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The subject says it all anons. I'm not an oldfag from the first days of Higurashi and Umineko, so I want to hear some crazy facts and theories from the community. I know some myself, but I'm sure that my knowledge hardly scratches the surface.

What I'm looking for are super outlandish theories and facts about the series that hold some level of merit. The more obscure, convoluted, and legitimate, the better. Popular meme theories established by the community are also welcome.

Feel free to suggest pics for each level. I'm gonna need some cursed 07th Expansion images for the lowest layers.

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Picture of Shannon and Beatrice milkers at the top - Yasu's desires for boobie.

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Nobody died on Rokkenjima. It was all lies that Ikuko kept spoonfeeding Battler to distract him and keep him hidden from his family.

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before you go full retard, then

>Jessica looks like Beatrice
>it's the twins

Level 1
>servants are in on it
>Could it be Kyrie?

Level 2
>E3 first twilight disproves shkanon
>E4 Ange is fictional
>Just Add George (universal accomplice)
>mysterious man in E5 is Battler
>game board initial states change between games

Level 3
>single culprit is impossible
>official solution=fabrication
>Jessica has strongest classic murder mystery motivation on the island
>Logic Error: Erika shot Kanon
>Shannontrice, to reconcile Yasu with logic
>never stop thinking

Level 4
> E7-8 is irrelevant to the solution
> Rosatrice foundations
> 'Logic Error: Kanon is Kinzo'
> Jessica has strongest classic motive
> mysterious man is Kanon
> faked deaths in E3

Level 5
> Erika is irrelevant to the solution
> Land of the Golden Witch
> Natsuhi's heart in the OP of E3
> Moon-chan theories
> E3 as a thesis of each emergent narrative

level 6
> Ryukishi is a fucking faggot holy shit

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Among the lowest layers: Kinzo was hiding under the bed

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>Logic Error: Erika shot Kanon
>faked deaths in E3
I don't get these ones.
When did Erika ever shoot Kanon?
She shot meta Beatrice but that's it.

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Well the thing about a conspiracy iceberg is that it's only really funny/interesting if the theories have some weight to them. Making stuff up like "NANJO IS BEATRICE" isn't really funny. Stuff like Rosatrice would work since it was an actually talked about theory for some time.

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Nanjotrice makes sense faggot

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But there is already an iceberg? Though I suppose it could use some polishing.

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Go through all the twilights and explain his reasoning for committing the crimes then faggot.

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>E3 first twilight disproves shkanon

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post memes

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Yeah, a lot of them are too memey and could be replaced with more legitimate theories that actually hold merit.
>>27099934 gets it.
Plus we don't have to just stick to Umineko. I'm sure there are plenty of rumours and theories about Ryukishi and the Kakeraverse itself. I'll state some I have seen myself on 4chan and outside of 4chan:
>All stories written by Ryukishi follow the same magic system.
>The WTC series is a single timeline.
>Satoko was actually raped by Teppei.
>Hanyuu is the real villain of Higurashi.

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>Satoko was actually raped by Teppei.
This one isn't even a theory, it's a fact.

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I mean, I have seen arguments over whether it is true or not. Either way, it would make for a very good first layer point.

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one of the tips is from teppei's PoV, where he basically outright states he has no interest in fucking satoko

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>implying the internal narration of a violent, erratic extortionist gambler lowlife (before he even meets Satoko) proves anything
come on anon, this is literally the equivalent of "I have no interest in girls, they're stupid ><", whereas ep3 explicitly shows Satoko breaking down in a way that screams sexual abuse.

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Not really true. It was about the manga-exclusive door snip on the chapel door which was denied by the red truth (only one key to the chapel exists and only that key can lock/unlock it). Kanon needed to be locked up by someone else before the adults reached the chapel. Otherwise, the Japanese refer door snip as "inner key" but it defeats the prupose of the red truth and it wasn't mentioned in the VN...

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He wanted money to save his daughter and he has knowledge about medical stuff

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true, he also knew about Kinzo's death, and as one of his oldest friends he would have known what his beloved home country was.

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My head cannon is that r07 got cold feet and added that to tame down the abuse.

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why is the rose gun days window so small
how do i make it bigger

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the windows gets bigger the better you do at the minigame

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Ciconia is a retelling of the second part of Rose Guns Days that was cancelled

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do you actually get anything from the minigame
i noticed one of the badges looks like rena but ive only done it once

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Aliens crashed in the swamp.

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And Keiichi outright states that he would forgive Mion everything if she were behind the curse, yet he kills her for similar reasons in Onikakushi.
Very reliable.

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>the only guy that isn't a pedo is the child abuser

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>the pedos are the "good" guys
>the non-pedo is the "bad" guy
That's how japanese media works. It's sickening.

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Hinamizawa Syndrome is just the result of nanomachines shutting down from being out of range of the UFO, MGS4 style.

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Would something like "Kinzo is actually Battler" work? I remember a few people here and there pushing for that kind of theory back in the day.

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All of Umineko is a nanomachine induced tactical simulation of possible scenarios and survival strategies being played out in Battler's head over the course of about ten seconds.
The magic is just a glitch in the simulation when it encounters a scenario beyond plausibility.

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Yeah, it was pretty heavily hinted at in the midsection.
Kinzo saying Battler's signature catch phrase in episode 4, Battler succeeding Kinzo in episdoe 5 as well as both having an intimate relationship to Beatrice could be taken as foreshadowing.

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Why are Kyrietrice and Shkanontrice so low?
They're canon.

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they are fake
kyrietrice is Berncastle so her spammed it as truth
Shkanontrice is the fake theory that anons find because were to stupid and stop thinking

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>Logic Error: Erika shot Kanon
In meta, you see Erika shoot the closet.
Hence the reason why Kanon is not in the room, despite having entered it, is because Erika fucking shot the closet with a gun in real life and he's dead as a doornail. There is nothing strange about this, E6 Erika is a crazy murderer.

>faked deaths in E3
No one ever checks corpses in E3. The entire episode can be spun a multitude ways depending on who you say faked their death. Though, Natsuhi is the coolest version. Jessica fucking pulls the stake out of the corpse and pockets it like it's nothing, Battler doesn't even enter the shed.

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>E6 Erika is a crazy murderer.
without love it cannot be seen
>she is mad
this is the solution that Shkanon fags find
without sense just the first exscuse to dont think about this argument

answare this and you will find the truth
>In meta, you see Erika shoot the closet.
there is gunpower smell in the room hear by the detective

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>Battler doesn't even enter the shed.
The shed? In episode 3?
Am I missing something?

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Beyond the red truth that discerns them as two different people, it requires Shkanon to do a shitload of heavy lifting and then get found as Shannon -assuming she'll be found first- and then run all the way to the church ahead of everyone else with enough bonus time to set up a different-looking murder scene for Kanon. It is retarded and functionally impossible.
FURTHERMORE, the red states
>However, Battler-sama, only the victims are inside the rooms, and no other people exist inside the rooms.
Which would suggest that in the second case, Shkanontrice actually killed herself with a hidden gun or something, because no one else was there to kill her.
>None of the six committed suicide!
uh oh

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Erika become Kanon, save battler then return herself

this is the solution logic,simple and beautifull

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That's where Natsuhi and Krauss are found hanged.

But Kyrie and Rudolf can fake their deaths somewhat convincingly despite Battler taking a good look.

Rosa's death is completely fucking ridiculous and impossible (don't say kung fu kick). Nobody can even try to check it up close.

It gives you free reign for any sort of theory that makes them be the person to shoot Nanjo before dying (and effectively Evatrice). What suggests to me it's originally meant to be Natsuhi though is that the OP of E3 shows a heart being pierced by the golden strings, like when Beatrice is holding the room with Jessica and Kanon away from the Siestas. The heart has the Ushiromiya mark on it. Which, in E5, we find is Natsuhi's heart.

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Please elaborate on "Pachinko Sprite Sentience".

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How is it functionally impossible?

Natsuhi and Krauss are found under the arbor by the garden.

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>Bear Castle
>Her motif is supposed to be a cat.
What in the fuck????

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why Bern is so obsessed with ange?
why bern want humiliate Beato's game?
Why want to confirm Kyrie culprti as truth?

a witch is a physical rapresentation of union of stories that united together into a legend or a thoery

Bern is this theory , Battler's family culprit theory

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Too much work for one person for one night considering the servants are dead, immense chance of getting found out preparing the scene (considering gunshots) or moving between Shannon and Kanon room, or getting locked into the room after investigation. By red, impossible to die in the church by suicide while everyone else is accounted for, impossible to hide behind 'beatrice' personality. Everything in there points to Kanon and Shannon just being two people who individually got murdered. It's one thing for Yasu to be that good of an actress and the social implications of damn near everybody apparently fucking knowing about her being two people AND the secret family head, and then it's another to lean on the physical plausibility this hard.

give me a break man, I only read the game as it came out and was being discussed to death
also rosa's death is covered by red I guess

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Here's one that was popular after episode 4: Kanon is the real Battler.

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Nice crackpot theories, /jp/ .

>> No.27140841

That's legitimately extremely reasonable. Alliance goes out of its way to explain that there is (or was) another Ushiromiya Battler in the world who is Asumu's child, and the protagonist is not him. If they can shove Shannon into the servant home, there's nothing weird about shoving an 'illegitimate' child there. Is there even anything that could go against that?

>> No.27141238

>Too much work for one person for one night considering the servants are dead
The most work I could see Yasu doing alone is placing the envelopes and locking the rooms.

>immense chance of getting found out preparing the scene (considering gunshots)
No one in this series ever seems to hear any gunshots at night. This isn't something specific to Yasu or EP3.

>moving between Shannon or Kanon room
Still don't see the problem here. The survivors are finding bodies left and right in the time during which Yasu could make a run towards the chapel.

>getting locked into room after investigation
For the parlor, he can just leave through the windows. For the chapel, you have a point, but isn't Nanjo one of the accomplices? He could pretend to lock the room or unlock it at another time maybe.

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>Satoko was actually raped by Teppei
That's canon, just not explicitly stated despite the overwhelming amount of hints and that one tip in Minagoroshi that confirms it while making it look like it's deconfirming it to prevent brainlets from finding the truth.

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any streams for higurashi? i want to watch it live.

>> No.27141297

That part was already addressed when the theory was made in a previous thread. It actually confirms the theory.

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Only a non-pedo would hurt a little girl without remorse. They are also known for being extremely irrational and violent, so it's only natural. Non-pedos have zero self control.

>> No.27141427

nice pic of Kyrie holding a gun

>> No.27141587

Why would Asumu's child be sent to an orphanage if Rudolf picked her over Kyrie? Wouldn't it be Kyrie's son (our guy) who is sent over?

>> No.27141727

I would love to see servant Battler (our guy).

>> No.27141812

There is quite a bit we don't know about the situation. We -think- Rudolf switched Kyrie's kid for Asumu's because he wanted a legitimate heir and Asumu had stillbirth, but it's very strange he never told Kyrie or anyone else about this, when it's something Kyrie, being the cold-hearted cunt she is, should have been happy about. The 'Ushiromiya Battler born of Asumu' is a deliberate loose end left by the author, open for interpretation. What if instead, something would make him a bad hair, like an illness or something wrong with his dick? And then Rudolf needed somewhere to offload the kid that was still alive when he said it was be dead.

Incidentally, isn't it strange that this guy, who in Land of the Golden Witch was meant to take the role of the man from 19 years ago, appears in the episode all about Asumu?

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there's plenty of ways to hurt a loli without touching her literal arse

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That was debunked already. That tip takes place before he meets Satoko, that's why he describes her as an undeveloped kid whose arse is only for shitting. When he finally gets to the house, he notices that Satoko is growing pretty decent tits for her age and changes his mind. He also promises himself that he'll ruin her life before leaving the town, so he's clearly planning to fuck that precocious lewdite. Which he totally does in Tatari, there are more than 10 pieces of evidence. All that tip proves is that he's not into prepubescent kids such as Maria.

The only pedo characters in the story are K1, K1's dad, Irie and probably Rena. Not that it matters because there's no such thing as a pedo, only brainwashed non-pedo cucks that could be talked into doing or believing anything. A healthy man is into beautiful girls, whether they are 30 or 10.

>> No.27142103

It's canon that she gets molested, but we don't know how. Is it regular rape? Buttrape? Just touching? Forced to dance naked and masturbate for Teppei's buddies while one of them films her degradation? We don't know, so we can't tell for sure if she gets "raped" or not.

>> No.27142318

Tatarogoroshi implies she got molested in a creepy way as Teppei rubbed her head gently, that's why she freaks out in class. She tried to pretend it didn't happen but Keiichi accidentally made her remember that shameful event.

So my bet is she had her naked breasts touched when she took a bath with Teppei (this is confirmed by the man himself). It's the part of her body that made Teppei change his mind, so it makes sense. For Satoko it's a big deal because she's ashamed of her boobs and because she knows things will escalate from there. So she remembers that intense shame in the middle of class and starts crying, knowing she can't tell anybody because she doesn't want her friends to know she went through such an embarrassing experience.

>> No.27142378

Also, it wouldn't make sense if Teppei fucked her in any of her holes. That would break her too fast and alert the teachers and doctors when they notice she's walking funny. Teppei only wants to have fun with her illegal body and get out town with the money. He doesn't want any unnecessary trouble.

>> No.27142524

>He doesn't want any unnecessary trouble.
>literally rapes Satoko
That doesn't add up.

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>> No.27142823

>Battler gets a harem of human stakes

>it's very strange he never told Kyrie or anyone else about this, when it's something Kyrie, being the cold-hearted cunt she is, should have been happy about
Not disproving the theory, but I don't think she'd be too thrilled about it. Seems to me like her cold and uncaring attitude towards children developed as a result of being ditched over her stillborn. I imagine that her child being handed over to Asumu would give her mixed feelings at least, if only because it's Asumu.

>> No.27142931

This, because it means that Rudolph didn't choose Asumu over her "because she gave birth to a healthy baby", but in spite of everything.

>> No.27143218

Not choosing Kyrie over everyone is stupid, Rudolph had it coming. Battler should've dropped his dad to raise Ange together with his mom.

>> No.27143287

reminder that if Battler hadn't abandoned Ange, Maria wouldn't have gone off the deep-end, and even if he'd forgotten about his promise to Sayo and never returned to Rokkenjima there wouldn't have been a tragedy as "Beatrice" would have never come into existence.

>> No.27143387

Reminder that if Krauss hadn't abandoned his moon hotel project Umineko could've taken place in space.

>> No.27143442

This is also true.

>> No.27143481

He didn't rape her, that's the point. He just humiliated her tits and Satoko assumed he would do worse things. But he'll never actually take her virginity because that can get him in trouble.

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What do you guys think about the new anime? I think its pretty good. Can't be helped that its still kinda rushed, but the scenes that they've picked for the first episode are pretty much what I wanted to see in the anime.
Also, it seems like they increased the foreshadowing of the parallels between Onikakushi and Tsumihoroboshi this time. Like the new treasure hunt club activity and the creepy Rika this early.

>> No.27144357

Anyone have a link to the anime with subs?

>> No.27144815

It's out already?
What the fuck.
I waited months for this and now I missed it.

>> No.27144841


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Does Umineko filter midwits? I see so many people crying about the kino as fuck answer arcs.

>> No.27146702

I really appreciate all the Rika stuff the new anime has already, makes her feel like an actual character instead of only becoming one like 3 chapters later

>> No.27146923

>Aliens are real, Battler.
>Ahhh.. shut up!! Shut up, already!! You think I'll believe in something as absurd as that?! Say it in red! "Krauss oji-san and Natsuhi oba-san were not killed by the NASA!"

>> No.27164863

>everyone was raped
bursted out laughing to that one

>> No.27165200

I fucking can't stop laughing
>George hid Battler's letter
am I a midwit for genuinely believing this?

>> No.27165226

> Jessica has strongest classic motive
What would that be?

>> No.27165263

Is the "Umineko is Satoshi's fever dream" theory on here or did I miss it?

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I can't read the thread because spoilers, but I want to contribute.

I'm in mid Minagoroshi and this one happened right now. If you take this scene and All Cast Review Session in consideration, the entirety of Higurashi is just a TV show or something similar.

>> No.27166037


Where can I find these old sketches of Leo and Rose from 2012? Are they only in the old version of the website? Maybe using wayback machine?

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File: 303 KB, 800x611, All theories are true and facts at the same time.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now this is a true /x/posting.

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Everyone's moved to /a/ to talk about the anime, even Italianon. Now this place feels like a puppet without strings... Well, I guess it's only natural.

>> No.27169314

I refuse to move to /a/ because it's full of anime secondaries and SJWs. It's annoying to discuss something you love with people that only have a surface understanding of it.

>> No.27173175

Like most of you guys.

>> No.27176083

Why do we have two threads?


>> No.27192340

Put erikatrice manifesto at the very bottom of the most esoteric knowledge

>> No.27193205

It's actually pretty realistic, a lot of real life CSA is committed by people with no attraction to children for entirely other reasons

>> No.27193767

I finished Umineko a few days ago, and I am curious, are there people that seriously think Rosa is just the worst? I was having a discussion with people and they talk about how awful of a person Rosa is which I find kind of jarring when you compare her to the majority of the cast

1. Krauss- Embezzles funds, causes a lot of the problems that show at the start of the game because he sucks at what he does, abused his siblings. Lied about Kinzo's death
2. Natsuhi- Murderer and also attempted baby murderer. Also lied about Kinzo's death
3. Eva- Relentless bully of Natsuhi (though justified) very greedy and goes back on deals, which causes infighting after the epitaph is solved
4. Kyrie- Turbo cunt with connections, definitely murdered people who wanted to fuck Rudolf
5. Rudolf- Basically just a jew
6. Hideyoshi- Probably the only halfway decent man honestly
7. George- Unapologetic asshole because Shannon was interested in the BBC (Big Battler Cock)
8. Battler- Too cowardly to face his problems head on, total fucking dunce, incompetent
9. Maria- Autist willing to collude with a murderer
10. Genji, Nanjo, Kumasawa- All willing to collude with the murderer
11. Kinzo- Look at the above, did nothing wrong

>> No.27195481

Very simple. Consider the following:

Jessica had an incredibly harsh upbringing and was told the entire time it was so she'd make a good family head. She got the shit beaten out of her over this to the point it resulted in histrionic tics like pretending to have asthma so someone would care about her. For better or worse, like Natsuhi, she feels pretty seriously about Ushiromiya family honor.

Now consider that she finds out that:
1) she was never going to be the family head
2) her fucking MAID was the family head THE ENTIRE TIME
3) everybody knew about this as they beat the shit out of her telling her it's so she could be the family head
4) everyone, even her closest family, is okay with the above
5) There is, in fact, a character conflict innately present in Jessica's writing and never openly represented, considering SHE KNOWS KINZO IS DEAD

Jessica is, of course, not Beatrice, but that's not the point here. If Agatha Christie wrote Umineko, Jessica would be the culprit easy. The motive is hidden in the shadow under the candle-stick, and you are blinded by the 'truth'. We have several statements in red that Jessica is not a murderer, but she has multi-layered motive to hate the shit out of Shannon/Beatrice.

She took everything from Jessica and she thinks it's a motherfucking game.
The best part: If Shkanontrice is true, the truth should make Jessica snap much, much harder.

>> No.27201792

Maybe I'm waifufagging too hard, but I always felt Natsuhi simply wasn't quick enough to save the baby because of her moment of hesitation, and years of guilt warped her memory to the point where she tells herself she pushed the servant. It's possible I'm misremembering, but a big part of why I say this is that in her confession she initially says she was too slow before correcting herself to say she actually pushed them. But again, I might be deluding myself because episode one made me think Natsuhi was great.

>> No.27219363

I agree with most of what you said, but
>There is, in fact, a character conflict innately present in Jessica's writing and never openly represented, considering SHE KNOWS KINZO IS DEAD
this was never confirmed. Ryu07 went out of his way to not integrate Jessica in chapter 6's backflash at all. It may seem strange to her that Kinzo doesn't show himself anymore, but the previous chapters made it more than clear that his family wouldn't put this behavior past him.

>> No.27223241


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never tried VN before, umineko started REALLY strong for me . mystery deserted island in a rainstorm with a witch, tension from inheritance etc, exciting episodes from 1-3 then in falls of a fucking clif with other witches - chessboard that invadlidates everything , angie(biggest mistake in the VN) , beatrice turning good then into a vegetable, had great potential but then turned to dogshit. W H Y

>> No.27239249

Too many words to write "I am stupid".

>> No.27239397

i feel the same bro, all the meta shit felt to me like ryukishi was just dicking around and having fun. i see the "it's just too deep for you bro" perspective but i still found it boring and contrived.

>> No.27239417

so where do we put italianon?
on the top or on the bottom?

>> No.27239475

We put him below his aunt.

>> No.27239477


>the characters can hear the OST

never fails to make me laugh for some reason

>> No.27240298

Did /v/ tell you to start with Umineko instead of Higurashi? Oh wait, they don’t even know what’s Higurashi. Either way, fuck off back there.

>> No.27245504

The idea that someone would suddenly become a mass murderer over not being the family head is retarded. People don't kill for such petty reasons, you are throwing all common sense and Jessica's character out the window. You are applying cheap anime logic to an otherwise realistic story and having someone murder people at the drop of a hat. You are cheapening the very concept of murder.

Yasu was an appropriately messed up and suicidal character to be the culprit. No one else on the island would plan something so fucked up and ruin their own lives on purpose.

>> No.27247918

Honestly I thought that could have been the case too and was left intentionally vague until she directly admitted to saying "I murdered them" in part 8 between her and Beatrice

>> No.27260341

This is the golden manifesto of truth

>> No.27260527

This is actually Ryuukishi07 (as Mion) talking about how he couldn't hook a video into his VN. (I remember something about the engine being too old)

>> No.27262587

Don't forget Duncantrice, that one asshat who acted all condescending and insisted that the answer lay in the lyrics of the OST

>> No.27275694

Where's Higurashi?

>> No.27279081

I agree with level 6, just change the wording to something like:
>these is no canon answer, and Ryukishi hopes that people make one up that works out for them
Since we know at least that he changes the story as he receives feedback

Also not sure if anyone mentioned this already, but:
>Erika is Ange's self-insert

>> No.27281283

Seeing as how it's in part 8, you're probably right and she genuinely pushed them. Fortunately, the way Umineko was written makes it really easy for me to stay in denial and pretend otherwise!

>> No.27281511
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I haven't read that thing about storks and what this at least seems to insinuate is clear.

>> No.27310780

A rodent is the weapon

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