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The best shape and color.

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>Smug loli demon playing with my cat when I get home from work.
I would not be opposed to such a thing

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>Your two favorite monstergirls
>Your two favorite bodytypes
>Your two favorite outfits for monsters to wear

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She looks cute

>> No.35564062

Mermaid becomes experimental subject and engages in organ trafficking in a bid to satiate her kleptomania, hoarding, pantomime fetish among the air slurpers. Scylla does nothing wrong.

>> No.35564075

Holstaur, Jinko.
Usually soft and chubby, but welltoned ones are also nice.
I don't really have favorite outfits i think.

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Cheshire and jinko
Tallbuff and shortchub
Cheongsam and T-shirt/underwear

>> No.35564116

Genuine joy.

>> No.35564121

Wurm and bogey
Venus or strongfat
Nun outfit or this

>> No.35564123

Can someone call the tech support Grems and ask them to fix the captcha? 4chanX is broke.

>> No.35564137

New captchas suck wont even stay on for more than a second

>> No.35564147

x is best girl

>> No.35564157

veils are nice and dirndls are nice. haven't seen them combined, though.

>> No.35564167

Elf and Vampire
The classic hourglass bombshell and big muscled with huge boobs
Nun and bodysuits

>> No.35564178

4chan x is fucked, also this new captcha is horrible

>> No.35564185

Bapho, rata
Loli, shortstack
Micro bikini, lingerie

>> No.35564206

Mino, Jinko
Venus, Builtfat
Tanktop+shorts and sundress+wide sunhat
fuck the new captcha

>> No.35564208

Hellhound, Baphomet
Flat as a plank, flat as a plank with wide hips and a round ass
Dress and panties, dress without panties

>> No.35564224

I like your taste and I hate the new captcha as well

>> No.35564225

>anubis, inari,
>modest adult body types (can be average or "anime average)
>office clothing and bondage

>> No.35564256

Kiki and Shog
Shortstack and Slender w/ legs to die for\
Anything that emphasizes legs (stockings/cheongsam/etc.); negligees

It is strange though that with this leg fascination my favs aren't particularly known for their legs.

>> No.35564270

New captcha is based, even the irritating every post challenge is fitting given the bots and opportunists. Besides, hot robobitches never say die.

>> No.35564280

I like big fluffy tails.

>> No.35564295

Demon & Pharaoh.
What >>35564167 said.
Military Uniform & Anything with stirrups.

>> No.35564317

Remember, even against Loli/teen Amazons you will still lose and be claimed

>> No.35564340

Wight, Anubis
Pear-shaped loli, slightly less pear-shaped JC
Microbikini and microbikini sized lingerie, whatever pic related is called

>> No.35564368

>new captcha broke 4chanx
Cheshires did this.

>> No.35564393

Automatons still posting their stuffs without problem. The captcha was pointless. Honestly if it had only readable one and i wouldn't need to spam the captcha button that would already be a slightly better. That and 4chanX working together with the new one but i guess that will take a day.

>> No.35564410

Hellhound & Inari
Broodmother and wide-loli
Form-fitting dresses (e.g. pic) and bike shorts + crop top.

>> No.35564424

Fuck, it made its way here too. Was only on certain boards earlier.
I blame the dumb automatons and their gremlin masters.

>> No.35564469

It still beats the very slowly fading one. I don't know who made it, but it's a plus if it's not Google.

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>> No.35564520

Couldn't they just use those click-and-hold ones, or can bots fool that one?

>> No.35564525

I know. I would fist whoever made that slowly dissappearing one. But some of these are clearly unreadable or hard to figure out right away. There were other similar just type in stuffs that just used funny looking fonts. I rather have those. I had three black mess in a row and waiting 10 sec between captcha refresh is boring.
But my main problem is that i can't use 4chanX right now because of it, And using it is so comfy...

>> No.35564531

Lies, loli and teen amazons are for defeating and keeping in a loose chokehold while you fuck her from behind.

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>> No.35564625

Looks like a penguin.

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>> No.35564729

Demon is an honorary angel

>> No.35564741

Nice Gryphon

>> No.35564750

you can tell by her collection of halos

>> No.35564818

i hev a pass

>> No.35564861

da fuck is that shit by anonymous?

>> No.35564958

would u ride your big wife?

>> No.35564973

define ride

>> No.35564982

Feels like it's been so long since a writefag did anything manticore related

>> No.35565001

use her to get place to place orride her sexually

>> No.35565008

Did you give your onee-chan her daily required amount of hugs?

>> No.35565016

of course

>> No.35565026

she told me I had to hug her using my pp

>> No.35565042

I would, but she put me in a lewd leglock and called me a nerd.

>> No.35565067

thats the thing, she hasn't let me go

>> No.35565117

What does your wife do before she finds you?

>> No.35565119

>> No.35565193

drawing lewds of me, getting some shota potions ready, schlickin it, and posting on 4mons that men are best raised by monsters

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>> No.35565251

Night Gaunt and Lilim
JC and Bombshell
Lingerie and Bodysuit

>> No.35565362

which monsters are the biggest pervs?

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>> No.35565379

What a coincidence. I have the same likes.

>> No.35565416

Mostly because they've been done to death.

>> No.35565441

Is smugness proportional to a monster's power level?

>> No.35565447


>> No.35565462

the mightiest of creatures, the bunyip

>> No.35565466

A monster's smugness is proportional to her weakness to anal.

>> No.35565467

bunyip swamp mage

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>> No.35565571

Silence, sinners.

>> No.35565584

the angels found my weakness, save me o demons from their foul hands

>> No.35565586

Thicc slimes in latex

>> No.35565611

kc needs to do penguins
i mean if you read up how horned up adelie penguins get he has plenty of material

>> No.35565612

Something good about slimes in clothes, specifically tight ones.

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>> No.35565664

really wanting more abyssal monsters, anyone got any ideas? That, or anything relating to abysaals. Writefaggery, pictures, etc

>> No.35565667

reimu fish

>> No.35565688

Manticore and Yeti.
Uhh, lean, toned, and tall? That's the only one I think.

>> No.35565739

It just works. They're liquid, and they take the shape of the container. An airtight rubbery bodysuit is just natural and looks amazing too

>> No.35565779

does your wife shitpost? if so, how do they do it?

>> No.35565794


Train and basically just live her life in the forest improving her combat skills and her beautiful ripped body.

>> No.35565808

>Get in the car anon

>> No.35565816

Yup, she shitposts that lolis are not wanted so that is why sabbath needs to steal men, she also says that men only want mature and full-bodied monsters

>> No.35565895

I believe the kids call this "rent free."

>> No.35565935

thats why I need to fuck her hard

>> No.35565962

You successfully captured the robot. What will you do now?

>> No.35565972

install dotingmama.exe and increase her padding a bit

>> No.35565986

what was the robot doing beforehand

>> No.35566002

any good mge merch?
id buy dakis if they existed

>> No.35566038

She was trying to steal your underwear

>> No.35566052

well then I throw her out and tell her not to come back
and get my underwear back

>> No.35566068

Imma ask why she was trying to steal it

>> No.35566142

I really liked 2B, her having a lewd body was great and i selfdestructed to get her in her leotard when i could, but i think making her have a giant fucking ass in fan art ruins the palette.
You can just make shit incredibly muscular or fat and expect it to better just because you added more.

>> No.35566196

need me to be boobhated right now

>> No.35566202

>search the archives
>everyone's saying new captcha this new captcha that on every board
What are you idiots talking about? This is a lot closer to the old captcha, just that you need to click a button to get the letters first. The new captcha is the Google one.

>> No.35566210

What's that?

>> No.35566215

monster boob on my head

>> No.35566222

Are there any teacup breeds of Kobold that are as small as a fairy?

>> No.35566229

I like both

>> No.35566231

I thought it had something to do with "boob hate".

>> No.35566237

do I look like a sabbath member to u?

>> No.35566250

All this makes me think of lolicon/flatfag hatefucking a big boobed girl's tits.

>> No.35566251


>> No.35566258

For me it's A2

>> No.35566262

how does one huff wings anyway?

>> No.35566265

Lilim hit my balls with a max strength regeneration spell.
Now I can barely walk because my balls are the size of coconuts and I am cumming nonstop.

>> No.35566283

>Your two favourite monstergirls
Mindflayer and Ushi-Oni (Tough between ushi, demon, cheshire and apophis)
I love the idea of getting literally mindfucked, and the tentacles are a plus too. And, since you can un-squid and re-squid at any time, thats just a plus. Squiding looks cozy as hell. So, mindflayers are 10/10 for me. I like ushi-oni because of how aggressive they are. They would just bust straight through a wall to get to you and fuck you senseless right there and then. No mercy. That, and their webs are like rope, so theres built in bondage. Also, the removing the seal is cool too.
>Your two favourite bodytypes
Tall with long legs and big tiddy, or light muscle with big tiddy and thick thighs. Optimally a little taller than me, unless its something like a snake or spider, in which case a lot taller than me.
>Your two favourite outfits for monsters to wear
Cloaks and other spooky things, and Wonderland-y things like Jabberwocks wear

>> No.35566305

Is it cruel to make a sea turtle live in a house inland?

>> No.35566313

Foxy Momma that I refuse to compress to post.
>4MB limits on an imageboard


>> No.35566319

Normally, but that one one enjoy being confined like that.

>> No.35566320

It's better to just resize the image instead of converting them to jpg or cropping it.

>> No.35566327

Even if she never gets to see a body of water again?

>> No.35566330

this is a lazy old hag that I wish to make do intense exercise

>> No.35566347

I am a stickler for both resolution and compression, so I would rather redirect people to the full version than post and have them save a gimped version of it.

>> No.35566361

Why not just do both?

>> No.35566381

>> No.35566385

Because I do not trust people.

>> No.35566387


>> No.35566391

>I'm not paying for this

>> No.35566428

i can handle a lot of thigh and ass

>> No.35566440

thats why u get a burger, Cheshires can't put their ass in a wrapper, its too small for their fat ass

>> No.35566451

Reminder that A2 isn't wearing clothes

>> No.35566462

That's a happy awooji

>> No.35566465

Bad choice too.

>> No.35566502

The same way one huffs fluffy tails.

>> No.35566524

What are the best monsters to be milfs that just have you wrapped around their finger the moment you saw them

>> No.35566542

>> No.35566557

does she use echo location?

>> No.35566573

>When monster girl countries start 'hiring' dragons by giving them tribute to get their cooperation in defensive actions.
I can easily see them basically becoming high tier nobility through sheer 'salary' alone

>> No.35566575

want mess with her ears

>> No.35566595

>Inari, Living Doll
>Balanced Hourglass and 'tight' but still with a good waist/hip ratio, cardio-bunny sorta look I guess
>Traditional robes, frilly 'gothic' dress-lingerie, shibari ropes

>> No.35566597


>> No.35566598


>> No.35566603

know what I change my mind, cross out the gothic dress, bodystocking outfits instead

>> No.35566607

I want to kiss her suction cups

>> No.35566619

Troll and H'orc
tallflat and the lighter side of venus
As long as the armpits are visible, I'm a happy man

>> No.35566660

bodystocking goes good with pretty much everything, really

>> No.35566668

This artist's proportions are very silly, but I love 'em for it.
It's kinda rare to see someone drawing girls this thick without also giving them a Walmart-tier gut to match.

>> No.35566699

Wars between monster girls must be really weird considering they basically fight to ahego

>> No.35566706

Anubis & Elf
Hourglass & Pear
Sweaters with hotpants & Babydoll lingerie

>> No.35566712

>no mg to give you a good night kiss

>> No.35566717

i see no reason to settle for realism when superior options are available

>> No.35566730

what I wouldn't give to get cuddled to sleep by a big monster girl

>> No.35566747

by the time she's done kissing it's time for the good morning kiss

>> No.35566757

>Troll and horc
A man of soft taste I see

>> No.35566760


>> No.35566787

>When a werewolf with this figure tries to convince you that, yes, she does hunt all her meals.

>> No.35566801

must be a city slicker

>> No.35566805

>> No.35566809

>N-No! I know that going to a restaurant and ordering a burger isn't hunting!
>For real! I took down a deer an- NO IT WASN'T ALREADY WOUNDED!

>> No.35566822

I would spoil her by telling her If I hunt it, then she hunted it by proxy

>> No.35566828

Anon please, she has her pride as a wolf! Don't ruin it by doing such a thing!
Or pinching her middle.

>> No.35566830

Would you stand on one leg?

>> No.35566849

i'd give my brain for that

>> No.35566869

Would you act like a monkey?

>> No.35566871

A womans place is in the house, not hunting. That is why I am a man

>> No.35566881

oh no, i have my dignity.

>> No.35566888

>Werewolf wife mad that no one things she lived a rough and tumble life because she's softened up since moving in with you.

>> No.35566892

I don't have that like>>35566881

>> No.35566894

Would you...kill a man?

>> No.35566901

no, cause then no wife for me

>> No.35566925


>> No.35566937


>> No.35566944

Those jungle trolls sure are something.

>> No.35566946

Sadly no apart from the physical books

>> No.35566959

I stand by what I said, Men were made to be risktakers while women rear the kids

>> No.35566980

Catch that fox!

>> No.35567010

How does she manage to keep an entire sandwich in her mouth like that?

>> No.35567018

time to break out the hag catcher 200000 BC

>> No.35567097

Sabbath maids!

>> No.35567108

...I would not say no to a chubby bapho in a skjmpy maid outfit

>> No.35567140

how do I assert my dominance over monsters

>> No.35567161

Birds are the best singers and dancers

>> No.35567180


>> No.35567188

Work on your pull out game

>> No.35567207

this is why I learned to teleport, to escape the leg lock

>> No.35567268

What would you do if you found your wife looking right at you when you woke up?

>> No.35567276

Good night Anons, take care and don't burn down the thread.

Instead, surprise your wife by shaving your head.
Its the last thing she'd suspect.
This may or may not result in her being slightly horrified at the loss of your hair as it means WhOrES could collect your locks.

>> No.35567309

I would surprise her by not being there when she wakes up

>> No.35567314


>> No.35567324

You will be found.

>> No.35567334

I would hide by being right behind her the whole time

>> No.35567350

A yes.
The alternative behind hiding under her bust and far more easy to use.

>> No.35567361


>> No.35567364

Non-Sabbath loli maids in skimpy outfits!

>> No.35567367

she is busty enough to pull that off easily and also dumb enough to fall for me speaking in her ear and not knowing its me

>> No.35567396

>cannot give you milk for your coffee
>lap not soft enough to lay your head on
>too short to reach anything
>too short to peek up her skirt (not that there's anything to appreciate anyways)
>too immature for ettique
Who sent all these babies to clean?!

>> No.35567464

i can't imagine waking up to a shog any other way

>> No.35567470

>diffuse slowly across the seamless gradient from feverish nightmare into feverish daydream without once opening my eyes, as usual
>gradually notice something different
>Warm, soft weight across my body
>hot breaths on my face
>small hands grasping mine at my sides
>pretty nice for a morning hallucination, ngl
>might as well enjoy it while it lasts
>start getting suspicious when it doesn't shift and morph away into something else
>shit, this weight feels pretty real
>suddenly PTSD kicks in
>so much for sleeping in
>Hurl the covers and who/whatever else was ontop of me off the bed, leap off the other side, heart racing
>hyperventilate and and prepare for the oncoming struggle to the death
>instantly deflated by the sound of her voice
>almost collapse from the adrenal shock
>"Geeze, honey. Still that bad?"
>"This is why I pestering you that we need to keep working on your "intimacy issues"...."
>Help her up to sit on the bed
>"Gimme a kiss, you big idiot"
>"I am going to make some tea. Stay here and do the breathing exercises I taught you until I come back."
>Soft footsteps, padding across the house
>wonder how she puts up with me
>Be me
>But with Her, life's still good

>> No.35567479


>> No.35567521

you should sent babies to do a woman's jobs

>> No.35567529


>> No.35567631


>> No.35567763

I will now pleasure myself with these fish

>> No.35567800

wait that's illegal

>> No.35567812

I want to ride a big monster nun

>> No.35567831

>Dimensional Anchor

>> No.35567847

Truly horrific.

>> No.35567938

Squirrels of unusual size.

>> No.35567946

>> No.35568015

>Jinko, Bogey
>Muscular, Amazon

>> No.35568064

Shog and manticore.
Hourglass and great legs with a slim body.
Bunnysuit and rubber dom suit.

>> No.35568160

why does shark have chainsaw

>> No.35568162

ideal swimwear

>> No.35568186

Who the hell wears gloves, stockings and garters to swim?

>> No.35568210

I don't know how to tell you this, but she isn't interested in swimming.

>> No.35568232

Which monster girl's lap would you want to sit on the most?

>> No.35568238

Dr. Frank N. Furter?

>> No.35568269

bunyip or dark slime

>> No.35568437

For head paizuri

>> No.35568448

Cheshire is so helpful!

>> No.35568460

Hey she just wanted to bite you a bit don't hold her like that it's cruelty

>> No.35568462

Consider the Black Sea Hare


>> No.35568476

imagine the size of her love dart...

>> No.35568642

I meant both post the resized version and the link as well.

>> No.35568687

Biters deserve the ball gag.

>> No.35568791

>> No.35568812

They look too uptight to be any fun to fuck.
Give me super lewd monster girls or give me death!

>> No.35568819

>Order Monstergirls

This is absolutely 100% cursed

>> No.35568826

gay Ben

>> No.35568861

I want to be responsible for my family line becoming foxes

>> No.35568866

Then perish

>> No.35568869

Why is she angry?

>> No.35568890

Because I turned the vacuum cleaner on.

>> No.35568917

Imagine turning on the vacuum cleaner and having a hellhound burst through your window, start barking at it, then proceed to bite it in half.

>> No.35568927

Daddy won't let her wear the rubber suit.

>> No.35568954

Human Women

>> No.35568971

Are you sure that's not a robot?

>> No.35568987

ok miss

>> No.35568989

Or as I like to call them: future werewolves

>> No.35568994

So...stick my dick in the car?

>> No.35569037

>kids... Can you give me some space? I'm trading Shitcoins and I'm down 70%
>and stop licking the cheeto dust off my hand, ffs

>> No.35569039

I don't know how to drive.

>> No.35569075

So what do you do if you bought some experimental goblin tech and accidentally overloaded your automaton with pleasure and now she's just stuck in boot up mode?

>> No.35569095

>goblin tech
Well there's your first problem, I only trust Gremlin tech for my automaton needs.

>> No.35569179

Have you tried turning her off and on again?

>> No.35569363

>Work at Gremlin crop. as tech support
>"So my automaton has stated acting weird after I installed your stuff"
>"In what way sir?"
>"Well she wouldn't stop fucking me and just kept repeating "must breed master" over and over again"
>"Have you tried turning her off and on again?"
>"I did, but now she's just repeating "Breed master, breed master""
>"Have you installed the latest update?"
>"I think I ha- I think I gotta go, she's booting up again and she got heart eyes now"

>> No.35569515

Do you like dog girls?

>> No.35569569

The dude looks like a Hipsters authors self insert.
But that hellhound and kobold are cute as hell.

>> No.35569593

Do foxes count?

>> No.35569614

>authors self insert.
It is.

>> No.35569669

based leddit bro?!?

>> No.35569702

I wasn't expecting to be this correct, but alright.

>> No.35569727

>Don't like IRL dogs due to being attacked by one as a kid
>Love hellhounds and werewolves
Stupid sexy dog girls.

>> No.35569914

Gonna buy a dominatrix automaton!

>> No.35569966

>captcha literally says kitty

>> No.35569979

Well they're canines, right?

>> No.35570031

So Tanukis are doggos as well?

>> No.35570039



>Big sweaters
>Tight sweaters

>> No.35570040

Oh so that's what that signal means
"I'm going to milk all your energy dry" and "husband detected"

>> No.35570045


>> No.35570053

>captcha text memes are back

What kind of monster girl is Lord Inglip?

>> No.35570073

Beware of the settings!

>> No.35570149

Raccoon DOG!

>> No.35570168

You think slimes change their personality depending on what they eat? I bet that would be fun to experiment with.

>> No.35570233

Yeah, right.

>> No.35570263

>Go to 4monster
>Say that you were attacked by a dog when you were a kid and therefor don't trust bog/wolf type girls, even if they are cute
>Got a ton of #notalldogs type of answers
>All the cat type girls keep shitposting about this proving dog girls being shit and that anon should just get a nice cat girl instead

>> No.35570265

These captchas are racist against automatons

>> No.35570345

Demon Energy Monsterization + Bifauxnen/handsome women/masculine women that pass off as thin men...

What happens to them when mixed with Mamono Mana?

>> No.35570359


>> No.35570366

>those finger positionings
Is she gonna shove her pinky up your butthole?

>> No.35570417

>North american wolves go extinct
>Government introduces canadian wolves that are similar but not exact
>"problem solved guys!"
>canadian wolves are bigger, stronger, more aggressive, and much hornier
>random hikers encountering lone females report "best time of my fucking life", go missing later, never recovered, assumed dead
>this never happened before
>biologists: they're the same wolf guys
>also biologists: dog breeds are all the same species and dogs are so close to wolves they are also the same species

>> No.35570418

Now that's just rude.

>> No.35570440

Cats and dogs should really just get along.

>> No.35570530

Not much setting stuff on automatons these days. They usually detect all of that automatically. Though you still have the "she becomes your owner" optional setting.

>> No.35570599

Are you well? Do you have brain damage?
The North American raccoon is not native to the old world and has the name "araiguma" ["washing bear", as with the common name of raccoons in other languages] in Japanese.
In fact, all of Procyonidae are new world animals.
The tanuki has been the folkloric and literal cousin of the fox in Japan for as long as Japanese have cared about enshrining foxes. That may itself be a relatively recent thing if you believe the observations of Lafcadio Hearn, but the point is that the animals are paired off.
Tanuki are in Canidae and got the unfortunate "procyonoides" added to their species rather than family or genus when John Edward Gray decided to give them the nomenclature "night wandering raccoon" in 1834 on account of looking like a raccoon.
Do not confuse these darling puffball almost-foxes for grabby handed thieves.

>> No.35570626

t. ring tail

>> No.35570682

>Manticore and red Oni
>BEEG and muscular, lean and fit (tomboyish)
>plate bikini, sports wear

>> No.35570683

I messed up with the settings

>> No.35570698

A proper nook wouldn't have a ring pattern, just a dark tip. They're pretty much extra fluffy foxes.

>> No.35570709

Looks fine to me man, it's a feature not a bug

>> No.35570719

>North american wolves go extinct
Not on my watch!
I will breed them like there's no tomorrow!

>> No.35570832

Wonderful oni there

>> No.35570905

That surely can't be legal

>> No.35570984

Looks good, needs bulk

>> No.35571386

I forgot to ask before, do you guys enjoy stories with more length, building and in depth like 5000+ words or shorter ones which gets into the main stuff quicker?

>> No.35571394

>needs bulk
With muscles like that?
You must be shitting me nigga.

>> No.35571444

That one’s an edit. The guy in the original looks like Vsauce.

>> No.35571455

>needs bulk
hypermuscle fags get the rope

>> No.35571478

That just sounds way funnier.

>> No.35571527

Its nice definition but there isn't a lot of 'weight' behind her.
It doesn't feel all that imposing although its nice to look at.

>> No.35571541


>> No.35571597

Nigga she has big fucking muscles already, the fuck are you talking about weight for? You mean muscle density or something.

>> No.35571609

is the MGE game Kenkou Cross developing good?

>> No.35571629

This is disgusting looking.

>> No.35571657

Sharknado reference

>> No.35571686

If you remove the muscle tone, she just looks like a regular busty hourglass-shaped girl.

>> No.35571700

Still just, too much for me man.

>> No.35571719

Progress is slow as fuck, but so far I like it more than the usual battlefuck h-games. It's refreshing to see something other than standard RPG maker combat with lewd names, even if the real time combat can "get in the way" of your business.
The porn content is top-notch as expected though.

>> No.35571796

Its definition , not 'weight'.
I need some thicker muscles on her or at least larger ones.
She' just looks like what would happen if an elf got fit, not an oni.

>> No.35571848


>> No.35571865


>> No.35571890

I had a beautiful idea, (you) dakis for monster girls that teleport (you) to their bed so when they wake up, they get their hubando

>> No.35571954

HUGE cows!

>> No.35571965

Are you a horn rubber, anon?

>> No.35572021

I molest all the horns! But only if they're bull horns

>> No.35572043

Only if they're lil cute nubs.

>> No.35572054

I rub the horns of sleeping weresheep until they wake up, then pretend to be sleeping myself just to upset them.

>> No.35572057

Extremely busty is how all cows should be.

>> No.35572061


>> No.35572117

Well I'm sorry for not wanting to fuck the mamono version of this.

>> No.35572123

what are the best monster s to milk other thatn cows?

>> No.35572126

Actually wait, that pic isn't all that bad, but, still.

>> No.35572132

Now that's an appropriate size for a cow

>> No.35572175

>being the living daki of a younger lilim who can't control her mindbreak powers and is rather oblivious to the effects she has on you

>> No.35572268

is there a link for the game here or nah
also what the fuck is this captcha

>> No.35572317

>that cow
Based and NTRpilled

>> No.35572339

If we’re not training driverless cars to think RVs are busses, who’s work are we doing for free now?

>> No.35572366

If you mean rubber or inflatable horns, then yes.

>> No.35572371

Retarded ntrfag, that's not the cow

>> No.35572393

Best mg for a grumpy, easily irritable man?

>> No.35572416

Cheshire cat

>> No.35572424

Reminder that MGE is a fucking dystopia.

>> No.35572432

jinkos are pure, jinkos are love.

>> No.35572455

They are!

>> No.35572485


>> No.35572489

You must pay the toll

>> No.35572497

What happens if you pay in gold?

>> No.35572504

>> No.35572511

Hey, that's not what you're supposed to do!

>> No.35572528

this is why you don' go shopping with foxes

>> No.35572532

Can I take the jinkos virginity instead?

>> No.35572538

Golden alpaca monster girl when?

>> No.35572545

>Loli Gunslinger Maid Dragons
Is this the MGE equivalent of TMNT?

>> No.35572546

This is your robowife now


>> No.35572577

What Monster Girls are hungry?

>> No.35572593

>pay in gold, dropping it into her paws
>she looks disappointed and a little confused
>gives you a quizzical look as you stare dumbly, utterly clueless
>she's standing there silently, still baffled as to what happened as you go on your merry way

>> No.35572599

She starts crying and asks why you would pay that much money just to get rid of her.

>> No.35572616


>> No.35572617

Can I give her a hug?

>> No.35572647

You can pay in hugs, but it will require multiple installments.
You will have to come back to hug her everyday for quite a while.

>> No.35572676

Quickest way to a ghost princess's heart is through her stomach.

>> No.35572684

Putting aside the boobs obviously being too small, that one's still pretty thin.

>> No.35572697

Goats? They farm those for milk too, I guess.

>> No.35572711

Wendigo, Greenworm, Werewolf, Goose Harpy

>> No.35572715

They've gone back to something similar to the original captcha, just that you have to press a button to see the text first, and there's a slider puzzle that shows up sometimes.

>> No.35572721

Nazrin is a fertile mouse

>> No.35572728

Strong girls should have huge tits.

>> No.35572730

Different cow.

>> No.35572733


>> No.35572747

This needs to be tested

>> No.35572749

she doesn't look fertile at all
Wurms, hellhounds, Beelzububs

>> No.35572755

>We trained her wrong on purpose, as a joke.

>> No.35572767

>cannot give you milk for your coffee
Not being a tea drinker ishygddt
>lap not soft enough to lay your head on
Soft loli thighs
>too short to reach anything
They can use stools and stepladders
>too short to peek up her skirt (not that there's anything to appreciate anyways)
Have them wear really short microskirts or no skirts at all
>too immature for ettique
They might be just trainee maids but they still have training

>> No.35572775

Until the lion girl's profile gets made, I will count lion girls as Jinkos.

>> No.35572793

D. Speed through the toll barrier and run her over

>> No.35572819

Cheshires. They're always stealing your pizza.

>> No.35572826

You're the biggest treasure treasure she's found.

>> No.35572834

Gotta love their quickshot nature, makes me so bulliable

>> No.35572872

>makes me so bulliable

>> No.35572898

didn't read before posting meant makes them so bulliable

>> No.35572909

I'm not a virgin, I'm married, and I'm not into harems. Out of my way, dumbass cat.

>> No.35572929

Then why did you reply, dumbass?

>> No.35572950

Can I pay in stolen monster panties?

>> No.35572965

What is going on here?

>> No.35573009


>> No.35573024

Wrestling moves.

>> No.35573080

The beginning of the end. She tastes flesh.

P. S. What the fuck is this captcha? Took me literal minutes, Are they fucking serious? I won't be posting if that shit stays.

>> No.35573121

Is that seriously what the text is translated? And New captcha is shit and I think everyone agrees

>> No.35573182


>> No.35573195

Because she asked him to pay the toll. Can't just stand in front of her doing nothing, she might think he's a weirdo.

>> No.35573207

That's what happens when you wear green plant-based fabrics.

>> No.35573221

>> No.35573234

Ignore the >, < and + signs, the captchas only have letters and numbers. It looks like Os can be accepted for 0s in the image as well.

>> No.35573291

Also, this captcha's a lot closer to how the original captchas were, so they look pretty easy to me.

>> No.35573321

My desires?
Is she gonna marry me and give me lots of kids?

>> No.35573431

I need these cows.

>> No.35573527

symbolic horn fetters are a good idea

>> No.35573576

Whats the best way to encounter a Lilim?
Random encounter?
Secret fight?
Assaulting her home?

>> No.35573604


>> No.35573634

They can keep you pleasantly cool or warm in their scales. Although I would be worried about their own temperature regulation

>> No.35573682

she's a bridesmaid at your brothers wedding

>> No.35573736

With me, the lengthier ones. Part of me is wondering whether I think that way out of some blunt "more = better" mindset, or perhaps virtue signaling. But no, I actually strongly prefer bigger, more in-depth stories. Finishing and wishing there was more has been the case lots of times, while the whole "I liked it BUT there is too much of it" thing never happened. That's assuming I do like the story to care in the first place.

The slider was my kryptonite, apparently it doesn't appear always.

>> No.35573862

Yeti momster

>> No.35573921

>anon barhops with a blue oni at nights
>she's calm as a cucumber but anons the kind of drunk to get into fights
>whenever he bites off more than he can chew he hides behind the oni's thigh and points at the monster he angered while shouting "There she is get her!"
>although the oni does get into her own fights when other monsters get too forwards with anon
Believe it or not this is based on a real friendship between two authors minus one being a monster/women ofc

>> No.35573956

I'll give you this mino to fuck, but first you must make-out with her butthole and pussy, giving them equal attention, for one full hour.


>> No.35573962

Two authors?

>> No.35573980

no way dude, my tongue will get tired

>> No.35574005

Not even a lilim can resist a man if he confesses to her while carrying a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates.

>> No.35574056

Giving a lilim chocolates and having her eat them all because I don't like sweets!

>> No.35574135

>demon promises you anything if you give her your soul
>tell her you want her soul

>> No.35574140


>> No.35574144

I don't like stuffs with anal, so can i just lick her pussy for 2 hours? or using the other hour to suck on her breasts or lick her belly?

>> No.35574170

Hug Ratas! They are fluffy.

>> No.35574202

What happened to that one story Beast was doing about her?

>> No.35574211

Mind breaking you say?

>> No.35574213

No, you must lick her butthole as well

>> No.35574217

>everybody starts fucking

>> No.35574250

Then i'm not interested.

>> No.35574251

>"Hey big sis, the human daki you gave me is great! He tastes nice and he is an super good listener.
>"The only issue is that I wake up kinda sticky in the morning. It smells nice though!"

>> No.35574265

mindflayers are probably offended by the term as what they do is more artistic and nuanced than breaking.

>> No.35574272

Finding human girls for the mistress!

>> No.35574287

shoggy has betrayed me!

>> No.35574293

She set the price, what was she expecting?

>> No.35574299

Demons and kikis

>> No.35574311


>> No.35574334

i want to see the bare knuckle brawl of desperate women that breaks out over the flower toss. no way a salamanders going to sit on the sidelines for that one.

>> No.35574411

>he is an super good listener.
>just lying there twitching and making mindbreak noises (because that's all he can do) while she gushes about her day

>> No.35574431

No mino for you then. I guess I'll have to pawn her off on someone else.

>> No.35574502

>somehow the dormouse wins
Nobody even saw her move

>> No.35574579

How would you react if your wife, after a particularly intense and long blowjob session, burped after she finished swallowing the last bit of cum?

>> No.35574588

HNNGH over the cute little flame that comes out with her burps.

>> No.35574607

Anon, you say this like it's something I don't want to do anyway.
I'll do 2 hours with both if that's what she wants.

>> No.35574610

With cuddling and kissing

>> No.35574621

but if you don't like sweets how are you supposed to kiss her?

>> No.35574632

get hard again and get damn near the sucked out of me again

>> No.35574634

She is a bit dense like that, but I mean she is a growing lilim after all.

>> No.35574638

burp in response
it is my sole talent, to be able to belch on command

>> No.35574659

Dominatrix automatons are great cooks as well. What a good buy!

>> No.35574672

Submissives need to keep their strength up after all so good nutrition is key.

>> No.35574694

The boner returns and the cycle begins anew!

>> No.35574714

Yeah, can't be eating pussy all day.

>> No.35574716

>cute womanlets with a good bust and good mofu (cheeky optional)
I like how they're the "pick up and carry off" option if you're hunting for mofu. minimum investment, no time wasted and good upfront rewards

>> No.35574734

>intense and long blowjob session
I wouldn't be aware of my surroundings to the point I could react

>> No.35574743

>> No.35574760

>tfw ywn make fun of monsters reading doujins and call them coomers for it

>> No.35574763

Big goat

>> No.35574796

Kissing her deeply.

>> No.35574838

If I where to shitpost on 4monster, I wopuld say men marry their mothers

>> No.35574878

>momsters lurking in the thread agree wholeheartedly
>hags all respond "I'll be your mommy anon"

>> No.35574903

>making fun of the porn you're watching ironically with your nerd hellhound, manticore and apophis friends
i foresee no consequences

>> No.35574914

>Some of them are demons or dark mages that can get to you pretty easily.
Somebody is fucked

>> No.35574933

She doesn't need that chair when she can sit on my face

>> No.35575214

is the MGE game free or not

>> No.35575235

if you want it to be

>> No.35575285

>> No.35575403

I want to _hug_ Druella

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