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I've been playing touhou for a little less than 1.5 month. So far I can beat EoSD, PCB, IN, and PoFV on normal, with continues only. Am I progressing alright, or do I suck?
Also I've listened to ~35gb of touhou arranges during this time, since I'm very fond of them.

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congratulation, you now belong to the new wave main stream

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1cc them. Move on to Extras. You kind of suck but it's okay.

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You suck hard. Took me like 1 week before I could 1cc the games on normal.

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Yes, you are a TrueTouhouFan®

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I'm the same as you, only a little less time and I haven't completed IN yet, so I haven't played PoFV either.

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I've been playing touhou for close 2 years. So far i cannot beat any game on easy mode.
But i listened to every Touhou arrange that is out there and read every translated doujin.

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I play 4 months the games and I clear only IN on normal. And always I die in the last stage boss battle, most the last spellcard attack.

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I started with SA. Smart, huh?

At least I hit the ground running.

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Never played a touhou game.

I think I'll download UFO.

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How many hours were you playing every day?

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man aren't you fucking hardcore

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It's okay OP

I've been playing for almost a year and I just moved on to Normal, Can 1cc Eosd and PCB but the rest I'm still either Easy moding or continue spamming on normal

There are people who suck more than you so it's okay brah.

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You don't get good at Touhou playing 30 minutes a day. Play 8 hours a day for one week, and you'll stop sucking, then you can go back to playing 30 minutes a day.

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No, no no no no, no. Do not start with UFO.

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Secondary fans sure are sad to suck at Touhou games. But hey, you still have your favourite IOSYS albums to cheer you up when you lose against the stage 4 boss.

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Which team did you find easiest to use in IN?

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Alternatively, don't start with IN either.
Still haven't fixed my bombing habits.

You suck.
Don't use continues and play at least 4 times before you move on to other things.

Really, 4 credits per day should be enough practice. Unless you suck.

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Why not? It can't possibly be as bad as you guys make it out to be and if it is it'll make all the other games better in comparison.

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Border team is easiest but good luck getting your bomb reflex back. Start with MoF, bomb everything, then PCB, then EoSD/SA/UFO.

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What does secondary mean? I get that it's an insult but what exactly is it insulting?

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It will kill you dead so fast that it'll crush your will to play. I 1cced MoF/PCB Lunatic, the latter with considerable ease, and UFO Normal fucks me up.

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The UFO system is kinda sucky. You won't experience danmaku; you'll likely chase UFOs around and crashing into the bullets instead of avoiding them.

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It's only a matter of practice. Sure, some people might be more talented towards the games, but anyone can beat them with enough patience.

Here's what I recommend for you OP, now that you finished the games with continues you can go back and do the stages by themselves in practice mode. Set yourself a goal, something like reach Pautcholi in EoSD Stage 4 without dying. Keep practicing until you achieve it, and if you are having a really hard time doing it grab some replays or watch some playthroughs on youtube, that can help a lot.

Try to practice survival goals like not dying with bombs (learning where you must bomb and deathbombing), how to use the border in PCB, etc. In time you can start trying runs again, and eventually you will clear them. And believe me, it will be worth your time, the first time you do it it feels awesome. It's what I did when I started Touhou with EoSD, and I was able to 1cc it in less then a week. I was really, really bad back then, with almost no experience in shoot em ups, but practice made it possible.

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How the hell is that insulting? That just means that you like Touhou even though you suck at the games.

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I don't know the name of any of their albums, there are a number of songs I know and like. Guess that makes me a "secondaryfag".

Also don't worry OP, its been 6 months and I still haven't 1cc'd EoSD

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I've only cleared 1 Hard and a couple Extras, all by the skin of my teeth, and UFO Normal is a breeze. Some of the spellcards get me, but I haven't practiced them.

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I sometimes quit in the middle of the run, because I rage. Stupid things happen, like, I bust my ass to beat a boss without using bombs, and at the start of the next stage, some random bullet kills me. I rage so hard that I can't continue after that. If I do, I keep dying.

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Most people that like chess suck at it.

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People use "secondaryfag" as an insult a lot. I think it started as a backlash against people who said "Touhou's cool, but the games suck. Don't bother playing them".
Not every "secondaryfag" is like that though. I think the games are awesome, but I really don't want to devote all the time needed to learn to play them.

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This is my problem. I love the games, but I hardly ever feel motivated to play them.

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I think I should just take it easy and shut the fuck up.

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I 1cc'd UFO with a little more than 2 lives left. I want to try some extra now. Can I do it with my current level? If so, which extra should I play?

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>on normal

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I think the hate is more toward people like.. well shit load up any Touhou animation on Youtube and read the comments. I reflexively neg any comment I see that contains XD

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Try it.
I suck horribly at the games, but I have some Extras unlocked, and I usually can get to the boss (and maybe survive until the second or third spell card). It's quite fun, actually.

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Hey, that reminds me of myself. I tend to fuck up some of my later runs due to rage as well, especially when I die to the easiest spell cards. I've also got a tendency to avoid using bombs like the plague.

This only happens in stages 5/6. I think I'll take it easy and shut the fuck up as well.

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Yes. Start with Suwako, move on to Mokou, Nue, Koishi, Ran and Flandre, roughly in this order. Also keep in mind that, unlike the regular game, most Extra cards have tricks to them, some immediately obvious (Suwako's opener) and some not (Mokou's hitboxless laser)

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That's perfectly normal, especially in games like UFO where you are prone to do stupid mistakes. There is no way around it, keep your cool and refocus. It's also not that big of a loss if you die with no bombs in stock, it means that you did everything you could to keep your character alive. The practice I was talking earlier will help you memorize the stages too, which will decrease the number of such mistakes dramatically.

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For those having trouble with UFO (normal), I uploaded a strictly survival replay last week. You might want to check it out:


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I haven't even 1cc'd UFO on normal yet. I died 4 times already against her last spell, often with 2 lives, I don't know why, I get fucking nervous against it.

But yet, I was able to finish all the extras, except SA (I haven't really bothered to do it).

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Yeah, let's take it easy.

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Part of getting good at.. shit any game like this is learning to keep cool when you do something completely retarded. I've had awful runs turn into surprise 1CCs because I kept going even though I was sure I'd never make it.

UFO also added another layer of infuriatingness which I had to learn to deal with. I am zen as fuck now when I play.

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I agree. Touhou, barring EoSD, also gives you a fuckload of resources to work with, so you can usually handle the game even if you die in a dumb places about three to five times depending on the game and your general skill. This also lends to hilarious moments like dying by crashing into Yuugi while trying to use the Alice doll bomb in a hilarious SA Hard 1cc or dying to Letty's second noncard on Lunatic and then somehow pulling a 1cc out of it. If you don't ragequit you can just laugh on and continue.

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You're right... the better I get to Touhou, the easier I rage for my mistakes, and the worse I play after that. I punch my Keyboard a lot lately. That's horrible. I need to learn to take it easy.

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Damn. I didn't know yukkuris had such a complicated thought process.

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Do you know who the artist is?

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Everything is practice. Keep going and relax because you need to play against the later stuff to get better, right? Don't measure your success in whether you complete it or not, but how reliably you can do it, or get close to doing it.

Dying to a random fairy bullet is better than dying to a spellcard that completely crushed you. One will probably not happen next time you play.

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Dying is mostly frustrating for those that attempt score runs in MoF. I loathe that scoring system.

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Dunno, 2ch?

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I got into Touhou for the games but now I'm getting sucked into the music scene too.

Is there a good place to find Touhou arrangements other than like, Youtube?

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This thread would like to have a word with you >>3230068

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There's also the time system in IN.
It's setting myself to get the damn card that makes me start over an over again if I don't. Especially on Normal since that doesn't give much chance to get the time points. Gotta work damn hard to get them on Normal.
Stupid Wriggle

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I bet all of you lunatic players are non-smokers.
On almost every game I've ever played, I could always somehow manage to smoke at the same time. But it's impossible while playing touhou. I need to take breaks every 20 minutes, for 6-7 minutes. And when I resume, I fail.

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Why do you waste money smoking when 2packs of cigarette can get you a fig/plushie.

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Can't live without it.
Tried quitting once and I almost died.

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ITT: Internet Tough Touhous

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When I worked on my first SA Lunatic 1cc, I always had a hard time with the first stage. If I died there (Yamame being a dick in her opener), I sometimes quit and started over 10+ times in a row. Then I get to stage 5 and die.
Frustrated as I am, I ragequit the touhou game and open /jp/
/jp/ is shit, I try touhou again.
Repeat 30 times.
Lunatic 1cc with 6 lifes left.

I can't get into touhou fan music. It either all sounds the same or it is ear raping.
My favourite album is Reverie Everfades.

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Because it lacks grazing, making it easier for normalfriends?

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1cc lunatic? Fuck... I never beat lunatic or hard.
Only people with no life beat hard or lunatic.
Normal is only what I need.

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play some hitousensoku, and be a touhou champion.

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OP, you don't suck. You shouldn't have asked on 4chan though, everyone here is a faggot. "AHAHAH I CAN DODGE SMALL MULTICOLORED PIXELS ALL DAY AND YOU SUCK".

Just practice as much as you can. It's the only thing you can do.

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Blogging about his touhou progress? Yes, he does suck.

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Practice more. It only took me about a week to go from getting wiped out by Cirno to 1CCing Remi, with about 3-4 hours practicing each day.

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>Implying that someone in /jp/ has a life.

Get out.

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That makes no sense. Being a fan of something doesn't imply being good at it. I suck at the games, but I like them more than anything else related to the series. The fanbase (see: you) is full of fucktards.

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Hahah yeah how fucking DARE someone try to discuss playing these games instead of image dumping.

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EoSD, PCB, IN, PoFV, StB, MoF, SA, and UFO. 1cc. Hard. And Extras and PCB's Phantasm.
Never played the fighting games.

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I need to stick to one game, I keep going through all of them just to see more characters and I end up sucking when I go back to the other ones. Got damn I need some discipline. Where's yuka?

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Well, I do enjoy grazing but I honestly do not enjoy a scoring system that promotes bombing. Simple as that. It is also the game that punishes you the most for dying, being hit in Stage 4 might mean cutting your entire score by half.

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You probably should ask somewhere else.

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>Never played the fighting games.
I fucking hate fightan games in general. I just enjoy the danmaku.
Fuck the fightan.

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To what tempo am I supposed to so Kanako's final spellcard? It was posted in another thread but I forgot. Was it Suwako's theme?

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>supposed to move to Kanako's final spell card


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My own clone

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