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I unlock with all characters the extra stage in TH7.
I want to play the Phantasm stage, but I am too bad to beat Ran... Can someone post an unlocked Phantasm stage savegame download-link? For TH10 and TH11 no problem to find savegames (scoreth10.dat or scoreth11.dat) but for TH7 is not easy... (score.dat... now for TH7? Or other TH games?!)

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If you can't beat extra, you certainly won't beat Phantasm.

Also, Ran is one of the easier Extra bosses. The only on I ever beat, at least.

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True! Ran is for an extra boss really easy.
Koishi is hardest extra boss.

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Why don't you try....practicing?
Ran only has 3 really hard spell cards, and the stage isn't too bad either.

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Hardest to clear, maybe, but not the hardest to perfect. For OP, watch a decent replay of the stage then you won't have to spend time figuring out the tricks. And Yukari won't take you by surprise, mostly.

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This video was made for you.


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That's one of my favourite pictures, because of the funny leg placement. ZUN's drawings are gorgeous.

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OP here.
Look the pic.
Which of these is for TH7?

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And this artwork?

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Wow! Thanks for that!

Those filenames are amazing. The best solution I can think of is to beat on Normal first, or if you really really must, Easy. If you can't beat Extra, Phantasm is basically the same, so get through Extra first.

Otherwise, download, and hope one of them is what you want.

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Try using google and a bit more persistence next time.

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