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Is ZUN even trying to improve his art?

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Why mess with perfection?

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I don't think he gives a shit, people eat it up regardless of how hard he tries.

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UFO's artwork looks leagues better than EoSD's.

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He's too busy drinking to care.

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TH12's artwork was a big improvement IMO.

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I like his Art, if he ever makes a hentai doujin i will buy it.

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worse art shows his success
more success, more beer

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His art improved though.

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Why should he?
The art is part of the charm.

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sorry, but they all look the same.

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How many are all the touhou girls in total?

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I like ZUN's art, it's unique.

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ZUN's art 10 years from now

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What are you talking about?
How should ZUN improve?
He's still the best Touhou artist to this day.
I wish the secondary parasites would be more faithful to the originals.

I mean look at what they did to Chen...

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EoSD Remilia still has the best art after all these years.

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dem hands

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It is odd. Usually you see a -lot- of improvement over time. I guess you have to be dedicated to art for that to happen.

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Yuyuko IN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> All of touhou

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I hate wavy long haired Marisa...

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Fuminbain's Chen is the best non-Zun Chen.
At least she has an aura of mystery and not some wanko moemoe kitten.

Chen is supposed to be a man-eating nekomata, closer to Flandre's vein; small, but dangerous.

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>Youmu PoFV >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> All of touhou


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Someone needs to update this with the rest of the UFO cast

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The character portraits may not get better but you have to admit the actual games are WAY better looking than ever. Plus the boss sprites in the newer games are a lot better

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MoF is weird, it has the best out of all of them (Marisa) but then Reimu and Sanae are horrendous

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>Is ZUN even trying to improve his art?

Try to see what went wrong.

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When you are a ronery, drunk Japanese man with millions of fans around the world, who fucking cares about art?

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Anyone got any better links?
> Learn English: http://vtbsd.net/english/
> Use English: http://www.anøntalk.com/ICARE

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Hey /jp/, remember when Touhou was good?

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He draws hair super fluffy now.

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ZUN, not so good.

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I enjoy the fact he does not improve over time, but just randomly improves/gets worse.

Cirno goes from decent to shit in PoFV.
Reimu improves from game to game.
In the same game as shitty PoFV Cirno, every ohter character looks good.

Definaetly drunk while drawing.

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Someone else touched up pofv's art.

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What are you talking about? ZUN's art is already pretty damn good. Maybe you just lack an appreciation for it. Sure, some of it has been sub-par, but the vast majority is very high quality.

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I don't think ZUN cares a whole lot honestly

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Well damn, that's a really well drawn pic-

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I'm almost certain this is untrue. Care to provide a source?

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It'd be excellent if ZUN put as much work into character portraits as he does concept art and fanbook illustrations.

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I think he puts in enough work.

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Not recently he hasn't.

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What's the name of the guy who made the Tell me a Fable video? His art style is perfect. He draws ZUN faces, and his anatomy is flawless. I love him.

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Hey, do you still interested playing me for a touhou fighting game?

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That guy is a demented genius.

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Probably only one match.

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Not now!

I will look up to you sometime when I buy my netbook.

So in the meantime, goodnight and sorry!

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Alright, any time's fine.

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Look at this cute little fucker and tell me it's not one of his best sprites until now. I dare you, I double-dare you, motherfucker.
No, seriously, I'm not the TINY TINY HURR DURR spammer, but I think Nazrin's portraits were incredibly well made for ZUN standards.

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Kogasa was better

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ZUN tiger is still better than some fanart.

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All of ZUN's art is better than some fanart.

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Are you kidding? That's FUCKING AWESOME.

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That's drawn in Crayon, its supposed to be childish.

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I like this

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I think it's awesome too, that's why I saved it. I just don't think the drawing quality is especially high.

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What are you talking about? Thats adorable.

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This is a great drawing. It perfectly captures the spirit of Touhou.

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With the whole Chen on the middle, I think the drawing is supposed to have been made by Chen or something.
and it's fucking awesome, btw. Saved.

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Just think -- someday you'll have kids of your own and they'll draw pictures just like this!


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>Just think -- someday you'll have kids

Surely you jest.

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>Just think -- someday you'll have kids of your own

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Your feeble mind cannot comprehend ZUN's artistic genius.

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I want Chen to be Mai Dautarro.

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Was there ever proper ZUN art made for Daiyousei, Koakuma, Lily and Momiji?

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Really? ZUN-Tiger looks like a guy.

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I would simply assume ZUN knows his limits and just do what is needed to be done and focus the rest on what he does well, patterns and music.

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>Is ZUN even trying to improve his art?
No, he's too busy
-making music
-designing bullet patterns
-preparing for cons
-being thousands of times more successful than you

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ZUN's ending pictures are adorable.

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>- being a drunkard

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That's a given, and what he's doing while doing any of those things on the list.

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"In bed" could also be added on to the end of all of them.

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[object from list] while drinking in bed.
Making music while drinking in bed.
Researching while drinking in bed.
Desining bulelt patterns while drinking in bed.
Programming while drinking in bed.
Preparing for cons while drinking in bed.
Being thousands of times more successful than you while drinking in bed.

It works.

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He peaked in IN. Since then his art fluctates

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ZUN can still draw better than any of you, so yeah.

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This is very hot!
I want more!

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Me too. That unfortunately seems one of a kind.

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you are now imagining touhou porn drawn by ZUN

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been there seen that

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I fap to this pic!
Great? Y/N?

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oh wow

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ZUN should draw for Umineko.

>> No.3211630

and playing Dragon Quest

That's true. Well, I think I could produce something of equal quality after spending many many more hours on it than him.

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if you mean do they all have the same round ass face? then no ZUN is not trying and he shouldn't have to. He likes to improve it slightly and make you seem like he changed it.

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It's probably because he changed his beer to a different brand each time

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Games would be a lot better if more people had some weird ass bad art style like ZUN and R7 instead of just WATCH ME COPY ANIME nonstop

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So you want more mediocre "artists" like those? Cool low standards

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I've grown to love ZUN's art. Honestly, I prefer it over all the mass doujins and fanart works.

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He's made a huge improvement. Its still not the best but you can see he's getting better.

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Speaking as a fellow no-talent, some days it's really easy to draw well; some days it's not. Same thing with music. Some days you can make a song; some days, not. I don't know what it is exactly. Someone ought to do research on this phenomenon.

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And you think unimaginative copycats are better than artists with a unique style? Cool low standards.

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Enjoy your narrow immature sense of art where you can't separate technical skill from aesthetics, I guess

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Posting in a ZUN's Art Is Bad thread.

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This always makes me question how old ZUN is. You'd think someone like that would be in his late 20s but he's probably mid 40s.

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What do you mean "someone like that"?

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Ooooh, more concept art!!

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ZUN is in his late 30s now. He started programming in his 20s.

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ZUN's art looks good in black and white.

It's when color is added that everyone looks shitty.

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>ZUN must be able to draw decently while still beeing able to program all of the entire game himself while composing each and every song

let's see you do it.

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ZUN doesn't improve, but he does read /jp/

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Wait... /jp/ made that?

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People need to stop posting that. The 2 have very little in common.

>> No.3213130


If you read it closely though Satori hits a lot of the bullet points

- Tubes for legs
- Hands obscured by clothes (all you can see are some fingers sticking out)
- Crooked off center smile
- Frills everywhere

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I fap to ZUN's art.

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