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Information for live shows and viewings:

SNS and concerts:

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>feet cropped out


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converse anon got a job


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OP please explain which thread is the one we should follow. I don't wanna spam in two threads.

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This is the titled thread and the one searchable int he archive by title.

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False, I use Chrome's search tool (Ctrl.+F) and type love live and there's another thread with the Sww pic

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Besides, no one's posting here XD

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But I guess I should

Longest thread: 1162 replies (>>21302849)
Most replied post ever: >>35912432 (19 replies)

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Fuck off troll piece of shit.

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that's because it's the bait thread for you-know-who

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Fuck off troll piece of shit.

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# 1, man you're missing a lot of trolling in the other thread. There are two threads at the same time! Go and fuck them off too

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Fuck off you troll pieces of shit and falseflagging pieces of shit.

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post face or you're lying

>> No.35986348

Fuck off troll retard.

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I want to lick her

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t. falseflagger

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>21 replies
what's happening bros

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I have exams, can't post 300 replies in two days.
What, you thought there were more people here? How cute

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tktk depressed again....

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Fuck off troll shitter.

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Chinese alliance

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she's pissing in the pool

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Fuck off you troll pieces of shit
Fuck off troll retard
Fuck off troll shitter

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Fuck off falseflagging piece of shit.

>> No.35993703

she can piss on me if she wants to

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Fuck off falseflagging piece of shit.

>> No.35995365

fug off piss of shid XD

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Don't start copying me again you troll retard. Fuck off.

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Fuck off troll piece of shit.

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black knight vs yellow knight
who would win?

>> No.35997879

black night easily

>> No.35998747

Fuck off troll piece of shit.

>> No.35998846

Fuck off falseflagging piece of shit, I've already told you.

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Does anyone have a webm file of Rikako bursting into tears during the first aqua live? I need a close up one.

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shit, i thought this one fell off the catalog
i was waiting with my dick out in the other thread waiting for a new one the whole time

>> No.36001476

how is this one still alive?

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>> No.36001501

analslut in chuck taylors today was a bad day

>> No.36001517

Previous thread

>> No.36001523

Previous previous thread

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shukita and idk xd

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Is there gonna be a nama today?

>> No.36002027

they drew a penis

>> No.36002058

La gringa, la bonita (although she doesn't look that bonita in this pic imo), la enana, la gringa and la fea

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Why does Anchan hate Furirin?

Why does Furirin hate Anchan?

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Whoress manjaw 2
manjaw 2 whoress

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nonstop sexual intercourse with kaori maeda love live seiyuu of osaka shizuku

>> No.36004742

There's been lots of sex in that pool. i guarantee it.

>> No.36004896

>stalked kurimoto last night with passion
>im fucking sure i had ;_; and <3 dream about her
>woke up multiple times so i got multiple different dreams so i fucking forgot it


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My man posted a great deepfake of rkk. Let’s all fap to her on her birthday

>> No.36005030

what the
what this

i dont follow them so what is this
is she pure princesita princess like that yeah just like that??? or is she traitor drunkshit????

>> No.36005312

>stalked yuna
>feel regret
>then :DDDD


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that's great, waka

>> No.36005442

The link is dead dead!

>> No.36005562

rkk hugging me

>> No.36005684

out of aqours I feel like arisa with rkk in a close second would be proud if you told them you tapped to them and aiai would be horrified
fill in the rest of the scale

>> No.36005792

yea i just got an email for alleged infringement of something and it got taken down

>> No.36005799

the pile one got taken down too :(

>> No.36005806

they are watching us!!!!

>> No.36005948

i mean it's not something as grand as empegook solge duet and it's not like you can find same shit on certain .online ...

>> No.36005949


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>> No.36005997

or the same place i got kinpachi.iso and all that other stuff <:

>> No.36006119

hmmm watetmelon... *drooling*

>> No.36006212

she got some ass

>> No.36006263

most replied post?

>> No.36006334

did everyone who wanted it get it?
I can reupload later

>> No.36006384

unlike certain ***kinpachi***...

>> No.36006538

you DID buy her new single right??????

>> No.36006566

of course i did, it just hasnt come in yet cuz i bought the new harmoe single as well

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>> No.36006584

output means agucopter ;_;

>> No.36006604

>tfw some poor copyright holder is monitoring this thread 24/7

>> No.36006667

3bjr vs x21


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most replied post

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>> No.36007089

Imagine sneaking up behind Kaorin as she desperately tries to sign that anime poster and grabbing her weak and petite body and lifting her high into the air.

>> No.36007126

could it be

>> No.36007150

it happened

>> No.36007162

just wow

>> No.36007169

proud of this community

>> No.36007219

Sayuri and her mommy girlfriend.

>> No.36007230

I heard you the first two times

>> No.36007263

worth the covid

>> No.36007277

where are the females? D:

>> No.36007283

how was it again
sad old men and future sad old men?

>> No.36007285

>/llst/ has dmca jannies in its shadows

sad day for /jp/ when we turn against our own brothers.

>> No.36007334

wonder what are the chances of empegook nightingale duet now

>> No.36007353

>die after seeing rkk

>> No.36007482

You can try using Mediafile or even Drive next time since they last longer.

>> No.36007496

The DMCA anon is probably hired by Sunrise to make sure none of us are going to stalk/hurt/rape any of the LLS, he only reported the DMCA for something to do.

>> No.36007569

>aikyan didn't get to sing sunny day song at the olympics
>kinchan is so depressed it is mentally paralyzing her
>snitch reported anons doing us a goddamn solid

name a worse month

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>> No.36007751

and now??????

>> No.36007793

>> No.36007812

still 0
this isnt love live sunshine it stays at 0

>> No.36007823

flowerpedo's legacy lives on

>> No.36007858

not him btw

>> No.36007866


>> No.36007903

rinanan legacy still lives

>> No.36007960

oh no

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>> No.36008060

Anon could you torrent them?m8w4t

>> No.36008081

Reupload pleeeeeeeeease
But tell the time in advance to be there

>> No.36008124

>> No.36008150

Everyone should feel proud

>> No.36008151

pleease pleease reupload i don't know where to get it :(((((

>> No.36008159

sora trembling rn

>> No.36008211

China enana

>> No.36008215

loli shukafag pls kill

>> No.36008224

I think thats a woman

>> No.36008340

that gugu has a nice ASS

>> No.36008406

I won't lie this is good, finally something good, im tired of seeing those edits that just paste the seiyuu face on top of a jav picture

>> No.36008510

>> No.36008517

shitty sister

>> No.36008559

La ñata e chancho xd

>> No.36008562

No! she is anchan!

>> No.36008565

ill do it when I get home in a few hours

>> No.36008596

make sure to post nightingale and solge duet too

>> No.36008616

spica duet too or primal star from that event

>> No.36008671

will you do it?

>> No.36008679

>> No.36008687


>> No.36008691

>> No.36008708

how many reposts has it's been 25?

>> No.36008946

No! she is anchan!

>> No.36008979

who is the most homosexual love live seiyuu

>> No.36008988

>> No.36009067

most replied post

>> No.36009072

is it happening

>> No.36009074

it happened

>> No.36009083


>> No.36009110

thank you

>> No.36009133


>> No.36009137

>> No.36009148

my new wallpaper

>> No.36009149

>> No.36009150


>> No.36009152

that but shinju and rine and NO regrets

>> No.36009158


>> No.36009171

fuck off piece of shit, you dont know if she likes that

>> No.36009175

bring back loli shukafag

>> No.36009184

bring back the gushit
I miss him :(

>> No.36009194

im jealous of motapan, imagine being able to touch shukita's hair every month ;_;

>> No.36009198

>> No.36009202


>> No.36009209


i want to bury my face in that jersey SO BAD

>> No.36009220

I thought Nanjo had that title. I thought everyone knew that

>> No.36009223

that's a flop btofer

>> No.36009228

not today

>> No.36009230

nanjo... you faggot...

>> No.36009232

Half that group is in Love Live wtf

>> No.36009245

you're so rude to her...
what did she do to deserve this?
*takes bullet for her*

>> No.36009256


>> No.36009260

more shukita

>> No.36009269

>> No.36009283

Do you doubt it?


>> No.36009289

b-but she was the only one good enough to carry on the pink...

>> No.36009290

nya prob

>> No.36009319

she should have been black!
black as her heart!

>> No.36009356

I think she suits pink perfectly
it's a nice colour :<

>> No.36009379

you know what pink means?? S E X

>> No.36009425

on the other hand

pure white literally means never hic <3333

>> No.36009436

no it means purity and happiness >:(

>> No.36009485

I know it's off topic, but look at this cutie

>> No.36009489

riru a stupid name

sounds like police siren :<

>> No.36009496

its a siren to attract the autists

>> No.36009504

la sirentina D:

>> No.36009505


>> No.36009513

la sirenita*

>> No.36009520

akimoto honoka**

>> No.36009526

chunky 'tism gf <33

>> No.36009564

NOT my sirentina :<

>> No.36009575

so, is she wearing a bikini?!?

>> No.36009599

fren went missing for a day and I thought I'd lost him again..
or he was doing it on purpose to test me :< more apocalyptic dreams btw

>> No.36009618


>> No.36009635

>for a day

wtf it's just been normal few hours which are last night's meh, zzzzs, and today morning D:
this reached yandere levels D:

>> No.36009684

im here dont worry

>> No.36009685

y-you fucking D:
you just made me IMAGINE her in a bikini and have indecent thoughts about her! HER! such puretie poopie of all people ;_;

>> No.36009686 [SPOILER] 

you're coming with me or else >:(

>> No.36009704

no ayame no nothing :<

>> No.36009738

no mizuha no life

>> No.36009755

no kurimoto no life

>> No.36009784

tfw *fren* stalked my posts

>> No.36009815

Nya is probably the most chad ll seiyuu.

>> No.36009819

no juli no helicopter

>> No.36009859

I mean, they were right there...
I engaged in a mild amount of looking

>> No.36009884



>> No.36009905

*fren* stalks me like i stalk kuri every night when

>> No.36009988

Do sww pits smell bad or good

>> No.36010001

i-it was only once or twice...
you'd do the same too

>> No.36010010

*screenshots a post*

>> No.36010035

with passion :D

>> No.36010048

Probably like a wet otter

>> No.36010077

one of these days im gonna fucking stalk you
yeah, that'll teach you :<

>> No.36010095

bet sicko anon is super aroused rn

>> No.36010251

whoa where did you get such exclusive content

>> No.36010563

Shu Uchida my wife

>> No.36010581

She's been fucked by everyone in FripSide (except the bassist), so I doubt so.

>> No.36010592

consists of two members btw

>> No.36010720

do you think...
leaf citron, the bassist...

>> No.36010725

more like needle orange

>> No.36010744

take. it. back. NOW

>> No.36010759

take. it. back. NOW

>> No.36010809

leaf scissoring

>> No.36010826

ayanano scissoring

>> No.36010838

you're so rude to them...
what did they do to deserve this?
*takes bullet for them*

>> No.36010905

now he understands what it's like
having something you care about get insulted

>> No.36011005

las cyaron

>> No.36011065

manjaw 2

>> No.36011066

how could anyone hate these literal angels...


>> No.36011122

One of my favorite pics of Shuka. I like to imagine she took off her converse just so I could smell them fresh and piping hot off her feet.

>> No.36011213

citron sit on (me)
a while ago I found out that tomoko was the oldest...

>> No.36011345


>> No.36011380

tomoko is egg

>> No.36011381

furi being the fucking coolest akua as usual

>> No.36011392

a century egg <3

>> No.36011423

based aiaifren

>> No.36011429

based eggfren

>> No.36011454

>cant kiss anchan gf because her big nose gets in the way

>> No.36011562

i want to lick anchan's nose

>> No.36011582

do you guys think rkk got in trouble for losing her mind laughing at that "i want to have sex with inami anju" comment that got projected at that one event

>> No.36011630

do you think this is the most replied post in llst history

>> No.36011642

i do not

>> No.36011656

nah this one >>36009485 is

>> No.36011682

oh yes~

>> No.36011720

>That long dress
what is she hiding

>> No.36011724

oh god forgive me my love it's not you it's your stupid costume!!!- AAA I DIDNT MEANT TO INSULT YOU GOD D':

>> No.36011777

i think wow

>> No.36011826

a monster...

>> No.36011960


>> No.36011988

he did *it* to kurimoto~
point at him~

>> No.36012036

las cyaron, a subunit with shukita, anchansita and aiaisita

>> No.36012058

newita lowita

>> No.36012080

s-shadapp i bet you do it to your ****angels**** too >.<

>> No.36012088

leaf cyaron

>> No.36012092

talk to the cyaronsita

>> No.36012093

I don't~
how could I ever look them in the eye if I did *that*?

>> No.36012113

she enjoyed it btw

>> No.36012135

dont lie, i bet you have lot and lot (and lots) of red-lined **angel** pics on your folder for your own enjoyment :<

>> No.36012165

so you're just gonna link a private twitter like everyone here has access then

>> No.36012166 [SPOILER] 

speaking of angels~

>> No.36012190

no lie!
it's been a rule of mine since the start

>> No.36012191

he accepts quickly

>> No.36012213

this but aiai

>> No.36012223

certain very smart person once said "rules exist to be broken"
and that person was...

>> No.36012260


>> No.36012262


>> No.36012270

going to reupload pile+1 mommy rrk cd

>> No.36012287

anon who couldnt upload raychel pic cuz way too fuking huge wwwwwwww

>> No.36012311

cant wait for it to get taken down again so i can reupload it

>> No.36012318

untamed anti-system anon!!1!

>> No.36012323


>> No.36012336

flops destroyed

post empegook opening duet from day 1. i forgot its name

>> No.36012370

everything that is in that link is publicly available on a number of trackers and ddls btw

>> No.36012378

if you look up in this thread ive already said exactly that and still been asked to upload it

>> No.36012386

what made a little mallard become so aggressive and more importantly why don't you just post banally available and more interesting shit like >>36007751 ?

>> No.36012394

if you look up in this thread (and a number of others) you've been asked to upload Emperor x Gook Nightingale Love Song(?) duet, Soldier Game duet and Spica duet

>> No.36012401

most replied post

>> No.36012402

super barely and super interesting angels shit

>> No.36012406


>> No.36012412

oops guess it was last thread

>> No.36012418

if you look up in this thread (and a number of others) you'd find out kurimoto was the youngest!

>> No.36012463

you will have to apologize for making me looking up flopwhore's shit

this takes "exclusive never seen before content" on a whole new level

>> No.36012480

jeez that shit is even regular ass 256kbps mp3....

oh god i didn't want to return here but this little mallard turned out to be worse than loli shukafag's shitty replacement and texican's retarded relative

>> No.36012496

im this fucking close to uploading jewel vox out of the pity like you wouldn't believe

>> No.36012516

You bastard

>> No.36012524

You bastard

>> No.36012526

You bastard

>> No.36012574

I GOT IT ANON I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.36012595

try to help one person and everyone makes fun of me…

>> No.36012604

I GOT IT ANON I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.36012611

'Anon' i don't know if you are being serious anymore..
i found you twitter btw, or at least i think i did

>> No.36012613

won't help with empegook duets...

>> No.36012625

Excuse my ignorance but, which site is that?

>> No.36012627

I GOT IT ANON I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.36012640

stalker 2.0

>> No.36012653


>> No.36012662

You bastard

>> No.36012675


just uploaded super very exclusive content from my person stash

don't thank me


>> No.36012713

e-everybody calm down >.<


>> No.36012736

y-you bastard D:

>> No.36012746

s-she's a woman now how did this happen T.T

>> No.36012749

is this jpopsuki?

>> No.36012765

^^ in certain room with certain ^^ doing certain ^^

>> No.36012792

these *jokes* are so unfunny and uncalled for
bring old duuuuuh jokes back!!1!11 :'<

>> No.36012796

bring granny dress back first :<

>> No.36012799

i blame the stupid granny dresses :<

>> No.36012808



>> No.36012812

special connection is literally back <3

>> No.36012845

ichi? by the way?
she's doing hicshit with me soon~

>> No.36012848

ieeeeeei nanda kore :D


>> No.36012860 [SPOILER] 

^e-ella no D:

>> No.36012862

llst healing starts now~

>> No.36012873

wait a fucking sec...

>> No.36012874

^should have named it pomf :<

>> No.36012875

did they fuck?

>> No.36012882

look at those soft pyjamas...
fit for ____

>> No.36012895

oh god why is this happening D:

what about >>36012792??

what about innocent anon????

>> No.36012897

i just fucking realized
>anon said "ichi" cuz thats was what ska said... it wasnt about *her*

ueeehh stop triggering me >.<

>> No.36012907



>> No.36012914

either way ill protecc princess ichi from llst at all cost >.<

>> No.36012917

nono, it was about danjo ichi
I was thinking about her soft ass, jiggling as she happily jumps up and down in her bedroom~

>> No.36012945

ichi kpop :D

she fucking mine she always has been, watch what you fucking say :<

>> No.36012959

she's probably got dimples on her ass too <3
maybe a beauty mark for a little garnish

>> No.36012963

ora culero

>> No.36012969

certain someone did it with a cat, so at this point this shouldnt surprise you :~

>> No.36012978

imagine the claws and pee smells

>> No.36012980

it's all so called *angels* now
back then that word used to mean something...

>> No.36012995 [SPOILER] 

the smug smile of a big and strong chad...

>> No.36013006

for every riru joke
I'll make two about ichi >:(

>> No.36013031

for every two ichis
i'll make four mippis

>> No.36013074


>> No.36013435

early and last dog
tomorrow is a big day

>> No.36013465

:d btw

>> No.36013561

>> No.36013574

mommy booba

>> No.36013582

>> No.36013589

no tits no ass

>> No.36013634

>> No.36013644


>> No.36013651

>> No.36013667

dog :3

>> No.36013686

twinks :/

>> No.36013695

stalker :/

>> No.36013775

i have a screenshot of *that* tweet :/

>> No.36013857

fuck you D:

>> No.36013933

im sorry i didn't tell you earlier but i thought it would creep you out

>> No.36013945

The name is Crusader King. Defender of the Innocent, Protector of the Weak. And if you dare attack Emitsun. Dare! I will be coming for you.

>> No.36014030

wow, the way he appears out of nowhere to save the day...
just like goku

>> No.36014105

its fucking 2021 which kind of idiot puts a watermark on a picture

>> No.36014426

>> No.36014666

shukita getting old ;_;

>> No.36014824

this pic is from 2018 xd

>> No.36014874


>> No.36014981

A Knight's vow is sacred. That is why I do not stop.

>> No.36015474

i dont like chisato and i dont like la fea that much but her voice is really good

>> No.36016025

The perfect size, shape, color, and softness. The tits of Japan

>> No.36016032

rkk gringo, this right here, this is youtube worthy

>> No.36016556

Sex with Kinchan!

>> No.36016679

Something better
Sex with 2017 Kinchan!

>> No.36016750

>> No.36017949

they're old tits, but they check out

>> No.36018369

i want her back...

>> No.36019254


>> No.36019434

the dying dog :'<

>> No.36019442

Message him that you’re a degen from 4chan and he will accept. He’s a chill guy and speaks good English. The 8 min video is a good fap

>> No.36019548

one day the dog will die for real and you'll all regret :<

>> No.36019561

no one regretted chocora death :/ not even traitor that's why she traitor

>> No.36019701


too ____ to live

>> No.36019728

aniob wtf?!?!?!

>> No.36019767


>> No.36019784

*nagoya sweats*

>> No.36019790

imagine imagine
if aichita joined riifushitoron des

>> No.36019838

i was saying


too ____ to live

>> No.36019901


>> No.36020131


>> No.36020411

dare i say


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