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Eiki is strategically tight and lightweight, made to be picked up and carried.

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Finally a good fucking thread

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She's the fucking Chief Justice. Of course she's tight as fuck.

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Damn true playa

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Eiki looks super soft in this image

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I want Eiki to insult and step on me.

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She looks like she would put me in a headlock for looking at her pantsu

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She's awfully leaky, though. Eiki-sama requires an attendant to be present at all times to regularly check and change her LilyPoko.

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As long as it's a thigh-headlock I'm fine with that.

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Imagine just picking up and walking out of the afterlife with this Yama while Komachi is asleep

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What would you with your Eiki when you get home?

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I want her to lecture me about what I did was wrong and why it's wrong while I take her out on a date!

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What are you doing here?

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Would she forgive you if you treated her to some bubble tea?

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I'd take her out shopping first, so she wouldn't have to wear her uniform when we go get something to eat. After she's picked something out, I'll lead her to the restaurant district and pick out a place to eat. It wouldn't be anything fancy, just date food. We'd hold hands as I lead her back to my apartment, and then I'd take a shower. After which, I'd tell her she can stay if she likes and she can go back if she wants. A day is really all I need.

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I've never understood why people always depict Eiki as a loli. I can't help but feel like the people who do this never actually played POFV, because she comes across as a lecturing mommy type full of words of wisdom. She doesn't even look short in it either.
Maybe she looks like a loli in the manga or something but I haven't read any of it.

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Thanks to the IOSYS music videos. They've ruined the Touhou fandom in more than 1 way

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I don't think a former Jizo statue is going to be all that lightweight

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I don't think it's a good idea comment on the weight of the girl who will decide which afterlife you'll receive for all eternity.

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A tight case, indeed.

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She's loli-looking in Grimoire of Marisa but EVERYONE is loli-looking in that.

Otherwise she usually looks normal-sized or tall. Read the manga

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Counter with a suplex and go in for the 3 count!

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She's taller than she looks.

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That's why you flatter her while you're alive!

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the contrast between her high authority and puny figure results in a very cute character.

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Eiki's pretty lightweight if you know what I mean.

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Repent. NEETs.

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There's something odd about this Eiki...

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That's good because I've got the weight of all these sins to carry around.

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Speaking with Eiki on the few occasions that she actually visits! Not understanding why everyone tends to avoid her!

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Eiki must be very lonely, nobody ever wants to listen to her lectures

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poor Eiki!

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The rest of the lyrics won't work unless they're bent.

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That's correct.

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>People draw Eiki as a little girl
>She's taller than Komachi in PoFV (albeit still flat)
What's the deal?

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I require a source for those quotes, or it's off to hell with you.

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Source 1: Half of Eiki's fanart
Source 2: The game she's actually from

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That's not how the quoting function works. Besides, that was already discussed earlier in the thread. Her page in GoM depicted her as a loli, and IOSYS popularized that depiction in a PV.

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I can't stop staring at her pantsu.

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Ah, you're going to hell.

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This. Someone short who tries to assert authority is basically a stock character.

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This is entrapment. Being sexy like that, I can't help but gawk at Eiki's body.

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Imagine making Eiki-san cry, haha

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Eiki-chan is waking up for her morning 40 hour shift! Wish her luck!

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But..! She looks so nice!
Those thighs. That butt..! I just caress her smooth and awesome tummy and use her wonderful butt as a pillow! I'm sure it smells wonderful! Is that too much to ask?

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She's disappointed in you.

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I wonder how many hours she sleeps on average.

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I bet Eiki has cute hobbies she's really embarassed about!

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Eiki is frightening...

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you're pretty gutsy

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I want to confess to Eiki!

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Do you have the one where Eiki is sitting on the motorcycle?

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I do.

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That might be the cutest Eiki I have seen all year.
but why do you have to remind me Valentines Day exists?

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For someone in charge of judging you in the afterlife, she has quite a few lewd images herself.

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Tall Eiki is the best, because it means that her legs are longer. Make her 7 feet tall.

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Why would the height make a difference?
She could be 100 feet tall and she'd still have less boob mass proportionally.

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Oh yeah, WAYQ

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Oof. The law didn't do you in too hard did it?

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I like the switches, but I don't like how case sensitive the images are. They aren't marked as alternative clothing but rather cosplays of the other character.

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Is Komachi's expression one of nervous happiness that Eiki is leaning on her, or fear of what lurks below?

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A bit of both I would assume.

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Apparently if they cross with shinigami's permission the fish/dinos won't attack

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Sometimes it really is cosplay.

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this is fraud and Eirin should be punished for it

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You can't punish an immortal just like that.
She'll likely outlive any law put in place.
You can give her a life sentence and she can kill herself and say she served her life sentence since she died in the cell already.

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a life sentence is a function of time, not literal life and death...

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Be it a function of time or not, she'll outlive it.
The world will burn to the ground before she completes it.

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Ahh, immortality is such a chore! (Casually makes a potion that undoes the hourai elixir)

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If it were so easy, I'm pretty sure Kaguya would have already forced it down Mokou's throat by now.

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I can't see her playing that role, but at the same time, I do.

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In what way? Like a princess or bride? Over the shoulder? Under the arm? Piggyback?

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I'd say my favorite Eiki carry would be princess, with piggyback coming in as a close second.

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