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Information for live shows and viewings:

SNS and concerts:

Previous thread: >>35526491

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fuck you

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2 Piles of SHIT

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Why does Anchan hate Furirin?

Why does Furirin hate Anchan?

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at least choose a better picture of pile if your going to cheat i mean really

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god I love Pile, she has an amazing voice, the only good member of µ's

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They hate each other?

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i'll never understand why asamin always tags herself in every photo she posts on instagram

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Payton is my wife.

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gato likes her own insta posts when

>> No.35550829

not yours MINE

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i will make her eat all the eggs

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Fuck you piece of shit, you're never getting anywhere Chunrun. She's mine.

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He's a faggot and so are you.

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At least we don't have dickbreath

>> No.35551228

Still projecting yourself faggot, absolutely disgusting.

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>> No.35551324

That's not how projecting works, dickbreath. Just stop sucking dick why is this so difficult for you.

>> No.35551350

Not only are you a faggot, you're also a retard. Just because you can't stop thinking about dick every second of the day doesn't mean you can accuse me of it. Fucking hell why are you so obsessed with cocks? You are a literal faggot.

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you know who else has dickbreath?

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mutt paybitch

>> No.35551875

so yellow knight is suddenly quiet now that chunrun also has phallohalitosis. proof he just loves the taste of dick.

>> No.35551985

he's cheating on her again

>> No.35552022

anon cheating on okuzawa right now with ____

>> No.35552032

I need to re-do my aidoru rankings then I'll get back to you on that

>> No.35552035

his pet cat

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>> No.35552136

do you actually enable all idols or what lol

>> No.35552240

all groups + all previous members

>> No.35552277

some 3b are hard :/
you better put fucking kurimoto high where she fucking belongs or else >.<

>> No.35552279

yea she wants cream in her mouth

>> No.35552295

>> No.35552378

putting curry at the bottom where she belongs~

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>> No.35552428

ayanano on top~~

>> No.35552431

>> No.35552506

>> No.35552513

sweat and whimpering~ squeaky mattress and gripping the sheets~

>> No.35552529

who is center and center left?

>> No.35552610

the only good is a bit harsh because mimo and nanjo exist
but yeah her voice is amazing shes the best singer in ll the maki mix songs all sound like they could be on the radio theyre that good not just anisongs

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>> No.35553359

I want to lick her

>> No.35553390

and homo wants to be licked

>> No.35553585

the flop btfoing they cause is insane i know

post empegook solge and nightingale duets

>> No.35553595

the queen

>> No.35553607

the manjaw 2

>> No.35553636

>> No.35553644

manjaw 2 2

>> No.35553813

of pegging

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>> No.35554297

hold on
it gets better...

>> No.35554484

who has the best solo career and why is it aiai's?

>> No.35554581

whoress & analslut
hey, you knew this already didn't you

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>> No.35555418

>> No.35555448

furirin <3

>> No.35555674

this this literally this <333

>> No.35555729

>> No.35555744

too lewd...
that but okuzawa though <3

>> No.35555767

>crying and singing while sex'ing


>> No.35555769

it's called soul'ing

>> No.35555773

are those fat rolls on her neck? jesus...

>> No.35555774

it's called practicing every day

>> No.35555794

with me

>> No.35555803

this shit beats gato in front of class btw
because it's actually canon kek

>> No.35555828

thank you very much okuzawa for making me laugh. literally forgot about my problems just now

>> No.35555834

thank you very much okuzawa for making me smile. literally made me feel happy just now

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>> No.35555980

>> No.35556119

That would make aiai even better

>> No.35556167

i think i get it
flaws make women more attractive
like miyuki in lucky star
am i wrong?

>> No.35556274

Need chubby aiai gf...

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>> No.35556694

>> No.35556757

>yes i love cocks in my ass

>> No.35556977

whoress manjaw 2
manjaw 2 whoress

>> No.35557080

You'll get nowhere near her you piece of shit, she's for me. Fuck off with your dick fantasies.
Fuck off piece of shit.

>> No.35557106

>back after cucking her

>> No.35557120

>> No.35557132

Fuck you asshole, I would never do that.

>> No.35557216

pov: your dick

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>> No.35557944

Found the Discord fag

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>> No.35559103

retard n retard

>> No.35559648

la enana is armed with 2 missiles

>> No.35559797

could be from discord or instagram

>> No.35560087

what is this from wtf

>> No.35560192

Her pb

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>> No.35560503

sneak peek
premier soon

>> No.35560882 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35560909

florcita >>>>>> ****elder**** *******flower*****

>> No.35560958

LL staff missed the oportunity to make a gameplay of aqours playing among us. I really wanted to see Aina and kyan acting sus

>> No.35560966

No! she is anchan!

>> No.35561019

donna florenda >>>>>> all

>> No.35561052

What's she doing in the forest...

>> No.35561073


>> No.35561087

juguemos en el bosque mientras la chunrun no está

>> No.35561100

Fuck off retard.

>> No.35561199

¿rkk sabe cómo encender una computadora?

>> No.35561217

sí, yo le enseñé

>> No.35561221

chunrun talará todos los árboles

>> No.35561224

me llamo roberto roboto

>> No.35561269

>> No.35561274

¿chunrun está?
Pues claro, aquí estoy y vengo a comérmelas a todas
(Juguemos en el bosque)
Y mientras corremos la chunrun dirá
Y mientras corremos la chunrun dirá

>> No.35561281

that fucking...

>> No.35561322

still lost in the afterlife <3

>> No.35561336

lost rinana holy mantle

>> No.35561361


>> No.35561464

Fuck off retard.

>> No.35561607

sometimes I wonder. Do the staff prepare the girls psychologically to know that thousand if not million of men will fap with them? not talking only about love live but for every girl idol group

>> No.35561619

eigo >

>> No.35561640

*prepare yayanono psychologically*

>> No.35561657

>> No.35561664


>> No.35561855

nonoyayo psychological thriller

>> No.35561872

they definitely know going in

>> No.35561949

>> No.35561962

ananoya reproductive system with lot of whoaaa :o and uaaaaa .-. and oooooh :P and tehehee xP

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>> No.35562070

Sticking my finger between Ainya's thighs.

>> No.35562080

>> No.35562091

silly anon, ll do not such shit. they respect the raibus, just take a look a twitter

>> No.35562125

pov: you found aida and tried to take a picture of her

>> No.35562223

Good taste came back lo LLST

>> No.35562229

Longest thread: 638 replies (>>35325226)

>> No.35562275

fucking newbies
told ya
fucking newbies

>> No.35562299

i think that was few months before rinananana ;_;

>> No.35562382

if a otaku found aida she wouldnt be smiling

>> No.35562592

she'd tell him to banate

>> No.35562603


>> No.35562712

I seriously think this should be reminded every thread.

Longest thread: 1162 replies (>>21302849)

>> No.35562758


>> No.35562759

Looks all those treasures buried under shitpost

>> No.35562771

Apparently someone stopped him

>> No.35562782

lol how did someone get this

>> No.35562790

>> No.35562814

that's her bj face
yellow knight's wet dream

>> No.35562827

>yellow knight
>wet dream

>> No.35562833

What will I see on Twitter?

>> No.35562842

Fuck off pieces of shit.

>> No.35562843

anon, fren, you've heard the news?
fug... I am sad and scared. Minagi :'(

>> No.35562858

Asshole did you see these pictures before?

>> No.35562863

Yes I fucking did, troll piece of shit, now fuck off.

>> No.35562891

did you see it in the thread? what happened to the guy who posted those

>> No.35562904

I found them for myself. Fuck off shitter.

>> No.35562923 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35562935

Fuck off, piece of shit.

>> No.35562938

How come asshole? They not on the internet anymore. Or is there an account I don't know about?

>> No.35562948

muh golden imouto ;_;

>> No.35562949

Tough shit then, piece of shit.

>> No.35562953 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35562958

i blame aoba whore

>> No.35562960

Fuck off troll piece of shit.

>> No.35562973

>> No.35562980

Fuck off troll piece of shit.

>> No.35562981

>kaorin get's clawed

>> No.35562985

n-no... aoba-tan is a nice lady

>> No.35562990

Fuck off faggot.

>> No.35563007

nice lady my ass
never trusted her. and boom she whores out
evil pure evil

>> No.35563012

I suppose she deleted previous photos when starting an idol career?
Do you asshole have a folder with those photos? I'm not asking to ost them, only asking

>> No.35563024

Fuck you

>> No.35563032

Dude look at her face. there is no denying.

>> No.35563044

aoba-tan deniers :<

>> No.35563047

huge milkers doesn't mean she's a whore
anon please, you remember rocketfun don't you?
can't you see her soul?

>> No.35563065

>> No.35563069



>> No.35563077

fee fi fo fum
i bet she can squat and fill a drum

>> No.35563079

>> No.35563090

Fuck off, troll pieces of shit.

>> No.35563111

seiyuu* career

>> No.35563115

jesus christ how much does that cost to fix?

>> No.35563121

one papii

>> No.35563122

aoba shit a SHIT

>> No.35563158

aoba angel a ANGEL

>> No.35563173

atleast maika had decency
aoba is just.... argh, literal disgrace
bet whore will do car_wash.webm soon

>> No.35563178 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35563196

newbies discovered a new universe

>> No.35563211 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35563233

Fuck off you fake fan troll piece of shit.

>> No.35563239

golden aoba

>> No.35563241

anon just dislikes bunny teeth

>> No.35563264

ruins the fap
not even useful for that

>> No.35563272

p-men dislike sharp teeth too....

>> No.35563304

>> No.35563313

golden sora

>> No.35563318

literal monster

>> No.35563319

Fuck off troll piece of shit.

>> No.35563330


>> No.35563337

it's minagi not Minagi >.<

>> No.35563338

a real fan found these pics, I see no valuable contributions from you, only seething.

>> No.35563345

just this once, I capitalise her name, she's too precious...

>> No.35563354

A fake fan is using them to troll and shitpost with, and a fake fan, you, is also supporting them, you both need to stop or fuck off.

>> No.35563373

How to be a REAL fan?

>> No.35563374

only allowed capitalise is M trio

>> No.35563384

write with no capitals
and create funny nicknames

>> No.35563405

is genuine love cringe to you???

>> No.35563426

alsoalso hate her
edgy bitch dared to share stage with curry moekawaii and airabyu and just used them all :/

>> No.35563463


>> No.35563490

Worst captcha ever.

>> No.35563526

chimney captcha xd

>> No.35563551


(What the fuck is that captcha)

>> No.35563553

calm down Bambi

>> No.35563560

Fuck off troll piece of shit.

>> No.35563568

captcha wtf!?!?

>> No.35563579

It's gonna be hard to spam now, shit!

>> No.35563580

the new captchas are taking advantage of my poor eyesight

>> No.35563582

don't fucking reply to me

>> No.35563587

Prove I'm a troll or keep sucking black dicks

>> No.35563589


>> No.35563601

heeeelp, yuna has gotten herself stuck and now she cant get out >.<

>> No.35563610

kuro yuna is cursed

>> No.35563617

I don't need to prove shit, you proved it yourself, troll faggot. Why are you so obsessed with not just any dicks, but black ones? Come out of the closet already faggot, but I'm not like you.

>> No.35563618

yuna plays hide and seek and hides in the washing machine and someone locks her up and turns it on <3


>> No.35563622


>> No.35563628

you already came out?

>> No.35563634

fucking shit you monster D: you ARE NOT my fren!!!!
how could you do that ;___;

>> No.35563638

she deserves it :<

>> No.35563643

w-wrong anon...
I didn't post that...

>> No.35563645

shut the fuck up kaaya

>> No.35563647

^^he posted it ^^he posted it ^^he posted it


>> No.35563657

That explains the dickbreath

>> No.35563659

I mean I'm not a faggot like you, retard.

>> No.35563665

And here's the other faggot with a fixation on dicks. Stop projecting yourself onto others, faggot.

>> No.35563666

miu is all n_n building a sand castle and kaayashit comes and fucking kicks it for no reason...

>> No.35563675


>> No.35563693

karen should have been aikatsu main >:(

>> No.35563718

Exactly when did I prove it myself?

>> No.35563723

god pls no.. god NO!

>> No.35563733

f-forgive me...

>> No.35563742

literally witnessed death on llst

what the fuck is going on

>> No.35563744 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35563769

By posting troll bullshit.
Fuck off piece of shit.

>> No.35563775

meanie anon hates angel miu princess for no reason ;_;

>> No.35563802

literal lusty fucking brat who can only bully :<<

>> No.35563879

this cutie???? look at her, she wouldnt hurt a fly, anon

>> No.35563912

the face of a killer

>> No.35564007

miu teases innocent anon with sex hair

>> No.35564037

this but waka

>> No.35564060

new captcha killed llst

>> No.35564064


>> No.35564077

aoba killed llst*

>> No.35564088

maria killed llst

>> No.35564122

rude anon hates these angelic 2 cuties and even dares calling one "bully" or "serial killer"...

>> No.35564134


>> No.35564136

don't fucking trust M trio propaganda

think of charming prince D:

>> No.35564138


>> No.35564217

Fuck off faggot.

>> No.35564337

with this voice~

>> No.35564472

shukita doesn't like this new captcha

>> No.35564537

I finally decided to build my arisa fap folder, it's going great so far :)

>> No.35564558

certain blocked girl won't like this...

>> No.35564655

>> No.35564789

>> No.35564807

time to AIDA

>> No.35564960

what the fuck is this captcha

>> No.35565014

>> No.35565021

isnt this the old style people always wanted?

>> No.35565451


bring back the other captcha

>> No.35565464

>> No.35565474

>> No.35565551

>> No.35565574

>> No.35565582

fucking grrr'ing like never before fucking shit

>> No.35566084

>> No.35566098

Who will be the stacey of Liella?

>> No.35566238

Nako or Nagisa

>> No.35566240

>> No.35566246

>> No.35566252

>> No.35566328

why is she out of focus? why?!>

>> No.35566335


>> No.35566345

chanseta desu~
yeah, im fapping to her. deal with it

>> No.35566362

it could have been kiina...

>> No.35566368

cant into her face

>> No.35566401

this but this >>35561607

>> No.35566410

well, not much to say except that it's your loss :(

>> No.35566424 [SPOILER] 

give me material then
until then...

>> No.35566459

dumbo ears

>> No.35566495


>> No.35566553


>> No.35566756

>> No.35567057

>> No.35567312

post ainyas cute ainyas

>> No.35567326

flopwhores and Whoress = destroyed

post cringy leek vid

>> No.35567347

I want to hug and kiss this beautiful woman

>> No.35567358

the manjaw 2

>> No.35567373

post stardust qts

>> No.35567389

what is stardust?

>> No.35567399

an idea a movement an ideology

>> No.35567407

I'll post them when you apologise for all the april girl slander

>> No.35567410

nao's metal movement

>> No.35567426


>> No.35567428

a concept a philosophy a lifestyle

>> No.35567452

it's a vocation, really.

>> No.35567461

feral nao's jungle vacation

>> No.35567466


>> No.35567469

>> No.35567497

literally her month <3

>> No.35567501


>> No.35567597


>> No.35567622

tomoko has a face shaped like a microwave

>> No.35567696

microwave gf ftw <3

>> No.35567790

she's fucking 23, when did this happen?
hag yet?

>> No.35567801

look, an actual love live seiyuu

>> No.35567857

i shot that from our house last week :)

>> No.35567915

then you woke up :)
give me more dreams that aren't animal related nightmares... fug...

>> No.35567925

animals of llst

>> No.35567941


>> No.35567963

cutest and purest hag ever

>> No.35567986


You think she already *did it*?


>> No.35568050

who? tomoko or ska?

>> No.35568067


>> No.35568071

curry gf

>> No.35568110

in that case, yes probably
you think lusty uni bf would let her walk free? see >>35552513

>> No.35568127

freeing chomo-chan~

>> No.35568228

I like her voice.

>> No.35568933


>> No.35569582

who the fuck scrubs their hair with their clothes on

>> No.35569602


>> No.35570504


>> No.35572199

oral sex deepthroat yuna

>> No.35572436

>> No.35572458

>> No.35572552

Fuck off you piece of shit, you're not worthy of her and you'll never get anywhere near her.

>> No.35572559

good morning llst!

>> No.35572628

If you ever get near her you will find out you weren't first. And that she has phallohalitosis.

>> No.35572691

Love triangle battle!

>> No.35572704

Lying shitposting faggot. You don't know shit about her.

>> No.35572738

Fuck off shitposting faggot, there is no triangle.

>> No.35572761

p-kun is the winner

>> No.35572773

Fuck off retard.

>> No.35572809


>> No.35572851

I thought I smelled asparagus

>> No.35572862

Seiyuu Or Demon
What am I
Its time for me to choose my path
The power of my God Claw no evil doer will get past
Claw to Claw or Fist to Fist
Kick your nuts off twist your wrist
The god power keeps my pimp claw strong
So trust me all you won't last very long
Dragon Kick your ass into the Milky Way (Milky Way)
Don't act like you don't like the Ball Buster (Ball Buster)
My Arm x6 I'll summon up the power of the God Claw!
Lost a limb in a fight but don't worry Hina I'll be cool
The ultimate power of a god is now my secret tool
My defenses are impregnable
My style is impetuous
If its too much I'll grovel at producer's feet
I beg for mercy when I feel the heat
Jaw dropping attacks from my roulette wheel (roulette wheel !!)
Apocalyptic beat downs from the God Claw (God Claw)
My Arm x6 I'll summon up the power of the God Claw!!!
Everybody wants a piss who's next ? Don't be a fool
Hyperactive fighting styles so slick they'll make you drool
The God Claw helps me work out my stress
Its overpowering I must confess
The only person who it doesn't work on is the girl who got me into this Hinaki
Slicing through thugs with my Shockwave (Shockwave !!)
More beheading than a guillotine Head Slicer (Head Slicer !!)
My Arm x6 I'll summon up the power of the GOD CLAW !!!

>> No.35572890

Fuck off shitposting faggots.

>> No.35572900

reni-chan milky way
god nobody cares about that song anymore ;__;

>> No.35572904

such a beautiful goddess

>> No.35572946

the sweetest and cutest!!

>> No.35572975

this isn't that bad desu, I wouldn't fap with this but I've seen way worse

>> No.35573065

>fapping to hardworking seiyuu

>> No.35573227


>> No.35573262

them never 4get

>> No.35573273

sww is a good singer btw

>> No.35573283

suwawa a piece of shit

>> No.35573283,1 [INTERNAL] 


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