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n-0 release edition
Previous thread >>34825093

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so true bestie

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M39 MDX M32 PAN REC where??

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dumped by matthew pearson for greg cotton's bootleg enterprise

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Penisvan owners nothing but a fucking cucks paying such ridicilous money for some ugly plastic shit

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a bunch of furfags got into bemani and data after finding pop'n data on deviantart, where can we drop the link so normies can get n-0 before people tell them it's a "bad" thing?

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If someone that night downloaded the sega downloader script, can you upload it and send it.

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I wonder what's next. It's kinda feels creepy to get actual latest arcade data. Especially IIDX when arcades doesn't have at least 3 more songs right now while we already played those :D

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you know life sucks when the only interesting thing happening these days is n-0 releases

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BEMANI on its downfall what did you expect? Nothing interesting anymore :(

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Nyannurs is behind the leaks. He is mexican and the guy who leaked EG is mexican as well.

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Time to buy more drives...

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Ugh, I can't get n-anything to run on a Windows 7 virtual machine. I'm a total failure as a human.
At least I've got Pop'n Music 14 on my PS/2....

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rche a boy

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Spada was unironically the last style with soul

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Describe your issues this is the official bemani data troubleshooting thread

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Isn't that just for Usaneko, or did Kaimei and full Peace data drop?

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imagine having to rely on public leaks for data lol

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what level songs does the average iidx player play and what grades do they get?

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the average jap is 9th dan so they probably can clear hard 11s and easy 12s

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i'll always be below average fuck

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imagine spending any amount of time getting into or maintaining relationships with inner circles when you can just wait for retards like yourself to infight, get mad and leak it anyway

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I have shit form playing SP on IIDX, where I, on rare occasions, make a AA on a 10. I have a few triple AAAs under my belt and have passed like 2 11s, being Shiva and Beat Juggling Mix.

I have since moved onto trying DP and magically I am consistently making AAs minimum on every track, and hit 10s in a matter of days. What is this phenomena? Does DP have wider hit windows or was I just always destined for DP?

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Who gets counted in these stats? All registered eamuse passes? People who play at least once a week?

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DP is extremely easy if you have good finger control, and the only challenging or impossible charts are the old ones designed for 2 players.

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Im still regularly pressing in between the keys accidentally, I just have no idea how my scores are objectively better. Also isn't DP heralded as "The hardest rhythm games can get"? Not to toot my own horn.

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There are still DP charts that have never been AAA'd, while SP is running out of charts that haven't been MAX-'d. You really might just have terrible form on SP, but it's still neat that you seem to have a knack for DP. More people should probably play it in general.

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Did you link me to joke packs exclusively or do you really expect me to get good enough to do these immediately

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also 89% of these songs are terrible wtf

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What's the backstory of that streamer you guys been posting about. What was his name again? Dark something.

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name a more on-theme style that isn't plagued with future bass you can't

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there is only one in the game now that doesn't have an AAA (mare nectaris), thanks to god gamer that is sillyb

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Did they fix the USB shit for the phoenixwan where you could short the lights if you plug it in the wrong order?

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there isn't much to talk about. Some random rhythm gamer dude decided to stream n-0 bistrover on twitch and some fuckers from sows did make a joke from it. The joke is like Konami allegedly tracking down the streamer.
But in reality no one gives a shit. His channel not even striked or banned for such move.

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What servers even work with these? I dont know any besides arcana and mermaidserver

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Doesn’t work with sneed gear yet. Is there any score saving solution at all for exceed gear? Does 1cc have their own server or something?

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MFW i finally have the rg skills to attract some weebteen pussy after covid

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He changed his twitch name though.

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Where i can find M39-2020120900? (not bt4g)

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your amerimutt ass has no power in europe

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Except it does work, you must be using some outdated plugin.

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How do you change the different volume settings for IIDX 28? I checked the arcade settings but the sound settings doesn't have anything to manually adjust the game menu sounds and other volume.

>> No.35019156

There are volume knobs on the amplifier accessible through the front coin door.

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Its a big month for many members of our community. Keep up the good fight!

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Sorry dude, I was talking about the arcade ripped data using spice64

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He knows, he was fucking with you.

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arent europeans heavily encouraged to rape children?

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nooooo you cant put cute music in iidx i am very manly and cool and future bass is for pride month

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future bass is fine.
nanahira, prim, ichika and all that kind of retarded shit is true cancer in IIDX

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prim is extremely tired at this point. she's what, 55? don't really care about the other stuff. the generic anime songs by randoms are worse.

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I want to get into SDVX but I don't have any arcades near me. What's the easiest way to get into this game?

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Buy a controller and either download data or pay for the official pc version

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Any suggestions on which controller would be best?

>> No.35021418

Get the new gamo one with copals

>> No.35021740


The Faucetwo opened preorders just a couple of days and ago and it's easily the best SDVX controller based on the reviews so far.

Get 100g for all options with omron. Sanwa are completely optional. If you're new then Djdao buttons are totally fine.

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Go on the emuline forums for SDVX. Some guy posted a plugin that works for Asphyxia.

>> No.35021862

thanks friend, I'll preoreder it now

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how did my pepe got deleted lol

>> No.35022235

is unbeatable gonna be sugoi or cringu?

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Welcome to /jp/

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yeah those are all high level dump packs, kinda stupid to recommend to someone without knowing what level theyre starting from
if you give some reference point for how good you are and what kind of music you like then i could give you some pack recommendations
you can also join the discord and people would be able to rec stuff there

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concon made knockoff ugly merch with stolen assets and now they're a retarded pekora ripoff. why does nobody care?

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i like cool-cute bleepbloop songs like YMCK. Most of those packs were memes and like idk anime rock. I also said I didn't want 2 minute chordstreams..but that's all they recommended.. I can hang, but not for 2-4 minutes of absurd mashing, I like accentuated drummy charts that aren't just bababababababababbababababababababababab

>> No.35027568

that doesnt super narrow it down but you could probably try some packs like the community keyboard megapacks, keyboard collaboration packs, stepping stones packs, VGMP packs, or FFR community packs
those generally have a lower level of difficulty and are more focused on technical patterns rather than stamina, with a pretty broad selection of music

>> No.35027666

ive played most of those to death but ill check out stepping stones, I wouldn't mind getting good enough to do those crazy packs, I can't imagine reaching it though

>> No.35028019

theres also ODIpacks, light chancellor's packs, xoon packs, untitled stepmania pack, untitled etterna pack

if you like bemani music you could also get the japanese packs like the gochamaze packs, overcome cv packs, sound voltex infinite gravity, as well as blue's packs
although there is an absolute ton of anime in these youd have to skip past if you dont like that

i have 100GB of packs and im still finding new packs every day

>I wouldn't mind getting good enough to do those crazy packs, I can't imagine reaching it though
getting good is definitely a process, ive got like 500 hours in game but im only just now getting past 19 rank, still got a long ways to go before i can play a lot of the good stuff

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Is Infinitas worth it

>> No.35029221

no lol

>> No.35029469

Damn the Hori tatacon really is noisy especially since the drum face needs to be hit hard for anything to be registered. No wonder everybody recommends modding it

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>30 songs packs cost as much as a PS2 game that has 90-99 songs
>monthly fee subscription
>game is at n-4 and it's still missing lots of songs from older styles
>can't play at maintenance hours
>game is buggy as hell and crashes randomly
>JASRAC licenses mean most kubota, taq, good-cool, nagureo and remo-con songs are never going to be there
>bit grinding is painful if you can clear 12s, even worse if you are a beginner because beginner charts are bit locked.
Yeah, I don't think so, don't feel bad about playing data, konami is just fucking greedy with infninitas

>> No.35031378

fuck konami

>> No.35031609

Fuck konami, fuck infinitas, fuck sdvx, fuck trannies, fuck furries, and FUCK dj taka

>> No.35032898

>even worse if you are a beginner because beginner charts are bit locked
That reminds me, if you're new to Pop'n are you that much better off with Lively or just play PS2 Fever as a newbie point?

>> No.35033119

Data is always the answer. It has a shit ton of songs with beginner difficulty.

>> No.35033405

chuuden/kaiden don't unlock on asphyxia but its saving my 10th dan rank on my profile, are they not supported?

>> No.35033583

Bistrover Omnimix when?

>> No.35033849

>>JASRAC licenses mean most kubota, taq, good-cool, nagureo and remo-con songs are never going to be there
Keiichi Ueno is also forbidden because of JASRAC

>> No.35034346

What the fuck is JASRAC?

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Just picked up arcaea on switch and am hitting a wall at 8's. I can't wrap my brain around the grey sky notes when they are clustered and mixed in with the floor notes. Any pointers?

>> No.35034751

my bowling alley just recently opened back up lads. i'm going there tomorrow and praying they still have their shitty euromix2 cab and that they didnt sell it off to recoup covid costs or something.
i hate living in the middle of nowhere

>> No.35034781

are you playing touch? the sky notes have weird hit boxes. If its just reading comprehension, look up chart constants so you can ramp through the 7s/8s.

If you're playing switch input I have no idea how that shit works anon

>> No.35034937

Yeah touch. I guess its just depth perception, my fingers want to hit them in a different order because my brain wants them all on the same plane. Its manageable on 7's because I can track the shadows, but on 8's I'm getting absolutely filtered.

I'll search for some charts to memorize a few sections to better get an understanding of the finger shapes they want me to make.

>> No.35035217

does switch version have all the same songs? and do you still have to do the world grind?
i thought about getting it since it has the most songs that i like out of any commercial rhythm game but i dont have a good phone or tablet

>> No.35035392

Not sure, this is the only version I've played, but a reviewer made it sound like it was good deal for the price compared to getting song packs on mobile. Yes it has a world and story mode grind, but no mobile timer limit.

>> No.35035447

I just watched a video about it. It has most of the packs that aren't collabs. there is still a song/pack unlock world mode, I'm not sure how tedious it is but (im assuming) without stamina you can just play songs like normal.

I think it has 90? songs? and the game appears to play well on the switch screen. The button mode isn't quite as DJMAX as I was hoping, but if you can PM the game on touch, why not get it?

>> No.35035724

Arcaea on switch is based but they need to make a physical version. Then I’ll buy.

>> No.35036208

Fever is always the answer.

>> No.35036617

the data is functionally the same why do you want your switch game to take up 50x its size for some plastic wasting space in your house

>> No.35037004

When I try to use the Usaneko data, launching the game would give me an error saying </ea3> in the ea3-config is misplaced or can't be found, yet it's at the very end of the file. Where does it even go at?

>> No.35037055

Reinstalling worked, but now when I use spicetools, it asks for dll_entry_init which none of the downloads had.

>> No.35037465

iidx prediction:
29th wolves

>> No.35037619

Exceed Gear is not playable with Intel HD Graphics?

>> No.35037638

Someone mentioned an nvidia specific dll as part of the files. Might only with those, I dunno

>> No.35038600


Theme: Space (Galaxy, World)

starring: Hiroshi Okubo, Samplingmasters AYA, sanodg, Tetsukazu Nakanishi, Taku Inoue, Rio Hamamoto, Kohta Takahashi


>> No.35038619

dll's can't do shit much. Of course you can run the game but... you missing half of gameplay graphics so it basically unplayable

>> No.35040858

iidx 29 kpop

>> No.35041449

I kinda stake on 29 actually... Well I have a good relationship somehow with odd numbered styles (except Copula, thanks to Pendual)

>> No.35041510

Well I guess we just have to wait. I think that 29 loctect might arrive earlier than previous year.
But I feels like not this time due to cockvid cases rocking in Japan again

>> No.35043142

there was nothing wrong with copulas music folder unless you're a miserable old boomer

>> No.35045592

>plife posts pop'n n-0
>only sows boomer admins care
>mexican gigachad with dragon ball profile picture posts pop'n n-0
>everyone flips their shit

>> No.35045612

We’ve been getting public n-0 leaks since cannonballers now anyone seriously still sperging out over n-0 data has the iq of a fucking pineapple

>> No.35045775

do n-0 servers care if you stream?

>> No.35045828

this desu plife released peace around the same time

>> No.35045922


>> No.35046516

This song in SDVX when

>> No.35047185

Why'd the original get removed anyways? They hardly ever remove shit from sdvx

>> No.35047314


noma himself

>> No.35048523

LDJ-003-20210601000 when?

>> No.35048576

What's new in that?

>> No.35048663

Still no info provided about it

>> No.35049598

Did you expect every updates would be leaked?

>> No.35049721

Happened with exceed gear so why not iidx

>> No.35049901

"Iroha and Lirina's Occult Research Activities"

>> No.35050154

Let's see, people leaking n-0 data, people playing some DDR Omnimix (yeah a SouthAmerican community does pop around with those streams with sick people asking for it). I don't know, but desesperation to play with it is so big OR they get stucked in 2001 or 2002. Shitload.

PS: yeah southamerica be like, damn shit.

>> No.35050857

So I need the full final 25 data for this? Does this work with any translations and/or omnimixes? (I don't think there's any on Sows, though.)

>> No.35052098

>chunitum in title
never ever

>> No.35052111

How do i get this to work with my peace data (don’t have final data)? Tried just replacing the files and folders but it just crashes

>> No.35052655

Someone posted on 1cc maimai splash plusbut got removed someone can post it here

>> No.35053069

Omnimix bistrover when?

>> No.35053943

this is stupid

>> No.35055512


>> No.35056057

that's splash, i already have it. i need splash plus

>> No.35056933

M39-2021042600 up on nyaa

>> No.35057418

Try windowed mode. Also you might need a E: disk fix

>> No.35058389

so omnimix for bistrover when is gonna come out?

>> No.35059831

When chinks profit off of bootleg n+0: "lol they're running that on arcades, china wild"
When chinks actually share what they have: "what the fuck other people are running n+0 at home fuck you i'm gonna keep seething on private channels about those who got the data without sucking sweaty dick"

>> No.35060528

does n-0 ddr exist anywhere?

>> No.35063692

thanks for the help, the stepping stones packs are nice but I need some 19-22 stuff I think. I'll check out those other packs. stepping stones has great music overall, I can forgive the occasional forgettable anime OP

>> No.35065324

desu you can also just go to the pack list on the main site and sort by popular to download all the packs that most people play, but then again you said you dont like long chordstreams and the meta tends to be centered around stamina jumpstream so...

>> No.35065450

Where the fuck is the gitadora data

>> No.35065628

im cool with it i just didn't play seriously since 2008 and the shit people do now is ridiculous

>> No.35066230

Someone can upload chunithm superstar

>> No.35066391

No the closest thing was fake DDR A20 final data made by some bootlegger by converting sm files to ssq

>> No.35066637

No, nobody cares about ddr

>> No.35067642

probably better than the real thing

>> No.35067956

I know someone who I'm pretty sure has it, so I'd say it's out there somewhere.

>> No.35068176

Nvm, I found 2020020300. Not sure if there's a newer version floating around anywhere, though. This is the newest version that's officially supported by the mom.im patcher.


>> No.35068203

Why does Taka.s use a FPS for BMS and a phoenixwan for infinitas?

>> No.35068286

>literal 1+ year old data
As if we needed any more proof that nobody gives a shit about DDR data

>> No.35068329

That's closer to n-0.5 than n-0. That dump is also missing some videos for some reason.
The fake A20 final data was marked 20200611 but it's pretty obvious it's fake because the XML has a watermark. It's also missing the A20 Plus preload songs.

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File: 520 KB, 230x326, 1339898873535.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35068584

what language are you guys speaking? what is n-0?

>> No.35068721

arcade data thats current release
so, n-1 would be the main version before the current version in arcades, like sdvx 6 exceed gear is n-0 and sdvx 5 vivid wave is n-1

>> No.35068770

ok i kinda get what you're saying... what good is arcade data though like what can you do with that?

>> No.35068791

Not him but you can play arcade data on your computer at home without spending a dime at the arcades.

>> No.35068812

like i can run real DDR software on plain old windows? i thought it would have more hurdles to jump through to do that

>> No.35068906
File: 401 KB, 1312x520, 5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the hell is happening here

>> No.35069069

There are arcade data that only requires a click of a mouse to work.

>> No.35069150

Someone's mad

>> No.35069329

Do you know where I can find an actual proper dump then?

>> No.35069343

Just use the 0203 dump nobody cares about DDR

>> No.35069567

One of the few songs where the ddr cut is better than the original. That and blue rain

>> No.35071899

Upload wacca lily r, maimai splash plus we need some n+1 data

>> No.35071994

Daily reminder that all data is useless without arcana support

>> No.35072180

You living in a cave?

>> No.35072376

Bruh nobody uses arcana anymore everyone use asphyxia or bemaniutils

>> No.35072860

where is that "imagine not just wait" guy from couple weeks ago lol

>> No.35072900

vivid wave is more like n-2.5 right now. Old ass shit xD

>> No.35073102

he should hurry up and finish the kamaitachi upgrade

>> No.35073488

Wake up fella. This isn't 2016

>> No.35073593

tru, nowadays you could probably make your own private server if you really wanted, without much hassle.

>> No.35074035

This timeline is so fucking based.

>> No.35077237

challenge for you all 4chan anon if you have steel balls leak maimai splash plus

>> No.35077947

why cant i time colorful cookie worth a damn

>> No.35079770

I'm on arcana because I rarely visit sows or come around here, what benefit do those have over it? Seems like arcana does everything I want it to do, which is just saving my lamps and scores.

>> No.35080338

Emm... Selfhosting eamuse server, and support every possible data. Me and my friends have a private bemaniutils server for iidx 28.

>> No.35080479 [DELETED] 

How do you add a rival on the public asphyxia server?

>> No.35082069

shout outs to subject38 for graciously providing us the code for making iidx 28, popon 26, and exceed gear work flawlessly since day 1

>> No.35082710
File: 119 KB, 1410x372, waterfox-1613480193.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when is someone leaking data from THIS?

>> No.35083328

been playing this but dont see the rest of peace's songs. do i need to patch unlock or are they just not in this upload?

>> No.35083479

wait nvm

>> No.35086184

retard here who downloaded IIDX n-0 off nyaa, I keep getting an error message on spice64 saying libavs-win64.dll can't be loaded because it can't be found. is there any fix for this?

>> No.35086231


>> No.35086333

thanks bro big help

>> No.35086630

>Haven't been to my local arcade recently due to work and COVID restrictions fucking things up
>Decide to go today on a whim
>Out of nowhere, a couple of days ago, they added a Sound Voltex machine

Felt like a pretty great surprise

>> No.35086906

apf-ea3.dll apf-core.dll missing
Check modules folder.

>> No.35086923

Also who the fuck asked for nonexistent June update for IIDX when cabinets are still 0426? :/

>> No.35087042

They are pushed to their staging server usually 7 days in advanced. Sometimes longer.

>> No.35087076

ahhhh. apf-core.dll is there but not apf-ea3.dll. do you know where/if I can get it?

>> No.35087157
File: 40 KB, 1044x365, chrome_mTAjnHfSRj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here anon.

>> No.35087209

Rather than screenshotting, post the source next time.

>> No.35087266

thanks bros, I'll try and tinker with this some more.

>> No.35087266,1 [INTERNAL] 

Noire+#3737 M32-2021051700 PAN-2021033000

>> No.35087266,2 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.35087266,3 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.35089185

>not a torrent

>> No.35089227

Tau's shitty server has only ever been "acceptable"

>> No.35089956

maimai splash is already on nyaa

>> No.35096863

enjoy enigma botnet

>> No.35097053

t. elias or some assmad plife cuck
enjoy ur non-functioning server

>> No.35097771

why would he shill network shit
he's just a chill dude with a high power level

>> No.35100284

where i can find fstools?

>> No.35100743

if you have keys, post them, if you dont, fstool is useless

>> No.35101518

Enigma way is absolute stupid. Absolute paranoic. No wonder that server don't have much people. Especially if you need to jerk on graph then kamaitachi is the best way currently to do so....
Hold on... It's fuckin private shit too.

>> No.35101565

I fuckin hate discord. People now have excuses and desperately want their dicks being sucked before you access their "precious" server with dumb rules.

>> No.35102204

worst part is, if ur playing pirated games you cant share the result screens anywhere. i.e facebook or iidx discord

>> No.35102245

konami will sue the admins of the facebook page

>> No.35102821

Anyway to unlock the rest of the peace songs in the new kaimei riddle data? I wanna play CARTOONRagHour and ポチコの幸せな日常 (狂犬U`x´UばうわうHARDCORE Remix)

>> No.35110916
File: 386 KB, 1920x1081, E3RT07_VgAAAgjU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remember, Nekomata Master died for this

>> No.35111051

hey - there's private testing versions available if u just dm me/tag in the discord.

>> No.35113099

Whats your cord

>> No.35114431

>DP is extremely easy if you have good finger control, and the only challenging or impossible charts are the old ones designed for 2 players.

Wow! That's really interesting. Can you tell me more about how old DP charts were designed for two players? Which are some examples that were designed for two players?

>> No.35118073

Original DP anon here, also curious. I was wondering if there were any DP charts that play on SP1, then move over to SP2 for a bit. That would be badass, especially for scratch heavy charts.

>> No.35119029

i thought i hated the community, but i actually just hate dance gamers

>> No.35119858

guess you've never been in IIDX community

>> No.35119893


>> No.35125066
File: 14 KB, 208x240, 1588817978735.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally settled with SDVX but I'll be stuck with IV in the meantime since my pc can't handle the newer ones. Hopefully it will be here by early July as stated.

>> No.35125158

At least their Discord doesn't seem as pozzed as Sows'.

>> No.35125903

Enigma have pretty much decent community... Well when I last time been there. Especially an SDVX section and active players.

>> No.35125949

I've been actually. Thing named IIDX International server. Almost three years.
Joined when CB data rolling around. Nowadays this server is full of cringewalkers.

>> No.35126024

Shit mostly escalated by kaidens. They always seems like nothing to do (even not playing the game at all) but throw some shitty opinions here and there

>> No.35126070

Because of they constantly talking shit 24/7 it's unattractive for new players to join in and start a conversation outside of just greeting

>> No.35126633

Fuck them niggerz for banning me from IIDX International Server for posting a pic of a AC score and Niggerz saying its data when it wasnt. Faggot

>> No.35126650

What do kaidens even do once they reach kaiden? Just shitpost and wait for the next game to come out to then clear everything? I doubt they could still have fun with the same game over and over. Genuine question, have never interacted with kaidens that much.

>> No.35129662

They get really triggered if you say a song that they like/hate is bad/good, I've seen some new faces just throw a random opinion and people like Lain sperg the fuck out.

It's no surprise that server is now pretty much dead, even updates don't get much talk.

>> No.35129901



Kaiden isn't even close to the end game for IIDX. That's like getting your first Lunatic 1cc or something.

>> No.35130534

It'll be my first time playing SDVX too with that new upcoming controller. I'm having a bit mixed feelings about the game though after watching more and more videos. I noticed when there's songs with vocals in them, I feel like the effect sounds really drown out the vocals so it's like a shitty remix of the song. I don't know, perhaps I wouldn't care too much about listening to the music since the gameplay would be too fun.

>> No.35130541

are there rhythm games other than etterna that use a scoring system based purely on deviance rather than timing windows?
when you actually think about its very intuitive so im surprised i havent heard of others that use a similar system
i cant think of any argument against it being better that isnt scrub mentality i.e "it's too confusing" or "i want to be able to get 100%"

>> No.35130924
File: 236 KB, 554x466, 1585503398767.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe, but you should've tried it out with a keyboard or other controllers just to get a feel for it if that would be a deal breaker (unless money's not an issue). I think you can configure the sound effects down if I'm not mistaken though.

Already found some that I'd have a lot of fun to play with and skimmed through a bunch that I found interesting. I've had extreme aversion to these kinds of songs before but have come to like it in the end (even hearing voices like Nanahira's was anger inducing but now, I just want to hear more of it).

>> No.35131314

Nah, I know for sure I'd enjoy playing it.

>> No.35133926

Yep! Very glad to see one of my favorite places being updated. We almost lost it last year

>> No.35134392

Ooo damn, those cuts are tasty. IIDX needs more charts like this to further set apart DP from SP.

>> No.35135985

There was a gofundme, too. Close call, but at least it was able to open before the NYC Chinatown arcade did (they somehow survived too).
They also got the DDR A20 upgrade down in Jersey, although I don't know how up-to-date it is. (The folks up here refuse to go past A, so they "don't get in trouble.")

>> No.35137113

i got chased out by teens for calling Grimes ugly

>> No.35137149

why do you sound like donald trump

>> No.35137192

what etterna judge system are you talking about? it shows your timing deviance but its still calcd by windows

>> No.35138419
File: 24 KB, 640x360, Ra2ebfbd196779355e2cc93f57252c133.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35138576

no id rather kill myself thanks

>> No.35138763

your score in etterna is based entirely on the deviance of the hit, following a scoring curve
for example, a 44.99ms perfect is worth basically the exact same amount as a 45ms great
judgements only exist for the feedback during gameplay and as a rough way to compare scores

>> No.35138968

Join the bateman cult

>> No.35144983

if you're a flake please fuck off

>> No.35148428

whoa calm down

>> No.35148666

my bad, I had no idea, and assumed it was just stepmania scoring

>> No.35151105

I'm sorry anon I just really hate everyone lately. I wish I didn't.

>> No.35151536

I always hate everyone so it's cool that's what the pills are for :)

>> No.35151865

is novice posting again

>> No.35152075

Sorry I have a distinctive voice I will try to not live rent free in your head

>> No.35152424

not really

>> No.35152448

you obviously care too much anon i just want you to be happy and healthy

>> No.35153221
File: 715 KB, 500x702, popnmusicmagazine02-e1599512420295.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

growing up sucks

>> No.35153251

if you did you'd date me

>> No.35153560


reminder that they banned lokovodo from bms discord simply for being trans

>> No.35154079 [DELETED] 

tf are you talking about ive only had 1 gf my entire life

>> No.35154118

Trust me you don't want that I just sit around and play video games autistically because I am unironically socially autistic which is why I even feel compelled to reply to a namedropping anon scumbag

>> No.35154527

lol he got banned for being a drama starting shill. he's basically Aubrey part 2

>> No.35154717

that's not how you should treat your future wife :3

>> No.35154811


drives me insane the degree to which RGC people will be self-depreciating. it’s SO annoying. stop it

>> No.35154984

Why DARQs retires from IIDX.


>Doesn't like the new charting for songs
>Doesnt like the new songs as much as the old one
>game requires too much investment to get better now with how much harder it gotten
>no more free time to play it.

>> No.35155162

damn bro you sure do samefag a lot. is that you dopaminos?

>> No.35155511

Who? I'm just sharing darq's video because he's respectable in the 2dx community.

>> No.35155515

if not I bet it's Carl. Learn english lol

>> No.35155967

dude shut up

>> No.35156143

cry me a river

>> No.35156221

Nin awakens, a bright morning day. The sun is shining, the birds singing outside his window.
"Arrrrgh!" He screams, hastily closing the window shades, unsure of how they had gotten open in the first place.
After begrudgingly carrying out his daily morning routines, the unspoken, unexplainable rage in him builds as he opens a can of Monster. The sound of the pressure escaping the bottled liquid energy echoes in the canyon of his mind. "Today, I shall troll," he states aloud, to no one in particular.
Keys clicking, as his mind pops into action. An idea. Instinctively, before the thought has fully processed in his barely-awake mind, his fingers have led him to Gmail, of all places. Sighing, he clicks the 'new email' button.
"What can I say? How can I show him my true feelings? I can't. I could never. I am the troll. I am in control. Hold it together, Nin. Okay."
Now shaking slightly from the sudden rush of caffeination, his nervous hands lit up like the brushstrokes of a poet, he types.
"ur gay, lol"
"They'll never catch me," he mumbles aloud, to no one in particular, and gets up to make a sandwich, feeling a bit more satisfied than he had five minutes ago.

>> No.35156586

wow you must really want to suck nin's dick

>> No.35156797

>everyone who doesn't comply to my hugbox is literally a nazi
boy i wish these fuckers would find a different community to ruin

>> No.35156821

right, i will just drink pozz juice and suddenly enjoy myself and life as a whole. sorry I haven't found the magical juice yet. maybe i should just do meth

>> No.35156841

holy shit who fucking cares lmaooooooo

>> No.35156873

? nin is cool...

>> No.35156911


>> No.35156994

I do. It's interesting to hear different opinions and perspectives regarding the game.

>> No.35157581

>mentally ill europeans
>mentally ill drugged out trannies
take it to ur circlejerk discords bros

>> No.35157736

but anon that's 90% of the western community

>> No.35157793

oh no, a trans player was mentioned, time to derail the entire thread with my political dicksuckery *cracks knuckles*

>> No.35157846 [DELETED] 

nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger

>> No.35157900
File: 186 KB, 1242x1545, E3d7YDFXIAAAweE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35157950
File: 160 KB, 400x234, 1621021250593.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh no i'm offended now

>> No.35158293

Is it worth getting a Pop'n pad for the PS1/2? Playing with a Dualschock is really confusing to me.

>> No.35158839

if you're playing pop'n with anything besides a real controller you shouldn't even be playing

>> No.35158891


>> No.35159449

is there any way to play more than 3 songs in a row on popn data

>> No.35160221

I had donated, actually. I felt that it was only fair after all the fun I've had at that place.

>They also got the DDR A20 upgrade down in Jersey
I'm even worse at DDR than I am at something like IIDX or Sound Voltex, but that's good to hear regardless; updating is better than stagnating

Which is the NYC Chinatown one you're talking about? I try not to head out to NYC unless absolutely necessary, no matter how close we are.

>> No.35160377

would you still care if he was a 10dan?

>> No.35160397

event mode

>> No.35160511

>donating to a place where you're charged to play pirated arcade games

>> No.35160580

>Not supporting local businesses that help foster a community
>Not contributing to save the dying breed of arcades in America

>> No.35161282

and do you think these "local businesses" care about (You)? obviously not, you're just paying them to do nothing at this point. government (esp NY's) is giving handouts like crazy.

>> No.35161305

anon, you're a nobody and yet I'd still care about your opinion because guess what? I like to see different perspectives even if it's from a nobody like you. I hope that answers your question.

>> No.35161441

Regardless, if it's between going to something like a Dave and Busters, or going to a locally owned place, I know where my money should go

>> No.35161623

>tfw Boomers are being filtered

>> No.35161884

The tiny "official" one is leagues better than a Dualshock, and for a better experience start with something like: >>35158891
More info here:

>> No.35161919

Me too. I usually spend more on the train fair than the cost of the games, so I figured it was fair to give back.
The Chinatown Fair arcade in lower Manhattan has DDR, PIU, SoundVoltex and Jubeat. They used to have Pop'n and Groove Coaster, but got rid of those to make room for some "casual" games. They're on the same server as The Break, so your scores should transfer over, if you visit.

>> No.35162081

You don't have to be a boomer to see that IIDX is completely soulless now

>> No.35162103

Can't believe iidx is dead bros...

>> No.35162150

>caring about what darqs thinks
are we back in 2012?

>> No.35162200

about time

>> No.35162276

I literally only play the same 15 songs anyway, iidx will never die

>> No.35162606

>pworld shut down
>not as much free time as before due to real life, doesn't want to devote what free time he has left soley on IIDX
>charting changes during copula, "copula syndrome", more dense charts due to players outside of japan and konami adjusting accordingly, compares the safari to verflucht for whatever reason
>hard to improve past a certain point, requires more focus and effort
>more games than there was 10 years ago, more things to be interested in, less interest in IIDX
>genshin impact for 2 hours a day
>maintaining IIDX cabinet was hell, worries of damage from weather etc
>realized during copula~sinobuz music that it doesn't sound as nostalgic as older style music
>australia got eamuse DDR, realized the woes of owning a cabinet ("cabinet curse"), says most cab owners play less than they did prior to owning a cab, participates in DDR "community" more
>infinitas more convenient than playing on cabinet, sold cabinet
>controllers nowadays (phoenixwan / konami's) better than older daos
i hope this summary is good

>> No.35164210

basically it's a game no one plays in arcades except top rankers. Been a lot in amusetown back in 2019, beginner/amateur players do not give a fuck about IIDX too much usually, or completely switching to something like SDVX and etc.

>> No.35164323

Us, 30+ yo boomers are too much busy with our own life. No wonder that shit like IIDX feels less attractive than before. Especially when shit degrading with each new style.

Unemployed zoomer kaidens should shut fuck up, you know nothing about life.

>> No.35164854 [DELETED] 

Reminder that nyannurs is a transphobe and banned lokovodo from the BMS server for being trans

>> No.35164930

if you're too boomer for iidx sp, try playing dp, strongly recommended, all top rankers are 30+, except one

>> No.35166176

>genshin impact for 2 hours per day
Motherfucker whats wrong with the guy? xD
Genshin is like most timewasting shit ever lol

>> No.35167134

If A20+ came out and somehow had an omnimix I don't think id play anything else

>> No.35168593

Unfortunately DP is a frustration machine

>> No.35168833

Oh shit, so that's why the percentages look so weird
Retard got banned from the sows discord for being a huge dumbass too yet he doesn't complain about that.

>> No.35169917
File: 146 KB, 750x750, 1602204884979.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wow i sure do love coming in here and starting dumb fucking rumors under the veil of anonymity as a way of coping with getting called out

>> No.35169975


no one is complaining. pointing out that anyone fun, unique, or interesting are gone or kicked out and the only people left are the ones who are eternally grouching it up online. have a blessed day!

>> No.35170017

Is vivid wave's final data up anywhere? Apparently, my potato could run it perfectly well aside from the slight lag during some sprite animations in the menu.

>> No.35170252

We can always tell when you're the one posting.

It's on the previous thread or the one before that, no reason to download VW final when we already have the latest EG anyway.

>> No.35170323
File: 43 KB, 750x380, 1621493306679.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks. Planned to buy an nvidia gpu once the prices for these used cards go back to normal.

>> No.35170786

I've concluded that the majority of posters in this thread are from the drug drug recreation thread

>> No.35170843


>> No.35171274

we get it anon, you have a sows account. now try posting. but be careful, you must have 500 posts to post, or you will be banned.

>> No.35172292

for me, its dog drug reinforcement

>> No.35173493

itt druggies, trannies, children
talk about otoge or get out

>> No.35174618

understandable have a nice day

>> No.35175042

if you think you're going to reach ppl in their eary 20s, u are not ready for ur 30s yet

>> No.35175060

you should try getting out
theres more 2 life than otoges

>> No.35175116

go to bed flesy

>> No.35175596

you're right, but this is the otoge thread
why are you coming to the otoge thread to not talk about otoge, if you just wanna blogpost go to kikebook

>> No.35175662


>> No.35175669

wait i thought this was the osu thread ???? can someone link me to the osu thread please thank you

>> No.35175689
File: 440 KB, 1536x2048, E2WPttNX0AE6iJV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35175724
File: 82 KB, 750x745, 1603309735643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35176076


>> No.35176206


>> No.35176417

i saw flesy do a line of coke off a ddr arrow at acen

>> No.35176486 [DELETED] 

metaposts are part of discussion
if you don't feel that way, I think you should start your own thread

>> No.35176515 [DELETED] 

4chan is so glowy now
thanks a lot incels :/

>> No.35176669

lmao incel ragereported again

>> No.35176877

Good to know, thanks for the heads up anon. Maybe we'll pass each other some day

>> No.35177994

Hold my dolls

>> No.35177999

We do not require "vouches" for invitees - if you have issues with anyone, please privately message any @Community Manager or @Invites role.

>> No.35178007

Go to bed

>> No.35178244

A helpful player from another arcade got me going today. It turns out that the solution is not to run a version of sp*ce tools from the stone age. Having access to an actual (local) e-amusement server instead of some shitty emulation from 2015 also helps.
Now that I've left the realm of drooling failure, my only remaining problems are:
* VirtualBox sucks, performance-wise
* Gotta fix the framerate from 59.94->60. The A/V sync is... oh my god bad.
I think that's basically it. At this point, I'll probably fix the issues on my own, once work lets up a bit.

>> No.35178686

rhythm games through a VM will NOT work.

>> No.35178804

Not an expert with e-amusement, but running the server on the VM should work even without hardware acceleration, though I wouldn't recommend virtualbox for that.

The client CAN run on a VM, but if you want acceptable graphical performance you'd be looking at something like PCI passthrough through KVM/QEMU, with USB passthrough for inputs. I do that for several games (just official stuff) without issue.

>> No.35184633

y'all nasty

>> No.35185384

nasty techniques

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