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Think, Anon. Why are youkai and humans supposed to stay youkai and humans?

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I'm gonna kiss Reimu on the lips!

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Reimu's stinky feet!

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So you can feel their superior big meat stick inside your human asshole

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... To make half-youkai?

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For them to coexist-

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Rinnosuke is a half breed youkai. Your argument is invalid.

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I'm black

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Reimu feet is not stinky pls stop this slandering

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he is an abomination that doesn't fit anywhere among humans or youkai.

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He is also the only man in Gensokyo
or does Youmu's father count as well?

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I don't think it matters why, I think we should remove the shrine maiden from power.

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>He is also the only man in Gensokyo
Check these cute girls out for example

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>ghost kerfuffle
Who the fuck says that

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Old men in gensokyo, obviously.

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old heads.

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in my headcanon there are no guys in gensokyo

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because otherwise the balance of Gensokyo would be destroyed and Yukari would be forced to nuke Japan?

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can she nuke the rest of the world while she's at it?

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youkai need to exist because otherwise reimu will become unemployed and she has no skills besides sweeping shrines and genociding youkai

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my wife reimu is so cute

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why not

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I'd give Reimu some money if she'd shove her ass in my face

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Stop it you guys. Obviously her armpits is the sexiest, most arousing and most erogenous place. It tops everything else without a question.

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reimu is not a prostitute you shit

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because that will make you happy and Yukari doesn't want you to be happy.

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So you don't have any competition, "Youkai Shrine Maiden."

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Reimu would do no such thing.

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It's true!!!! They realllllly smell!!!

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Oh yeah? not even for a dollar?

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Unlike Sanae, Reimu is not a whore.

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She would cease to exist.

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B-But she accepts semen donations! I heard it from the villagers! No way they'd lie, right?!

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So they can breed!

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if she did she wouldn't be a shrine maiden

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But shrine maidens historically were religious prostitutes
They even had holy brothels on shrine grounds

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You joke around about dogging women, does that mean it happens? No.

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Youmu has a father?

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I don't think she could. Atleast to me it seem that the Supernatural World outside of Gensokyou is alot Stronger and on a lager Scale then Gensokyou itself.

Also the Supernatural beings outside of it might have a problem with her trying to do that.

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Youki is either her Father or Grandfather. Either way of course she has a Father, she's a half-ghost. They don't pop out of nowhere

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How else could she have been born?

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>Atleast to me it seem that the Supernatural World outside of Gensokyou is alot Stronger and on a lager Scale then Gensokyou itself.
That's kind of the case, hence spellcard rules.

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translator who replaced "incident" with "kerfuffle" because muh deepl said it was

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If there is a supernatural world outside of gensokyo then what is heca doing?

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>How else could she have been born?
this implies that a human did the nasty with a phantom


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Is this some Invincible reference?

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