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Battler is the only character I'd ever consider going gay for.

Who's your mancrush /jp/?

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billy mays ;_;

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I don't have a mancrush because I'm not a faggot.

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Pic related

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Megumu. But then I found out it's not really as gay as I had first thought, not that I cared.

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im not gay

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Makoto's kinda cute for a guy

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I would however rape Kaijiko at full force

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>I would however rape Akagiko at full force


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I'd his shijimi.

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2/3 of /jp/ is in the closet for Battler.

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The original.

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I'd go gay for a certain tripfriend we have.

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Pygmalion, you mean?

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Negi in 5 years

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That's clearly White Ren

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hell yes.

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I bet it's gay!bar, it has to be.

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Yup, gay for Battler as well.

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I`m also SUPER GAY for battler.

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Absolutely. Ronove is awesome. Classy bastard.

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The other 1/3 hasn't read Umineko yet?

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likely the reason

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No. I'm not going to say who it is. It's just a stupid crush.

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small bombs

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Does traps count? In that case Jun.

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My guess is ponpo.

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I'm sure it's ZUN!bar, since he's the friendly tripfriend.
Too bad, >>2857173 , he's already in love with Asceai.

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Well, friendliness isn't always a factor in something like that.

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Wrong again. ZUN is nice, I'll admit that. But I really don't feel like telling who it is, even if I'm not using my trip right now. Interesting, isn't it?

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I was going to guess you're Anon2007, but he can't type that well.

Can't think of any other tripfriends who are likely to go gay for other /jp/ tripfriends.

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What else is there? I mean, there's crazy moe like Meru, but I don't think we have any yandere types.

Are there any other tripfriends like ZUN!bar?
Haaaah. I'm stumped.

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How about a hint?
Does your crush create original content?

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Bump to embarrass mystery tripfriend-kun.

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Love blooms on /jp/

Remember, in Japan it was once considered more noble to be homosexual then hetero.

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I'd be terribly gay for the King of Heroes

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Oh please, it's clearly ddrddr

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Fuck yeah, dark mysterious hero #487.
Also collarbones.

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Not enough Tohno Shiki mancrushes.

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Would you enjoy it immensely to lay your head on his lap and let him stroke your hair while he calls you "his little mongrel?"

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they prefer Nanaya Shiki for the roughness

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>How about a hint?
He's so cute at times, the way he types makes him seem like a girl.
>Does your crush create original content?

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>the way he types
A distinctive typing style? There are only three that I can recognize by simple typing habits. Two of them just have lousy English and one is Sion.
I give up, I can't guess your crush. This mystery was beyond me ;_;

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He probably means the things his crush says, not the way his crush types.
In which case, I would guess Pygmalion or Ponpo, but those two have been ruled out already.
Yeah, I don't get it either. But the guessing game is pretty fun.

How long has your crush tripcoded here? (Don't answer if that would give it away. I'm just curious because I'm unfamiliar with all of the new tripfriends that popped up from /a/ since summer began.)

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Call me old-fashioned.

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All of you small time, get out, for this badass motherfucker has arrived to choke you bitches

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Not even kidding. I want to rape him tenderly.

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If you're talking a purely /jp/ related character, then probbably the Puff. Route where?


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Holy shit !Salute to the boss.

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My first man crush.

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me on the right

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They are too many manly men and not enough traps in this thread. I am disappoint /jp/.

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You don't get a mancrush on a trap, unless you're talking about reverse traps.

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>He probably means the things his crush says
Pretty much this, yes.

>How long has your crush tripcoded here?
He started using a trip more than 6 months ago.

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The delicious shota Vocaloid. ♥

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Easy, Clint Eastwood.

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Until this moment, I'm not sure I realized just how many tripfags we've had for more than six months.

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This thread is still here?

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I guess there are a lot of gays on /jp/.

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Not really, considering how little replies it despite the amount of time it was around.

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Not really, considering how little replies it got despite the amount of time it was around.

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I still want to solve this mystery, but I can't do it alone...

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Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, because I'm not a weeaboo (I'm using it wrong, right?) and because I don't like animated characters, as they don't have any genetic traits I would like, and are humorous caricatures of attractiveness, at best.

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I want to help, but my guesses have been failures ;_;
Mystery tripfriend, if you're out there reading this, can you please please give us another hint?

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My one and only <3

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I don't even know where to start, so I won't. ಠ3ಠ

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Fine, I give in. It's suigin.

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The person I have a crush on has mentioned where he lives. The language used in that country is English. It's not the United States.

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The only trip friend I can think of is Kordox!

I guess Smash/Sax could be pity moe or something. He's like a male NEET version of Sacchin.

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Is he from Australia?

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It's GAY!bar, since he admitted to being Canadian.

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The correct answer is Australia. I can only think of three Australian tripfriends, so I'll be disappointed if you don't know who it is.

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Johann, Hei, Riki, Simon.

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You're so funny. No, it isn't Taiko.

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Kappei should've had a romance route.

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But Margatroid was eaten by a wallaby.

There is also Asceai, but he recently died while taking part in an eroge fap marathon that lasted 7 whole days.

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Actually wait, isn't Arc Australian?

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I can only recall Hatsune Miku.

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The winner has been found.

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