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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
New guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Old guide for those afraid of change: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/


Previous thread: >>36014808

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the new guide sucks

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could you tell me what's wrong about it? i'm going to work on it and improve it.

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im just trolling
wasn't expecting anyone to take it seriously

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Do nips not stay up late? I am trying to talk to em but all servers are dead silent

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Beginners stay on your toes, if you use any of the kinked software in the tatsumoto guide, you will get a virus

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Not the first anon, and I don't thing the new guide is bad per se but it sort of lacks what I've been using the older one for primarily - library of media, especially eroge and retro games folders. It was pretty nice having so many of them neatly at one place so usually when I wanted to play something the first place I looked was Itazura's library. Now that the older guide is dead (? is the person running it still around somewhere?) MEGA folders with media are being deleted and it's sort of sad. You can still get the stuff elsewhere, but I admit it was pretty handy.

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there are several servers made by japanese people, you could try joining their rooms and talking to them.

matrix.076.ne.jp a small server run by some lolicon
matrix.fedibird.com a somewhat large server
nibbana.jp a server run by a japanese language teacher in japan

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is microsoft ime good?

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i never valued the library because i always use torrents to download content, i'm only concerned about the language learning advice. the old guide doesn't really go into much detail about it.

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What would you do in that situation.
1. Follow her and ask her out
2. Don't follow her. I am afraid she is some kind of scammer, I am talking drink spiking kind.

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op is a fag doesnt know japanese wears a diaper on his head and links to an actual pedophile telegram group on his site and sometimes even in the thread

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3. Cry in a corner and book a flight home.

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there's a human in there. be careful about attacking people just because you disagree with their business practices.

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Found a fun new way of testing how good you are at Japanese.

Can you read this "correctly"?
No Kanji. All instinct.

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his feelings r hurt bc he spent so much time doing japanese by himself that when it comes time to acquire from the real world it goes against all the wrong shit he reinforced to himself on his own for so long and makes his feely feels hurt bc its an attack on his life itself since thats what he devoted a great deal his young life to lol

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I can read it and I'm prebeginner.
Pride is the death of learning.
"Your panties looked a but dirty, is all, I thought you should know."

>> No.36034743

would kick that slut in the cunt for being indecent on the train

women cant keep getting away with this shit

>> No.36034763

you wouldnt do shit lol

>> No.36034775

yah i would i would be booting her out of the train with my boot

>> No.36034796

isnt jamal like 5'6 lol

>> No.36034807

i wear a size 10 shoe

>> No.36034809

i would just say ありがとうございました

>> No.36034815

someone post the webm of that chick pissing in public and some old dude walks up and kicks her in the groin lmfao

>> No.36034830

thats right dude thats me id tell that bitch 死んじまえクソ女 and put a shoe print on her pretty panties

>> No.36034834

i remember when a woman shamelessly rub her ass against my crotch on a bus i didnt know what to do one of the worst experience y ever have

>> No.36034854

a woman has never expressed any sexual interest in me at all so if one ever did then i would love it no matter the circumstance

>> No.36034857

u shouldve just nonchalantly asked "is we fuckin or what"


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it hurts my feelings when americans point out mistakes in my english

>> No.36034890

Phew. Glad I chose Japanese and not Italian

>> No.36034898

cant imagine speaking wop語

>> No.36034899

id go on my knees and lick up the pee

>> No.36034900

blatant lies

>> No.36034908

i remember when a tipsy bitch kept pestering me while i was waiting for the bus and i tried ignoring her but she didnt get the message so i told her to shut the fuck up and then she started crying cuz i yelled and i didnt know what to do so i just left

>> No.36034914

feel free to disprove all of the claims one at a time

ur an actual incel lol we just joke about shit here haha

>> No.36034915

nothing against sluts but i wouldnt fuck one

>> No.36034923

i mean if the slut was hot id bag and tag fuck it

>> No.36034924

is there some foss program that would let me track internet outages i think my isp is fucking me

>> No.36034932

nah if your just standing at the bus stop and a chick starts flirting with you gotta get outta there

>> No.36034965

alright i would fuck one but only if shes a jap

>> No.36034987

wtf my thing twitches when she said H in the second webm
too bad no female will ever do this to me cause im hideous

>> No.36034992

realistically what would you have done

>> No.36035000

new misa video, she's depressed
lets gooooooooooooooo

>> No.36035010

lmao the sudden switch from "konnichiha" *smiles to her sad expression is so surreal

>> No.36035024

Sounds horrible anon.

>> No.36035027

>ywn be one of the stuffed Pikachus that Misa cuddles in bed

>> No.36035032

i wouldnt have been at a bus stop in the first place bc public transpo is for po boys holla *shoots money gun*

>> No.36035036

the new bleach chapter absolutely blows

>> No.36035039

i couldnt save calvin

maybe i could save misa

>> No.36035045

If by blows you mean "its kino"

>> No.36035049

how is there a new bleach chapter in 2021

seems like a bad idea

>> No.36035050

i thought bleach ended

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>> No.36035064

woah who would have thought

>> No.36035069

ok id give misa a legit non sexual hug

i wouldnt give her any money tho

>> No.36035075

theres a gal who takes selfies with ichigo and they have tvs in soul society

thats your definition of kino?

>> No.36035089

who would you give money to?

>> No.36035105

idk im not lookin for ppl to give money to

anyway look at these chompers

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>> No.36035132

btw if misa accepts simp bux from makin her "i got depression" yt vids i have less simpathy for her

>> No.36035142

what the fuck is that scott the woz

>> No.36035163

airing your dirty laundry on social media is pretty cringe desu
whats even the goal? to get people who dont know shit about you but have developed some kind of fucked up parasocial attachment to pretend that they empathize?

>> No.36035176

dunno but if my dick could cure misa i wouldnt hesitate

>> No.36035179

dame thats a lotta storkes

>> No.36035226

i only simp for vtubers

>> No.36035239

dang misa talkin about suicide its almost like my japanese nakiges

>> No.36035241

why cant people keep things professional these days

>> No.36035244

I meant, its kino it came back. Like the concept. Bleach is... still bleach.
I did not disagree with it being cancelled, Kubo didn't know where to go and he still hasn't figured it out, I don't think.

>> No.36035251

bc theres no filter to ensure things are high quality before being put in front of the unwashed masses

so ppl get caught in the quicksand of their peers

>> No.36035252

Anon you have to make it more subtle.

>> No.36035263

To not be alone, anon. Same reason all of us are here.
Humans are social creatures.

>> No.36035267

misa i could take you away from all this....

>> No.36035278

u cant lol

btw this vids rly good shes gonna get a lot of simp bux from this

>> No.36035291

their entire lives revolve around being good at japanese

>> No.36035292

imagine how fat and pink Misa's monkey is

>> No.36035293

>things guys will never understand.

Thing is, sad women get cash.
Sad guys get spit on. Different worlds.

>> No.36035298

the internet has made people feel lonelier than ever and in an their attempt to fix it they become even more isolated because they seek validation and connection through 1s and 0s like misa is trying right now

>> No.36035305

you shouldn't overfeed pets

>> No.36035314

why is there a small ょ after the ん?

>> No.36035316

But they aren't good at it.

>> No.36035317

the sad truth

>> No.36035318

its not just yt vids >>36021680

>> No.36035322

misa should have gone to more 弥撒s

she needs jesus in her life

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>> No.36035330

idea still applies there

>> No.36035331

Its the same idiot think wehre tehy jumble letters anon. All the words are jumbled.

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>> No.36035343

Jesus aqui, yo la llenaria completamente de espiritu santo, si sabes a lo que me refiero.

>> No.36035347

oh shit, I ain't good enough for that

>> No.36035353

and its in this pic u realize how run down this girl is

>> No.36035358

you might be gay if you have never used that line to try and make a vulnerable girl become dependent on you

>> No.36035371

I did the hero thing once. It taught me not to do the hero thing.
Thing with mentally ill people is that if it could be solved, they wouldn't be mentally ill.

>> No.36035374

misa should just post her manko

>> No.36035376

idk im not a fan of preying on the weak despite og spewing niceguy and whiteknight rhetoric at me

also i finished the misa vid and gave it its proper thumbs down since theres an immediate link to patreon in the vid description

>> No.36035387

she probably has it listed first in every video and it's automatically added via a template

>> No.36035389

remember someone here saying that every jap that tries to learn english to teach japanese or talk about their culture is a nutcase
like that heroin addict looking yuta fellow with the spastic flailing hands

>> No.36035392

youre just supposed to have sex with them a couple of times and then ghost them

>> No.36035394

its not the same at all
here you can say whatever because no one knows anyone and were all on the same footing
in misas case shes talking to an audience of anonymous weirdos who all have the false impression to one degree or another that they know her while for any given listener she doesnt even know they exist

>> No.36035395

Based, the algorithm doesn't care about thumbs up or down, just engagement and time watched, as well as %completed.

>> No.36035396

dont care

>> No.36035405

don't you feel bad doing stuff like that since women get their feelings hurt when a man doesn't want to commit to them

>> No.36035409

yeah its really fucked how this shit is considered acceptable now

>> No.36035417

I'm too soft for that, I thought I could fix her anon. You may laugh at me now!
I found out broken women excel.at breaking things, including you. They are very creative, too.
You are also a probably unattractive guy while she is a cute enough girl.
She triggers our protective instincts by default. You do not.
>he thinks women have feelings
Hahahaha oh god thanks I needed that.

>> No.36035422

yea i stopped blaming china for their internet censorship bc now i see what happens when u have too much "freedom"

>> No.36035429

no not really they may even learn lesson from me

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>> No.36035452

misa has MASSIVE shoulders holy! btw women can't be depressive because depression stems from not having sex

>> No.36035461

it prolly stems from lack of physical contact in general

hugs r healthier than ur hipster avocado toast

>> No.36035465

What's mina's nationality? She looks asian, but I don't get a Japanese vibe from her.

>> No.36035466

the best thing about misa is she has the perfect face (angel skull) for 馬面フェラ

>> No.36035472

yep its a giant snowball effect

think like katamari damacy except ur just rolling up a bunch of snowflake me too shit from their blm echo chamber lmao

>> No.36035476

>waah i can't say racist shit or bash gays and muslims in public

>> No.36035513

women are more neurotic and depressed than men. on one hand i think men's depression is more justified since they deal with more serious problems irl. but neuroticism is heritable so women are the way they are due to genes. in a sense you can say they are just as justified in feeling bad as men but it's hard for me to accept that because women are stupid and their problems are otherwise so frivolous. it's why i feel more empathy for jamal than og.

>> No.36035516

actually u can bc the libs r all weak pussy boys that wont do shit about it

>> No.36035517

where is the katamari of good shit getting rolled up rn? hope ur all starting one if u dont have 1 already

>> No.36035520

and that's a bad thing

>> No.36035521


>> No.36035525

sry dude the good shit factory closed down

>> No.36035527

you can't say facts if those facts depict them in an unfavorable light. you can say straight lies about white people though.

depends. they have far more institutional power right now and institutions can do shit about it.

>> No.36035534

dude my brain is screaming at me to fuck a girl err day im pretty sure being able to be intimate with a girl is more effective than a hug

>> No.36035536

dame only 780 yen for gambare goemon

>> No.36035537

It is.

>> No.36035541

depression comes from malnutrition
most often caused by not eating raw meat

>> No.36035543

not watching this shit whats her issue

>> No.36035546

I eat nothing but meat and I often get depressed.
Sex works tho.

>> No.36035553

we all have a good shit factory within us

>> No.36035558

you cooking it?

>> No.36035559

i love my life and i've never had sex

>> No.36035560


>> No.36035565

whats your secret? how are you so happy>

>> No.36035567


>> No.36035568

good for you but you're just coping

>> No.36035570

institutional power dont matter in the streets

im about to fire mine up and jettison some turds

>> No.36035576

i was a sad boy but it all changed when i started wtaching anime in 2017

>> No.36035577


>> No.36035581

it's really tiring how so many manga try to get deep and heady about the same old tired topics and always fail miserably at it. this shit was just a fun death game manga for the first 10-11 volumes then the author just had to go with the "needing to find a reason to live" or "finding a reason to live/survivors guilt" trite shit.

it's almost bizarre how its always the same topics handled in the exact same way

>> No.36035582

as a esl i will never feel this word as a verb (it obviously looks like a noun)

>> No.36035586

Shouldn't I?
Protip: never have sex anon. Once you do, you will long for it. The first time a girls eyes gaze into yours with lust, her lips darting between your lips and eyes, her own lips quivering, her breath caressing your face...

You are done. The sensation is addictive. I understand why heroine addicts say to never do it.

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>> No.36035589

stfu moe

>> No.36035593

Bro, its not a noun, you can tell its a verb cause its a thing someone does.
Youre thinking of the jetsons.

>> No.36035595

i only acquired it from one source but it stuck forever

this is why anime is ftw

>> No.36035598


>> No.36035604

>Shouldn't I?

>> No.36035606

you shutup

>> No.36035607

Promise west of the floor?

>> No.36035620


>> No.36035623

>i believe im talking to mentally challenged peoppe cause they believe in evolution
Top kek.
Is this a funny skit or is he cereal?

>> No.36035631

>> No.36035633

rtk ruins lives

>> No.36035634

pro-tip: 99.9999% of verbs in english ARE nouns

>> No.36035637

prove him wrong

>> No.36035646

yo anacreon did you end up downloading those gamecenter eps if yes please share em with the bois

>> No.36035654

e...east I meant east. .

>> No.36035656


>> No.36035660


>> No.36035665

you're still in deep shit

>> No.36035667

true true

>> No.36035679

yeah i have them but idk how you guys want em. maybe i'll host on odysee lmfao

>> No.36035693

He's gonna crash hard with a philosophy like that.

>> No.36035696

permanently crippled

>> No.36035701

I don't recognize the cover, which one is this.

>> No.36035717

imawari no kuni no alice

but i copied the poster for the 3 ep ova by accident i think

>> No.36035728

saggy harpy tiddies

>> No.36035729

what a dumbass

>> No.36035731

anal crayon has made no progress in his feud with matt has he? sad

>> No.36035741

looks good. what anime?

>> No.36035747

lmfao this guy is awesome even though i disagree with him

>> No.36035752

damn what a nice word

>> No.36035755


>> No.36035771

This is very late but im going to make an attempt if it's possible. Made wager amongst friends to see who can learn the most jap by the time we go on our trip, we are all taking jap 1000 as a benchmark.
Can I manage to get a decent grasp on conversational/reading Japanese by May if i start today? Besides going to my uni classes, doing the class work, working out 3 times a week, im swearing off ffxiv(trying to improve parses is too addictive), and only 1 hangout sesh with the boys a week.
I thought I'd learn during rona, but I did litterally nothing but work, game, read manga/lightnovels, browse 4chan and save immense amounts of lewds while refreshing the catalog every hour.

>> No.36035772

first video of him where i agree with the guy

>> No.36035773


>> No.36035782

What bits exactly were too soppy. Almost at the start in the introduction to the world there's depressed people having sex and offing themselves instead of playing more fun games. That was the whole reason behind The Beach project. I don't think the ending was any different in it's tone that what it was throughout the series?

>> No.36035787

>I thought I'd learn during rona, but I did litterally nothing but work, game, read manga/lightnovels, browse 4chan and save immense amounts of lewds while refreshing the catalog every hour.
same minus the work

>> No.36035799

you need to refresh more than that

>> No.36035803

new metatron video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfFvga-YneI

this post is on topic because the guy in my link knows more japanese than all the people in this sure combined

>> No.36035818

He is retarded about quite a few things, but he is right about this one.
Becoming strong enough to fuck those who fucked me is what drives me forward.

>> No.36035823

100 new cards per day for 30 days with 60% retention rate:1800 new words learned

20 new cards per day for 30 days with 90% retention rate: 540 new words learned

>> No.36035825

the left 1 is better

>> No.36035826

why are u learning nihongo?

>> No.36035828

you gotta chunk if you want to make it

>> No.36035833

>100 new cards per day for 30 days with 60% retention rate: wanting to kill yourself by the 4th day and quitting japanese

>20 new cards per day for 30 days with 90% retention rate: 540 new words learned

>> No.36035835

i'm not

>> No.36035837


>> No.36035840

not if you do tscs

>> No.36035842

Anon how are you guys determining who won the wager if none of you know japanese?
Are you aware that learning japanese isn't even possible?
Go farm the nier 2 event and soak in that bad ass remix of weight of the world, this was always muri.
(Muri means logicless)

>> No.36035844

prove him wrong about anything

>> No.36035855

That's some thick cum on her.
You forgot the kanji

>> No.36035863

i do it for her

>> No.36035881

i wish more japanese girls had these proportions

>> No.36035884

To make better manga.

>> No.36035938

Who ever gets the best grade in the class and who can manage to navigate through japan with the least usage of phone translations I guess?
I think we romanticized the idea of boolin in class, having bantz and chatting shit in broken Japanese too much.

>> No.36035939

>> No.36035953

a for effort

>> No.36035955

What's the point of this post?

>> No.36035986

djt often talks about ecelebs that are in the japanese-learning circle. he thinks ben's comment about his dick is funny in contrast with him being a loser in most other regards.

btw i know you know this and your question was rhetorical so i kinda feel like i'm owning you by describing the actual point of his post and that gives me slight pleasure.

>> No.36036008

I love idols

>> No.36036009


>> No.36036010

wish I could mine a group of friends

>> No.36036013

love how you're giving the braindead uppercaser an unwarranted benefit of doubt

>> No.36036019

what about us, anon?

>> No.36036024


>> No.36036057

shes so hot bros

>> No.36036063

is she ok tho

>> No.36036069

The non-learning Japanese community is really popular in these threads.

>> No.36036074


>> No.36036078

she just needs some good dick

>> No.36036079

Ah, go to a bar at night, all of you, and try to pick up some girls. Asking who has the best 日本語 and to judge will be a fun activity/icebreaker and you might make good friends/acquaintances/get laid.
Good luck

>> No.36036088

djt decide my new github nick name

>> No.36036092


>> No.36036095

are 7 inches enough

>> No.36036097


>> No.36036109

You have us anon.
That uppercaser is not me I swear.
Not all uppercasers.

>> No.36036111

i'm team scklss but this is too obvious

>> No.36036122


>> No.36036137


>> No.36036147

thats like 10 japanese inches so yes

>> No.36036155

>Username Fukumoto is not available.
fuck i liked this one a lot

>> No.36036156


>> No.36036167


>> No.36036172

> not available
it's supposed to be a surname. attach first name to it to make it unique. any will do. i just googled most common male names and randomly chose "ren" for mine - https://github.com/tatsumoto-ren

>> No.36036184

>> No.36036234

why are japanese women such whores online

>> No.36036251


>> No.36036252

I thought Kojima was way more spergy than this

>> No.36036281

he probably just seems that way when hes placed next to huwaito piggus

>> No.36036286

thanks man i found a name thanks to your post

>> No.36036293

women love being sex objects

>> No.36036299


>> No.36036305

futukoro (bag)

>> No.36036324

Humans love being sex objects.
If you could be universally loved by virtue of existing, you would jump at the chance.

>> No.36036330


>> No.36036331

>> No.36036348

damn imagine being a hot guy and getting smiles from random strangers every day

>> No.36036365

i dunno about that
gay guys who present themselves as sex objects are still looked down on
dont see anyone in here tryin to embrace that aesthetic just to get ppl to want to fuck them

>> No.36036370

nah even ignoring that you changed topic, women in particular love being sex objects whereas men are more interested in treating someone as a sex object. men mostly enjoy being sex objects insofar as it means they'll get to fuck. they don't fantasize about being one like women do

>> No.36036374

wow i hate them fuck all attractive people (not in that way)

>> No.36036414

why da fuck do nips name their games like fainaru fantaji sebun instead of fainaru fantaji nana or whatever

>> No.36036427

>Listen to 10,000 hours of Japanese over the next 18 months. This roughly amounts to about 18 hours of listening per day. Not bad, right? If you think you can't do it, think again.
Huh, anon, do you sleep just 6 hours? Even with that, you would basically need to be listening for all of you waking hours, no breaks.

>> No.36036454

didnt you see the replies thats a patreon scam

>> No.36036458

having now been working full time for 2 months i've come to the conclusion that i hate working and will never not hate working

>> No.36036460

>> No.36036462


>> No.36036472


>> No.36036482

what job? cant you just neetmax?

>> No.36036487

having not worked i've come to the conclusion that i hate working and will never not hate working

>> No.36036490

I saved up money by not spending on anything and now i'm N.E.E.T after a full year of working constant overtime. I hated working too, I think i'm going to go through life in a part-time job, there's no point in me spending my whole life working for someone else.

>> No.36036506

What in the fuck do you think harems are, anon?
Most guys want girls to want them, not degenerates.

>> No.36036515

i need to find one of those jobs where you automate all your shit and just sit around doing nothing all day
NOC L1. to be fair this particular NOC fucking blows even more than the "good" ones, there's next to no networking work at all. it's basically a glorified helpdesk. but this is the only inroad into IT if you're not a developer and junior network engineering jobs arent a thing here

plus i get the feeling that i'd hate any job honestly, i hate the feeling of my time not being my own

>> No.36036521


>> No.36036527

>not being a n337

>> No.36036534

girls also want to fuck those guys
where do you think the whole fag hag phenomenon or the 'all the good guys are gay' trope came from

>> No.36036539

first step of the japanese guide should be how to get neetbux

cant into japanese if you have a full time job

>> No.36036555

no idea what you're talking about

>> No.36036558

Japanese is impossible anyway but being n337 is its own reward.

>> No.36036564

i was a neet for 2 years after i finished uni. thank god i started japanese then cause now it's 0 effort and all fun but if i was starting now working full time that initial barrier where its hard as fuck and no fun at all would have made me quit for sure

>> No.36036567

I too have no idea what you are talking about, and Ive never heard such a term

>> No.36036568

no, not really. a scam wouldn't just put all the secrets up for free.
> you would basically need to be listening for all of you waking hours, no breaks.
Strive for perfection, but nothing's gonna happen if you do japanese less than 18 hours a day.

>> No.36036588

do protocol 80

>> No.36036593

Its called a catch 22, and its the oldest type of scam.
Nobody can succeed, and the excuse for why they failed is pre-given: did you watch anime 18 hours a day?
Even while shitting?
Y..yes actually...
But, did you make sure to not blink?
Eh... I... wasn't supposed to...?
Aha found the problem.

>> No.36036601

is being a code monkey an easy job? assume you're of average skill not some fucking wunderkind who make 200k a year

i guess it cant be easy cause any job that requires 8 hours of actual work per day doesnt fit that definition

>> No.36036617

It really all depends on the type of code 猿

>> No.36036631


>> No.36036636

with python you can become an fullstack coder who also does dev ops which translates to $$$

>> No.36036638

i had to write senseless visual basic excel scripts and i hated every second of it

>> No.36036646

the dialog in your post is unironically correct. most people who don't succeed don't immerse, even for like 2-3 hours a day.
there's no optimal amount of immersion per day so i put AJATT's 10k hours as the upper boundary. it's okay if you do less, but if you do too little expect to never make it.

>> No.36036671

That learnjapanese site run by cat discord dude is garbage. He rips off cure dollys philosophies almost entirely but just presents it in a more insufferable manner and still has the balls to say her advice is bad because she has a shit accent. Why is jp learning resources filled with these kinds of schizos

>> No.36036678

what is matt's program doing to people???

>> No.36036693

I don't know if it's exclusive to Japanese learning, but it would certainly be funny if it was. So many people are at each others throats about how to learn and attempting to discredit the competition.

>> No.36036705

>malodorous white person
did you find jamal's twitter?

>> No.36036713

Dude is right, tho. Malodorous melatonin defficient imbeciles truly are a blight on mankind.
Also malodorous is ab amazing word.

>> No.36036724

Snake oil merchant 101 teaches you that proving the other scamm..entrepreneurs product doesn't work is easier than proving than yours does.

>> No.36036726

I guess hell froze over

>> No.36036731

going to church in japan sounds fun

>> No.36036745

its just a dumb bitch saying はひー over and over what do u need subs for

>> No.36036759

i tried watching aria but i got bored within 5 fucking minutes of the first ep

>> No.36036780

i made it through s1 and s2
it's okay but i doubt i'll ever rewatch it
i think a lot of its popularity stems from the fact that the concept of the show was still relatively new when it first aired

>> No.36036783

Line art is literally impossible, i'm going back to learning Japanese.

>> No.36036790

Why do I have to see opinions of opinions in the language learning community in a language learning community? At least retweet them in Japanese.

>> No.36036796

Except immersion works if you’re trying to learn a language. If you’re esl or know anyone who is esl, eng language immersion is probably the majority driver behind successfully becoming fluent. The issue is there’s tons of shitty “guides” that recycle Steven Krashern and Jay Rubin philosophies and pretend they invented it. At least people like cure dolly and Matt vs Jp acknowledge this

>> No.36036801


>> No.36036860

everyone is

>> No.36036868

happiness is the ultimate cope

>> No.36036871

You are my guardian Angel.

>> No.36036876

you could watch literally anything (and do) so not much of a yardstick

>> No.36036896

happiness is a buzzword

>> No.36036907

i can't watch shows that only have males in the main cast

>> No.36036923

there are like 10 of those

>> No.36036927

thats all the best shows though

>> No.36036929

hate when i brush my teeth get in bed then notice a spot i missed

>> No.36036934

yes it's extremely easy and you don't need to be skilled at all, the top paying jobs are full of idiots who have no idea what they're doing software quality is at an all time low

>> No.36036939

i'm sure you'll find a ton if you go down the rec pages rabbit hole

>> No.36036948

You can see a mirror from your bed?

>> No.36036950

shouldn't it be 上手になる rather than 上手くなる?

>> No.36036960

helps to see how other artists do it

second one is read うまくなる

>> No.36036964


>> No.36036979

i can't watch shows that have any males in the main cast

>> No.36036986

ah that makes sense, used to just seeing it in kana

>> No.36037001

non non biyori barely got a pass for me since the male character doesnt talk

>> No.36037009


>> No.36037012

but then you'll miss out on epic isekai harem power fantasies

>> No.36037023

Good taste.

>> No.36037029

based tranny

>> No.36037036

nothing epic about that

>> No.36037047

Cure dolly ripped off textbooks.

This kind of thinking is dumb, anyway. Knowledge is knowledge.

>> No.36037048

everyones a generic otaku diarrhea drinker but me

>> No.36037057

this. mfw niggers like bad anime

>> No.36037061


>> No.36037103

>> No.36037111

would you watch this in japanese or english?

>> No.36037128

depends on what language the original script is written in

>> No.36037146

yuna-san is truly one of the greats

>> No.36037147

I'll leave it for the Anitubers to debate.

>> No.36037178

if its anime ill watch it otherwise no

>> No.36037181

I'm esl! I know, its impossible to tell, but its true!
I don't know any of those names, should I?

>> No.36037203

I wouldn't watch it at all to be honest.

>> No.36037220

show had some good tits

>> No.36037227

True but she acknowledges Krashern and Rubin, and at least her grammar explanations are good. This guy just made a shitty website with no new value or content and pretended he invented the wheel

>> No.36037230

this latest uppercaser really fucking sucks when is he going to fuck off?

>> No.36037233

soon to be tranny

>> No.36037234

>drops an absolute fucking banger of a debut album
>drops off the face of the earth forever
kinda based but also sad

>> No.36037255

>too retarded to realize there's several uppercasers actually.
>and also, to understand that his passive aggressive bitch bullshit, if anything, gives based uppercasers kino keks.
>can't even into using the reply function.

lowercasecels we got too cocky.

>> No.36037258

this guys not wrong but he operates from the position of being in a spot where u would ever need to forgive in the first place



>> No.36037267

lmao stop evading my filters

>> No.36037274

ill judge the winner bring ur crew to the thread and ill let u know who won

>> No.36037287

this would be epic

>> No.36037305

if you are
too retarded to samefag without being obvious
someone that thinks people telling him to shut his retard mouth is an epik reaction for le keks
unable to properly use the quote symbol for quoting
please stay away from /jp/ kudasai

>> No.36037306

thats what i was referencing every time i said it lol・・

>> No.36037345


>> No.36037358

i watched the castlevania jp dub the voice acting was as good as for any other anime essentially

>> No.36037363

my pronouns are she/her

>> No.36037537

learn any Attack Moves lately, djt?

>> No.36037553

>> No.36037571

too bad his twitter career didnt last long lmao

>> No.36037583

who is this amateur

>> No.36037603

she literally translates to keep her terminally ill autistic husband alive

if she stops churning our garbage he dies

>> No.36037626

he's definitely already dead

>> No.36037630

one could only wish for a woman like that, her face aside

>> No.36037643

ahhhh one more week

>> No.36037651

oh cool tales of an ass

>> No.36037656

is this real

>> No.36037668


>> No.36037670

it was real

>> No.36037671

yeah qm was pretty active on twitter for about a week trying to make a career there, he'd go all out on everybody who gets posted on djt

>> No.36037688

he got shrekt by sarah tho and she never replied to him again after that

>> No.36037695

he confused twitter for 4chan and didnt adapt his posting style

>> No.36037719

isn't that just putting your wallet in your breast pocket or whatever the kimono equivalent is?

>> No.36037769


>> No.36037791


>> No.36037794

shes resorting to onlyfans now because that new alienware gaming laptop isnt gonna buy itself

>> No.36037801

what is her obsession with bags

>> No.36037807

u gotta edit the katakana to say arse in japanese

>> No.36037816

Holy shit this was brutal.
Is she actually pretty? Can't tell from pic.

>> No.36037822

thought about it but too much effort

>> No.36037831

dont forget to feel on ur quest to find the onechunk


>> No.36037847

she probably was 15 years ago

>> No.36037852


>> No.36037856

oh god were gonna have to get some yung sarah pics

i bet she looked dorky as shit lmao

>> No.36037858

how did matt vs japan learn japanese since i know all his yt videos are fake

>> No.36037867

What makes you think he knows japanese?

>> No.36037869

what happened

>> No.36037877

fake it till you make it

>> No.36037878

No point in ploughing random people every week either. It's a similar emptiness to not having anyone.

>> No.36037879

its pretty obvious he does

>> No.36037881

>not literal
so og?

>> No.36037906

kind of maybe

he can string some words together but he still sounds stupid most of the time

thats why his videos all have cuts every 3 seconds and even when he did a interview with that japanese chick she dogged on his japanese while also splicing the vid together with 3 second cuts cuz thats about as long as hes good for before he sounds retarded lol

>> No.36037916

take it from me casual sex sucks. wait for someone you love it’s 10000x better

>> No.36037933


>> No.36037934

somethings you have to learn the hard way

>> No.36037936

it doesn’t matter. he still knows more japanese than you. focus on your own studying instead of all this cope you can do better than this man

>> No.36037941

imagine coping this hard

>> No.36037948

i want to be called a good boy
i will take any gf who treats me like this

>> No.36037963

"enabler gf"

>> No.36037964

whats there to cope for ? he doesnt speak very well and sounds like a weirdo

a guy like george on the other hand speaks much better and sounds like a chill bro

be like a george

>> No.36037985

i dont study cuz thats for nerds lol

>> No.36037991

having a yankee accent and using slang isn’t the only way to be good at japanese please shut up
george makes mistakes all the time + can’t even read
he just fools you with his accent and casual demeanor.

>> No.36038003

this is just as dumb of a take as saying matt can't speak Japanese

>> No.36038014

matt tore george a new asshole in their collab live stream

>> No.36038015


>> No.36038022

WTF is hakkin kurattyatta

>> No.36038030

people who think george is better than matt at japanese overall are the same kinds of people to fall for sleazy used car salesmen

>> No.36038034

hakkin to the gayte

>> No.36038035

...why are her eyes going in different directions...?

>> No.36038036

can't tell if this is irony or what

>> No.36038037

i got endless freetime how should i start learning if im retarded and dont wanna read grammar rules or watch vids about it

>> No.36038044

think u got that backwards lol

>> No.36038045

yes you do you just call it something else

>> No.36038048

perfect you've already made it

>> No.36038054

This made me sad.
Girls that let you be the little spoon are so few and so precious.
Most girls are repelled by the idea of ever comforting you, let alone tryong to make you feel better.
Disposable relationships are the worst.

>> No.36038055

u eat literal feces but u call it something else

>> No.36038058

>> No.36038063

>writes a kanji book
>can’t even read kanji

>> No.36038067

the kinds of people who'd fall for sleazy used car salesmen think george is better than matto?

>> No.36038072

george didnt write it his native japanese wife did

>> No.36038087

you study japanese just like everyone else you just call it some stupid shit like immersion lol
you still 引く the 辞書 like the rest of us you’re not special

>> No.36038091

we never got ciaran's opinion on who the best speaker is (george or matt) before he quit djt permanently...

>> No.36038102

lol based

>> No.36038115

do you think matt will marry a white woman
a japanese woman?

>> No.36038124

i dont call it anything bc i dont study

japanese is around me and in my life and i enjoy it simple as

>> No.36038136

woman no man maybe

>> No.36038141


>> No.36038146

imagine actually getting married

>> No.36038168

i cant. thinking about getting a fleshlight though

>> No.36038172

gonna happen sooner or later

>> No.36038185

You'll be alright anon.
Everything will work out just fine.
No way around it.

>> No.36038187

he's a god, as he says

>> No.36038196

i woulda married og prolly if things were allowed to progress but i guess ill have to settle for some other nerd

cant imagine itll be hard to find some damaged goods sweetheart once everyone is finally covid pozzed and society can go back to normal

>> No.36038212

a godly quiz for a god

>> No.36038223

that font is absolute bullshit

>> No.36038236

it's not that bad, especially if you know stroke order (which matto does since he's been writing kanji since 2009)

>> No.36038237

i cant read some vocab in isolation
it just works if its an actual sentence and i have context

>> No.36038247


>> No.36038257

>especially if you know stroke order
i never got this meme cuz doing rtk didn't help me read handwritten fonts at all

>> No.36038266

only stroke order i know is up and down

>> No.36038270

I thought rtk was a meme, you actually did it? What was your experience?

>> No.36038271

wait i thought he couldn't work?

>> No.36038281

rtk is meant to give u recognization of the faces of kanjis the same way u know when uve seen some dudes face before , not so u can learn them

>> No.36038291


>> No.36038294

How are her basic living expenses 5k a month?
Seems sorta high

>> No.36038299

rtk RETARDS think putting some okurigana next to the kanji means you can no longer learn the kanji like it's a "face"

>> No.36038306

she should make a video on why she needs 5 grand a month and then ill consider it

>> No.36038308

do middle class people really do stuff like this?

why doesn't jamal give back to the community in these ways?

>> No.36038309

i feel bad for him and her because he feels worthless and she's going to grow to resent him because women want men who can lead and provide for them. but her leftist ideology blinds her to that fact.

>> No.36038315

sorry dude if u want 6 figgies u better get on onlyfans my niggie

>> No.36038319

Holy shit RTX is intense.
What the fuck.

>> No.36038336

Middle class spends 10k a month...?

>> No.36038338

This question is death by forums lol

>> No.36038345

kanjis are fucking easy dude theres only 7000 , 4000 kanjis that are in common use related to the common words along with 3000 hidden meanings and u know everything see

>> No.36038357

there is an obvious flow to each kanji, anyone who has spent any decent amount of time writing kanji should understand it

>> No.36038362

btw giving money just leads to waste u gotta put in work on the ground urself if u want to see ur money being put to the uses u want it used for

its too much trouble for what its worth but i was kicking around the idea of buying up a couple blocks of real estate and renting it out to folks who need a place to live without the bullshit hoops society makes them jump thru

of course this means no island and no kame house

but id like to be a good landlord and build a good community

>> No.36038363

Did you also wake up crying at night or was your experience different?
Would you say you... remember the kanji?

>> No.36038366


>> No.36038380

why not spend money on hiring an editor, voice actor, and marketing guy to make your nihongo learning empire

>> No.36038383

can remember every kanji i see from the 3000 most common ones

>> No.36038384

Were all subscribed to rushia

>> No.36038389

nah he should start up a music school (-piano because of his bad piano taste)

>> No.36038390

cuz at the end of the day having a bunch of scrubs clingin to ur ass like dingleberries isnt gonna learn them no nihongo

they gotta go live their own lives and have their own experiences

and hopefully they r better than eating in a japanese high school toilet for a semester

>> No.36038398


Open question: do you anons think in images, or words? If ESL, can you think in both languages at once?

>> No.36038406

build a public onsen into the blocks and it would be kino

>> No.36038408

>they gotta go live their own lives and have their own experiences
of the thousands of voices trying to push their products you'd be the only source of this info

>> No.36038413

well theres the big secret then and it didnt cost ne1 nething

good luck all lol

>> No.36038422

retards who do minna na nihongo or genki on this board

>> No.36038428

don't make fun of sarah

>> No.36038434

i think in images, videos, sounds, and nothing
the language i use depends on the stuff im thinking about

>> No.36038435

sarahs pasty muffin top lol

>> No.36038442

i think exclusively in chunks

>> No.36038456

can someone explain the chunk meme i haven't been here in a while

>> No.36038460

she needs some young meat... you know her husband aint doing anything

>> No.36038481

here are two nice chunks

also how are buttfangs called in japanese

>> No.36038484

my parents are fighting

>> No.36038499

never heard that referred to as butt fangs lol i just call it inner cheeks if u know what i mean

>> No.36038506

hey bro my suggestion is go live elsewhere and let ur parents resolve their issues

>> No.36038512

the proper tag is ass_visible_through_thighs

>> No.36038513

i cant i have autism

>> No.36038526

ur gonna have to at some point better to buck up now while ur young

either do it urself by ur own power or find the appropriate social services to help u get what u need


>> No.36038531

anon this is 4chan, we all have autism.
eh, tell them to not fight, that its scaring you.

>> No.36038534

chucked anki in the recycle bin

>> No.36038540

chances are their autistic kid is part of the strain on the family

thats why he needs to just get on with his shit now

>> No.36038547

ask them if theyre fighting because of you

>> No.36038553


after binge reading about methods and language learning i have arrived at the same conclusion that i always do

there are no shortcuts. all we can do is consume more content in the language

>> No.36038582

fucking hate when people here talk about their issues when im sad i just drink it away

>> No.36038587

you can't think in 2 languages at once cuz they're incompatible

>> No.36038589

alcohol and drugs are for the true ngmis

>> No.36038594

when im sad i just stop being sad

>> No.36038600

yeah i cant argue with that but so is 4chan so fuck off

>> No.36038605

wotd: 猿公

>> No.36038610


>> No.36038640

i can't believe i ignored reading about weird gay personality disorders like bpd for years but then i read its list of symptoms and it describes me and my biological dad perfectly. so that's why i'm a neet afraid of social interaction. ever since puberty i've been extra sensitive to even "playful" insults.

>> No.36038644

today i'm feeling like

>> No.36038653

>> No.36038733

did someone say chunkin

>> No.36038739

gotta get over it bro and by get over it i mean live every day with it but still put 1 foot in front of the next

>> No.36038753

just stare at the particles , the particles tell u everything u need to know

>> No.36038757

Psychological disorder diagnosis criteria are intentionally written to be as vague as possible so as to be applicable to as many people as possible.

>> No.36038767

bpd better describes my problems than stuff like agoraphobia. but there is a lot of overlap. it's vague enough that i can't be sure.

>> No.36038770



public, prince, official, governmental

>> No.36038791

anime be like
>this dude looks like a pig so his real name is going to be 田中ピッグ

>> No.36038800

wiped breadcrumbs from my chest hair

>> No.36038804

I think depression is just a natural result of using social media (like 4chan) too much. The more you hang around sad people and the more you listen to "calming chill beats" or "soft imouto whispers" recordings on Youtube, the more likely you are to not want to feel excited or get in the mood for facing the outside world. People will blame it on "muh chemical imbalances", but you gotta admit that copycat behavior is a thing.

>> No.36038825

idkwyta iyasikei imoutos sasayakuing into my ear makes my yaruki manman

>> No.36038833

yea i like this 1

>> No.36038837


>> No.36038843

no anon. middle class saves half of that a month.

>> No.36038861

thank god the no skill middle class r gonna be back at the bottom soon

pajeets can do all their jobs and for much less

meanwhile blue collar real skilled workers are gonna be the ones making all the money now that were getting that infrastructure bill

>> No.36038866

it worries me that low information dumbass blue voters actually think shit like this

>> No.36038870

its the truth though

middle class has gotten so coddled they cant do anything for themselves and will spend as much money as it takes to have someone who can use their hands and doesnt have autism to do it for them

>> No.36038875

jamal leans red poltard

>> No.36038889

yeah jamals right about this one dunno anything about that infrastructure bill though

>> No.36038902

he's always leaned blue. he just hates woke shit.

>> No.36038908

what blue beliefs does he hold

>> No.36038910

stfu all

>> No.36038917

jamal is a certified libertarian

>> No.36038923

if we elected ross perot back in the 90s we wouldnt be nearly as fucked as we are now

>> No.36038924

i'm kinda fed up with anime after watching 80 of them

>> No.36038925


she had me at vinnies

>> No.36038930

independent reading starts in 10 minutes be prepared

>> No.36038937

gonna keep independently reading and replying to shitty posts in 10 mins

>> No.36038939

gonna get cracking on my massive anime folder

>> No.36038946

what happens when you combine chunking with flow state

>> No.36038960


>> No.36038968

who is this

>> No.36038972

i can't date her because she's taller than me

>> No.36038975


>> No.36038991

... Thats exactly what i was thinking

>> No.36039000

cant even imagine what interacting with a 19 y.o would be like

id just constantly discoutn everything they say and b like u were literally born yesterday stfu also every anime u like sux

luckily shes not taller than me tho

>> No.36039021

forcing myself through 70 volumes of one piece makes me feel like i can force myself through most manga ez

>> No.36039028

*forces foot up your ass*

>> No.36039037

it's hard for me to get this perspective cuz women of all ages in my life have been retarded so 18 vs 40 makes no difference to me

>> No.36039049

thats ofc true but at least when they r closer to ur age u can talk about things u both remember like pogs the slinky and limp bizkit

>> No.36039084

>that are frog related or have frogs on them
She probably posts Pepes on 4chan so fuck her
>Truman Capote
>Joyce Carol Oates
Shit taste
>Chemical Engineering
Soulless STEMshit
Handheld consolefags are always emotionally stunted so major red flag for behavior issues
>Sign Language
Not a real language
PS Fuck that guy who linked me to this post

Maybe I should make up an imaginary girlfriend instead of wasting time on this shit.

>> No.36039122

i've stopped mining anime cards after 6k cards and now i feel happier

you just enter a flow state where you just enjoy the episode instead of being on the lookout for new words. i've also noticed that you can figure out (when you know enough words) what a sentence means if you just absorb it and let you brain work it for a second instead of being like
>i gotta pause and get this new word

you also watch more episodes in a shorter amount of time and it's less stressful

basically you just watch the show instead of thinking about the language

>> No.36039146

im not gonna stop until i get 12k cards (the bunkbro method)

>> No.36039149

how do u watch animes with japanese subtitles plz help im retarded like where do u find it and how do u copy the shit

>> No.36039158

lol kitsuneko and just name the subtitle the same thing as the video

>> No.36039183

do you guys like horror anime? i don't. every single horror anime i've ever watched was either splatter or randomly placing creepy looking characters on the screen for no reason. it's weird how nips are very good at handling suspense in mystery fiction but altogether forego it in horror fiction, where they just stick to le ole style yuurei kaidan tropes.

>> No.36039187

imagine picking apart the fakest profile in existence

>> No.36039195

so did u learn kanjis or grammar before watching anime or just began watching anime and looking for words

>> No.36039196

>i've also noticed that you can figure out (when you know enough words) what a sentence means if you just absorb it and let you brain work it for a second instead of being like
this is called imagination or delusion, as even dumb fucks who don't know any words brag about "somehow understanding raw anime"

>> No.36039215

>I would marry a mute, sounds like a dream actually, the bitch is gonna nag me in sign language and I’m just gonna close my eyes

>> No.36039220

does anyone here know a free site where u can read japanese mangas and copy the shit out to a notepad or something

>> No.36039225

today i will start fixing my posture

>> No.36039235


>> No.36039285

lol are you saying that it's impossible to figure out words by context? surely you are not that stupid

>> No.36039287

Kek if the anon I was talking with about back pain when leaning forward is here, this covers what I meant. Always keep your weight on your heel/the rear part pf your leg. Never the front, or toes.
You mentioned rows, and I realized later that if you can do bent over rows, its the same principle.

>> No.36039295

where do i find free japanese shit to read online post all the resources itazura neko is useless

>> No.36039301

>keep your weight on your heel/
p sure that's not how human physiology works

>> No.36039307

my lower back feels like its collapsing in on itself when im standing for too long
its too late for me bros

>> No.36039308

damn sucks to be old

>> No.36039312

nah just because you have a bunch of money to hire mexicans to do your work doesn't mean educated workers are going to be replaced any time soon

>> No.36039314

it might not be a illusion when u figure it out u realize what u intiatially thought about how it sounded actually matched the real meaning a lot of the time if u have high iq

>> No.36039330

>with friends
went from 11/10 to 2/10

>> No.36039331

that foundation training can seriously help with lower back pain, although it probably depends on the kind of pain. do the 4 minute one every day. graduate to the 12 minute one if you're feeling spicy.

>> No.36039332

Aozora Bunko. Otherwise, either torrent manga, LNs, and VNs from nyaa or pay for what you want, unless you wanna go the Nuke way and read nothing but news articles.

>> No.36039335

wow look how easily this guy can have a shitty time lol

>> No.36039348

let's say, a guy takes his cock out and says to a bitch

>suck my Schwanz

do you need to look that word up to know what it means?

>> No.36039360

IDIOT did you look up every word you know in your native language? NO. Shut up!

>> No.36039379

Anon, we were talking of "when leaning forward"/bending.
Normally, it should be on the heel, and the pad equally.
But he described it hurting if he leant forward for a while. The reason for that is usually not "balancing" if you would, with your core/putting too much pressure on your back, by making it hold the weight, instead of your buttocks/core.
Regardless, due to sedentary living, most people lean forwards these days, and generally speaking, keeping weight back is better than keeping it forward, because forward puts pressure on the knees.

You would be surprised at the amount of people who can't even lift their knees these days.

>> No.36039380

good luck listening for 23k hours (assuming 8 hours of listening a day) like a native 8 year old has

>> No.36039394

you learn words by context in your native language even as an adult, fucking brainlet

>> No.36039410

you dont work out anything in jaapnese unless u actually learn the structure of it before u begin reading retard

>> No.36039412

1. adults are smarter and don't need that much time
2. reading is 1000% more efficient for learning, also something children can't do
3. what the fuck are you even trying to prove? that anki is more efficient? you CAN'T acquire a language in anki. acquiring takes TIME

>> No.36039413

specify exactly where i said you didnt i was wishing you good luck

>> No.36039418

stop projecting your stupidity on other people. if you can't derive meaning by context then i'm sorry for you

do you intend to mine every single word you encounter in your life, you retard?

>> No.36039423

yes i do otherwise ull never understand it

>> No.36039426

thats what i thought lol

>> No.36039427

i'm sure of one thing. i didn't make 50k trips to the dictionary while i was learning english.

>> No.36039429

>do you intend to mine every single word you encounter in your life, you retard?

>> No.36039435

pending deletion


>> No.36039438

Maybe thats why you dont know english eh?

>> No.36039447

Mothers show children examples of stuff alongside words for them. They teach them what a spoon is by showing them a spoon and saying the word "spoon" to them. They show them what softness is by demonstrating it through some feathers or a fur coat. They tell them that they're in pain when they see their children crying because they got hurt.
Believe it or not, but parents do take up much of the work that it takes to learn language so that their children understand words that are used in everyday situations. Even if you don't remember being the exact situation in which you were the meaning of words you use, you shouldn't conclude that it just magically all came to you from context. Any manga or anime out there is made for people who are old enough to understand more than just basic vocabulary. Maybe you don't realize it, but there's a huge difference in terms of vocabulary size and verbal comprehension ability between a 2 year old who is barely learning how to speak and a 5 year old who is learning how to read.

>> No.36039458

>do you intend to mine every single word you encounter
Way to own that strawman1!1!1!

>> No.36039459

didnt read

>> No.36039464

no retard, children didnt learn from baby talk they already understood everything they heard and pieced together the more advanced grammar and vocabulary together since they already understood everything to begin with after a certain point

>> No.36039472


>> No.36039475

This fuck is false flagging, he began uppercasing for this post.
This is NOT a real uppercaser, it is a false flag.

Im thinking this mentally ill fucktard uppercases when trolling for some unfathomable reason.

Regardless, thing is, an adult understands the concept of ball. I can grasp 玉 without having to see a ball as I can grasp 地球 without having to see the earth.

>> No.36039478

what do you mean by that? i don't know english because i make mistakes? i sound unnatural? that's normal. look at quiz, he is autistic like you and his english is also full of mistakes

i didn't claim to have mastered english

>> No.36039483

WHAT are you trying to prove though? EVERYONE here already suggests doing a core deck and mining in the beginning. at some point though you are no longer a baby that needs to learn what SPOON means by having them say spoon and point at a spoon and you're more like a kid learning the language NATURALLY through pure reading and context and BRAIN power

>> No.36039487

all of this started because you are insecure about your deck size...

>> No.36039498


>> No.36039504

u learn the structure before u learn vocabulary the same way the kid knew the structure of the language before he learned to piece the vocabulary with it in a jigsaw puzzle, if u learn the structure and words u are being inefficient

>> No.36039512

Is this better? Now you can at least tell me apart from you.

>> No.36039516

you learn structure and vocab from READING

>> No.36039518

Today's word: 自閉症

>> No.36039520

are these niggas really arguing that you can't learn words by context if you already know most of the words in a sentence? really?

like for realz?

>> No.36039522

JSL Moment

>> No.36039524

no u learn the structure before u do that and than u reinforce it by reading

>> No.36039536

do girls think 6k is small??

>> No.36039539

you can read about the "grammar" of japanese but you won't acquire it unless you read/listen a bunch. NO ONE learns about the "grammar" of their language BEFORE learning their language.

grammar is an AD HOC postdiction made by (((linguists)))

>> No.36039541 [SPOILER] 

Deck size doesn't matter.
PS This is an image of a male so it's technically not NSFW.

>> No.36039544


>> No.36039547

Girls always lie about their sizes. Theyre usually bigger than they say.

>> No.36039548

no if u cant derive meaning from the grammar in order to convert it back to the language u are just learning words out of context, u need the entire structure before u can grasp the language itself

>> No.36039556

>in order to convert it back to the language
ah i see you were just trolling, that's a relief

>> No.36039562

>u need the entire structure before u can grasp the language itself

>> No.36039570

Last time I checked futa aren't real. Imagine having an 8 inch dick futa girlfriend whom you could take turns in sucking each others cocks with.

>> No.36039572


>> No.36039579

>Futa aren't real
Life isnt fair

>> No.36039582


>> No.36039600

if u grasp all the basic structures of the language before u learn them u will learn them faster than someone who is just reading things out of context and has no intuitive grasp of the meanings only words being said with no meaning

>> No.36039635

Option 1: see this and understand in three seconds
Option 2: learn it through immersion in a few thousand hours

>> No.36039641

It's kind of unfortunate how people on DJT (or at least one poster here) associate the name "Alfredo" with some "epic" offensive comments I made on Youtube over a year ago rather than with what I post nowadays. Then again, maybe it's for the best, since I just devolved into the most generic avatarfag you'll ever come across on any board on 4chan.

>> No.36039664

Can 積 be used to say "to cover a fertile housewife in cum" or is it only for loading things like trucks?

>> No.36039670

i'm on team lookup but that's a bad example it's example what you would expect if you know what aida and ni mean

>> No.36039674

dont care + didnt ask

>> No.36039680

is 鳩羽つぐ the only non cancer vtuber?

>> No.36039685

youre not alfredo

>> No.36039691

Tsugufags are very edgy and often post about rape and disembowelment so no.

>> No.36039693

uppercaser logic: if your fans are cancer you are cancer by proxy

>> No.36039706

i'm going to use cloze deletion cards to fix the flaws in my knowledge of english prepositions

>> No.36039722


>> No.36039730

Lowergayser logic: one uppercaser represents everyone

>> No.36039751

there is only one uppercaser brain and they take turns using it so yeah they are the same

>> No.36039762

cure dolly unlocked the hidden grammar to make japanese super easy to learn and was able to become native level in japanese if she wanted due to grammar knowledge and underyling structure, the vocab was just tying the grammar together, if u wanna become fluent u have to watch cure dolly and understand the particles since japanese is easier u can just learn all the particles and the language comes after

>> No.36039785

>one uppercaser represents everyone
yes, there was no one else posting like that before you arrived here

>> No.36039788

This is what drives a man to learn a language out of pure spite.

>> No.36039794


>> No.36039799

If you have only been here a week maybe

>> No.36039807


>> No.36039816


>> No.36039829


>> No.36039842


>> No.36039853

Hahahahaha they zoomerfied woewy
How is it?
Haven't seen it cracked yet.

>> No.36039870

>How is it?
I'll let you know when the import arrives.

>> No.36039928


>> No.36039971

cuz i read jay rubin's book

>> No.36039985

she goes into more detail than jay rubin though

>> No.36039996

how do i unlock ga?

>> No.36039998

quaint. what book is this from?

>> No.36040003

watch cure dolly

>> No.36040028


>> No.36040039

it was written in 1868. i read it yesterday cuz i was bored

>> No.36040049

In Japanese?

>> No.36040074

no, it was written by an Englishman

>> No.36040150

my next read might be this book on chinese grammar written in 1814


600 pages of pure fun, i bet

>> No.36040295



>> No.36040300

japanese is impossible

>> No.36040307

Americans are pathetic.
It's aimed at 10 year old boys, anon. Time to move on.

>> No.36040324

>> No.36040329

what does this kurai mean between suru and datttara?

>> No.36040335

Those are arcane kanji or is his stroke order just wrong?

>> No.36040337


>> No.36040346


>> No.36040365


oh i thought it had something to do with this kurai

>> No.36040495

its sideways you illiterate uppie

>> No.36040510

Anyone have any PC game recommendations?
I really wanted to play Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth but there's no Japanese language option for the PC version.

>> No.36040513

i was this guy

>> No.36040531

Based, we cracked his cypher.

>> No.36040556

what the fuck does kurai mean

>> No.36040567

give up, this language is impossible

>> No.36040577

you would be able to feel this out in the moment

>> No.36040589


>> No.36040596


>> No.36040615

Do 妻本当か。

>> No.36040635

just google that structure and see what comes up, fagget

>> No.36040636

Anons I minda want a cute japanese wife but I'm worried. All the married life documentaries I have depict them falling into temptation one way or the other. Usually to the same couple guys.
Are all 二本妻 doomed to 降る? Is it a cultural thing?

>> No.36040639

ur my slut

>> No.36040662

it's just something that you need to learn to live with

>> No.36040668

just get someone elses japanese wife

>> No.36040719

> 恐怖!!
Hmmm... I think you are onto something here...!

>> No.36040815

most girls would rather go gay than marry you anyway

>> No.36040819

i'l marry a christmas cake seiyuu

>> No.36040822

How accurate is Matt about knowledge vs. ability? Do you think the swimming analogy makes sense?


I'm just referring to 1:22 to 5:08

>> No.36040839

i'm feeling lost again

>> No.36040846

I had a dream that I was going through anki cards. If you guys don't study in your sleep you're not gonna make it

>> No.36040924

That's a great video. Had actually never watched the guy and I have no idea about the depth or extent of his japanese ability, but I wholeheartedly agree that one must try, and fail, repeatedly, to burn the necessary mental and physical pathways in place.
Easy example: earlier, a cringy tripfag posted a video about him doing some kinda livestream and discussing some nonsense about stairs, its up there if someone cares to find it, the relevant part to the example is that that tripfag, nominally, knows japanese, I suppose, perhaps.
But he had great difficulty making the sounds of the words or reading the text. He described some of the words, as a tonguetwister.
Aka: he has not built the skills to replicate the sounds the words require.
Tldr: fail fast, learn fast.
I think the most important skill is being able to let go of ones pride, accepting the blows, and learning from them.

>> No.36041065

wait until you realize japanese isnt a dialect of your native language like english is

>> No.36041115

>japanese doesn't have gram-

>> No.36041201

Learning nip probably would be a lot less fun for me if it was, kek.
Unlike most of the people I see posting here, I do not dread the journey, but actually, I'm rather enjoying it.
Every day, I understand a bit more. Yesterday I turned off kana in everything and was very happy I could read most everything nonetheless!

>> No.36041247

>neko ga suki

>neko-ga suki

>> No.36041287

behead uppercasers

>> No.36041330

what is the best way to remember the kanjis? RTK? Kanji Damage?

>> No.36041331

I can't make heads or tails of when to use は or が no matter what explanation I'm reading. All the others are pretty clear cut

>> No.36041340


>> No.36041343

>> No.36041344

gotta hand it to jamutt uppercasing is the greatest room temp iq filter

>> No.36041371

crazy how i made it cool to post in djt

>> No.36041375

i love how the blonde just suddenly gains a lot of energy mid flight

>> No.36041391

wanikani, unironically

>> No.36041408

there was no ha and no ga

>> No.36041416

there was no no

>> No.36041417

feels like they held back here

>> No.36041450

do the latter

>> No.36041475

this is the correct meaning

>> No.36041481

How do you lads find personally intriguing content in the Itazuraneko sources that aren't the typical baby shit recs? I'm thinking of trying some novels (maybe the 青空文庫 ones with voiced narrations on the side?), but don't know what may be interesting. I wonder if there are any badass 浪人 or 探偵 novels of note that won't be exceedingly verbose. I want the content to be really indulging above all. May I receive some recommendations should anything come to mind?

>> No.36041516


>> No.36041585

go to amazon
select kindle books
search around for some books that seem appealing
read the preview to check difficulty

>> No.36041608

Thanks anon, 100x simpler in this than Tae Kim or blogs

>> No.36041614

last thread i asked if wanikani was good, but everyone said that there's free options that are better.

>> No.36041625

The issue is in this step:
>search around for some books that seem appealing
The absolute best I can do is judge books based on the cover, then read the descriptions one by one. Figuring out how to effectively sort content is a bigger issue. Amazon Japan doesn't seem to have great sorting, and I don't need brand new content either.

>> No.36041641

buddy did you never pick out books before? you started reading books in japanese? just do what you do when you hit a library look around for something cool
read reviews
sort by genres you like
wtf man

>> No.36041642

where does language begin?

>> No.36041646

look for the cover with the cutest girl

>> No.36041647

>you started reading books in japanese
damn thats literally me

>> No.36041659

with the first word you learn

>> No.36041664

damn i have been learning japanese for over 20 years sayonara was my first word

>> No.36041682

the dude from the book i've read yesterday must be right or at least closer to the truth

we don't do calculations in our heads when we speak our native languages.

his method was based on taking a long sentence and then learning by heart all the variations that that sentence allowed so as to internalize all the structure without having to think about how to produce it

he claimed this is what children do

>> No.36041684

Language was developed to optimise the gathering of resources, primarily food. If you starve yourself enough while looking at Japanese restaurant menus, everything will click in place

>> No.36041692


>> No.36041695

so chunking was always about output?

>> No.36041696

so if i shout at the japs to give me some ramen fucking pronto before i become the second coming of the fat man im fluent?

>> No.36041710

chunking is about storing two or more words as a unit in your brain

>> No.36041722

1. memorize a couple sentences
2. transform and combine them a bunch
3. you now know japanese

>> No.36041727

>buddy did you never pick out books before?
It's been years, and I only ever bought books in IRL bookstores.
>just do what you do when you hit a library look around for something cool
I dislike how Amazon sorts them. I tried to look for genres within LNs, and also genres outside of LNs, but it kept directing me to general pages for LNs without any specific theme in mind. You could search by publication/audience, but that seems to be it unless you use specific keywords in advanced search, and that's just fucked.
Thanks, I checked the first link, so I didn't realize you could look for them with pics and extra info like volumes/kanji count. That said, are there no genre tags or synopsis notes like for the manga section? Nothing I've checked seems to have any of that. I was hoping to find more notes other than "cute/cool picture and here's how many kanji".

>> No.36041745

whats the meaning of some comma like shits as furigana?

>> No.36041765

he was of the opinion that you aren't supposed to grammatically think about a sentence. you should just have it already internalized it

>> No.36041771

my man... amazon isnt the only site out there. do i have to spell it out for you? check these out in pic related. goddamn you are practically a lost cause

>> No.36041781

*you should have it internalized

>> No.36041801

>Tells me to use Amazon
>It's shit

>> No.36041819

i didnt tell you to use amazon you retard.
you asked how we personally find things out. i replied.
give up on japanese you cant even read the english you wrote yourself.

>> No.36041825


>> No.36041830

>How do you lads find personally intriguing content in the Itazuraneko sources that aren't the typical baby shit recs?

>> No.36041832

are itazurageiko links fixed already? wanna dl some cunnyge

>> No.36041834

itazura is dead some autists rage drove the maintainer away because some linnies were converted with no images

>> No.36041846


>> No.36041863

would rather watch some ugly otaku using a voice changer than hololive

>> No.36041865

Why a voice changer?

>> No.36041870

>> No.36041880


>> No.36041892


>> No.36041902


>> No.36041911

>transmitted, almost without alteration
i wonder what language he is talking about

maybe icelandic

>> No.36041920

>Since the written language has not changed much, Icelanders can read classic Old Norse literature created in the 10th through 13th centuries (such as the Eddas and sagas) with relative ease.

>> No.36041942

i thought my life would have started new by now

>> No.36041954

obviously that dude is wrong about a lot of shit cuz he wrote this shit in the 19th century but he must be right at least about the grammar stuff and imitation

>> No.36042025

sentence cards = superior format
it has been proven

>> No.36042156

experts according to /djt/
some retard from the 19th century
some retard from the 20th century
some retard from the 21st century

>> No.36042187

i'm not "djt" though
dude had some interesting insights, that's all

>> No.36042190

>hey guys, Steve Kaufmann here, and today we're going to be talking about chunking

>> No.36042206

How did they learning languages before Anki?

>> No.36042218

it was impossible nobody learned languages before the invention of srs just like nobody learned kanji before rtk

>> No.36042283

true true
everyone who's not using anki and rtk is coping hard

>> No.36042288

i find it interesting because he talks about something that i've been wondering all this time about language learning

how can it be that a child with just a few words btfo everyone in here without making any effort? what is it that was mastered? how can i reproduce it?

>> No.36042304

thats piss easy dude even the youngest kids have hundreds of hours of immersion
plus they have no preconceived notions about grammar or vocabulary to fuck their brains up
and they have people constantly engaging with them
and of course kids get the language wrong all the fucking time

>> No.36042322

>plus they have no preconceived notions about grammar or vocabulary to fuck their brains up
this can't have nothing to do with it cuz people like yogapants exist

>> No.36042342

another example is steve kaufmann who was born in sweden

>His parents were bilingual in both Czech and German. At the age of five, in 1951, the family moved to Montreal, Canada, where he grew up.

>> No.36042348

im not familiar with this eceleb but if he acquired some other language before finishing his formal education then he didnt have that fucky layer
you see it in language learners all the time, instead of just feeling it out they ask themselves shit like
>is "word" a noun or a verb?
a kid doesnt even have the slightest idea what a noun or verbs are

>> No.36042359

oh you meant like formal study of grammar. i thought like you were saying they had a blank mind so it was easier to learn

>> No.36042381

yeah, sorry. should have made that clearer.

>> No.36042383

what level do i need to finish to read "adult" vns? in terms of grammar, not vocabulary

>> No.36042389

you just open one and you read it, no level required

will it be painful? yes
will you get through is? yes
will it be worth it? yes

>> No.36042401

what do you even mean by adult vns?

>> No.36042423

without wasting time on looking up grammar obviously, or with minimum lookups

"adult" not as in eroge, but those that aren't purely slice-of-life highschool setting and language. let's say ace attorney for example

>> No.36042430

逆転裁判 is literally for kids bro it is ezpz

>> No.36042562

vns aside, what about final fantasy 1-3? they should be pretty easy to get into but i'm not sure if n5+n4 grammar is enough

>> No.36042583

its hard to put that kinda stuff into levels, every vn/game is different
just watch a 実況 on youtube for a bit and see if its too much for you

>> No.36042584

nothings going to be easy
its not going to be easy for the next 2 years
give up now

>> No.36042628

>2 years
lmao, i can already get the gist of 9 sentences out of 10 without any lookups, i'll have native level fluency in 2 years.

yeah, but i'm pretty sure that most of the n1 stuff is only ever used in japanese boomer novels so it's definitely not needed for reading dialogues/internal monologues in 99% of vns. i was simply looking for a more accurate cutoff point, which should be between somehere n4 and n2

>> No.36042632

Why would you want to read a Visual Novella for grown ups, I bet it's absolutely boring.

>> No.36042639

lmao you're delusional

>> No.36042675

you are just bad at languages, keep coping

>> No.36042685


>> No.36042689

lol i wish reading was easy at n2 level

>> No.36042710

After 3 months of taking my time, Japanese now looks like writing instead of squiggles. I think this is significant progress and i'm happy i've made it this far.

>> No.36042762

Why do I always get house and room mixed up, they don't even sound the same.

>> No.36042936

do japanese babies really say バブバブ or are nip ears just fucked

>> No.36042962

do my balls really do ぺちぺち against your mom's buttcheeks

>> No.36043019

>okay-ish at listening to modern anime; can get a general grasp on most plotlines
>80s anime
>miss 75% of it due to poor audio and different voice acting style

>> No.36043049

native level mistake

>> No.36043141


>> No.36043149

holy fuck

>> No.36043176

that's pretty much my image of any american trying to dabble in japanese

>> No.36043363

I want to eat her pussy so fucking bad

>> No.36043394

post some nice japanese youtubers girls.

>> No.36043421


>> No.36043429

right after i creampie her cuz she's already in her 30s and it'd be a shame if she didn't get knocked up

>> No.36043511


>> No.36043570


>> No.36043573

damn. nuke really let himself go.

>> No.36043586

>> No.36043617

delete this

>> No.36043627

>> No.36043642

nuke is 100 times better at japanese than that dude please dont insult his honor

>> No.36043656


>> No.36043679

can't fucking remember the readings

>> No.36043775

The difference is 熱心!
The trained intellect he describes, sees it as an abstract puzzle, but more importantly, as a burden.
The child sees it as a fun, exciting adventure.

Attitude matters.

>> No.36043778

nigga literally nobody has ever said an as refined direction as something like south-south-west outside of geography class

>> No.36043831

dont worry, natives struggle with this as well

>> No.36043854

unaji appreciators gmi

>> No.36044007

>> No.36044014

Hahahahaha this is so cool, I remember all of that that I do because its all 北斗の拳 schools and techniques.

Based show. https://youtu.be/ZXNz9DIQNLo

>> No.36044016


>> No.36044033

Others call you a polyglot.
It is a meaningless title anyway.

>> No.36044037

bout to shove my 北斗の足 up your ass

>> No.36044094


>> No.36044145

How many seconds?

>> No.36044164

this looks like a fucking pain in the ass

>> No.36044166

make sure to press this button when you see some new nihongo

>> No.36044204

This show is so fucking awesome https://youtu.be/mUlFqL72iV0

>> No.36044214

just click on releases and download the zip

but if you have mpv you dont need this
clipboard watcher in the browser is comfier and less bloat

>> No.36044259

100 times 0 is still fucking 0. stop sucking nuke's dick. he's got a japanese wife to do that for him.

>> No.36044283


>> No.36044287

doubt nuke gets any

>> No.36044330

the way he talks about red light districts in tokyo during his videos, if he does get any then he's paying for it.

>> No.36044516


>> No.36044519

core 2k or 6k? or 10k?

>> No.36044527

how dare u janny

>> No.36044562

ankidrone starter pack

>> No.36044586


An mpv-based video player for studying Japanese.


>> No.36044617

where do you actually find suitable subs for it? nyaa has either raws or translated it

>> No.36044626

>learning radicals to learn kanji to learn vocab
>know a few dozen radicals after a bit of studying
>watch anime
>characters walk through a shopping district, tons of kanji on the signs
>don't know what they mean but now they are looking less like random squiggles and more like symbols with actual meaning

>> No.36044637


>> No.36044649

I should have started radicals sooner

>> No.36044689

the kimetsu no yaiba movie on nyaa had jp subs
i was pleasantly surprised

>> No.36044711

Instead of doing random things everyday i'm going to take the time to plan out my long term goals.

>> No.36044721

once I finish learning the radicals, would it be simpler to learn all ~2000 common kanji and only then move on to vocabulary, or should I mix and match the two?

>> No.36044735

just do wanikani it sounds like what you want

>> No.36044744

wait until you get to the point where you can't remember what kanji looked like to you before you started being able to read them

>> No.36044757

i'd like to watch seasonal anime with jp subs, but i'm not having much luck here

>> No.36044813

cool but I don't like paying for learning materials because once I buy it I feel like I've done the work and never actually follow through
its weird but I'm more motivated to use free materials

>> No.36044836

there is a wanikani anki deck on itazuraneko

>> No.36044868

I like Kanshudo.
I think learning the radicals is, while not a waste of time, not really necessary to do first. You naturally pick them up because most every radical is itself a common kanji or a part of one.
Take 斤、it means axe or 600grams (don't ask), and you learn to recognize it pretty fast, because its in a ton of things having to deal with danger, or breaking things, say 近い、折々、etc

Oh, this is a fun site: https://thekanjimap.com/?k=%E6%96%A4

Anyway, the radicals you need to remember you will naturally pick up, and the kanji will give them context.

>> No.36044875

>seasonal anime with jp subs
you will have to wait for the season to end in most cases
only netflix anime gets some subs put up on kitsunekko but usually with a few days delay

>> No.36044902

You want the ones with smaller file sizes because they're text subtitles, not bitmaps

>> No.36044958





>> No.36044964

oooo thanks, downloadan
Outside of Japanese I'm a STEMlord and I prefer "putting things in a box" and learning them systematically rather than going with the flow, but I totally get what you mean.

>> No.36044971

okay, i can live with this

>> No.36045069


>> No.36045083

japanese netflix

>> No.36045127

warning to all beginners do not download this or even click on the link theres a confirmed bitcoin miner that root sshs into the gui of your os

>> No.36045156

go into the 4chan mod wank circle and tell them why they should blacklist that shit

>> No.36045216

the site works without javascript

>> No.36045328

>root sshs into the gui of your os

>> No.36045470

hol up lemme just make a gui interface using visual basic, see if i can find minirapists ip address and drop a jdam on his mothers ugly face

>> No.36045728

turning on my やる気スイッチ

>> No.36045748

this post is trolling outside of /b/

>> No.36045772




>> No.36045808

I clicked on the guide once but one of the rules said not to use Japanese and only talk in English so I just ignored whatever else was there.

>> No.36045921

you're only wasting time by outputting early

>> No.36046018

premature communication

>> No.36046042

A reason to not believe you would be that kids output as soon as they are able to.

>> No.36046089

kids get many hours of input before they say jack shit

>> No.36046160




>> No.36046222

shut da fuck up

>> No.36046436

fuckin hate summer

>> No.36046463

just because of the state of 4chan or also the weather?

>> No.36046498


>> No.36046541

Summer has passed for me and the clouds are already out defending me against the merciless sun, Godbless.

>> No.36046550

my body has adapted and stopped generating heat
only the first few summer weeks are unbearable for me

>> No.36046594

am I the only one still making anime cards?

>> No.36046627

i've noticed that i sweat a lot more on days where i eat primarily carbs

>> No.36046641

never eaten anything but carbs so i wouldn't know the difference

>> No.36046664

any bad posts

>> No.36046709

ate a lot of tomatoes and carrots this summer and noticed the sun didnt annoy me as much

>> No.36046747

nerds who sit indoors all year hate summer, while everyone else is getting to try out their newest beach wear

>> No.36046788

bitch likes her beach wear so much she put on 2 pairs

>> No.36046878

sad that 1 out every 100000 jp women has a body like this

>> No.36046930

go on

>> No.36047020

just cant read golden age cause i watched the manga not that long ago and it was a very faithful adaptation

but it feels retarded skipping it

>> No.36047057

there are no more cards left for me to make

>> No.36047058

LOL only the start of Berserk is worth reading anyway.

>> No.36047100

berserk peaked at golden age no use consuming it past that

>> No.36047434


>> No.36047752

always thought 採寸 was a loan word when i heard it in anime and assumed they said "size'n"

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