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Information for live shows and viewings:

SNS and concerts:

Longest /llst/ thread ever: >>35550246

Previous thread: >>35550246

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most replies
im feeling it

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we're getting closer to 500, we should make something special

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Fucking troll piece of shit, fuck off.

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god remember flowerpedo going crazy over thread 175 or something just because it had same numbers as whoress' radio?

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I can't stop laughing!


made a few more for ya https://www.hangmanwords.com/play/custom?g=YXNwYXJhZ3VzJTBBc2Vzc2lvbnMlMEFzdHJlYW1pbmclMEFjbGF3cyUwQXNuaWt0JTBBbG92ZXJz

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Who didn't get invited?

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Fuck off you shitposting faggot.

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She pissed them off, can't make this up folks

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Jesus fucking christ that was what... 325 threads ago? Is anyone else here besides you who've been here that long?

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Making it up is exactly what you're doing, fuck off you troll piece of shit.

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my wife

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Fuck off troll faggot.

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kanako so pretty

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Why does Anchan hate Furirin?

Why does Furirin hate Anchan?

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Whoress manjaw 2

manjaw 2 Whoress

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Fuck off troll faggot.

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No! she is anchan!

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Fuck off troll faggot.
Fuck off falseflagging piece of shit.

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flops btfo

should i ask

how do you like new captcha btw?

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>> No.35576462

is it harder to spam?

>> No.35576468

seeing how you use two devices and all

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so where have you been?

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>no dumb hat on

btw captcha pay2y

>> No.35576527

so uhhh

you know....

>> No.35576539

pay 2 years

to unlock
hic ;_;

>> No.35576541

captcha - gimmelotsofstuffpls

>> No.35576553

good night~~

>> No.35576566

wtf hikaru will hic sooner than i thought not fair D;

>> No.35576568

flopwhore btfoing right before leaving


cringy leek vid now


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post stardust qts

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>> No.35576632

Longest thread: 1162 replies (>>21302849)

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aaaaand flopwhores btfo again

post kaaya

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most replied post

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Creative but trolling

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el llamo roberto robato

>> No.35576686

is this it

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Texican but even more retarded

>> No.35576781

go back to school. Spanish is not easy

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Fuck off troll piece of shit.

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Should I see something?

>> No.35576819

most replied post?

ready for most replied post bitches/fags????????

>> No.35576829

Prove I'm a troll or shut your filthy mouth up

>> No.35576835

should you reply??

>> No.35576853

You already proved you're a troll piece of shit, fuck off.

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Use listerine

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kaaya means seagull

>> No.35576922

Take your own advice, projecting faggot.

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You already proved yourself a troll, faggot.

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>> No.35576954

why can't flopwhores be like her?

post solge duet with emperor

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>> No.35577072

pile is the most beautiful seiyuu in all of ll

>> No.35577094


post the most empegook nightingale duet in all of ll

>> No.35577115

flop btfoing time?


>> No.35577176

This Sunday my frens, we continue with the spam and there's going to be HUGE spam for Nanjo bd

>> No.35577213

This Sunday my frens, we continue with the spam and there's going to be HUGE spam for oldass shit that nobody cares about and for all the shit that was deleted from previous plus thread. or some shit i don't know

i'm going to say it can i have shitman back? at least it wasn't this fucking retarded and dumb....

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>> No.35577230

the month is July, my friends, and today we're back, we continue with the yaddas by celebrating 2 years of B.O.L.T cuties. hang on tight for the ride my fellas!

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>> No.35577243

this month, my good friends, we https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeDpMQuTGjw and yaddayaddayadda lalalala etc etc

>> No.35577248

not analslut
so pretty

>> No.35577257

so petty

>> No.35577265

Who the fuck are these weird girls and why are you posting them in the fucking LL thread

>> No.35577269

Wrong girl anon

>> No.35577274

pls wait until thread 501 plsplspls
that's kanako XDD

>> No.35577277

doesn't like anal
that but pretty

>> No.35577280

google said the fucking analslut... shit

whrk pls die?

>> No.35577289

so pretty?

>> No.35577294

wait so it was whrk pls die?

then yeah whrk would you kindly pls die XDD

>> No.35577309

Who the fuck is this weird girl and why are you posting her in the fucking LL thread

>> No.35577317

ehh uhh pretty?

will never die btw XDDD

>> No.35577331

even Moepi got invited

>> No.35577333

no sitting drunk in front of tokyo dome crying like a bitch, no nothing

>> No.35577346

this but 2021 edition

>> No.35577362

"Minagi"fag is sus

>> No.35577365

no cringy leek vid no horseface vomiting in front of ayape bucket, no nothing

>> No.35577431

no blonde yunita riding me and boing boing'ing, no nothing

>> No.35577437

este anon no habla español
me pregunto si el caballero amarillo habla español
esto seria una buena estrategia para hablar de la seiyuu con nombre religioso

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>> No.35577443

yuna still stuck in washing machine

>> No.35577452



>> No.35577484

tomoriru vs riru-chan


>> No.35577495

I was tired and sad... okay?

>> No.35577508

kaaya vs purple imouto


>> No.35577538



>> No.35577562

all this time being frens and you turn on me like this...
so much for "ska family"

>> No.35577565

bet someone is drunk again~

>> No.35577589


>> No.35577597

literally metaphor for llst

>> No.35577599

remember prima qts ska cats??? pls post them

>> No.35577614

yeah, aichita

>> No.35577624

hot dog*

>> No.35577639

heh, good one
thats my /llst/

>> No.35577652

im not *yours* you fucking shit

>> No.35577677


>> No.35577723

I wish I could to that to her too

>> No.35577746

nekochans <33

>> No.35577754

or is it aniob??? i don't know these days...

>> No.35577757

bet he learned that from feral nao trying to be wolf <333

>> No.35577807

Is KusoTomo there? Did she get excluded again?

>> No.35578716

If threads die two per day, it is going to be exactly 501 at July 12.
But why the 501?

>> No.35578749

Tan pronto como vea el nombre con M va a responder. O el nombre con C.

>> No.35578768

mass replies

>> No.35578788

Can you quote a post of this 'shitman'?

>> No.35578803


>> No.35578842

Post cute Kyans to boost the replies.

>> No.35578862


>> No.35578864


>> No.35578886

curvy kyan

>> No.35578901


>> No.35578915


>> No.35578916

curvy is synonym for fat

>> No.35578924

reminder that certain someone hated us

>> No.35578932

okuzawa is synonym for baby plum

>> No.35579002

okuzawa is a synonym for my wife
angelic curves and the voice of a jewel <3

>> No.35579013

okuzawa doggy style

>> No.35579064 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35579080

n-not that one ><

>> No.35579124

>> No.35579149

dare I say, mine all mine?

>> No.35579152


>> No.35579657


before deleting

>> No.35579702

i miss blu

>> No.35579761

supreme qts vs stardust qts

>> No.35579804

tomoyo >>>>>> all

>> No.35579821

ayame >>> EVRRYTHING

>> No.35579842

mizuhaha >>>>> everything^2

>> No.35579854


how can someone be so fucking cute i just look at her oh god ;___;
JUST ;__;

>> No.35579873


ay no ;_______;

>> No.35579887

^^that but uhhh akimoto honoka

>> No.35580139

>> No.35580147

>> No.35580156

these captchas are making me very upset bros

>> No.35580195


>> No.35580583

>> No.35580723

thought she was doing a line off her back

>> No.35580747

ska tattooes gao

>> No.35580749

literally ska and the yardies <3

>> No.35580767

what does eric clapton have to do with telling sww that she looks wonderful that night (always true btw)

>> No.35580776

literally ayame special thing <3

>> No.35580854

this but furihata

>> No.35580927

healthy kyan is best kyan!

>> No.35581223

>> No.35581807

this but please resist ;_;

>> No.35581899

pigmode kyan is fatkyan!

>> No.35581954


>> No.35581991


>> No.35582030

anjew's schnoz

>> No.35582211

does anyone want to play a game of hangman

>> No.35582256

super cute elementary school anon

>> No.35582434


>> No.35582482


>> No.35582486

you think she's your gal but she's everybody's pal

>> No.35582601

Ah because she's Pay but also your 'pal' right? right?

>> No.35582716

whatever you say

>> No.35582738

look at her knee, poor shukita :(

>> No.35582892

i'm sorry but shukita has to kneel to keep her job

>> No.35582921

>> No.35582929


>> No.35582959

why would she beg on her knees?

>> No.35583012

super innocent shookafag..
she is actually praying to god

>> No.35583130


>> No.35583141

>> No.35583151


>> No.35583154


>> No.35583175

was about to post that one so i guess i'll post this one

>> No.35583233

post the one with the legs

>> No.35583280

>> No.35583326

knk thighs

>> No.35583404

this is the best one

>> No.35583416

so pretty!
so yummy!

>> No.35583434

Open question
Do your real world friends know that you are fan of some japanese girls who act as children? Or that you fap to them? How much do they know?

>> No.35583463

yes, we have an instagram chat and a discord server, and I spam every single day songs and pictures of the seiyuus. They know who anchan, suwawa, shikaco, etc are but they don't know anything about love live

>> No.35583479

I mean, they know about the anime, but they haven't watched it neither want to

>> No.35583517

get cucked homo

>> No.35583550

my friends just know it as the anime about singing cuz i try not to talk about it with them

>> No.35583634

Imagine being her squatty potty after that meal...

>> No.35583647

>real world friends
very funny, the only people like that is fren from here and a few more from online.
it's great not having to hide something you care about.

>> No.35583719

the world shall know ayayananono

>> No.35584056

>> No.35584185

>> No.35584264


>> No.35584313

i was gonna do the same
to fix it even more just cut arisa out

>> No.35584335

>> No.35584349

arisa and kinchan are the perfect mix between sensuality and beauty

>> No.35584361

double suicide

>> No.35584478

chocolate tendencies

>> No.35584514

fucking ayayanons are waiting on every single opportunity to mention their little girls

>> No.35584550

sorry i waited my whole life to make that joke

he understood the reference <3

>> No.35584583

Is she eating soggy broccoli?

>> No.35584589

i did but only because fucking indoctrination
didn't choose this

>> No.35584618

i smell civil war approaching :0

oh wait it's just gato xd

>> No.35584677

ruka memories of tomorrow?

>> No.35584703

>> No.35584720


>> No.35584758

careful or I'll start making mippi gwar jokes

>> No.35584774

>> No.35584957


>> No.35584988

>> No.35585037


>> No.35585120

>> No.35585158

I like how furirin's gum always stick out when she's wearing lipstick

>> No.35585267

>> No.35585268

flopwhore ruined greatly pic

>> No.35585270


>> No.35585278

post cringy leek vid

>> No.35585473

Is this a japanese adult video?

>> No.35585479

is this manjaw 2 btfo video?

>> No.35585499

I wish

>> No.35585502

It definitely is

>> No.35585537

damn she has really great artistic skills!

>> No.35585706

Fuck off troll piece of shit.

>> No.35585801

I think pissknight is actually a dedicated troll who hates chu chu and thats why he’s ruined any possible conversation involving her

>> No.35585810

I think it's time for cringe cringe cat sounds from last line live

>> No.35585815

very serious reni discussion

>> No.35585854

Fuck off, I didn't start this shit, you did.

>> No.35585895

this but ayanano prequel

>> No.35586283


>> No.35587910

>> No.35588068

fapping to delicious syachi summer~

>> No.35588112

ah, it's syachi trip*

>> No.35588255

^and then you wonder why feral nao is angry all the time :/

>> No.35588356

dont blame nao-chan, that blouse and blue short jeans of your is so cute and... *drools*

>> No.35588385

plus your almost-see-through blu dress that accentuates your naos...

>> No.35588757

hinaki or verde pb when

>> No.35588843

why i feel like i haven't seen hinaki sikce many weeks ago
what happened to her?

>> No.35588882

Never, fuckass.

>> No.35588890

who would want to film that smelly fujo anyway :<

>> No.35588938

Wait. Do you mean SPR verde or LL Verde.

>> No.35589000

hehe i mean yea it depends~

of course it's fucking green that fucking shit making me mad even more so than that slut sy*mo or the fucking pudding thief :<<

>> No.35589043

>> No.35589054

suguta hina ;-;

>> No.35589066

this is your ayame now >>35579854
you may not like it, but these are facts now

>> No.35589088

how far has llst fallen...

>> No.35589098


aaaaa nobody cares about her name kek

>> No.35589128


>> No.35589225


>> No.35589436

Payton is the best!

>> No.35589615

>> No.35589654

I'm new to Love Live. Is she the voice of Maki? She looks like she'd sound like her.

>> No.35589688

I'm new to Love Live. Is she the voice of Maki? She looks like she'd sound like her.

>> No.35589742

Not this shit again.

>> No.35589752

No it doesn't, she's not a fujo.
Fuck off troll piece of shit.

>> No.35589805

thats sww who is also but to a much lesser degree cute and a talented singer she voices kanan
maki is voiced by the best seiyuu in all of ll the best singer the most beautiful the queen pile

>> No.35589828 [SPOILER] 

Is this the voice of Maki? She looks like she'd sound like her.

>> No.35589858

The other girl looks prettier than what did you say her name was? queen pile? ???

>> No.35589880

flopwhores forever btfo

maybe you can post empegook solge and nightingale duets today or perhaps primal star as long as it's from that event

>> No.35589887

flop btfoer

and the spica duet with emperor is amazing

you can post it

>> No.35589901

mallardfag finally lost it and started replying to himself

>> No.35589906

i hope you're all going to buy the online live memorial box for her

>> No.35589918

no I was calling her a queen because that’s what she is
pile is a nickname because shes half korean

>> No.35589919

Fuck off troll piece of shit.

>> No.35589935

a flop btfoer

also i honestly don't know

post those brown boots or oversized hoodie from that event maybe???

>> No.35589966

>half korean

>> No.35589988

>flop btfoer

>> No.35590012

i have a feeling there's some shitty essay on mallards coming soon accompanied with some shitty pic

>> No.35590099

what about mallards?

>> No.35590134

The mallard (/ˈmælɑːrd, ˈmælərd/) or wild duck (Anas platyrhynchos) is a dabbling duck that breeds throughout the temperate and subtropical Americas, Eurasia, and North Africa, and has been introduced to New Zealand, Australia, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, the Falkland Islands, and South Africa.

>> No.35590514

what do mallards have to do with Maki

>> No.35590634

thats a really good question

>> No.35590901


>> No.35591013

Shikacoposting lives in one of those countries

>> No.35591040


>> No.35591055

and in my heart

>> No.35591117

so yeah my bros im fucking back so let's get this party starteeeeeeed

>> No.35591304


>> No.35591332

*syamo a shit*

>> No.35591565 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35591632

Fuck off you piece of shit.

>> No.35591655

>> No.35591672

sword is metaphor for futa cock btw

>> No.35591683

>scared moa evades it

moa a pure confirmed <3

>> No.35591710

she wants real cock

>> No.35591755 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35591775 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35591786 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35591789

isnt she the cutest thing

it'l break my heart to pieces if she ends up hic'ing in later months ;___;

>> No.35591792

Fuck off you piece of shit.

>> No.35591796


>> No.35591805

*ends up hic'ing*

>> No.35591857

n-noo fuuuuuuck yoouuuu >.<
*faps in anger*

>> No.35591889

*cums with happiness*

>> No.35591915

*starts crying in failure*

>> No.35591933 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35591947

wasnt there some new japan law that said they can hic at 18??
mippi ;--;

>> No.35591962


>> No.35591967 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35592000

Fuck off you piece of shit, what the fuck is your problem.

>> No.35592011

Fuck off you piece of shit.

>> No.35592055

reminds me of purple dinosaur's behavior

>> No.35592077

Fuck off troll piece of shit.

>> No.35592081

the doctors pin me down as I beg okuzawa not to sign the divorce papers~
please just let me marry her please please, I need it

>> No.35592098

no but seriously

imagine those same pics only with simpson cropped hands

>> No.35592105

^^cuz you killed baby plum :<

>> No.35592115

No, fuck off.

>> No.35592126 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35592132

o-only when I have a better spacebar item...
besides, angels can't die~
did you see ska got in that do it over thing?

>> No.35592154

tainted ska

>> No.35592203

the world gonna meet skatastic ska acting skills ieeeeei <3

>> No.35592232

i was background_dog_#5.mp4 with one line of dialogue back in kindergarten :~

>> No.35592260

betcha dumbshit anon-chan fucked up his only line by saying "meow" in front of classmates frens teachers and parents wwww oh god <3

>> No.35592288

finish sweaty_afternoon_romp.mp4 with ska, tell her do it over, we do it again
happy married life <3

>> No.35592314

Fuck off troll piece of shit.

>> No.35592331

>> No.35592345

Fuck off falseflagging piece of shit.

>> No.35592352 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35592354

Fuck off you piece of shit.

>> No.35592370

Fuck off falseflagging piece of shit.

>> No.35592384

Fuck off and stop copying me you piece of shit.

>> No.35592386


>> No.35592401

reminder that batten shits betrayed the name of ska

>> No.35592404

They're not claws you shitposting fucking faggot, fuck off.

>> No.35592418

dumb hater can't find enjoyment in the two new angels...
goddesses, GODDESSES!

>> No.35592443

they are demons

>> No.35592456

of happiness and love <3

>> No.35592485

aichita, haiya, seta, kiina, sora
these fucking edgy shits betrayed the way of the ska >.<

>> No.35592486

Goatse lamo

>> No.35592494

Chayanne's cute wife!

>> No.35592495

Fuck off you piece of fucking shit.

>> No.35592507

She's my cute wife, that piece of shit would never have a chance with her. Fuck off faggot.

>> No.35592529

riko betrayed me by losing weight and consequently all of her delicious curves

>> No.35592534

esta claro que el caballero no conoce a ese cantante, ninguna mujer, sin importar su nacionalidad, se podria resistir a él

>> No.35592538


>> No.35592550

Yes I'm fucking sure, fuck off with that faggot, faggot.

>> No.35592559

He wouldn't have a chance if he wanted one, faggot.

>> No.35592561

current delicious haiya >>>> old haiya

>> No.35592579

miyu took a peek
this is what she took from us

>> No.35592627

cute ll idols

>> No.35592681

>> No.35592687

Of course, I'm going to 'buy' it somewhere on the internet

>> No.35592708

Post the video again

>> No.35592709

I want her to be my mom

>> No.35592734

wtf i fucking love miyu!?

>> No.35592757

yay comedy time

>> No.35592760


>> No.35592769

>> No.35592771

fucking bullying my wife :(
it's called soul

>> No.35592791

>> No.35592803

do you have more pics with the brightest melody outfit?

>> No.35592815


>> No.35592825

>> No.35592831

no one is bullying her but herself :>

>> No.35592836

>> No.35592842


>> No.35592844

>> No.35592860

>> No.35592879

>> No.35592885

don't feed armpit fetish anon

>> No.35592900

I love how that outfit looks on rikako

>> No.35592922

>> No.35592955

>> No.35592964

I read a book that took place in the 1800's where peolple used to wear those dresses.

>> No.35592977

yeah whatever you say, degenerate.

>> No.35593013

>> No.35593074

>> No.35593087

>> No.35593111

>> No.35593139

>> No.35593151

unfortunate face.

>> No.35593192


>> No.35593219


>> No.35593309

I see you've got my scans

>> No.35593354


>> No.35593410

>> No.35593511

>> No.35594236

Dome Tour didn't happen right? Unless I missed it

>> No.35594344

no sitting drunk alone crying like a bitch

>> No.35594353

you think neo-/llst/ understands the reference

>> No.35594353,1 [INTERNAL] 


No. I am chemotherapy.

>> No.35594504

just sspent all day masturbating :)

>> No.35594553

we know, chihoe

>> No.35594572

nhk program still not translated…

>> No.35594581

no unfortunately

>> No.35594583

>> No.35594630

>> No.35594643

now that but divawife <3

>> No.35594660

chocolate des tho

>> No.35594664

what are they going to do when arisa goes bald

>> No.35594673

drop her in the forest of course

>> No.35594679

>> No.35594695

Found that Arisha actually was in many movies. I mish my japanese were better so I could watch them

>> No.35594696


>> No.35594705


>> No.35594711


>> No.35594714

damn, furi legs are not from this world

>> No.35594771

peg strength <3

>> No.35594781

my skull being crushed by furirin's legs

>> No.35594845

Liella young jump scans where?

>> No.35594852

mentally faping to yuna~

>> No.35595507

who made this shit

>> No.35595525

I did. impressive, huh?

>> No.35595532

genius mind

>> No.35595533

truly the Whoresses of ll

>> No.35595571

homo you are back
did you buy the thing? homosexual.
not peg strength btw, you sick fuck

>> No.35595597

truly the manjaw 2 of ll

>> No.35595731

I never went anywhere.
remember I'm always here, with you

>> No.35595752

shes ______

>> No.35595838

Yo what the fuck is that tweet of some dudes dik. WTF

>> No.35595914

don't get homo, homo.
maybe i confused you with the anon you took to the dark side, who knows.

>> No.35595941

hi, I'm homo that took homo 2 to the dark side. I haven't bought it, I bought a ps4 controller instead

>> No.35596031

don't worry, recovery is always possible ;_;
you better use it for playing, faggot.

>> No.35596059

>> No.35596095

don't worry hehe ;)

>> No.35596109

Pegging goddess

>> No.35596157

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