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n-0 on local server edition

beatmania IIDX 28 BISTROVER (LDJ-2021042600)
Pop'n Music 26 Kaimei Riddles (M39-2021042600
>How to set up
Follow the instructions on the torrent

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Previous thread >>34994247
More games: https://pastebin.com/EWJp03dQ

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Does this spicetools also work with HV Omnimix? I snatched 27+omni from boomerville but I didn't use bemanitools yet.

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yeah include this for ur bat file spice64 -iidx -io -modules . -k mempatch-hook.dll bm2dx.dll --mempatch iidx_omnimix_27.txt

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>/ourguy/ deleted his discord account

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play etterna

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as an ancient stepmania player i am enjoying the Ranker Number and the timing bar

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Bistrover black screen crash

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Post log.txt

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I don't know how much of the config I'm supposed to fill out

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Did you enable exclusive audio mode?

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Might be an audio issue.
Open spicecfg, go to config, and in the iidxsounddevice field type in "wasapi" without quotes.

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Where is that option?

This gave me the same error.

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RIP forest.

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Did you guys fucking follow the instruction that is literally in the description of the torrents?

>Before opening the game:

>Right click the volume icon > Sounds > Click on the Default Device > Properties > Advanced > 2 channel,16 bit, 44100 Hz

Like there should be zero issues if you did everything right.

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For Kaimei how do you get the coin insert to work? I'm mashing both coin keys and nothing goes through.

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op said follow the readme bro i spend as little time reading nyaa as possible

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Just put it in freeplay

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Yeah I found that out a while ago, first time I'm playing an arcade version.

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I think this thread should be named as BEMANI GAMES THREAD xD

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beatmania IIDX 29 THE FINAL loctest waiting room

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the SDVX VI ROM seems to not have any of the tracks supposedly added to VI on launch, and the newest when sorted by release is dated 2019. please help me i am a retard.

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Download asphyxia core https://asphyxia-core.github.io/
Add this plugin https://files.catbox.moe/170dg0.zip
Now you can play all songs on a local server

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plus set "unlock all songs" in webui

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thank you. i owe you my life.

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The performance in VirtualBox was "nearly" acceptable. I only have one video card (and one PCI-e slot), so doing passthru is out of the question. Without pass-through, qemu's performance was strictly worse than VirtualBox (I'm guessing it requires a _lot_ of tuning).
I've got an old industrial SBC that came with Windows 10 on it. Given the absurdly low specs required by Pop'n, it should probably work. If I can't get VirtualBox to work adequately, that's my next step.

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>Without pass-through, qemu's performance was strictly worse than VirtualBox (I'm guessing it requires a _lot_ of tuning).
QEMU's niche is providing the complete emulation of hardware that a guest OS requires. It does not normally perform virtualization on it's own, which Virtualbox does. It optionally provides ways for aspects of its emulation to be replaced with virtualization and para-virtualization, which is where KVM, VIRTIO, etc. come in.

But yeah, if you only have once PCI port it's probably no-game.

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So I got IIDX to work, but when I have eamu on the card insert doesn't work, and it doesn't let me play without a card. If I turn eamu off it works, but I'd like to save my scores and turn on my styling options. What stupid thing did I mess up now?

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make an osu thread

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You need to use asphyxia.

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>Follow the instructions on the torrent
where the fuck are you guys pulling eamu from

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I get it now, I had the eamuse server option on under the assumption that I needed to.

I am wondering why the VA is only the guy? And is there any way to get 120fps? And is there a reason my FPS counter starts at like 0.1 at first? Not sure if that matters. I have even more questions, is there like a discord or something?

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There is a female voice too. I’m not sure what decides it, might just be luck or it switches off when the date changes, idk. There is a way to get 120 fps, it should be one of the patch options in spicecfg. You could also use bemanipatcher (mon.im) to patch your dll. It doesn’t matter if the fps counter fluctuates as long as it settles at your target fps. You can ask questions on the 1cc discord.

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Is GATE.txt just the password for the archive or is it used for something else?

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>There is a female voice too.
But you might die because hearing this highpitched loli shit is an absolute state of a cringe

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If you care enough you can rename and rearrange the voice files in /sound/system. I think the female voice is prim and the male is Mori (KAC commenter)?

>And is there a reason my FPS counter starts at like 0.1 at first?

They changed it to do that with HV so it must have to do with the new engine.

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Custom chuuden cleared xD starring:

Lords of the Roundtable

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Beat Banger (NSFW rhythm game)
Some of the mods that have been made for the game (extract into the "mods" folder)

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Beat Banger (NSFW rhythm game)
Some of the mods that have been made for the game (extract into the "mods" folder)

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Is it prim? I think it's just random VAs doing over the top genki voices. mori is over the top too. I might just turn them all off again, I really get tired of it.

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Beat Banger (NSFW rhythm game)
Some of the mods that have been made for the game (extract into the "mods" folder)

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>furry shite

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That’s not sdvx.

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recently acquired a USKOC
I heard usb PS2 adapters are shite how true?
this one looks good but $50+$25 shipping doesnt seem like a great idea...

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I wonder when Ca冥mellia remix will officially arrive to arcades? :D

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anyone have a invite to MermaidGirls?

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what's that

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>won't fap to asriel with huge tits
What are you, gay?

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>won't fap to toriel with huge tits (asriel with mods)
What are you, gay?

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For IIDX 28, do you guys find the audio for the menu select much louder than the song themselves during gameplay? The songs seems pretty quiet but increasing the volume to have it louder just makes the menu sound so much more louder. It just blasts in your ears when you finish the song.

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rhythm gamers need to quit pretending they're a tranny cartoon character. stop expecting the rest of the world to play pretend with you, you'll be much happier.

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there is no doubt in my mind that this is a plife user's download history

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ur so weird dude

the game is just like that. honestly I hate how loud the menu select screen is. i don't know if its possible to deal with it in a different way, besides a techlord writing a whole plugin out for it

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mine just says mewkledreamy >:D

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Why bother? It doesn't even support bistrover/exceed gear

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It does tho. I want to get a invite so I can play n-0.

>> No.35232800

Does it? Its not on their supported list

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yes lol you just pm the admin, but my friend wont give me a invite

>> No.35233559

Sounds like a shitty friend.

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>june 2: sissy conversion therapy
>june 14: IIDX data
Is this the natural progression?

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you got warned for saying the p word

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why does IIDX 28 have a bunch of fujo characters. Does a lot of females play this game?

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yes, of course. japan isn't like america where females are afraid of being within 10 feet of a male

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The exceed gear update

>> No.35244972

Be me:
>30yo IIDX boomer
>Grumpy, doesnt like much current state of BEMANI games
>10 years of playing, barely Chuuden
>Bad at accuracy
>Rarely gets AAs on 11s
>Bad at scratching
>Bad at CNs
>Can't do most of B-tier 12s for a long time.
>Low stamina
>Some patterns extremely uncomfortable especially for right hand
>Hates 7 key jacks

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Thanks for the upload, Nythil-san!

>> No.35248578

its funny because most people are just staying on the may update since the latest datecode the knobs are broken/misfire to the point where konami put a statement on twitter about it

>> No.35248976


whats your upper body routine look like? could be worse, you could be one of these >>35247288 embarassing dorks

>> No.35249220

Females (male).

>> No.35249746

mad bro stay mad

>> No.35249960

can you upload the latest IIDX nythil? sam said he seen you playing the new songs

>> No.35250669

you do realize the majority of the community is gay, right?

>> No.35251074

has anyone else noticed that this thread is always normal sane discussion for the first 50-100 posts until someone says the word trans and then we have to go through this whole stupid whole Gender Question discussion for the rest of the thread and everyone namedrops everyone until people get mad and stop responding and a new thread is made and the cycle begins again

>> No.35251246

>normal sane discussion
based on what
it's not like anyone actually talks about playing rhythm games here

>> No.35251465

we need that guy to shill his diva clone

>> No.35252385

I ummm haven't noticed this actually, in fact it seems like you are trying to incite it yourself, in fact who fucking cares, also who cares about trans people, its 2021, fuck

>> No.35252401

like.. i feel like this is exactly the same person, trying really hard to stir the pot, could be wrong, you need more things to look at than 4chan my man

>> No.35253085

you're wrong, try again

>> No.35253114

>sdvx cloud update
>its just infinite songs
gimme some exceed gear shit already

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File: 80 KB, 720x405, E3r-aabUYAAHIkB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I've calmed down I'm sorry

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just an observation friend. take deep breaths. woosah in. woosah out.

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File: 42 KB, 320x320, ea3094512b1b277fb8f92efb016a39b4.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just an observation friend. take deep breaths. woosah in. angery out.

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The data update only had music files, so there's no way it could have broken something that wasn't already broken. Whoever made the update zip probably got rid of whatever changed how the knobs worked.

>> No.35258519

It's a pretty relieving and happy time, no boomers require cock milking or dilation assistance to get bemani data.

>> No.35258785

People are afraid of being within 10 feet of anyone who frequently uses the word female as a descriptor.

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Probably the worst rhythm game song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LB0ZBmZO1hw

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>its 2021
And you will still never be accepted you freak.

>> No.35259117

>people are already streaming voltex n-0 on twitch
DN 2?

>> No.35260067

the fucking accuracy

>> No.35260314

more streamers for the "community" to harass

>> No.35260681

you think biofems aren't the exact same way? lmao

>> No.35260814

at least they have real vaginas

>> No.35261242

good to know where your priorities are, boring cis loser

>> No.35261270

I wanna stream Pop'n n-0 but I know I'm gonna get ratted

>> No.35261368

Just make a burner account and choose a player name that you don't use on a real network.

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ur so creepy dude go outside

>> No.35262265

Did you guys build your own IIDX controller

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seriously astrial

>> No.35266517


Damn, arcade knobs seem pretty bad compared to the new default faucetwo ones based on this review. For anyone with the knobs, how do they feel compared to arcade or copals?

>> No.35269065

iidx 28 has a new update now 2021061400 so leak update data now?

>> No.35271187

Shut the fuck up already, you desperate retards and don't ask for shit. When it comes - it comes

>> No.35277199


what did they mean by this

>> No.35277883

what the fuck

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Furry game confirmed

>> No.35281485

friday night funkin is the frist game ive played since dance dance revolution

>> No.35283446

No one has them, the faucetwo isn’t out until next month.

>> No.35283858

They've been tweeting really obviously about bemani piracy for a while now. Obviously some underpaid zoomer is controlling their social media for now. They had a tweet that was literally just "Data?" in response to someone who was talking about rhythm games.

>> No.35283957

Didn't realize the buy option was just a preorder for july. Ended up buying it anyways

>> No.35284372
File: 414 KB, 780x780, E4CufAFXEAAUYxt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was a iidx tranny who literally replied to their tweet with "data" and they responded with "Data?" and pic related.

>> No.35284417

20210616 is in yesterday bemanipatcher pull
who has the data and who can share it?

>> No.35284662

I’m going to buy the msi 3080 ti so I can play sneed gear

>> No.35284790
File: 806 KB, 676x676, SUPER_BUBBLE_JOURNEY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally, two years of spamming this image has paid off.

>> No.35285015

check 1cc
no new content btw it's just a hotfix for timing

>> No.35292219

when the new iidx28 update (2021061400) is gonna leak?

>> No.35292263

Nostalgia Op3: https://mega.nz/file/7hgF1SJD#8KKSqrnqijjNG_f_mi-0soDhC2n3nbubecReoSynyDk

>> No.35292564

can i get kaiden on a default phoenixwan

>> No.35292616

Never. Shut the fuck up

>> No.35295445

I don't see why you wouldn't be able to

>> No.35302229

I can't wait to become a smug kaiden.

>> No.35302788

How do I clean the phoenixwan turntable? It’s all cloudy from what I assume is skin oils. Gamo2 suggests a glasses cleaning cloth but that only really gets rid of the dust. Is there any way to make the turntable shiny again?

>> No.35306897

jerk off on it

>> No.35308408

After 2 years of playing iidx, I have finally cleared 6dan. Today is a joyous day.

>> No.35308511

The new iidx28 update has cool song
I'm really wanting for someone, that eventually will dump it and share it here, out from the 1cc guys

>> No.35310116

Congrats. Now keep playing for about 8 more years and you'll be closer to beating Kaiden like this guy >>35244972

>> No.35311268

The best answer comes from gamo2. Ask them again.

>> No.35311632

what is the best monitor for EG? want arcade size, currently using a old 720p TV.

>> No.35312641
File: 513 KB, 2560x2560, DIV-CC22909-scaled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I use these. Does a pretty good job

>> No.35316000

Dont play iidx

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>> No.35320199

naynnurs???? is it naynurs???????? i hope im saying this right... nayunarrsss

>> No.35320740

I am better than you at a single player game. My ego is infinite.

>> No.35320764

Yuancon SDVX controllers are being sold at 2 PM PST but then again there's the Faucetwo in early July.

>> No.35320862

my ass

>> No.35321548

Rhythm games are meant to be played with feet.

>> No.35321593

rhythm gamers' feet are meant to be played with

>> No.35321877

Why would you ever get the yuancon over the faucetwo

>> No.35322215

You like overpriced plastic?

>> No.35322246

You like shit-tier knobs and leds?

>> No.35322284

It’s literally cheaper than the yuancon.

>> No.35322348

>Look at the options for the yuancon
>Most limited options ever

Yeah no. It's random ass batches where you have to pray that it's the config you want.

>> No.35322441

Leak the fucking 2021061400

>> No.35322477


>> No.35322494

show me your legs dressed in thigh-high socks and I'll consider it

>> No.35322514

bruh if you are gonna buy it for me then i'm gonna do it

>> No.35322527

probably cool songs, (i'm talking about doing hex edir shit and unlocking all song)

>> No.35322543

I already have it

>> No.35322556

send it to me so i can do it

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pics first ;)

>> No.35322673


>> No.35322688


>> No.35322710

it's 2 week old btw i'm a femboy

>> No.35322844

if you don't wanna leak it publicly
send it here [email protected]

>> No.35322919

>temp email

>> No.35322931

it's not a temp mail

>> No.35322936

gonna need a pic with a timestamp first

>> No.35322975

file date from windows is good too??
or i need to shoot another photo with a timestamp??

>> No.35322992

the latter

>> No.35323079

can i blur my face?

>> No.35323109


>> No.35323205


>> No.35323361

no proof that this is you

>> No.35323392

how can i proof it that's me

>> No.35323707
File: 1.14 MB, 800x800, 200px-VISION-gigapixel-scale-4_00x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey faggots, I got an Upscale AI for my job. You lads want any jackets upscaled? It ain't perfect, but it definitely cleans up a lot of the crud that they tend to have.

>> No.35323801
File: 3.09 MB, 1605x811, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35324309


>> No.35324443

this just looks like waifu2x

>> No.35324468

Has anyone fixed the bistrover plugin to run on a newer version of asphyxia yet? I want to run this on an rpi but profile saving doesn't work

>> No.35324474 [DELETED] 
File: 28 KB, 572x319, z.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for confirming, uploading now.

>> No.35324489 [DELETED] 

I can't wait to see your dolphin porn collection

>> No.35324517

You can clear overjoy on a keyboard

>> No.35324527
File: 423 KB, 337x600, 2158d113da553e4cccfb6aecafd47a0266a83257.338984-ela-600.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my analysis shows that the leg text is fake. What is the truth, sdvx player? Are you truly a femboy?

>> No.35324537

bruh wtf is this

>> No.35324549

Forensic analysis of the 2 images clearly shows that when overlaid and accounting for perspective, the text disappears when filtering artificial artifacts. This implies it was added in via something like photoshop.

>> No.35324552

You are now banned from Programmed Life.

>> No.35324569

How would your father react to seeing your body online for data. 希望上帝降临并惩罚你和你的家人未来 10 代

>> No.35324573
File: 43 KB, 474x474, Eqb4VP0XEAEZHQs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am in the middle of carrying a BMS game about to close it out, and my bra-less wife brings me a sandwich (not asked for) with chips as I get an over 9000 combo.
So how is your day going?

>> No.35324577 [DELETED] 

sooo... the moral of the story is this, i'm a femboy but i didn't have any clothes or shit because my dad is homophobic, so i was using a photo of my friend who stole is sister clothes and an hour of gimp. sorry for everything... (thx for playing m8)

>> No.35324585

Doing gods work thank you, obviously that was fake, all sdvx players would have cuts on their legs. Thank you for concluding that.

>> No.35324593
File: 274 KB, 899x1599, legs2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i am an expert in forensics, nothing gets by me

>> No.35324598

In the case of the mentally sane, hair rather than cuts.

>> No.35324600

Of course its fake. Anyone who dodges a simple timestamp that much is obviously not real

>> No.35324606

fuck i will add it next time thanks for the advice, i have some friends which cut them self so i'm gonna use it

>> No.35324619

what is going on in this thread whys everyone posting about boy thighs

>> No.35324643

I love getting AAAs in music games and then getting dicked in the butt, this is what I've gotten out of my countless years of playing rhythm games.

>> No.35324647

i tried to scam an anon with femboy photo of my friend, pretending to be him.

>> No.35324650

Yeah it basically is, except I can upscale it upwards of 16x (with varying results), and I'm sure professional grade software probably has smarter compression and noise reduction AI than freeware. Either way, the offer's out there.

>> No.35324653

are you the sdvx buttplug girl?

>> No.35324674

btw it's 04:44 i'm going to sleep thanks for playing guy, it was fun.

>> No.35324679

buttplug.io spiceapi support when??

>> No.35324690


>> No.35324702

you remind me of the sdvx buttplug girl

>> No.35324824

Every day I am reminded of why Konami releasing SDVX was a mistake.

>> No.35325059

will you be the one to add buttplug.io support to spiceapi?

>> No.35325172

Playing 2 years 17-19s constantly on yuancon and knobs still fine

>> No.35327351

Same. Have 2019 model

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