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Why does SDM have the best characters?

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Because it doesn't.

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>GRIMDARK vampire girl 1
>GRIMDARK vampire girl 2
>Mary Sue ice queen Perfact Maid Loyalty
>Sick girl more
>fanmade character

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>GRIMDARK vampire girl 1
>GRIMDARK vampire girl 2
>Mary Sue ice queen Perfact Maid Loyalty
>Sick girl moe
>fanmade character

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Trying too hard.

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Just because

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Yes, Eientei fares so much better than them, no?

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Top 10 Reasons Why Remilia Is The Made For Fanboys/Lesbians/Lesbian maids Version Of Edward Cullen:
1. She can turn you into a vampire. Edward turned Bella into a vampire, and in several doujins, particularly that hot VISSIONERZ one, she does exactly that to Sakuya.
2. She is frequently futa in doujins. Edward has a penis.
3. She appeals to certain demographics. Same with Edward's penis.
4. She has Mary Sue-ish powers. Edward has Gary Stu-ish powers.
5. She dresses goth-like. So does Edward.
6. She is frequently overtly-sexualized by the author/authors. Yup, Edward's biceps...
7. She shows up frequently as a favorite character. Edward has shown up in People magazine.
8. Her fans are loud and obnoxious. Same with Edward.
9. She holds back her powers most of the time, just like Edward.
10. I am a fan of her, and her fanclub will get bigger! Just like Edward's!

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China hungry, juicy maids and so forth.

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>fanmade character
i prefer Hong Meiling than the rest of the cast

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What is this shit?

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I was referring to Koakuma.

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oh god and you remember a secondary character without portrait but not Meiling ? the fuck

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I don't know. Let's put an end to it.

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this is what i live for

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I can't dis my wife.

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Flandre alone makes SDM cast the best.

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oh ok bud'

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>I can't dis my wife.
>IN elite
You're not too bad for an Eientei fan.

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Sakuya > Remi > Flan > Pacchi > everyone else in Touhou > China.

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Look at that silly mistress, she drunk too much blood and tainted her dress again. I guess this is why they call her the Scarlet Devil.

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>character from SDM > character not from SDM
Nice trolling, bro.

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Oh my...

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I'm starting to think he doesn't even like IN or Eientei.

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Us Einteifags live forever.
He'll be back.

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