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Who will win?

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Of course the one who plays by the rules.

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Yukari wins because she's the best cheater.

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Shiki, because everyone cheat

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In the team of cheaters...

I'd have to say the one who can read minds.
Tewi might have slight of hand and Reisen cover, but Satorin can still see the truth. She can also tell when Sakuya timestops and such.

Ultimately, everyone will know where every tile is, but Satori will know what everyone else intends to do.

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Reisen is such a douchbaguette.

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Well, let's take a look at what their abilities will allow them to do here:

Tewi - ridiculous luck means she'll get the tiles she needs far more often than others
Reisen - can cause everyone at the table except Satori to misread the discards
Yukari - can gap in any tile she needs
Sakuya - can stop time to read everyone's hands, the future draws, move tiles around, and secretly declare richi
Satori - can read everyone's minds to find all of the cheaters and avoid playing into people's hands
Shikieiki - can find all of the cheaters. A little redundant since she's helping Satori, but unlike her she'll actually call them out on their shenanigans and enforce the rules of the game
Hina - can curse the other players. A bad luck curse would only affect Tewi (bring her to a normal human's luckiness?) and Sakuya, since Yukari's a cheating whore and Satori is on her side.

Satori + Shikieiki fully counter Yukari
Mima + Reisen + Satori + Shikieiki fully counter Sakuya
Mima partially counters Tewi

Thus, the fight becomes powerless Yukari, versus powerless, cursed Sakuya, versus not fully powered but stealthed tiles Tewi, versus mind-reader Satori. Satori is the clear winner.

I only just noticed Cirno now, but it's not like she matters anyways.

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DOH! Always confuse Mima and Hina...

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This thread will soon turn into a Touhou Unreal Mahjong thread.

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Satori most likely won't. Who put Hina there right besides here?

By the way, I'd love to have Cirno as an air conditioner.

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>Tewi separating her seven pairs


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Satori, Reisen or Sakuya.

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Oh god, I just noticed Sakuya doing a Riichi stick time-stop attack on that haku

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Hina ABSORBS bad fortune, not spreads it.

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It's Tewi. She's probably waiting for something like pinfu or iipeekoo and just dicking around with other players.

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How would Remilia fit into this?

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What the fuck is wrong with their hands.

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There are some minds you don't want to read.

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Yukkuris always win.

Besides that, I'm more curious about Cirno's inclusion in the drawing.

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She's there to run interference against Satori.

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Well, that does make sense, thanks.

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