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So, is Marisa a youkai or what? Alice is a youkai, but she's a magician. Marisa is not a youkai, but she's still a magician. Is there something I'm missing here? What makes Alice a youkai and Marisa a human? In my opinion, Marisa is a youkai, or at least turning into one. Magicians usually do not remain human for very long. She's going to become a youkai, eventually. This is good for ZUN. He can keep using the same playable characters in games decades from now (may Allah strengthen his liver) without having to put any of them into retirement. Don't know about Reimu though. He'll have to come up with an excuse for keeping her around. No one likes old mikos.

Note: all of this assumes that Touhou 'story' takes place in real-time, which is debatable.

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No, she won't become a Youkai. She'll die and Alice will cry.

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No. She is not a lich like Patchuolli.

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what about immortal human?

btw, I dont think allachan condones the consumption of alcaholes

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Why would she cry over a mere human?

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Allah doesn't condone a lot of things.

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And then Alice adopts a cat. Aki Eda end.

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it's called LOVE, you faggot

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Marisa is a human and practices magic through shady experiments that result in explosions. She shapes those shady experiments into a soup, which she drinks and gains power to shit stars. And yes this is canon.

She isn't youkai but that may change eventually given she EATS RAW MAGIC on a regular basis, or she could be turned into youkai as punishment after her death.

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Marisa is human

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Look at her. You can even see her turning into a youkai. No human would wear a hat like that.

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She'll become a youkai, but her hat has to reach critical mass first.

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on the plus side he's a lolicon

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No, which is why her primary subtitle is "Ordinary Magician". It is her distinction.

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The love between a youkai and a human is like the love between a human and a pet..

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"Ordinary" means "extraordinary".

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Marisa would be considered a sorcerer or warlock by D&D standards because of how her magic works. Her charisma score must be huge.

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fuck yo d&d

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Marisa is chaotic neutral.

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This is Gensokyo, everyone's Chaotic Neutral with varying shades of Evil.

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I second this.
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Would cho-Marisa get a -4STR?

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Really, what about human witches?

A witch in my hometown has one, she's hopefully not a youkai...

I'm scared now

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Botkun agrees with me. Marisa is turning into a youkai.

Thread closed.

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Just about anything can turn into a youkai if it lives long enough. So if Marisa was able to magically extend her lifespan by a few centuries, it could certainly happen.

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But, Reimu is an undead zombie, so yeah

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Marisa eventually becomes Yukari.

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When the time comes, can Reimu do it?

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You clearly don't know shit about D&D.

A sorcerer gains magic through being inherently connected to magic, it's in their blood and comes to them naturally. A warlock makes a pact with a higher power, demons/fae/eldergod things to gain magical power.

Marisa, however, has been stated in canon to work bloody hard at research and experimentation to learn her magic. She's the ordinary human who stands equal with freaks like the youkai or Reimu through practice and power earned than natural talent.

She's a wizard, plain and simple. Maybe a few levels in arcane trickster or spellthief on top.

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Seriously. I have no idea.

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nigga plz

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