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Suwako Moriya's Extra = Focus.
Koishi Komeiji's Extra = Skill.
Houjuu Nue's Extra = Endurance.

ZUN is training us for something.

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Maybe... another Phantasm?

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Touhou 13: Pilot an actual mech for your god ZUN so he may take over the world.

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Will he promise us 72 Touhous at the gates of heaven?

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>Houjuu Nue's Extra = Endurance.

Really? Nue is a total joke compared to the other EX bosses.

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I sure hope so, with a youkai even stronger than Yukari.

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Your touhous will be fat, sweaty neckbeards in touhou costumes.

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virtual reality ZUN has been developing it all along you'll need skills if you want to survive the viruses

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He had me at pilot a mech.

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Well, most of her spell cards take a lot of time to end, even at 4.00/4.00.

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No one ever told the Islamic suicide bombers that it would be female virgins.

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ZUN will open the gates of Gensokyo. You will be turned into a girl and issued a frilly dress, a silly hat and a bizarre power.

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Well, if not stronger, at least something of equal powerlevel.

Nevertheless, Yukari will always be number 1 in my eyes. ;_;

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I smell a StB2 really soon.

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What I want in the next game is level selection like in Starfox games. There can be the standard 6 levels, but you can pick different paths from 1 to 6. For example, Stage 1 can be the same for everyone, then after that you have your choice of going to SDM or Eientei for Stage 2.

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Our grazing skills are unmatched. The world won't know what hit it when we dodge nukes.

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Touhou 13 = Boss Rush. You fight one boss after another, no more puny fairies in your way.

Stage 1: Remi + Flan
Stage 2: Yuyuko + Yukari
Stage 3: Eirin + Kaguya vs Mokou (no, none of them are on your side)
Stage 4: Sanae + Suwako + Kanako
Stage 5: Satori + Orin + Utsuho
Stage Final: Ichirin + Hijiri

Extra: Suwako + Koishi + Houjuu
Phantasm: ZUN

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ZUN said he makes 1 stage per month, so that would take sometime.

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Why does it have to be a youkai? It could be a human who is able to believe and disbelieve things so hard she becomes god-like.

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Our grazing skills are unmatched.

Guns? Nothing that could even match a stage enemy.

Missiles? Lasers? Nothing compared to a Master Spark.

Nukes? Utsuho had Nuclear Fusion. Nuclear Fission is easy modo compared to suns.

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No, wait
Instead of fairies, the normal enemies are tiny Suikas.
You will have to graze like the Fist of the North Star.

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Dibs on the Gundam in Odaiba.

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CTC had four different paths

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What about all the other characters as mid-bosses. Yes, around 5 mid-bosses per stage with 1 spell card each.

Make it happen ZUN ...

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