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>Latest Fresh episode:

>Latest Babymetal-show:

December 24: 10th Anniversary Sakura Gakuin2020 ~ Happy Xmas ~

December 21:CDTV LIVE! LIVE! Christmas Special
December 25: Music Super Station Live
December 31: 71st Edition Of Kōhaku
January 19: Doomsday I at Budokan
January 20: Doomsday II at Budokan

December 22: Blue Winter 2020 Online-Live

SG: https://youtu.be/LPglZMe26_o


Onefive: https://youtu.be/y4t-E8dH5bo


Repipi: https://youtu.be/2g6Gyteqorg

Grads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMGrNf1Ta10

Ponstarland: https://youtu.be/OStoA8-aVm0

FRESH! (Mon 19:00 JST):
Kinda Terebi Marina (Fri 7:30 JST)
Yuzumi ASMR (Wed, every two weeks):


>Previously on /bmsg/: >>30703196

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wholesome thread

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oh shit sudden sex scandal

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airi noooooooo

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Airi is still pure at heart

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Hana showing off her vibrator and clown-shoes

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We'd rather see her feet or socks instead of her shoes but that's something I guess

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Soyo is such a good girl

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Comfy wife thread

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Great, now we have yakakas lingerie and shitko leaks photos posted every thread

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It's super effective!

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Is that SANA's sister or something?

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That's not actually her

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just loli sana herself

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Yeah I use my left hand, not for palm reading though

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Pity bump

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I can't with this Aiko leaker anymore, his responses are weird and vague and he cherrypicks questions, fuck off

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He's a chad what do you expect

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>those red & weak eyes
Does she smoke some of the good stuff too?

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What did he answer so far?

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I've found Yui.

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Big if true

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You've never seen a drunk person before?

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They don’t drink in his sandnigger country

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too bad she never did iv stuff

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Is she talking to yui?

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Amuse ninjas are gonna make their move...

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Rip chad bf

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This is Koba's daughter.

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I made a joke about this last week but she really looks like him, just whiter. IIRC I read somewhere that Koba had daughters that were the same age as the BM-girls

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I still don't get why anons triggered by Sana being fatass. She loves elephants so much, can't blame her for wanting to look like one.

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Damn, she got most of her mother's genes

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Koba himself said that his children (two of them) are the same age as BM girls. And another Koba friend had commented about him having a daughter.

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you see the resemblance, right anon?

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Eyes and cheekbones

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you're not blind, right anon?

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even has the same dumbass smile that makes you want to punch her teeth in,

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Rei Kobayashi ... Kei Kobayashi ...

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>We have been consulting with the police about slander and obstruction of business to our company and affiliated artists, but today, we received a suggestion from the police to identify particularly malicious ones and submit materials, and they are also malicious. There was also a question about the request for disclosure of caller information of the account.

>I cannot report it one by one, but I will proceed with the response.

That's hilarious. Aiko was banging some guy much older than her and him revealing that somehow is slander? My fucking sides. What a weird hill for Amuse to die on. You can't just go "lalala can't hear you it didn't happen" and seriously believe will buy that.

Obstruction of business?
What business? It's not like she was a big star. And it's only "destroying" her "career" if Amuse act like women have no human rights.

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That post is not only about Aiko, read the other posts that came out at the time

>> No.30788681

Something something about a female wrestler and there's this guy with the "slander"

Might not be about Aiko at all.

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All day and twice on weekends

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Lots of material for your Su x Moa yuri-fanfictions

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Kiss or what?

>> No.30789415

Fart in face

>> No.30789690


Thank you for blessing OP with big booty yet non-scandalous whores.

>> No.30789704

I'm sure they've reported it to higher-ups and they'll discuss it anyways

>> No.30789784

He did say his children were around the same age as Su, Moa and Yui once in an interview.

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Hina's performance got cancelled due to a rona-case

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>celebrated with Moa on a plane

Mile high metas

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I fixed you 10 year anniversary CD, bro.
>Babymetal Death
>Road of Resistance
>No Rain, No Rainbow

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trash trash good trash good trash trash good trash trash

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>You’re unable to view this Tweet because this account owner limits who can view their Tweets.

>> No.30794121

Sorry. the Amuse legal tweet somehow made its way into this post. Ignore that shit.

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I don't think it's aiko either, they can't justify her underage drinking. might as well just pretend there wasn't a leak or it didn't happened.

>> No.30795415

>the ugliest gaku ever is the one with the most severe "scandal"
Why it's always like this? I can't even imagine this kind of thing leaking from Megu or even Airi

>> No.30795539

see this wouldn't surprise me even if it's real cuz she's not a fakeass disney bitch.

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someone know where I can find bm live pics in best quality possible? or leaked pics, these of professional cameras that were sold online?

>> No.30798412

Maybe browse through the Plebbit-tour threads from last year, plenty of people linked their own or professional pictures in those

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So she's Suzu Honjo after all?

>> No.30799215

look at all the sg related pictures in the back there. purest girl megu after all

>> No.30799238

Is there one with Aiko?

>> No.30799289

of course not. megu hates that heathen

>> No.30799738

my date on our hotel balcony and she gave me the look before i fuck her there in the open.

>> No.30799769

sara's face says wtf? but intrigued at the same time.

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I didnt see it but now i do

>> No.30800640


fucckkkkkkkk she can't keep getting away with all this!!!!!!

>> No.30801190

fuuuuck rihoekings how do we combat this? we need to organize a campaign to give rihoe more instagram followers

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no worries riho and his fags are my bitch.

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she does chingchong streetwear too

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>he thinks I don't like Ayaka

>> No.30801692

>the cope begins

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Enough of this copypasted bullshit. get something new:

Miko is already the biggest talent SG ever had and it is a matter of time for her to be the best performer and biggest star

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her english is similar to su... i hate it. you don't deserve my cum.

>> No.30801766

>japanese accent sounds the same when they speak english

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exploding dick

>> No.30801872

What is she about 12 here? I place her only below Su right at the moment, and there's a good chance she'll pass her up once she's 18-20. Ayami and Aiko have a bit more training, but Miko's voice is far richer in my opinion. There will be no gravure for Miko.

>> No.30801901

when will she stop it with this same fucking haircut she's had forever

>> No.30801911

deaf newfag don't talk to me. do your research then i can tell you to fuck off.

>> No.30802026

>biggest star
Depends on what amuse decides to do with her. Being a great singer doesn't make a star. See ayami and ayami was more charismatic

>> No.30802059

Ayami was nowhere near her level and Ayami sabotaged herself

>> No.30802206

The point is talent doesn't equal success if talent isn't managed properly

>> No.30802349


After sg and bm die we can seamlessly start a japanese fashion general

>> No.30802411

I think she'll be one of the girls that profits from SG ending. They said they wanted to overhaul the developmental programs to focus more on the girl's individual strengths

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>That's not actually her
You know it is. The floodgates are now officially open. Gaku secksu is the new normal.

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mad respekk for betty ayumi. she's still selling out small shows and releasing music even with a small fanbase and being away for 3 years.

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Yes, she is basically Aiko without the sex-scandal

>> No.30802538

What is this from?

>> No.30802547

If this is about Aiko, it's only because rich Aiko daddy is putting pressure on Amuse to protect his precious angel.

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>> No.30802638


>> No.30802732

Sara is so awkward. I love it

>> No.30802743

aiko's songs and shows are boring, she just kept saying "my dream is to be a singer-songwriter" over and over.

>> No.30802931

Delicious socks

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I love this show lmao

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File: 3.66 MB, 1460x2460, kokeshi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reddit in absolute shambles

>> No.30803251

Megu: Is there anything you're into? Something unusual.
Sara: Unusual? Let's see. Skateboarding?
Megu: Are you skating?
Sara: Yeah... yeah, I tried it out recently.
Megu: Wow, cool!
Sara: Thanks. I thought people [parents/manager?] would be against it, but I really wanted to try so I just bought one without telling anybody.
Megu: Ah, it's really great, I mean... It's so cool, I'm trying to imagine you riding one right now. Can you really skate now?
Sara: A little bit I guess…

>sara bouncing around

>> No.30803288

kissing her road rash better

>> No.30803303

wait, Su has scandal?

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Megu: And for you, maybe- Do people still call you a kokeshi?
Sara: You do know I'm 18 right?
Megu: Me too!
Sara: I'm 18… Calling myself a kokeshi at 18. I don't do that and others don't say it either.
Megu: They don't? Megu should keep at it then.
Sara: Maybe you should, as a character
Megu: Character?
Sara: See, everyone? She's really good at artificially keeping up this cutesy character.
Megu: It's not artificial!

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Megu: Ah, right you started insta too!
Sara: Yeah I started using insta. The people only listening to the audio won't know, but Okada has a great expression on her face. Such a huge smile.
Megu: But, I mean, Megu isn't using Insta so I've only been looking at it from the browser and it keeps telling me to download the app. And I get so bummed I can't look at more stuff.
Sara: Just make an account then!
Megu: But Insta seems so hard to use.
Sara: Right...
Megu: Anyway, so you can keep an eye on the hashtag on Insta, and Megu will read the posts on twitter.

>> No.30803456

LMAO Based Sara calling out Megu's burikko

>> No.30803575

>megu is sma-

>> No.30803868

>Sara: #SaraMeguHitoiki Please tell us your opinions or suggestions. With the hashtag #SaraMeguHitoiki
Sara twitter soon

>> No.30804097

Watch being an even dick devourer than Aiko. While people are shocked about 14yo Aiko getting dicked by a 20yo drug using wannabe yakuza, 12yo Megu was drinking hard lickor, smoking and getting bukkake'd and triple penetrated by 50+ year old business men on a slow weekend.

>> No.30804237

meanwhile sara for some reason always gets raped or otherwise abused in her roles. this girl has some crazy kinks and chooses her roles accordingly

>> No.30804277
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weak aikcoper
megumi couldnt stop trowing her pantsu at sara the whole show

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i wanna teach megumi about javascript!

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>> No.30804511

Is this gonna be a weekly thing?

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>evil Akira
love the character development desu

>> No.30804636

Based Tagugu starring in pink movies

>> No.30804657
File: 2.95 MB, 762x572, 2020.12.09 - Tensai Terebi-ku2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30804675

scary monkey bish

>> No.30805081
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File: 961 KB, 762x572, 2020.12.09 - Tensai Terebi-ku5.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30805183

Wow, she's doing the autistic wrestler hand

>> No.30805215
File: 2.87 MB, 762x572, 2020.12.09 - Tensai Terebi-ku6.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30805236
File: 2.85 MB, 762x572, 2020.12.09 - Tensai Terebi-ku7.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30805247

a homely-looking little girl wearing glasses????? yeeeeeees uuuahhhhh step on me..... andyt hold me uuuuugh wwwwwwwwwwwww

>> No.30805279
File: 2.87 MB, 762x572, 2020.12.09 - Tensai Terebi-ku9.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30805355
File: 2.84 MB, 762x572, 2020.12.09 - Tensai Terebi-ku4.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30805422

wtf is this format?

>> No.30805470


>> No.30805769

brown loli is cute

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the video has wrong metadata and i failed to notice it

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You now remember Tokyo Lesbian Festival

>> No.30806219

Go back to your general of origin

>> No.30807458

RtG 2019 kudasai?

>> No.30807950

Does Sara have the biggest milkers among all of gakus?

>> No.30808045

Maybe but it's hard to tell because they're always covered by 20 layers of clothes

>> No.30808089

she hides them too well to confirm. raura has the biggest ones that we've seen

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>> No.30808333

Ayaka is so cool, I unironically like her

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File: 129 KB, 750x1334, 130880883_1320152661674257_2063850138777037496_n (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30808524

Sara and Yuzu unironically are the most likely to become somewhat as successful as Ayaka. Megu has potential depending on her religion, parents, education...

>> No.30808595
File: 14 KB, 786x251, utret.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love all my SG babies.

>> No.30808642

How the fuck is Ayaka getting so many endorsements didn’t she just have one with Dior recently and now she has another with ferragamo.

>> No.30808658
File: 303 KB, 2160x1620, Clipboard01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What exactly is "Greyzone" and why are successful gakus in there?

>> No.30808672

Add top star category to this and put ayaka in it

>> No.30808686
File: 197 KB, 1242x2208, 131457893_1500435906973823_6488170153354962295_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't forget prada
looking at Su there, you just know she's a fuckgril and does cocaine

>> No.30808716
File: 126 KB, 1242x2208, 131261601_1302423116811024_9211055850592243133_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know either, greyzone was never in the original rankings, it came out of nowhere.

>> No.30808747

cope yuifag she's dead and gone

>> No.30808748
File: 166 KB, 1080x1080, 131362660_868394650583371_7590450582454123472_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30808788

If Yui came back and did public entertainment stuff like Riho has been doing in 2020, then Yui would automatically move to the Success list and potentially eventually Major Success.
If Mirena fully came back, she would also potentially move to Success or perhaps initially Minor Success. The rest are like zombies that pop their heads up publicly from time to time and are either still signed with Amuse or are out there but not exactly in entertainment industry, so they're in a sort of useless purgatory. So ... Greyzone. Like Shadow Realm.

>> No.30808837
File: 214 KB, 714x719, grads.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then where would current members go to once SG ends?

>> No.30808904
File: 2.89 MB, 1500x2250, 23426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does Ayami hate SG and hates Ayaka and Airi and Su?

>> No.30808949

She hates them cause all three are super successful and she isn’t

>> No.30808954

they made fun of her jaw and big head

>> No.30808970

Because Amuse made her fuck partners and executives and major shareholders as a favor during her solo idol phase, she became traumatized and went to New Zealand without even ending her contract first. She hates Amuse and everything related to them and anybody still with them. She only likes Moa because of the free food she gets to have when she hangs out with Moa and because Moa makes her orgasm like nobody else.

>> No.30809033
File: 2.54 MB, 640x1138, yakaka_eat.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i like how she looks cool and with rbf sometimes but eats like a kid

>> No.30809090

eyy fagot don't slander betty.

>> No.30809094

She's not humorless
She may be a Stacy but at least she's not boring

>> No.30809106

Greyzone until they do something

>> No.30809127

Crazy and weird how she got more gigs during pandemic.

>> No.30809183

I love how ayami goes hard through phases. 80's idol, and now midwestern white girl.

>> No.30809191

even with the weird scandals they tried to pin on her

>> No.30809370

If they leave Amuse or quit entertainment, category is clear. If not, then Greyzoned like the rest of them useless bitches until they get off their asses and do something.

>> No.30809527

Was Megu seriously speaking in 3rd person?

>> No.30809578
File: 1.46 MB, 805x1124, 1576960205845.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She can't even hide them well, imagine if she release those.
For me it's Sara > Rau > Yakaka > Mariri >Aiko

>> No.30809600

Its the "we dont have any money but these chicks were cheap" budget.

>> No.30809676

Happens all the time

>> No.30809707

Little woman complex. When will they learn?

>> No.30809710

It's part of her character

>> No.30809748

Ayami is 4'10"
She towers over lombax-metal

>> No.30809757

Its what LITTLE kids do in Japan. Not so much 18 year olds.

>> No.30809788

The rules only apply to little people, this just proves Ayaka is VIP

>> No.30809794

The way Megu's been sheltered in life, she's not that different from a little kid.

>> No.30809894
File: 287 KB, 1535x2048, efsd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30809896

Aiko yamas are bigger than mariri's

>> No.30809924


>> No.30809942

But she's way uglier so it doesn't count.

>> No.30809988

Not even close to being big enough to make up for her face.

>> No.30810000

Very cute ooga

>> No.30810060
File: 400 KB, 1128x1504, EltmRfbVMAEmF6_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh come on. Aiko is cute

>> No.30810155

When she gets the makeup and angle right, absolutely. I'd still smash. But put side by side with most other gakus ...................... meh.

>> No.30810192

Aiko hasn't posted anything on any social media for over 8 days.

>> No.30810196
File: 356 KB, 1500x2118, 24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No. i forgot to add the nut so it's probably Mariri > Nut > Aiko

>> No.30810218

can't wait for when she does. she's gonna get lit up

>> No.30810247

Mariri's body is perfect in general
Flawless proportions

>> No.30810383

Daily reminder that modeling is the brainlet job for the attractive but talentless.
Celebrities sometimes model on the side, but models are not celebrities.
Models apply to promote the product, the product doesn’t apply to promote the model.
And coping is unhealthy.

>> No.30810445

Yeah that's why ayaka just does it on the side to pay the bills when she isn't in movies and television shows

>> No.30810448

Talent is for uggos and the biggest cope of them all

>> No.30810569
File: 160 KB, 828x1472, 011344820946968.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is your copiest angle for your ayaka autistic screeching campaign, not only braindead stance on modeling... ayaka has been acting, dancing, singing and MCing for more than 10 years

>you now remember BM paying Yaka and Hina for marketing

holy basedoanon

>> No.30810601
File: 161 KB, 1280x720, BQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30810650
File: 151 KB, 744x996, nutsucesss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You all niggas better buy Marina CD

>> No.30810672

Yes, she's literally a barely functional retard and still is doing better than most gakus just because she's pretty

>> No.30811047

my nigasu in paris don't give him attention. it's a cope since he's waifu is not attractive.

>> No.30811205
File: 2.69 MB, 720x960, 1586923572724.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30811361
File: 93 KB, 943x251, 1608160876896.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we have a winner

>> No.30811420

Hate to break it to you anon but as that may be the case for smaller models but popular well known models like Ayaka brands would come to her. Maybe not all the time but healthy amount of time that would be the case

>> No.30811501
File: 26 KB, 453x316, 126245070_2770742223164137_5184453049386219016_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whos youre xher/xhis waifu

>> No.30811579
File: 34 KB, 600x399, 84337669_760886887773256_2491381015906945511_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dis my waifu, bich. now fuck off.

>> No.30812035
File: 46 KB, 540x488, 1532291020009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

damn, she cute

>> No.30813094

>models are not celebrities
Christie Brinkley
Cindy Crawford
Naomi Campbell
Kate Moss

>> No.30813122

don't ruin his narrative please

>> No.30813200

You, sir, are a trooper. I would never touch her, Billie Elish or that pink haired, bath water selling youtube bimbo all the simps go crazy for. Bitches be disgusting.

>> No.30813285


Retard face or jew nose girl. Pick your poison, mother fuckers.

>> No.30813347

I swear Japanese groups hire girls that look like they may be slow because there is a market for them with perves somewhere. Rainbow Conquistadors has one as well.

>> No.30813527
File: 104 KB, 235x290, 1511209760426.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You, sir, are a trooper. I would never touch her, Billie Elish or that pink haired, bath water selling youtube bimbo all the simps go crazy for. Bitches be disgusting.

>> No.30813596

There are so many worse bitches, as long as you wrap it up, you're fine, they're guaranteed to be a good fuck.

>> No.30813802

god i love sara's tsundere personality

>> No.30813959
File: 710 KB, 630x356, megufart.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

omg i can't believe megu just farted in the middle of the stream like that!

>> No.30814001

What I wouldn't give to hear Moa speak like that on a Zoom call for 15 minutes.

>> No.30814482

You are posting this as if the "girls" mentioned are of any quality. Literal simp. Sorry I offended by insulting your disgusting, garbage tier ladies. lol Just kidding, fuck you.

>> No.30814777

your ass virginity

>> No.30814848
File: 218 KB, 1080x1281, 70377847_156312648770399_2626474823037390594_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tsk tsk. rent free. went away for a few hours and they slander taira like this. riho and his fags still my bitch.

>> No.30815018
File: 2.52 MB, 1920x1080, watchv=Zbmp0CvAvcc-[05.30.564-05.41.074].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30815071

Now that's real talent

>> No.30815613
File: 29 KB, 554x554, images (62).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Riho living rent free on retards head

>> No.30815684

>gets buttblasted over a black hand on riho's face
>wants to talk about rent free
good one lol

>> No.30815865
File: 165 KB, 1108x1478, EngEfBAVcAEB7R4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You just miss me, admit it

>> No.30815917

>American supermodels
>Not basic Japanese fashion models
This is cope

>> No.30815971

moving the goalposts cope

>> No.30816159
File: 76 KB, 960x1200, 104410478_266679597941126_7258436913075173240_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wow shes cute!

>> No.30816349
File: 1.39 MB, 1920x1080, repipi_taira_stretch.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i bet riho can't even split cuz she a fat fuck

>> No.30816590

I wish there was even less of her here.

>> No.30816789

Anyone who unironically says Ayaka didn’t suck and fuck her way into her career is delusional.
The Japanese fashion and photography world is one of the most coomer filled of all.
Dont forget that up until 2013 it was common for girls to be pressured to do under 18 nude shoots for contracts and exposure.
Ayaka is the Chiaki Kuriyama of today. You knew her as Gogo from Kill Bill or Chigusa from Battle Royale.
She’s a stone faced fashion model and B list celeb like Ayaka.
Before those films, she’d been doing nude photoshoots from the age of 12, which can still be found online, and later openly discussed the sexual nature of the industry. It’s become illegal to sell U18 goods for 7 years, but if you think the explicit behind the scenes stuff suddenly stopped just because you can’t buy it anymore, you’re bluepilled as fuck. Ayaka is textbook

>> No.30817145
File: 30 KB, 360x516, 4f14b9930bb46b7a38674cd3940e449f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah im thinking shes cute!

>> No.30817358
File: 99 KB, 956x619, EowT8RSVQAIIiSE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yudumi? Yudumi.

>> No.30817526
File: 2.92 MB, 504x896, repipi_taira_waist.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao hide your fats. it's disgusting.

>> No.30817575


>> No.30817719
File: 27 KB, 640x360, images (57).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hide your excess chromosomes

>> No.30817749
File: 287 KB, 2048x1419, EbcFOtqVcAAS9mZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30817824
File: 81 KB, 677x900, disgust.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You blind fucking dipshit. Get the fuck outta here

>> No.30817849
File: 274 KB, 902x680, 1546226273532.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30817901
File: 357 KB, 432x674, 1583053407039.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30817940

Kotoka photobook?

>> No.30817970

top tier taguti could squeeze your head open like a watermelon using her thighs. I don't think she has this muscle tone anymore.

>> No.30818064

i'll kiss them no matter what position they're in

>> No.30818340

Wtf same bro lmao

>> No.30818733

based. you take the left, i'll take the right

>> No.30819028

Can I put my dick in between while you're at it?

>> No.30819173

wait up bro, i'll join we'll take the bottom. i'll take the front you go behind

>> No.30821812

Megu: Sara twitter soon!

>> No.30821988
File: 135 KB, 1280x960, picture_pc_afb5c97b4a9b786cb2132d50e40b2a36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


gumi eigo

>> No.30822062

thanks to aiko, anytime a gaku goes to a place like this there's a bf taking the pic on the other side. aiko has turned relegated me to akb schizoisms.

>> No.30822081

*it makes me think there's a bf

>> No.30822124
File: 245 KB, 1108x1478, 342525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30822403
File: 157 KB, 1108x1478, picture_pc_7f64bfef8e4524d200cc087b42dc3523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30822422
File: 155 KB, 1108x1478, picture_pc_bc944d6cfea70a8ba816178382ea3b67.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30822443
File: 201 KB, 1108x1478, picture_pc_e4cb20f7fc5baa1f02bbd63551174d6b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30822510
File: 169 KB, 1092x1256, 1591341200249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh no no no. didn't she grew bobs out of nowhere this year? it's too late now. we just have to wait for pics.

>> No.30822665
File: 578 KB, 1536x2048, EeoRy-1UMAEr5e9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

our pit queen would never betray us like that

>> No.30822719

lucky bastard got to eat this paired with some cheap ass chuhai then eat her after.

>> No.30822739

she does secks with her little brother?

>> No.30822984

*lil brother's baseball fren

>> No.30823069

*lil brother's baseball coach

>> No.30823152
File: 637 KB, 720x1280, Ea_PpgvUEAAMg6y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is slander. @amuselegal has been notified

>> No.30823938

Yes, and then she.lost a ton of weight and lost them. Same with Kano's massive thighs.

>> No.30824675

If a gak is learning eigo they specifically do not have a bf.

Speaking of which, now thay aikos had a bad breakup she'll probably want to go abroad to help forget about him/asian men. I'm 90% certain

>> No.30824889
File: 1.10 MB, 1275x652, braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was the brap cloud really necessary?

>> No.30825279


>> No.30825687
File: 554 KB, 478x1123, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whoever took over the BM-SNS really likes flame-emojis

>> No.30825838

Does he follow any porn accounts yet?

>> No.30826158
File: 25 KB, 481x219, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30826333


>> No.30826714

did they ever broke up? i thought it was just leaked? i bet they're even fucking right now.

>> No.30826935

Just buy the ebook and support her trust me it's worth it

>> No.30827331

What if her boyfriend was a pitfag. Would you feel betrayed or a great sense of cumradeship with him and cheer him on?

>> No.30829511
File: 1.76 MB, 925x1280, gross.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30829876
File: 3.67 MB, 2048x1536, onefive.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gumi and Megu!

>> No.30830137


>> No.30830499
File: 164 KB, 1080x1080, 131888291_417003626378716_3015444090811255002_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30830516
File: 150 KB, 1080x1080, 131528464_402920597718684_2554322542345010792_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30830875

Great view

>> No.30830972

Nigga what view? They're covered up

>> No.30830987

Soyo's legs

>> No.30830990 [SPOILER] 
File: 23 KB, 492x711, 1608201469127.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It could be better.

>> No.30831274

>tfw you'll never pin them against the wall and enter them from behind
>why live

>> No.30831379
File: 3.32 MB, 1334x1183, aieri.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Airi and her wife

>> No.30831648
File: 797 KB, 1500x1000, SOYO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30831680
File: 2.81 MB, 1920x1080, semen demon.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30832815 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 103 KB, 485x2020, 1608206376396.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

apparently there's an aiko sextape leak in certain communities

>> No.30833135

doesnt even look like her

>> No.30833201

So you post what you think is an under 18 sex tape? FBI is coming for you anon

>> No.30833211

For what it's worth some people said that about the original leaks and then later went to calling them deepfakes. Copium is one hell of a drug.
I didn't actually look at what was posted. Ain't clicking that shit at work.

>> No.30833242

not that guy but aiko is 18 and there's no way to tell when that was shot

>> No.30833302

Aiko was not 18 when she had lighter hair and she only just turned 18 so the likelyhood of it being from after is slim

>> No.30833336

if its real i hope the girl doesnt kill herself also the bf is gonna get in a lot of trouble

>> No.30833353

uh oh...

>> No.30833421
File: 2.84 MB, 2048x1364, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Big Momos

>> No.30833640

The thing is though those pictures did actually look like Aiko even down to the mole placements. That just didn't look like Aiko

>> No.30833692

pastebin-kun will surely deliver right?

>> No.30835363

What do you mean?

>> No.30836874

Go post your ugly off topic twats somewhere else faggot.

>> No.30837892

with a very manly jawline like that, theres no way she won those good genes

>> No.30837957
File: 1.84 MB, 270x360, 1606060886632.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gumi bobs? There you go anon

>> No.30838145

lol u can see the pixels around her mouth thats definitely a porn vid

>> No.30838434

Patience my brother, he always delivers

>> No.30839161

So smooth. Onefive should do an epilator/shaver sponsorship, like ads for Panasonic or some such. Series of instructional videos on how to achieve the smoothest skin possible. Of course they would show off that smooth skin with new tie-in music and dance videos.

>> No.30840215


>> No.30840238


feliz navidad

>> No.30840865

Oh, I did not know she could sing without oversinging.

>> No.30840911


He has a sweet face, ideal prison cell roommate.

>> No.30841034

As a massive jav coomer I'm 99.9% certain that's Nagase Yui from one of her recent videos

>> No.30841285


Sara make sure you have wrist guards.

>> No.30841337

Yup, just confirmed. Code is MDTM-689

>> No.30841563

based coomer debunkers

>> No.30842616

airi fell in love with her co-star didn't she?

>> No.30843150
File: 1.16 MB, 757x758, dasd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30843179
File: 1.44 MB, 701x948, mai.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30843210
File: 1.31 MB, 708x827, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30843356

Well the sex was real so we can't blame her

>> No.30843458

Anotha one

>> No.30843508

*chair clattering*

>> No.30843613

Love them so much T_T

>> No.30844429

Evil hana best hana

>> No.30844459

Me on the rite

>> No.30844487

Shes so pure it hurts

>> No.30844862

lovely hi-chan

>> No.30845177

the japanese part of her music education

>> No.30845194

>tfw tight butt squeeze

>> No.30845436

if a gun was pointed at my head asking me to choose one... i'd froze up and die

>> No.30845583

it'd be tough but i'd have to go with momoe

>> No.30845958

My relationship with Kano is to deep and pure to sully it with this scenario, so I'd have to go Soyo.

>> No.30846126

I'll go deep in Kano and high-five you then.

>> No.30846384
File: 456 KB, 2760x1722, 1598730775100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

uuhhmm i'm talking about waifuing not plug and play you coomers.

>> No.30846397


>> No.30846547


>> No.30846960
File: 66 KB, 478x719, MMranran.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You hesitated! That means you are not worthy of her.

>> No.30847063

Our beautiful, pure AND mentally stable princess

>> No.30847077

Momoe is pure sex.

>> No.30847102

Momoe is the purest OneFive

>> No.30847133

>hfw i tell her i'm coming over to punish her for getting an a- in eigo

>> No.30847151
File: 3.82 MB, 540x960, official.onefive_1586757780_2286212434819817179_21299873281.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30848574

gumi is besto waifu, she makes tamagoyaki while you drink with coworker and fucks your coworker after you past out drunk. that shit is wife material.

>> No.30848597
File: 26 KB, 320x361, 130295281_1096072764165356_3241603443067527597_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so cute

>> No.30848623

Looks like Michael Jackson autopsy photos lol

>> No.30848838
File: 38 KB, 320x401, 129762385_3643546839029850_5925486832348927159_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30848975


>> No.30849194

Yakafags btfo
Yamaidefags btfo
Sarafags on suicide watch

>> No.30849553

^ lmao this faget taking up online female anatomy masterclass.

>> No.30849999

Whether she's a very professional actress or they've fucked.

>> No.30850061

Last time MOMO told SOYO someone in chat called her "goddess" in english.

Now imagine her reading "Momoe step on me pls"

>> No.30850130

she won't get the context behind it.

>> No.30850165

don't give you know who any ideas

>> No.30850766


>> No.30852012

You don't have enough balls to do that. Sinsta, AndyT, and Marlo do.

>> No.30852340

I’ll make an account to call Soyo flat faced and tell Momoe to fix her wonky face shape

>> No.30853113

No one sleeps with their glasses soyo, you fake ass bitch

>> No.30853293
File: 82 KB, 1080x1350, 122746887_1648140862021497_3548429326735327402_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i take it off for her every night.

>> No.30853846

thank you domestic helper bitch

>> No.30853867


>> No.30854585
File: 113 KB, 1535x904, NextPure.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gone for a few months and Airi becomes next pure?

Who would have guessed that someone so flat could be so lewd?

>> No.30854653

She's a lush as well!

>> No.30854717


>> No.30854731
File: 168 KB, 1080x1349, 131887853_845822582879690_2266106580218734387_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

photobook 3?

>> No.30854891
File: 20 KB, 338x331, AikoSad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aiko is lewd now as well? Being in quarantine has really messed the girls up. {spoiler}and gros{/spoiler}

>> No.30854999

Photobook 1 & 2 first

>> No.30855045

So perfect. SG's savior.

>> No.30855225
File: 51 KB, 650x650, YuiChat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30855351

pov: you're an amuse employee, all alone with a a cute dancing loli hapa with dreams of making it in the entertainment world. wat do?

>> No.30855397

Turn 360 and walk away cuz I'm not a pedro

>> No.30855631


>> No.30855697

Advise her to get her act together and sharpen her movements

>> No.30856015

SG is ending? I came here because I noticed they released a new song, but it was called "thank you..." which was ominous.

>> No.30856075

yeah. end of august.

>> No.30856191
File: 154 KB, 1908x1080, SaraBedHead.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's this? I assumed it was SG, but it appears to be just Sara and Megu.

>> No.30856327

Megu is so cute in the pure pic

>> No.30856429

OK I laughed.

>> No.30856563
File: 36 KB, 558x533, 1601601335153.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They have a pay per view "radio" show that no one who can't read Japanese will ever be able to listen to outside of generous donations to /BMSG/ by l33t h4Xorz.

>> No.30856637
File: 310 KB, 1498x900, GraduatesWorthAsHumanBeingsLater2019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What? When did Ayami become a success?

Explain why this isn't right.

>> No.30857077
File: 153 KB, 1218x900, GraduatesWorthAsHumanBeings.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I added it because there were some girls that weren't even minor successes but they were still trying and could potentially make it.

>> No.30857354

>still implying a glorified Instagram model is a huge success

>> No.30857376
File: 44 KB, 612x612, AyakaAiriAndHandRest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30857423

That's how you eat that dish.

>> No.30857462

scandals help if they are not really bad.

>> No.30857542

you forgot your r*hoe faggot

>> No.30857673

tard girl is a model, not an idol.

>> No.30857982


>> No.30858777

Very cute. I never watched a @of stream before I just kind of assumed they broadcast a prerecorded stream and the comments were isolated. Our girls may have seen sinsta calling people niggers?

>> No.30858863

Looks like elliot rogers

>> No.30858913

That's not actually her

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