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Walk in, see this, what do?

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Go back to /b/.

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Scold you for terrible grammar.

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"Oh, I thought this was the young womens' dressing room but I guess I was wrong."

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That depends, where am I walking into to see this?

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I beg her not to gap me into Gensokyo to serve as finger food for whatever Youkai she decided to feed

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this gap, it was made for me

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rape the maids

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"so, what does your waifu look like underneath her frilly dress" thread?

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She obviously knew I was coming, so she got in that pose and clothes on purpose. So I'd put on my sly face and say "I thought I walked into the wrong room, but it looks like I was right."

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pour my thick sperm inside her womb

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What frilly dress?

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forehead genitalia

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Hey Yukari, please open the gap now!

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it's sad when older girls try to squeeze into their old school clothes to see if they still fit

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Tell her that old hags shouldn't wear school swimsuits

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yukari you are an elder yokai. put those away. no one wants to see them.

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I'd her gap, if you know what I mean

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Oh. Sorry. Are we going swimming? You might want to buy a new bathing suit, in that case, that one doesn't seem to fit. Well, be sure not to go to the pool right after supper.

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since when has she ever been that chunky?

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Turn 1080 degrees and walk away.

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be a pussy, say sorry, and walk away.
don't fucking kid yourself you know it.

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Ask her why she, who is a old fat hag, is trying to squeeze into such a small swimsuit.

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>this thread

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mother daughter swim meet at Ran's school

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Stare, pardon myself, tell her i think it looks good, walk away, and hope she drags me back for sex.

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Walk in, say sorry, walk out.

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Walk in, see this, stare, close door.
Darkness: Call police.

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all of those waffles have to go somewhere don't they yukari?

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You know you want it.

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You are old. Get over it.

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Wonder where that full-body mirror came from, as I don't have one in my room. Also, consider scrawling a few wards and Elder signs, as I'm not sure I want Yog Sothoth dropping by to use my room as a dressing room while I'm away. That's awfully impolite, after all.

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tell her that she is the sexiest thing I ever saw

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But Anon-kun~♥ Pleeeeeeease?

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Does the great fox spirit not satisfy you? How ungrateful of you.
Did she hesitate for a moment to lean her mouth in between your legs to please you when you as much as hinted at it? I think not.

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H-h-helen....I...ah...do not know....w...what you're t--t AH! talking about!

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So I heard there was a Toohoo eroge.


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Honk the hag horn.

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dem eyebrows

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I think it's somewhere on THP's 18+

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Oh, I'm certain you do.
Perhaps you should be more grateful. After all, how do you know it is you she thinks of when she pleases you? You, and not something else...

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Of course she thinks of me! Who else in Gensokyo or the world could surpass my beauty!?

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Beauty isn't everything.

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silly yukari, you were born old

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YOU LIE!!!! Everyone in Gensokyo would love to bed me! Both women and men!!!!

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Can you give her anything which compares to the sensation of well-fried tofu melting on her tongue?

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I could.

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Why would I want to sleep with a 1,200+ old gap youkai that may or may not feed on humans? Sure you're pretty but to hell with that Yukari.

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obviously not IN gensokyo.

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My love juices taste better than any tofu could ever hope to dream!

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...while i don't have anything against yukari, the thought of that really disgusts me for some reason...

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Uh huh....

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Even knowing that....you could never resist me. No man ever has.

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That guy's drawings are amazing.

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I'd rather see you in a wedding dress and with a ring on your finger, Lady Yukari.

Marry me, you old woman!

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It's amazing, but a bit too 3D for my tastes.

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I'm 3 penguins in a man suit.

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why do you have tears in your eyes yukari?

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I would have Ran in that dress instead.

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toss a bag of cocaine at her

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Turn 360 degrees and walk out.

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stop spamming ur shitty board on a n o n t a l k . com ok thanks and a hav a good day

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I don't usually date 17-year-olds, but I'd make an exception for Yukari-sama.

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And paintings are just traces from what your eyes see ROFL xD

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stop spamming ur shitty board on a n o n t a l k . com ok thanks and a hav a good day

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"God dammit you divided by zero didn't you Yukari?"

Then facepalm and walk out of the room.

Then I run away, fast

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>Toss a bag of cocaine at her

To use street vernacular...your shit's pretty wack, Anonymous.

She keeps in touch with Eirin, who sells blow like ordinary candy shops sell chocolate. I'm thinking that she'd toss your cheap, adulterated powder in the garbage, and then give you some heroin to mainline.

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Fuck off Arc

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Don't be mad that Gensokyo has way better drugs than you'll ever get.

I can't afford to go there right now. I'd spend three days snorting white lines until my eyes rolled back in my head. You think I'm bad now? You don't want to be around me when I'm on a coke-fueled bender. I'd have to stay in my room for all three days.

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Wow, that's the Devil May Cry anime? What the fuck did they do to my Dante?

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made him FABULOUS, ofc

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what the hell Arc.
I though I knew you better.

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Everyone thinks they know me.

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I don't. But if I did we could be friends!
I think thats needless actually the devil may cry anime was bad though still avoid it.

>> No.3897370


>implying that friendship is possible on /jp/

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So tsundere

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Friendship is always possible as long as you try hard enough!

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I'm 12

>> No.3897398

Now take off your clothes and I'll show you the power of friendship.

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Certainly, but 4chan is not a place where friendships can be made, at least in the usual sense. This goes double for /jp/.

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friendship, rather kinship on /jp/ is the desire to rape the same woman.

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Wanna rape dis Anon.

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What are you saying? You just want a friend don't you?

I could be your friend, Arc.

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Are you sure you're not saying that just to cut my tender flesh with your knife?

>> No.3897597

so, i have to be unwilling?

oh stop tempting us, soft, succulent flesh..

>> No.3897601

I'd never do such a thing to a friend, I'm not that mean.

Maybe a little, but you won't die from it. I promise.

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so randum xD

>> No.3899634

Not really.

I was mostly serious when I said I'd be Arc's friend, I've always liked Arc. But when I get a response like that I couldn't resist but to joke a tad.

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