD is a close second.

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I see someone desperately needs her daily dose of mountain queen.

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>God no. I despise that pairing.

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Envy can be passionate enough.

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>people suggesting IN

I am laughing right now.

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>Grr, I hate fun

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Imperishable Night is the best touhou:
1-it looks pretty
2-it has the most characters
3-it sounds pretty

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PoFV imo, because it's so unique and fun to play online. The fighters (7.5,10.5 etc) aren't my type, I prefer more guilty-gear-ish. But multiplayer is the only way i play games unless they are VNs.

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I agree wholeheartedly

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haha youre a faggot

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You forgot to say the characters are pretty too!

Anyway, though I'd never say it's the best touhou I still had lots of fun playing it.

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The fighters

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go back to fyad

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PCB. Nice pacing, cherry system is interesting, and a decent number of attacks making you use a larger area of the screen.

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IN or PCB, depending on one's feelings about Spellcard (alleniverson.png) PRACTICE. Outside of that, I'd give PCB a slight edge in gameplay and IN a slight edge in story (lol).

EoSD also has high quality characters (at least in terms of fanbase) and every game has excellent music, or at least similar enough in quality to not make any drastically better than another.

Of course, I've never played any of the PC-98 games either~

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***** *****
***** *

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Imperishable Night was the most fun. individual spellcard practice was really, really good, it's a shame they haven't been implemented since. music, characters, art, best of the shmup Touhou. also, teams is completely awesome.

i don't see why /jp/ always becomes so anal about LOLopinions. it's shouldn't be a big deal to like any one game over another.

if i have to actively look for reasons for why one game is supposedly better than another (especially when it's a GAME, aka something that's being played for FUN), that defeats the entertainment value in the first place, doesn't it? i had more fun playing IN than any other Touhou, and it was interesting enough to keep me captivated.

Imperishable Night all the way. troll on, kiddies.

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go back to gaia

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Suigin sure gets upset whenever someone says something positive about IN.

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you go back to fyad

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MoF is probably the best if you're just judging it as an STG and not offended by the lack of playable characters and bomb graphics.

ZUN almost put a decent score system in there, ruined by game-long chaining, time-out cards and bomb spam. Still best he's done.

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Same here.

And I even have to go as far as to say that I enjoyed SA more than PCB.
But hey, that's just my opinion, who cares?

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ITT people that can't 1cc Normal trying to have opinions.

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>t judging it as an STG
Judging it as a Sturmgewehr?

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Not sure I agree with the music below average comment. Gensokyo Millenium, Immortal Smoke, Deaf to all but the Song, Plain Asia Flight of the Bamboo Cutter. All fantastic songs to name but a few.

PCB and EoSD definitely had an awesome mix of tunes, but SA and UFO only have a few stand out tunes between them (*cough*Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom *cough*).

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The first true assault rifle.

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i've 1cc'd of the windows Touhous all of them on normal, and half on hard.

i still like IN.

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IN because of playable Yukari and Remilia.

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EoSD, PCB, and IN are still, and probably will always be, the height of the series. If ZUN would calm the fuck down and focus on polishing some relatively consistent game mechanics, he could probably surpass them, but he keeps putting incredibly stupid shit in the games, e.g. no grazing in MoF, a safespot on every other spellcard in SA, and FUCKIN UFOS in UFO.
For some reason, the balance between shot types has gotten fucked up as he went along, too. EoSD was very balanced, and all of the shot types were useful. Then PCB had a couple useless shot types, IN had pretty much only Border and Ghost Team, then MoF, SA, and UFO only had one shot type you would ever want to use unless you were intentionally trying to make the game harder.
And EoSD had the best characters.

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all of the teams were usable in IN, Magic team wrecks shit with Malice, and Remilia's turrets and dps are really good.

Sakuya is a dollop of poo though.

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IN is casual shit. Easily the worst Windows game.

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Yeah yeah the old shit is always better right

ZUN sold out after his 2nd album

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ZUN's games lack patches.

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Why this comment wasn't in response to one of the HRtP comments instead of the one he chose will remain a mystery to me.

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