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>Latest Fresh episode:

>Latest Babymetal-show:

>SaraYuzu Take

September 29: 10 Babymetal Budokan Release (CD,BD, DVD)

>Sakura Gakuin
August 29: "Sakura Gakuin The Final ~ Towards a Dream ~" Live

Sakura Gakuin:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsYPlNN4OaA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Tfk7dGZZT4

Babymetal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvPdtiugRxQ

@onefive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjJtKWZUwYc

Ciao: https://youtu.be/zBc63hIuMYY

Repipi: https://youtu.be/3m89Jx2AD2s

Ponstarland: https://youtu.be/4xhryji4Ohk


FRESH! (Mon 19:00 JST):
Kinda Terebi Marina (Fri 7:30 JST)
Yuzumi ASMR (Wed, every two weeks):


Previously, on /bmsg/: >>35976646

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Nendo Test 2020 results:

1. Yume Nozaki
2. Sana Shiratori
3. Miku Tanaka
4. Miki Yagi
4. Kokona Nonaka
6. Sakia Kimura
6. Neo Sato
8. Miko Todaka

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spoilers faggot

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Your mother will die of cancer after 5 years suffering every day son of a bitch

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Annoying how shorts don't show up on notifications

At least there's a playlist for the complete horror show 2 episodes left unreleased it seems


>> No.36010412

most talented gaku ever now growing super foxy
it is not fair for the other gakus!

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>> No.36010605

glow up of the century

>> No.36010653

Moa is small, imagine picking her up and carrying her

>> No.36010659

Imagine throwing her against government troops

>> No.36010690

Imagine weaponising her against globohomo

>> No.36010767

but she's homo, maybe even globo

>> No.36010785

About that FAQ-rewrite: I was thinking to list the girls by Nendo and link all the available SNS and state what they are doing at the moment?

>> No.36010907

imagine stand sex in koala pose with her

>> No.36010946

I feel for you when you get to Hinata and try listing all the stuff she's doing. Honestly can't keep up.

>> No.36010955

It would just say actor/singer or some shit like that

>> No.36010958

great gonna ask her about amuse

>> No.36010995

She was beautiful as fuck even before Sakura Gakuin.

>> No.36011024

Amongst Onefive the first one to show her cleavage most likely will be

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>D4DJ, video game, live shows, anime
>project sekai, video game, youtube streams,
>DinoShow with Moewhat's her name, radio show
>Revue Starlight, movie, anime, live shows
>Her own streaming show on NicoDouga
>Amuse Voice Actors Channel
and also Love Live but there hasn't been anything new from that franchise in a while.

>> No.36011061

but she was dork/megamind, cute but niche
now she uncontroversially beautiful

>> No.36011068

Miko looks like chinese female Sheldon Cooper, what are you guys even smoking

>> No.36011077

tourist guide

>that cringe white nigga who refers to a group of women as "hey guys"

>> No.36011084

Yes, but no one cares about any of this nonsense

>> No.36011095

>tourist guide

>> No.36011150

>that nigga who hates cute girls

>> No.36011154

Ah, so Megu and Maaya would be classified as students then. Then there's Aiko...

>> No.36011178

Already halfway there just open the button.

>> No.36011201

leader of the aikopers

>> No.36011224

Sana is literally glowing in that mochikomi picture lol

>> No.36011307

French girl is a terrible actor.

>> No.36011328

No I know based Hina is too old for the pedos

>> No.36011385

like a piper perri fleshlight

>> No.36011606

>sana when fit

quite a nendo of visuals

>> No.36011628

>sana when fat

>> No.36011739

Uncontroversial Beauty

>> No.36011768

The what

>> No.36011787

She has thin lips that lipstick is like 2x the height of her upper lip look closely

>> No.36011881

lmao true it's literally drawn on her, oh well she can't be good at everything

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>> No.36011908

>fat white girl and her SEA maid

>> No.36011930

reminder: sana is in high school and she is getting bullied

>> No.36011947


>> No.36011958

Notice how SANA doesn't even have a double chin though

>> No.36012030

cuz the fat hides it

>> No.36012055

>chubby + hafuu

>> No.36012156

Cute Plantation Owner and uhhh cheap labor

>> No.36012189

chinese lunch lady and the pig she'll serve

>> No.36012407

Brownbros you know what to do

>> No.36012435

This guy really likes to samefag his own posts huh. Sad faggot.

>> No.36012442

yeah exactly

>> No.36012455

This. I don't know why he do that shit

>> No.36012534

Fuck off nico I know what you are trying to do you are not as witty as you think you are tranny bitch. You are sus bitch baka nigger.

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>> No.36012849

Too brown, too white

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>> No.36013177

schizo bullied yuifags too much they decided to be depressed anywhere else

>> No.36013359

Poor anon though if true

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>> No.36013546

Lmao the samefaggotry. You're posting and obsessing about little girls, don't give me that shit.

And again, I told you I never said those words you keep putting in my mouth. I said Moa loves BM, and she loves Su even more. She's happy in the group, but that doesn't mean she loves every aspect, and your ignorance that she keeps posting pics on her friends' social media knowing BM fans know, and also multiple of her friends saying the Amuse business reasons are gay proves you're full of shit.

>I’m ashamed of this fandom.
Already told you you can go back to red dit. That's where they say the same shit. And also they never criticize the Japanese fans even though they're the ones most on this shit and find all of it and tell everyone.

I didn't want to bring this in the new thread, but he's already gonna be the same miserablefag in this thread too.

>> No.36013557

The Nendo tests are not real though, especially the first few years they always had the presidents do worst or one of the worst, and they always obviously used the craziest answers for laughs.

And I'm not one of those faggots that calls SG fake. Sure, they know the camera is on them but it's mostly genuine.

>> No.36013575

Still crazy to me that she made it so hard. She was struggling for a while, getting no work after graduation. Now she's top 3 graduate not counting Babymetal.

>> No.36013590

That was hilarious. She was so nice and helpful. The guy asked if she has a social media account when he found out she was a popular seiyuu, and Hinata took that like he wanted her personal stuff to try to get with her and she didn't give it to him lel

>> No.36013596

This happens to almost every girl from SG. Strange.

>> No.36013622

Oh, see? I knew he would already be on that shit again before I made that post. Last two posts are directly a minute apart btw. Try a little harder to not be obvious.

I don't know what it is about Yui fans.

>> No.36013751

>I'm not one of those faggots that calls SG fake
yeah you are

>> No.36013762

stfu go shitpost somewhere else

>> No.36013866

There goes miserablekun!

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>> No.36014170

“She keeps posting her pictures on her friends social media because she knows her fans know… Multiple friends (outright) say Amuse is gay”

topkek, you’re so up your own ass with projecting and headcanon you’re beyond help. autistic people really have overactive imaginations.
stop stalking non celebs who you don’t know online fag. moa doesn’t know or care you exist and never will.

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>> No.36014592

Imagine having to shill yourself as onefive’s Kano in your posts about something completely unrelated to onefive. Her online presence is totally owned by Amuse.

>> No.36014725

Kinda the same with the meta names

>> No.36014932

They don’t appear in any other capacity outside of the shows and interviews as those characters though. Kano is just a girl in an idol group who apparently has to reference her onefive @ even in side projects. Captcha S0GAY

>> No.36014958

she's advertised as being from onefive on the poster

>> No.36015183

Can’t even put down Fujihira Kano in kanji, they insist on using her place in the play as a shill for KANO of @onefive.
Shameless industry.

>> No.36015254

chances are amuse got her the gig to try and branch her out
Soyo feet pics doesn't do much as far as industry presence goes and Kano has been the producers favourite for years
if onefive doesn't get successful in a few years, the other girls will be out of a job but Kano has options

>> No.36015483

>> No.36015511

They should just kill it now and let her network with the people in the cast for a real job.

>> No.36015584

Very synchronize, much coom

>> No.36015587

momo go buy a metronome you no talent bich can't count

>> No.36015655

she's lagging
poor family can't buy good internet

>> No.36015864

Soyo and Tsugu seem to be well off and Kano's a firefighter but what does Momoe's daddy do all night.

>> No.36015889

Miku is so fucking beautiful

>> No.36015925

Miku wants to be a voice actor now apparently

>> No.36015931

a low dream

>> No.36016012

miku seventeen!!! i'm not giving up there's still next year.

>> No.36016585

she will turn seventeen next year

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>> No.36017494

don't worry Kanobros we will be victorious in the end

>> No.36017547

me on the left

>> No.36017609

>> No.36017614

Miku will start an Instagram and post lingerie pics like Nanako.

>> No.36017621

If they use KANO of onefive, they can advertise they show in onefive's SNS. Simple as that, anon. is it that hard for your brain to process?

>> No.36017652


>> No.36017696

Do you think Kano can rip ass? I can't decide.

>> No.36017718


>> No.36017928

more kano footsies

>> No.36018091

I’m just parodying the autism of the moafag hating on Amuse for exaggerated made up reasons.

>> No.36018530


>> No.36018609

Oops bit off Kano's butt by mistake my bad. This one is cropped better.

>> No.36019097

Aiko has a new dog

>> No.36019116

What happened to that other rat?

>> No.36019212

good webms Kanobro

>> No.36019232

did you record the entire show?
which session if so?

>> No.36019255


>> No.36019598

Best body shape in onefive and you can't change my mind

>> No.36019635

>> No.36019642

>> No.36019867

If he has any sense prob Momoe, I know if I was her daddy I would do her all night.

>> No.36020167

>> No.36020517


>> No.36020534

ugly cunt

>> No.36020639

a-are we kano-cucks now?

>> No.36021174

Rau needs a huwhite man who owns a German Sheppard in her life.

>> No.36021310

>> No.36021316


>> No.36021670

whoa kurashima or sakuran??

>> No.36021678

it yui

>> No.36021704

It's sara, you blind fuck

>> No.36021912

It's Robin

>> No.36021997


>> No.36022007


>> No.36022065

Good for her

>> No.36022081

>> No.36022095

He looks so little in that pic but he's actually 6'1"

>> No.36022119


>> No.36022127


>> No.36022226

Look at this fucking nerd, bet she speaks Japanese too like the weeb she is

>> No.36022271

The first and the last show were recorded.

>> No.36022281


>> No.36022343

Sheeeesh with still half her twenties up ahead

>> No.36022501

Pregnant maybe?

>> No.36022607


>> No.36022634

fuck off faggot

>> No.36022642

I wonder who makes all those /bmsg/-related ones. There is also one guy always posting Sakura Inoue gravure

>> No.36022677

Finally got around to it.

>> No.36022729

kokona must look and feel very out of place in her school around average boring people

>> No.36022769

momokobros its over we're the laughing stock of /bmsg/

>> No.36022988

He must be rich enough that she doesn’t have to work anymore. Only reason she ever modeled or acted was to fund her brand princess life. No wonder there hasn’t been much new content, she found a man to buy her all her shit.
A sad day for coomers.

>> No.36023230

I wanna put those big ass feet in my mouth

>> No.36023499

I imagine she would be very light, feel very soft and smell very good.

>> No.36023558

But can still look cute to pedos

>> No.36023593

Love Hana, she's super pretty

>> No.36023601

That's pretty young for marriage, especially for someone with her lifestyle
Good for her though, hope it works out

>> No.36023624

>mfw ayaka getting married

>> No.36023650

even weirder that she said her type was men as old as her father, but she didnt end as trophy wife

also isnt this they guy that divorced >because of ayaka, some months before mori jr suicide hmmmm

>> No.36023720

Can Ayaka still whore herself out to the Saudis when she gets married?

>> No.36023858

And they dated for one year, it's all so fast and sudden
It honestly would look like a shotgun marriage if we didn't know Ayaka is not preggo, we will see...

>> No.36023870

I read the article that was linked in that tweet and it didn't seem like they were getting married too soon

>> No.36023909

Amazing song!

>> No.36023910


>> No.36024208


>> No.36024209

so that's why she cookin all this time

>> No.36024251

Wtf Aiko actually looks cute here

>> No.36024258

Kek no one cares for yakaka's marriage. What a time we live in

>> No.36024265

Well, how should one react to it?

>> No.36024299

Honestly her studio stuff sounds alright, but live she's out of breath most of the time and not that strong of a singer. I wish her well though.

>> No.36024507

Dead thread

>> No.36024534

yup, they can spam kano and samefag all they want, its fucking over this thread.

>> No.36024551

it would be nice to see her preggo big milkers

>> No.36024559

Yeah it's been over for awhile now thanks to schizo absolutely tearing this thread and it's posters apart. He really made this place his bitch like he said he would.

>> No.36024567

Ahh, the classic 2021 cringe meme

>> No.36024581


>> No.36024585


>> No.36024587

not even kano's cringe play can fill this thread.

>> No.36024593

the biggest accomplishment of his life, he thinks he killed the thread of a mongolian throat whistling subreddit based on one group that has 0 media presence & peaked like 5 or 6 years ago and another group that came to an unceremonious end after over a year of boring zoom calls.

>> No.36024655

>> No.36024660


>> No.36024662


>> No.36024673

cmon thread wake up

>> No.36024712

Kano is imagine territory

>> No.36024722

this. see that bandmaid thread? he made it his bitch as well.

>> No.36024739

Yeah remember when he killed the original band maid thread? Look at the archive shit was a masterpiece. Truly the greatest internet con man I've ever seen.

>> No.36024747 [SPOILER] 

Kano? More like Kanoe XD

>> No.36024779

^ newfag trying to blend in. fuck outta here

>> No.36024930

momoko on the other hand can fill this thread and then some

>> No.36024931

Imagine Kano taking one in the front one in the back, double paddling action, very wet and slippery

>> No.36024960

Thats not her newfriendo

>> No.36024965

>remember when momoe tiktok has more replies than momoko kpop wwwwwwwwww

>> No.36025156

Weird thing to cope about

>> No.36025270

Did they upload her performance that they skipped somewhere?

>> No.36025277

They didn't skip it yet, it's coming in the next episodes if they do skip it they upload on YT the next day

>> No.36025403

Thanks. Hope she gets more screen time.

>> No.36025443

I'm confused. Who's who?

>> No.36025470

From left to right
>Mr Bean, Dobby from Harry Potter, Haramabe (RIP), Himeka Nakamoto

>> No.36025471

They're wearing nametags, can't you read?

>> No.36025477

LOL Yes. That's why I'm confused. They all have the wrong nametag on.

>> No.36025501

Marrying Ayaka must be expensive.
Which gaku do you think has the most cheap ass lifestyle that the ordinary salaryman can marry with?

>> No.36025508


>> No.36025515

Momoko without question
She's retarded so you could tell her the bank account is low, even if you're loaded, and she would live like a peasant

>> No.36025570


>> No.36025770

which saudi prince is she getting married to

>> No.36025775


>> No.36025786

They mixed up their name tags in that episode, can't remember how or why, but that's what they're referencing with having them wrong.

>> No.36025824

Ooga and it's not even up for debate

>> No.36025870

who doesn't love a cute retard

>> No.36025935

She doesn't even own a door

>> No.36025971

That's why she's good, cute retarded Momoko is a treasure

>> No.36025976

Momoko is high IQ

>> No.36026006

She's not but I don't like her any less for being dumb

>> No.36026132

i need the webm source, pals. thanks

>> No.36026160

Have this as well

>> No.36026319

>> No.36026384


>> No.36026402

She speaks 3 languages, studied abroad in NZ and now lives in SK, she's probably smarter than you but not me

>> No.36026409

Ayakafags/women/chinese people are utterly deranged

>> No.36026416


>> No.36026435


>> No.36026449

I said she is retarded, not low IQ, retard

>> No.36026464

Google what retarded means retard

>> No.36026490

stop promoting your twitter here huawei

>> No.36026497

I take it back, you're not retarded, you're low IQ, unlike Momoko

>> No.36026518

Say something nice about Ayaka's art

>> No.36026527

Ok 'tard

>> No.36026549

>Ayaka must be expensive
i doubt it. aside from the sponsored clothes and bags, she hasn't posted anything luxurious than that. she even packs her own lunch sometimes.

>> No.36026559

momoko is retarded and low iq she dropped out of high school like both of you.

>> No.36026577

Ayaka is actually a trad wife

>> No.36026614

Uh oh this is gonna trigger the ayaka hater

>> No.36026649

>paler than Sana
>thicker than Mirena
>among highest IQ in sakura gakuin

>> No.36026675

Damn, a korean Weinstein has probably already tapped that

>> No.36026680

I went to a richfag highschool, I wish I dropped out and saved hundreds of thousands

>> No.36026685

No Jews in Korea, brother

>> No.36026704

Based poor Ayaka

>> No.36026732


Will this be Ricardo Lopez 2.0?

>> No.36026890

Just for the record, she actually studied in Vancouver. Japanese fukei know this, for some reason all the gaijins think it was NZ.

>> No.36026943

está gorda

>> No.36026955

itt poor schizo spends hours baiting and samefagging but can’t get a rise out of anyone. he doesn’t know what to do anymore.

>> No.36026961

When was she in Hongcouver?

>> No.36026965


>> No.36026969

>> No.36026972

Nice get

>> No.36026987

momoko is meme magic

>> No.36027013

Right after she graduated, she studied english there for about 8 months.

>> No.36027021

Maaya would do anything just to get revenge on yudu

>> No.36027251

Excited for Friday when Momoko bests the Koreans

>> No.36027336

Road to Graduation Final 2012 - Suzuka's graduation.

>> No.36027363

I noticed this too

>> No.36027401

I find it odd that they aren't going to the states. I know the world is starting to wisen up to the fact that it's a 3rd world shithole but there's still clout in going to LA NY etc and it's not like they can't afford it even Pooryaka goes there

>> No.36027613

exactly why does he do this?

>> No.36027644

cute, C U T E

>> No.36027689

>3rd world shithole
Cope frenchy. Murica has more clean pristine luxuries than any shit europoor country youre from. I’m sure you base your opinion entirely on news media and think there are racists and angry activists riots everywhere. Most people just live their daily lives of conveniences and freedoms without any exposure to the pockets of that autism taking place in big cesspool coastal cities.

>> No.36027704

/pol/ fuck outta here fags

>> No.36027726

Imagine being American

>> No.36027872

I thought she was just unlucky in 2019 nendo test. Apparently not

>> No.36027878

imagine being human

>> No.36027954

At least she's cute

>> No.36027964

>american intellectuals

>> No.36027978

Momoe is made for a___l g_______g.

>> No.36028023

Antisocial grumbling

>> No.36028042


>> No.36028048

any link for the streaming?

>> No.36028137

Where is PTA vol.6?

>> No.36028167

They will probably do the same as last time and broadcast on YouTube

>> No.36028219

this was a comment under her video. hmm peculiar

>> No.36028359

nice pic. we know that's you weeb

>> No.36028376

prolly died because she's an irresponsible bitch

>> No.36028468

Pretty nice

>> No.36028548

>Momoe is made for awful garroting.
Momoe assassin

>> No.36028558

Leggings should be illegal

>> No.36028571

Momoe really is the best

>> No.36028759

Which Gaku has the smelliest feet?

>> No.36028844

you're asking weebs who are immune to bad smell such as themselves.

>> No.36028984

Ur mom

>> No.36029295

don't know but it's definitely not Soyo

>> No.36029822

dead gen.

>> No.36030175

>> No.36030439

anyone else still waiting for their gold vinyl (from buying the nfts) to get shipped?

>> No.36030454

I heard some people already got them recently

>> No.36030513

Yeah I saw some people got theirs last week, but mine hasn't even been shipped yet. I was wondering if anyone else was in my situation.

>> No.36030546

Whoever handles their western merch distribution has been known to not being able to handle the demands. The merch from those YouTube streams took forever to arrive as well

>> No.36030572


>> No.36030611


>> No.36030679

why did you post a korean girl in here

>> No.36030699

Where her butt at?

>> No.36030721

on my face

>> No.36030733

Could you give it back to her?

>> No.36030738

I'm not letting go

>> No.36030766


>> No.36031656


>> No.36031724

sometimes I wonder how we can find Momoko attractive

>> No.36031820

Have you seen those legs?

>> No.36031881

and now we are rapidly pulled back into reality where Momoko is extremely attractive

>> No.36032203

My future wife

>> No.36032230

Being funny makes her more attractive.

>> No.36032423

charlie you a pedo

>> No.36033321

Its not pedo if she is 18 and I'm over 50 while pounding that fresh cherry.

>> No.36033982


>> No.36034480

wtf BM bros the full original olympic ceremony from mikiko leaked and she didn't have BM playing at all!!!! oh no no no this is fucked up how could she betray us like that? perfume? fuck noo

>> No.36034526

I saw, it was all supposed to be @OneFive

>> No.36034541

Over / under on when that nigga mysteriously kills himself?

>> No.36034961


The original would have been so sick. Faggot japs

>> No.36035264


>> No.36035300

just one jpop group? no babymetal in kobra kai kimono performing karate and then a "daniel san yui" appears with a crane and plays idz for last time?
no one can defeat london ceremony

>> No.36035384

wtf??? the opening ceremony was supposed to be a bm concert and yui was going to come back to the group for this! fuckkkkkkk instead we get a hiatus? oh nono this can't be happening

>> No.36035613

>> No.36035616

>> No.36035626

>> No.36035695

Yo time to move Sara to huge success
She out there managing gakus wardrobe or some shit

>> No.36035754 [SPOILER] 


>> No.36036222

Try b8ting harder next time. BM bros are trying to keep this gen dead till october.

>> No.36036249

>knit vest ¥61,600

>> No.36036598

Miko TikTok returning soon?

>> No.36036685

yes, make miko twerk again

>> No.36037348


>> No.36037513

Keep samefagging, won't revive this thread little guy. Only person that can revive this dead general is me and I don't feel like giving you pedophiles the infectious energy I naturally give to this ghost town. Face it, this place is dead without me.

>> No.36037848

>> No.36037861

>> No.36037875

>> No.36037903

>> No.36037915

She's too fat man
I love it

>> No.36037921

>> No.36037935

>> No.36037945

>> No.36037957


>> No.36038023

She's so hot gdi I hope she does gravure soon so I can see those boobas.

>> No.36038025

>> No.36038539


>> No.36038565

ugly cunt

>> No.36038691

Sorry meant to link this >>36027726

>> No.36038693

Good post

>> No.36038732

face of seventeen

>> No.36038735


>> No.36038763

Mega has a stupid download limit.
OP should use another file host.

>> No.36038852

Megu has a stupid dummy thicc ass

>> No.36038868

>> No.36038869


>> No.36038887

We did it again kitsune army xD

>> No.36038895

I fucking despise virus Nazis, they've taken so much from us over a seasonal cough
Could have had an amazing opening but instead we got the worst ever

>> No.36039358

Just watched the first episode and I gotta say I'm a little bummed because of the fact they showed the 2 girls sitting next to Momoko about a hundred times but they cut out Momoko almost every time.

>> No.36039393


>> No.36039397

could just be because of the camera angle but it was annoying

>> No.36039453

lmao she's too fat to fit on the screen, it takes 2 girl to fill her in spot.

>> No.36039523

I'm not sure if I'm reading that right but it looks like someone named "I Love Momoko" has placed the most votes.

>> No.36039727

Based Momokorespecter

>> No.36039944

i don't know if i should laugh or be mad if momoko or anyone competing who has previous experience in the ent. industry would lose to a bunch of tiktokers.

>> No.36040042

>noticed her rabbit teeth and lol'd
>then imagined her wearing a bunny suit
>THEN imagined her wearing a reverse bunny suit

>> No.36040079

what's a reserve bunny suit?

>> No.36040367


>> No.36040425


>> No.36040455

spot on and nerve shattering

>> No.36040471

was the nendo test pretty good this time?

>> No.36040653

master help us

>> No.36041024


Nendo Test 2020 results:

1. Yume Nozaki
2. Sana Shiratori
3. Miku Tanaka
4. Miki Yagi
4. Kokona Nonaka
6. Sakia Kimura
6. Neo Sato
8. Miko Todaka

>> No.36041130


I did not ask for a spoiler, faggot

>> No.36041302


>> No.36041426

>Forgot about all the hook-nosed christcucks

>> No.36041648

Bunny suit but whats covered and whats not, is reversed. So Yuzu here would be wearing just long sleeved gloves and a tiny poncho on her shoulders, with her tits hanging out freely.

>> No.36041663

Obviously Yuzu is not wearing a bunny suit here, but this was juts an illustrative example of what a reverse suit is. You can google it to find out more!

>> No.36041878

>> No.36041922

Momoko still rocking the SG-style workout-clothes
The girl in the front has a nice big ass

>> No.36041935

where am I looking to find momoko?

>> No.36041943


>> No.36041957

thank you nigger

>> No.36042116

now that's goddamn ass. that bitch is a pear

>> No.36042484


>> No.36042525


>> No.36042529

>> No.36042858

>> No.36042873

Wheelbarrow assfuck with Saya

>> No.36042933

I'll have what she's smoking

>> No.36043495

Kano take note

>> No.36043616

>yuzu with her tits hanging out freely
Just got so fucking hard

>> No.36044344


>> No.36044636

Flat face and crooked teeth is such a bad combination

>> No.36044661

Somone making the next one by any chance?

>> No.36045081

Thread, because I can't right now

>> No.36045828


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